Unboxing: Project Diva f2nd


And so my very first Vita game has finally arrived! \( ^o^)/  (And I can finally delete HOTCH KISS off my console (ಠ_ಠ))

So the goodies that come with the game are the laundry bag (which couldn’t fit more than underwear probably), and a yearly wall calendar from CD Japan. On top of the game itself, I also ordered the accessory pouch & cleaner since that was released on the same day (ノ´∀`*)ノ. I didn’t have a vita case so this is perfect. By the way while the case is reversible design wise, if you actually want to take care of your PS Vita, you will NEVER have it with Miku’s face out. The side with Miku’s face is very soft while the regular pattern side is a hard plastic. So unless you want to scratch up your vita, you will always keep it with Miku’s face on the inside. The cleaner is cute and per directions to actually use it you have to take off the rubberband, remove the ping pong ball and then clean. Otherwise it can be used as one of those Japanese teruteru bouzu. Overall happy with the purchase and blazing 2 day delivery speed (well I used FedEx). While I can’t broadcast any Vita games, I’ll be sure to post a review of the game in a week or so!

14 thoughts on “Unboxing: Project Diva f2nd”

  1. Wow that’s a lot of goodies! 😮 Otome games never seem to have this much bonuses, or at least something other than a CD/flat object.

  2. omg dem collections, much awesome.
    great thing you got this game! I just bought a game so I couldn’t purchase this (´;ω;`) prolly waiting for NA ver if they actually decrease the prize lol.
    btw do you mind exchange links to another gaming blog (rpg, japanese gamezs, bla bla) of mind?

    1. Yea the NA versions are always cheaper. I believe the NA one is set for September? It probably won’t come with all the goodies though 😀
      And yea sure as long as its games!

      1. it depends I guess. the F for ps3 version apparently is cheaper in asia/jpn ver in my local stores lol (I still haven’t got it til now ;w;) but yeah it wont I guess. japanese limited editions are too awesome lol

        and yaaay thank you! it’s remoconplus.wordpress.com \o/, just name it Remocon+ or something. thanks a bunch~

  3. Whoa *O* That’s seriously a lot of goodies O.O I bought mine in a store in my country and I just got the tote bag ^^ If only otome games should have goodies like Project Diva f2nd did but meh that’s impossible -_-

    You also bought a pouch *O* I also want to buy it but I bought a different pouch already with other psvita accessories O.O But anyway I hope you have fun playing it ^^

    1. i mean the poster was a CD japan original so its more a store original thing.
      Everything else should be the same as what you got I think ?
      And yea most otome games are just stupid drama CDs, I wish they’d vary it up a bit honestly

  4. Yay! It’s here! I actually saw that they had the case being sold separately on CD Japan! Not gonna lie, even if I didn’t understand Japanese, I still would have gotten it if I could! That bag is so cute and having a cute case right after you get your Vita is good too!

  5. Hello,Hinano
    I reecently discovered your blog and woah it’s really interesting and now I’m your follower xD 😀 PSP games seem expensive O.O I’m having enough otomegames on my mobile phone 😛 Ah,I just want to mention that I’m also a blogger,a otome game blogger like but I’m focusing on Mobile games 😀 It would be cool if you would mention my blog ^^
    P.S I also love your template *o* Luckily I found the template for blogger ^w^

    1. PSP games to import are expensive but the english releases are usually cheaper.
      And it’s good you enjoy your mobile games ^^

  6. Hi there!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and am really excited about otome games moving on to PS Vita! Just wondering, do you know if Vita games are region protected? If I buy a PS Vita from my country rather than ordering from FromJapan, is it still possible to play otome Vita games when they come out? (^^)

    1. No they are not – but the PSN store IS so if you say that you are from NA region you will not have access to JP psn store. I said I’m from JP region so I have access to JP psn store but not NA store. However if you just buy the hard copies of the games (with the memory card inside) then it doesn’t matter which store you have access to. I like JP store since I play exclusively Japanese games and I like to download DLCs and addons

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