Otakon 2013: After 20 years, you’re still doing it wrong.

My pamphlet submission can't be this blatantly illegal!
My pamphlet submission can’t be this blatantly illegal!

Ok yea I know I haven’t actually attended all 20 years of Otakon, but I’ve attended 5 and somewhere deep inside I was hoping the 20th one would be really awesome. Sadly, it was not. The good news is, at least my camera didn’t fail me!

The Lodging

We stayed at the Hyatt again seeing how we enjoyed it last year. Sadly this year, we didn’t get the same great experience. Apparently whatever you book through Otakon’s site “passkey” is NOT the room you’re actually getting. You just “reserve a room in the block” so when we thought we’re getting a king sized bed, we got a queen. Okay fine i have a queen at home I can deal. Sadly, the bed had a shitty mattress that sagged in the middle and I spent most of my night climbing out of the hole to try and sleep on the edge. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep and due to this I caught whatever con flu goes around everywhere from all the kiddies. On top of this we were put into one of those rooms that has a door between 2 rooms in case you want a big group to share 2 rooms together. Well I wasn’t in a big group and this might have been useful for an actual big group so due to this, I could pretty much hear every piece of conversation they were having. I really didn’t feel like hearing their adventures of getting drunk and hitting on girls at a bar…at 3 in the morning. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) Fortunately I complained all of this during checkout and the lady gave me 10% off. See, complaining gets me places. ( ≖‿≖)

The Panels & Events

  • OreImo Episodes 14 – 16 World Premiere:

    Let’s just say Manami’s scene in episode 16 was the best and most memorable moment. Otherwise, everything pretty much went exactly as the novel ending. I knew it was gonna suck, but I still secretly hoped there would be some anime original end. I usually rage when anime doesn’t follow the source material but this time, I make an exception to say I wish it didn’t. The worst part of the whole thing is, despite it not being on the schedule, they did a room clear. That means everyone (including myself) who was sitting and waiting inside ultimately got kicked outside where there was already a cloud of people forming a line to go in. Before the con I had asked on the forums to confirm about room clears and they said if it’s not on the schedule, there won’t be one. Even staff at Anime Mirai claimed to those entering that there would be no room clear. Everyone who came out got pissed and refused to go to the end of the line and then the idiot staff attempted to “line us up in rows of 2” which eventually turned into rows of 4 and then 10 and then we all piled in anyway. Due to this it started late and I pretty much missed any other events that preceded after it.
    The Q&A session was questions from the STAFF of the Oreimo people. Where did they get these questions? Who asked them? Was there a submission form somewhere? It’s like some kind of “self interview”~. Anyway after the fact combined with disgusting Kirino end and all the line mess I walked out feeling more disappointed and exhausted than I really should have. Also my throat hurt from yelling “OHHH SHIIIT!” during the above scene :lol:. Also everyone kept pronouncing OreImo as OREIMO so it sounded like OLEY~~~mo! or perhaps “Oh, lame-o” which is a great description for the whole ending anyway. P.S. Sorry Miki-san, I don’t like little sisters.
  • Those 5 Anime You Pretend to Know (But know nothing about) – Not much to say here but I kinda wasted time standing in line only to find out in the first 5 minutes that these “anime I know nothing about” are Trigun, Sailor Moon, Evangelion, Yugioh and Afro Samurai. Okay I’ll give them Afro Samurai cause lol who even watched that but the other 4? Excuse me I need to take my old fart ass and move on to other things. And so we pretty much ditched this and went to the gaming room where I got my ass owned in the PS3 version of Project Diva f.
  • Awesomely bad Japanese Music Videos – this was probably the best panel I actually attended on Friday. I don’t know where the hell these guys find these videos and I’ve seen some pretty wacky stuff in my day but I didn’t know that there was a new generation of Yatta dudes:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hySoCSoH-g8

    Still I really didn’t wanna see that one video where it was basically upskirt camera panty shots of random Japanese women and some guys gross hairy mouth singing over them as a form of “censor”. Seriously dude if you’re gonna show a video like that make the panel 18+. I’ve seen some “parents” bring children ranging from tiny babby – possibly 5 year old to this con and you probably corrupted at least one of them :lol:. I wanted to tell them that they should feature some EE Jump videos but it seems like they would rather show disturbingly gross videos more than actually funny ones.(´・ω・`;)

  • Seki Tomokazu Q&A – Fortunately Seki-san had 2 Q&A panels Friday & Saturday and since I was busy with potatoes on Friday, I went to the Saturday one. Right before his, there was a Q&A with Crispin Freeman who I’m not interested in but I sat in to kill time. I don’t watch dubbed anime so dub actors are pretty meaningless to me but I give the guy props for answering incredibly STUPID requests (like singing Baby Got Back in a really deep voice. :lol:) On the topic of stupid requests, I also give Seki-san major props for answering really fucking stupid requests. Every other person was “say line X from gundam show Y” and the one guy who asked him to say a line from Full Metal Panic about how a condom holds 1 liter of water or something. I don’t remember this line, he didn’t remember this line but apparently it’s a legit line. Either way, wtf, you really couldn’t ask the poor man something better? (ಠ_ಠ) I admit though, Seki was absolutely amazing with all his voice renditions during the panel and to me he sounded like he was really acting his role but the dub guy before him just sounded like he was speaking in a slightly adjusted tone of his regular speaking voice. I didn’t get Seki-san’s autograph since I didn’t have any decent merchandise he’s in to sign (maybe I would have if this was like 10 years ago!) Still I’m glad I went to the panel and I’m glad they weren’t nazis about photo taking this time around (but they did say no videos):
  • Otaku Hotspots in Tokyo – some old blogger friends were doing this panel so I decided to stop by. It was actually surprisingly informative because Wah covered places in Akiba that I’ve never heard of since in my head, Tokyo = Ikebukuro = Otome game land :lol:. He also reminded me that the weekend of Otakon was also Comiket Weekend! Unfortunately for them, they had to spend most of their day standing in 100F+ heat while for the most part, I got to be in an air conditioned space.

Artists Alley & Dealers Room

  • Dealer’s Room – Not sure what the hell I was expecting to find here, and I didn’t expect to buy much but somehow I ended up walking out with all this crap:

    What the actual fuck is with that Kent figure. Like wow man you couldn’t even paint the damn glasses outline right? Or did I just get lucky and spend $12 on derp-Kent? At least the Mirror Alice fanbook is kinda nice although you could just like…buy the fanbook and read all the spoilers and endings in it @_@. Every freaking line of every ending plus the CG of that ending is in this book as well as a fully complete walkthrough. I’m pretty sure there’s a similar book coming out for Mirror Alice in September. Now I wonder if there’s gonna one for the Heart Alice remake. This shit was like nearly $50 though I can’t go buying every single one (´・ω・`;A). I also spoke to the guys at Hen Da Ne booth about otome games cause I happened to see an Amnesia heroine cosplayer standing right next to me! One of the guys said the only otome game he’s ever played was Under the Moon. I laughed heartily ( ≖‿≖). I found some dealer selling old as fuck anime posters (Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Nadeshiko, Gatekeepers) but for $25 each. I even found an old Comic Party poster I used to have from an old Animedia magazine years ago for $25. Wow dude $25 are you kidding me. As much as nostalgic as that is, do you realize 80% of the con attendees probably weren’t even born when these shows aired, why would you price such old crap so highly?? Maybe they think value of anime posters increases with age but I really don’t think it does.
  • Artist’s Alley – Since Zeiva was in the artist alley this year (or at least I knew who she was this year) I stopped by her booth. She was selling copies of her English otome game Area X. I never played Xnote and I know nothing about this series but I figured I’d support her and it’s a full game for only $25 and in English. I told her I’d review it too so expect a review of it at some point here. On the topic of Otome game makers, I also stopped by Kaze Hime’s booth and asked her about Dragon Essense. She said she’s thinking of release date maybe next year and said it would be a straight vn with any stat raising stuff as side mini games (kinda like quin rose.) So I guess that’s something to look forward to for those who follow English VN makers. Still this whole experience kinda made me realize that otome games are extremely unpopular. I mean I know they were unpopular but I guess when I’m in internet-land and I speak to so many people who play them I get this false sense that there’s a “ton of people who know about otome games!” Well I guess in reality that’s not the case and it could probably be that a lot of otome gamers, especially ones who visit this blog are outside the US.

    Also doesn’t help that Aksys did their otome game stuff only at Anime Expo and because of stalkers/haters I was hesitant of my safety and didn’t apply for an otome game panel at Otakon.And lol you may think I’m over-reacting but……I actually had a creeper come at me in the artist’s alley! I’m just walkin’ around (with my male friend and my husband a few feet behind me btw) looking like a hobo in my nerdy Otakon T-shirt and he comes up to me going “Your skin is so pale is that make up?” Well excuse me for being pasty sir but surely I can’t be the only one at this convention whose skin is the color of their walls! And so I’m like slowly trying to walk away in hopes he gets the idea and just…moves along but he just keeps following me while saying stuff like “sorry for suddenly saying that” and I’m like “its fine but that’s just weird” and his final line was “Lol whatever weird at Otakon” and he finally left. Yea umm there’s “guy in a pudding costume” weird and there’s “you’re a fucking creeper with no social skills” weird. (ಠ_ಠ) I always thought creepers only hit on half nude cosplayers but I guess they’ve expanded their horizons! Oh and one more thing, there were many people selling FREE! prints that I almost went broke. I had to hold myself back from buying every single FREE! fanart print that I saw and only getting ones I REALLY liked _ノ乙(、ン、)_

    Also while writing this post I found this プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵


Other Stuff & Rants

  • What the actual fuck. Wow seriously? Way to ruin it for everyone. Well not that it matters anymore because even if Baltimore hates us, Otakon is apparently packing its bags and going to cause chaos in Washington D.C. in 3 years. I don’t know when this happened as I didn’t personally witness it and since I spent most of the weekend eating at my hotel due to fatigue/convenience I never really went at all down to the harbor area.
  • Unlike last year, I got a bunch of my friends to once again use LINE and we had an Otakon group chat going the whole weekend. It was really great to keep up with where everyone was so we could all easily meet up and know where to find each other. You just can’t do that with twitter efficiently and since this worked out for me during my Japan trip, I’m glad it worked out so well for this con too. Definitely beats Google’s dumb hangouts as well.
  • The game room being air conditioned was somehow a huge shock to me. I remember going into it in 2002 and it was a sweaty smelly pit of hell. It was so traumatizing that I stayed away from the game room for…10 years until I finally went in this year. The game room was probably more air conditioned than some of the disgusting panel rooms to be honest and it’s really nice how everyone actually takes turns and doesn’t just hog shit the whole time. So yea my negative impression of the game room pretty much changed which was something nice for a change over the weekend.
  • The cosplay gatherings this year sucked. I came to the FREE! one and Fruits Basket one on Saturday and…nobody showed up except one person at each one (  ゚,_ゝ゚). I guess I picked popular shows last year (DRRR Sailor Moon Madoka etc) so there were plenty of people then but this time meh. I didn’t want to go to the same series gatherings as last year thinking I could vary it up but lol nope. Rather than a bunch of Avengers cosplayers this year though, there was a ton of Shingeki no Kyoujin. I have 0 interest in that series but hey at least it’s fuggin anime cosplay. Sadly, the amount of Homestuck and Adventure Time was as large as ever. Strangely enough, I saw an Ace Ventura cosplayer from above one of the floors. I wanted to give the guy major props but that would require me to run through a mob of people down the hallway and down the escalator which in “normal circumstances” would be 2-3 minutes but “slow as fuck lazy mob going 1mph through the hall” situation would have taken me 10 minutes. So basically I kinda kept up my cosplay-dar looking for anything from either a new show, something rare that nobody really does much or otome game stuff.
  • The scheduling this year sucked. A lot of stuff I wanted to see was at the same time or so early in the morning I was still getting dressed & eating breakfast at that time. For example Spoiler the Panel was at 9:30 AM when last year it was at like midnight and was 18+. What the heck?? ANN panel was at midnight, Manga Gamer was oddly at 10PM. On Friday I missed a few panels because of the OreImo fiasco as well as missing Otaku Idol. By Saturday I was so tired & disappointed I completely forgot about the Otakon Museum and by the time I remembered it was already closed an hour earlier (◞‸◟ㆀ)ショボン.
  • I got a chance to meet up with fellow otome game blogger Teruru and have lunch together. We had a fun discussion about Shiratsuyu no Kai (aka she got to hear me ranting about how terribad it was :lol:)
  • We took the Bolt Bus to the con this year instead of Amtrak. It was cheaper, and possibly better. Despite being in a bus full of mostly otaku on the way there, it was surprisingly civil (except the one Asian kid who seems like he had too much coffee.) The ride back was mostly old farts like us so it was pretty quiet except the occasional annoying child somewhere but I was busy playing Shiratsuyu to really hear it (Morikubou Shoutaro’s screams outdid the child’s by a mile. ww) Google docs is great for taking notes but then it died on me on the way home for no reason so I ended up getting Color Note and then uploading my offline notes later. Damn google why can’t you get anything right anymore.
  • I never even got to go to the TMR/Home Made Kazoku concert because you just literally had to line up for it early in the morning and spend your entire day in line. I like both bands but not enough to sacrifice my entire weekend for them ( ´_ゝ`). Sorry TMR I’ll just enjoy the memories of your performance at NYAF back in 2009.
  • The Baltimore convention center staff and Otakon door staff didn’t know left from right in general. For example I’d exit through the doors, realized I went the wrong way, try to come back in only to be told “sorry no entering”. In another place, I’d try to enter through 1 set of doors, be told sorry no entry, then walk to another set of doors 1 fucking foot away and enter fine. WTF??? Get your fucking staff together and get them all on the same page. Give them walkie talkies, give them some instant messenger to use what the hell is this 2002?  Why can’t any of your staff ever know what the hell to do?  I remember telling one of the panel staff about the room clear of OreImo and they were completely surprised and unaware that this disaster even happened. They told me I should have gone to video ops to “confirm a room clear”. Wow how about you do your job and find out for me? Isn’t that what you’re here for? Why do I have to run through a sea of people across the con center just to find out if I’ll be kicked out of my seat after a panel? オリャ-( ゚Д゚)ノ====┻┻゚ロ゚)フギャ!!


Anyway overall, it was kinda meh for a 20th anniversary. I expected something epic cause hey 20 years but with the OreImo thing and the poor scheduling (and the coincidence of my first ever con creeper) it ended up being an epic fail. I wasn’t even gonna go this year, I had a room reserved but I was pretty much wavering on cancellation about 1 month prior. In the end I went for the Oreimo thing and Seki Tomokazu but otherwise there wasn’t much else for me to do and since I couldn’t spend the whole con taking cosplay photos like last year, there was a whole lot of nothing. I’m glad at least I was able to meet up with friends because without them I’d probably be in my hotel room, on my saggy bed listening to teenagers wangsting on my PSP.  I’m not sure if I will go next year, but maybe I’ll reserve a room just to be safe since those things go pretty damn fast. I could always cancel after all. I know Otakon has plans for an Otakon in Las Vegas but since they can’t even get the Baltimore one right, I fear what things will go on in the Vegas location.  And now as usual, here’s some cosplay photos:

56 thoughts on “Otakon 2013: After 20 years, you’re still doing it wrong.”

  1. Yikes.
    I’ve never been to an anime convention, but considered attending Otakon eventually because of your review on it last year…and now, I’m not so sure anymore. It seems annoying as heck.
    If it makes you feel a little better though about how most of the people who read your blog aren’t in the U.S., I myself am a proud otome gamer of NYC. I’m more of a lurker than a commentator, but your posts/opinions are always fun to read and have helped me get my friends at least ankle-deep into the otome world~! 😉

    1. I’m pretty sure every Otakon I’ve attended SOMETHING always goes wrong. I know it’s a huge con but Anime Expo got their shit together, so why can’t Otakon do it? They have so many visitors and they charge $70-80 for membership so surely they can afford to hire decent staff?? 😦

      And omigad you’re an otome gamer from the same city as me! 😆 I wonder if I’ve ever run into at Kinokuniya while I embarrassingly looked for the latest issue of B’s Log xD

    2. AX generally fails a lot harder in my experience. Well, it’s never really a guarantee which one will be more of a failure than the other.

      Just go to the one with more guests and friends going to.

      1. I mean I go to Otakon cause it’s closer therefore a cheaper visit than say flying all the way to California. But man AX is disorganized too? I thought they were more professional in that sense.

  2. Sorry to hear about the con creeper among other things Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ
    And I’m also sorry to hear that Shiratsuyu didn’t get any better lolol

    1. lol well it gets “better” as in so bad it’s good kind of way…maybe. time to load up last minute broadcast before the weekend ends xD

  3. BTW, the massive early lineup is only for the Yoko Kanno show. TMR/HMK show was no line at all for me, as long as you don’t care where you sat in the concert.

    1. Wait why was there a massive lineup for a Sunday concert on…Saturday?? o_O
      I remember going to the Larc en Ciel concert in 2004 at the Mariner arena, having to wait 2 hours around the block and I got nosebleed seats anyway. Also during the show idiots kept standing up on the platform balcony in front of me blocking the view lol. So yea I guess maybe it’s good I didn’t go? I don’t mind not being immediately in front but sometimes it’s kinda sad when you’re totally in the nosebleed section.

      1. Yea L’arc show was one of its kind, only nosebleed seats were left. The Kanno show required tickets and they were giving them out on all three days, so massive lines for all three days.

        TMR/HMK didn’t need tickets, tho some people lined up to get good seats on Saturday.

  4. Sweet God that DJ OZMA video. I have no words. LMFAO. I really don’t follow shounen/seinen anime like OreImo so I guess I didn’t miss much from not attending the con but I’m pretty sad I missed Tomokazu, especially after you said that he’s a really nice guy. (。ノωヽ。)゚….not that I have things I want him to sign though since he’s not really in otoges. LOL.

    Oh, and the lunch was super fun! Both of you are just hilarious and you guys made my 2 hours driving back and forth not in vain. 😆 Also, remember how I told you and JP that my dad went to some pale ale house? While we were driving home he told me that the place was packed with “princesses and dudes with swords” lololol

    1. haha see I told you, naked mans!! 😆

      I didn’t have any otome stuff for him to sign either sadly! The only games I’ve played with him in it was I think Little Aid?? And I know he’s in Double Score and Kamigami No Asobi but that’s about it. He’s heavily an anime seiyuu so if this was 2003 I’d be shoving all my Tokyo Underground/RAVE posters at him but that was years ago. Still it was definitely great to hear for old time’s sake.

      and rofl at your dad XD It makes me think he was at a bar with a bunch of Zelda cosplayers 😆

  5. “One of the guys said the only otome game he’s ever played was Under the Moon.” <– the power of Ash must never be underestimated rofl! I really need to go to at least one of these cons. I've always missed out on AX and now AFA… damn laziness. And a con creeper? The bad end routes of the games you're playing are slowly coming to life! I wonder if other bloggers have that, too. Scarrray

    1. He probably saw the big boobed loli and was like “alright let’s do this” xD
      The con creeper probably didn’t know who I was or that I even have a blog. It was just completely random which is what makes it weirder. I mean when you’re in a cosplay and someone comes up and talks to you about your costume/show then I think its ok but when you’re in a group in plain clothes and someone says shit that’s weird you start to raise an eyebrow ( ´_ゝ`)

  6. So you don’t like nonanime cosplays except ace ventura? And the door thing? They kept some doors enter only and the others exit only to avoid congestion.

    1. they should have labeled them more clearly then. I felt like I saw more exit doors than entry ones and at some points some doors that were “exit only” became “entry and exit” so it felt sporadic & inconsistent.

      as far as your non anime cosplay comment, there was only 1 ace ventura but there were hundreds of homestuck and adventure time cosplayers. there’s a difference between “some non anime cosplay” and “a whole shit ton of it”.

      1. At least Adventure Time is animated. And Homestuck has a huge crossover appeal. I honestly don’t see the big deal, since the organizers don’t mind the nonanime cosplays.

  7. lololol that free swimming videos xD;
    I wanted to go to anime conventions like otakon and AX only for the artist alley I guess lol. and probably seiyuu guests but there are lots of rants going on there 😐
    also, happy to know you’re gonna review Area X since I like zeiva’s art but only played some of the demos of her games. and you met Kaze Hime as well gah I want to meet them too orz ; v ;

    1. lmao I love the emphasis on all their protruding wieners. XD
      I actually had an artist alley table at a few cons in the past and it gets SO DULL. You literally sit there reading manga or staring into space until someone comes to your table. It’s worse when someone comes to your table asks for a price and when you tell them they’re like oh nevermind. I’m pretty sure I always sold my stuff cheaper than most so it was pretty annoying I guess xD. Kaze Hime’s prints were only $10. Other artists sold for like $15 and weren’t as good so I was pretty surprised at how cheap hers were.

      Apparently Shilin was there too but since I haven’t kept up with Deviantart in years I didn’t recognize any of her new works though I used to be a huge fan of all her ragnarok online stuff

  8. Re: Hyatt
    Hyatt is a 4 or 5 star chain. When I go 4/5 sei, I expect a minimum standard of service. 10% off is puny IMO. Holey beds are not 4+ service. I went to a 3* one that had just opened and I happened to be in a room sans fridge (not that I use the minibar) but most importantly lacked a hairdryer. I complained and housekeeping came and installed one. You should get the service you paid for.

    Am a Homestuck follower (shock) but reading it for story and trust me, there is a lot of fastforwarding pointless ridiculous bit. However, the characters were not designed for cosplay. So… yes, I will agree to a point.

    Sorry, but… Kirino x Kyo shipper here. 😛 Was always hoping for that end.#2 choice for me would be Kanako just because to me she is the most balanced. Kuroneko #3. Manami is too flat (as a character), a friend called her “doorstop”. I just cannot understand the massive Kirino haet and rage.

    In years past, I would have dreamt of going to one of the NA cons but it’s a hassle (visa, tickets/etc2) and going by yourself is quite wierd. Now there is a local one – at least fulfilled one of my lifegoals. AFA Malaysia 2012. Tiny compared to what you would get but still okay. Sad thing is that I should have bought my Sony NEX-F3 before AFA instead of 2 weeks later. The dealers/etc2 were okay (bought shiro-nekomimi boushi and paws and a kuro-set for a friend). There was Datuk Jimmy Choo’s son Danny there as MC… I cannot believe Malaysia has produced a Hentai Ouji. Panels were okay. The highlight were the concerts: Day 1 Aimi, KOTOKO and someone I forgot. Day 2 had Kalafina and Maon Kurosaki and someone I forgot. KOTOKO was worth the money. Would go again.

    Basically you will get the popular-show-of-the-year cosplay wherever you go. Looking at the Comiket 84 cosplay pics even proves it, although I think that the cosplay is turning into Eroplay these days. My general rule for cosplay is that you should attempt to emulate the character; hence some characters are never meant to be cosplay’ed. Eg. Madoka’s QB, UNLESS it’s LOLI-QB version. At AFA I was impressed by this group of 4 cosplayers and another group of 2 who bothered to make it work. Fate/Zero Tokiomi/Kotomine/Gil/Assassin and Fate/Prototype Saber/Archer, the latter group making weapon props too.

    Massive points scored if there is decent cosplay of 2 shows: 1) -nyo 2) ‘su. Yes, there still is the occasional rare -ny(o/u) cosplay in Japan. Somewhere on the Hard Disk is a group photo of a bunch of Di Gi Charat cosplayers, complete with multiple copies of BGG-dan.

    Speaking of Madoka, Gen’ei Taiyou is worth having a look at. Can you imagine I’m only watching 2 Magical Girl shows this season? CCS meets Nasuverse being the other.

    I suspect your experience was tainted by the perpetual poor organisation skills year after year. I don’t know where the labour comes from for the staffing but to me, that appears to be the main issue – the quality of the crowd control. Room clearing just to keep to the schedule seems a poor choice and highlights that the staff didn’t plan for contigencies. Panels should start on time barring the panelists being held up by poor cuisine choice. Given that this happens yearly, you’d think that the next year they would make an effort to improve. I mean how hard can it be? If Comiket can do it, so can they!

    1. I know 10% isn’t much but I think it could have been worse? I’ve stayed at various otakon hotels and by far Hyatt has been the best regardless. The other thing is, the hotel is 4-5 star but we are probably paying 3 star pricing under the Otakon con rate. I’m sure had we reserved a room for the full $350-400 a night price we would have gotten something greater but since we were under the “otakon block” they put us in whatever was available for that block and that’s why it was only $200 a night for 2 people (so in the end its $300 per person for the whole weekend which in my head is cheap.)

      As far as Kirino and the hate, it’s not KIRINO that I hate really it’s the writing of the whole incest b/s. Like in Yosuga no Sora, they were gross incest and they knew they were gross but they decided to run away & live in sin. But what bothers me about OreImo is they know they’re gross but then they keep going “god we’re so gross we should stop” but then they don’t stop. The wishy washyness of the whole thing just pisses me off like do you wanna be gross or not? Y/N? So yea that’s why it annoys me. Manami is awesome cause she loved Kyosuke and let him do whatever as long as she still felt like he would eventually come back to her after he was done with his early life crisis. But no, he still chose his sister over it like a weirdo so of course she’s pissed and rightfully so. Kyosuke & Kanako make no sense, they barely had any fuggin screen time together so I can’t agree with you

      Otakon is disorganized every year. It was worse in the past when we didn’t have the guidebook app and they’d do schedule changes and there’d be scribbly signs everywhere. With the guidebook app, the last minute changes are easily updated so this has been one of the major improvements. Still, having no sort of organization or information about a MAJOR WORLD PREMIERE is just absolute bullshit. I could see this happening for some random video screening (or screening of Evangelion 3.0 cause hey we all have BluRays by now if we wanted) but for a World Premiere where the director & light novel author are present and you have no control or agreement with Aniplex’s staff on how to run it? Are you high? I’m still waiting to hear a response from the otakon top staff about this incident cause so far they’ve been silent.

      1. mmm… Yosuga no Sora… Tasty… ;p Ironic that both shows started on the same season and end on the same route (well technically Yosuga no Sora reboots itself but that is besides it, is it not?)

        Okay, the reply to this since it takes thinking…
        Kyosuke and Kanako is a dream. I would have loved more character exposition on her. Her end would be like ending up with a seiyuu IRL, say… Kadowaki Mai or Yukarin. >_> (which I don’t even know her marital status.) Ie, this pairing wouldn’t be so far from reality. Manami is okay in my books but she is too passive and Kyosuke is a complete blockhead/dodo for not noticing that she does have a thing for him. In the end, the author chose to focus on two (? three) relationships: The siblings, Ruri and Ayase. Note Saori was starting to get written out after her revelations bits.

        Which brings us to the main topic: Kirino.
        Disclaimer first: TWINCEST is WINCEST. That is the Yosuga no Sora position here. 😛 Therefore my OreImo position needs no explaining.
        Now that’s out of the way, we are not going into a moral debate here since morality debates usually causes nuclear wars on 4chan. (and currently with atheletes.)

        At least you have a logical legitimate reason to dislike Kirino instead of the standard “she is a bitchblahblahblah” argument. Beverly Hills 90210 springs to mind. The flaw in the standard argument fails because she does care about her brother, only that she mainly shows her tsuntsun side. Yes, I will admit that the end pairing is badly scripted (as shown on the anime) since to me the second season spread out the character development across too many characters (ala harem eroge) instead of concentrating on one/two characters. 13 episodes is not cut out for a harem show. I have not read the light novels so I won’t comment but judging by the ending, I think it was a forced ending for a couple pairing. IMHO, it could have ending on a neutral ending but I suspect that will kill off sales from the anti- and pro-Kirino camps. I think somewhere along the line character development took a backseat to developing unrealistic relationships. Seriously, I went WTF when the RuriSuke brokeup as that was the most realistic pairing. Manami would be #2 although her passiveness didn’t appeal to me. True, she has her darkside but that only makes me dislike her as a dishonourable schemer if she went all out.

        Oreimo was interesting at first because it used the concept of an otaku girl. Crazed otaku girl into eroge. Crazed maniacal otaku girl into LOLIcon eroge. Something you wouldn’t expect and shows that the fairer sex still can beat men at their own game. It went downhill when it tried to tie things up with a relationship end.

        As for the Otakon failure, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. They cannot control an event with 35000 participants. If this happened at the Olympics, heads would be rolling on the floor. As the Queen of Hearts would say: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

  9. Ah, such a good time. You probably didn’t see me, but I was there too, I cosplayed as Miku, though I saw a good 10 other ones too. Costume was $80. Rip Off.

    10% isn’t much of a discount to tell you. I found hair in my food once and I got a 20% discount, you can bargin better than that! C’mon! Complain harder! XD

    Models get crappier and crappier as the years of by. TwT It’s sad to see our game world spiral into meaningless plot and nothing but hot seyiuu. I bought 2 Free! Prints, hanging proudly by my wall now!

    My wallet has been emptied, and I have to agree with you, it sucked.

    1. I saw a few Miku’s but since last year’s Vocaloid gathering was such a mess I never bothered going to the one this year 😦

      $80 on ebay? That seems like the average price for costumes these days. Sadly I can’t actually sew so for me that would be a decent price lol.

      Well 10% isn’t much but I didn’t expect them to give me anything to be honest since they have so many people and coulda just been like “lol if you don’t like it we don’t give a fuck”. The room thing was an inconvenience but since I have experienced worse at other hotels, it’s not that detrimental I guess. We could have gotten bed bugs or something so I look at the bright side of things!

      I feel like I bought more from Artist Alley than Dealer’s room this year. I feel like the dealer’s room is like frozen in time as far as “anime trends.” There may only be 1-2 dealers with anything “new” while the rest will sell posters/wallscrolls/figures from the same anime they were selling for the last 7 years.

    2. Being with minimal sewing skills (sufficient enough to do buttons and patching), I would actually pay a proper tailor to do the outfit. There are a few here and there on the internet that specialise in cosplay. That is if you are that crazy about cosplay and have money to splash. Like I’ve always said, get a good job to feed your hobby (and don’t forget about it when you are working.) Remember, it’s the working class that actually keeps the industry afloat.

      Which reminds me of another quote: In uni, you have the time for cons but no money to spend; When working, you have the money for cons but no time to spend.

      I agree with you, Hinano should have bargained harder. International ****/***** hotel chains do care about their reputation; it just depends on their local PR department.

      1. YOu can pretty much buy a costume anywhere (ebay taobao etc) or just go to a store or online and find the actual clothes that may look like the character (which is what I tend to do)
        Anyway I didn’t have too much time to bargain cause I had to catch my bus out of Baltimore

  10. Hey there! I was the host of Awesomely Bad JMusic Videos. Glad you enjoyed the panels and had fun. As for the Omokage Lucky Hole video, the mouth one, I don’t consider it a video warranting making the entire panel 18+ myself, even with it’s suggestiveness. Also, I generally only bring that one out when the panel is hosted late at night as it was this Otakon anyway, seeing as by the time it played it was past midnight but I understand your concerns. Also, that EE Jump video is good stuff, might have to look into them and throw some things into our next panel at AnimeUSA. 🙂

    1. Ah hello! Thanks for the fun panel (aside from the vagina video lmao).
      I can totally see that one video making the whole panel 18+ sucks but yea there’s probably some irresponsible parents who bring their kid to probably every panel so I guess rather than a “legality” thing it’s more of a morality thing lol. Yea definitely look into EE Jump’s videos. They disbanded years ago but all their videos are pretty wacky (like Seishun Sunrise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BrnVnGpIlc )

      If I ever go to any other cons where you guys do a panel I will definitely be making this as the one panel to must see =D

      1. You can blame the OLH crotch video on wah. I remember him showing it to Great SG at some point and it became part of his panel.

        You can blame most things on wah.

  11. Ugh stalkers and weirdoes are the sole reason why I rarely go to conventions… They randomly follow you and make weird statements when I want to go on my merry way an I don’t even know em O_o
    I’m Asian so some crazy people have delusions and hug me just cuz I am/sweaty guys just want to be pleasures from hugging an Asian girl or character/remind them of a character :/

    1. I figured I was safe by being with a group but I guess walking even 2 feet away from them makes me a target go figure lol
      But yea I’d never recommend being at a con alone, at least have 1 other friend with you at all times if possible.

      eww weebs hugging you cause you’re asian. Do they also try speaking Japanese to you and fail miserably? LOL XD

      1. I believe it goes both ways. Be a Caucasian at a con in Asia and they will attempt to hug you. XD

        Do they also try speaking Japanese to you and fail miserably? LOL XD

        I would reply back in one of the non-Japanese Asiatic language that I know and completely stump them. Then proceed to speak in Australian English.

        1. …….I don’t think I’ve seen anyone trying to hug westerners at the cons over here.

          Plenty of people taking pictures in awe, though, because OMG DO WESTERNERS LIKE MANGA TOO.

            1. People over here think you’re alllll into that live action thing and superheroes and stuff and maybe Evangelion but that’s been co-opted by Pacific Rim too. Oh yeah and Naruto, but that’s about it.

              It’s kind of weird because all of them knows about the robust manga/anime scanlation/subbing scene, but they can’t parse the idea that SOMEONE might be using those translations for some reason. Or maybe they understand that Westerners like manga, yeah, but Westerners liking manga IN FRONT OF THEM is kind of weird.

              (I’m also their countrymen, but uh, I’m a bit more international than most, I guess.)

              Oh and BTW, considering that you don’t seem to like BL fanservice, I’m surprised that you like Free! Sure, there’s a girl (I *heart* Gou) but the theme is pretty clearly quasi almost-BL instead of anything else.

              1. lol well I like FREE because I just like wet naked men 😆
                yes I know it’s quite homo, I guess I just lol at the psuedo homo fanservice?

                I’ll have you know I actually watched the first season of Junjou Romantica, SukiSho, Princess Princess and Gravitation, so it’s not like I’ve never seen any BL 😛 I just don’t like playing BL games cause I wanna see BxG romance and I play otome games for the romance. I don’t really watch anime for the romance aspect anymore – as long as it can entertain me in one way or another!

                Back in the day I used to watch shitty harem animes just to get some kind of romance but since nowdays nobody ends up with anybody anymore (except a select few shows) I realized watching anime for romance is pointless! That’s what I have otome games for! XD

            2. Oh wow Hinano I’m a self-admitted fujoshi and I DON’T EVEN WATCH THOSE SHOWS they rot my brain too much. XDDDD I don’t know if I should admire you or commiserate with you!

              Free! is all right, though. People can call it fujoshit however much they want, it’s actually much, much better written and directed than the usual stuff people think all fujoshi will lap up as long as the dudes are hot. That and the real otp seems to be Haru/Water as opposed to anything else.

              1. hahahaha Haru x Water indeed
                Still I secretely wish for some FREE! otome game with Gochan as the heroine though I guess we’d run into problems with her brother so the captain dude can replace him as a target instead xDDD

                I totally suggested this in Kyo Ani’s store survey (which was like a bootleg FREE dating sim btw xD)

            1. Despite what most russians do, I actually hate touching anyone. You’ll be lucky if you get a hand shake from me 😆

            2. Literally… *crushed* by the comment. 😛 (bad pun). In 3 year’s time, I expect the SS to invade Otakon and shut it down after they mistaken the cosplay masses as a threat to the President. Then again, no one would notice the “cosplaying” men in black suits in the first place…

  12. So Homestuck invaded your anime con, too? >w<
    Your pictures also look great. What camera did you use? o: (I wish that my Anime Blitz pictures were as good as that TwT)

    1. Also, I’m glad to hear that you will be reviewing Area-X!!!!! I love that game! All the characters are so lovable! (except for Pedobear ¬_¬. You’ll see who that is when you start playing.) You don’t have to worry about playing X-Note before playing Area-X. X-Note has no impact on the the story of Area-X, since its a prequel to X-Note. Most of the characters only have cameo appearances, with one of the chaseable guys being the only exception. But he doesn’t play a big role in X-Note. I’ll stop talking before I spoil anything from the game xD

        1. The puzzles aren’t hard to solve. Each puzzle has it’s own trick to solve it, and they are really easy to figure out (imo at least >ww<

          1. WHY DID IT ONLY SHOW THE FIRST TWO LINES!!!!! DX Anyways, the rest of my comment said that you need passwords to unlock routes in this game, and the letters for those passwords are given after the good and bad end of each offered route. Better get a pen and paper ready because you need to rewright those passwords to start a new unlocked route ^w^ Do you want a suggested route order? :3

      1. The route order that I recomend is Yuras, Belph, Rexus, Livan, Ferim. I just think the plot is more consistantly revealed with that order :3 (plus Rexus, Livan and Ferim are locked by passwords anyways ¬_¬) Will you be broadcasting Area-X, or is the broadcast restricted to PSP games? :3

        1. oh great thanks! I’m not sure if I’ll broadcast it since it’s not voiced and I’m guessing people would get bored. I’ve never really broadcasted any English games since I figured no one would be interested!

  13. I need to go to a con. “Mother! Instead of going to Jace’ s birthday in February I need to go to a con!” (Basically save up money for a con instead of NJ for my second cousins first birthday. Save up for a few years to have like $1000 to waste.)

    1. yea the hotel fees can add up but I think there’s a couple anime cons in NJ? (Manganext and ANimenext) so you could always try 2 birds with 1 stone? 😀

      1. Hm…
        I could always shop online. But I want to prove to my family, I am not the only weirdo in the world!
        Okay, screaming your head off in excitement over Mekaku City Actors may be a little odd.
        Time to go across the country for a con. Oh and that awkward moment, when you find out your crush is an Otaku. +1 Otaku Friend: I remember making up one joke about my friend going to a con dressed up as Seto and I would be Mary.
        He’d have to carry me around the con. Or I could dress up as a male character since… I got a bad haircut and my hair was like a curly Justin Beiber/Anime Boy. Hair cuts are nor in my future.

        I talk to much.

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