Poupee Girl to Shut Down Service August 31st


One of my blog readers just informed me that Poupee hinted on shutting down service. (;^ω^)

I mean I figured the end would come eventually but I didn’t think it would be like a month after I came back 😆 According to Katherine’s blog:

Thank you for playing Poupee Girl.

We regret to inform you that the “Jewel” released on August 31st along with other items released during the middle of August will no longer be available.

August 31st:

New Jewel releases will end.
Also, there will be the termination of these features:

-Jewel purchasing feature
-Friend invitation and initial registration
-New releases for dress up item.
-Presents, Friend invitations, and Exchange room item will also be terminated for all Jewel buyers.

These following services will continue:

-clothes Poupee Market
-clothes picture uploads( Post clothes)
-clothes feature
-Jewel market
-and Topics

So basically on August 31st the site becomes doormant with no new item updates but you can still play dressup with your poupee or upload photos of your clothes and sell/buy whatever items you currently have. I guess the only profit that they’re trying to make anymore is from advertisements on the site (which I’m guessing they’ll put in even more of.) Additionally they will not allow any new registrations so it’s basically a graveyard for anyone who wants to relive poupee memories to play around with until they finally officially shut down the site.

Now there’s still 2 months left before D-Day:

Please note that Katharine Shop will continue to change along with the seasons.
We are planning on developing feature that changes the background.

I don’t know do they plan to just recycle old items again then? For anyone who joined late and missed items from years before? Cause if there’s no new items I imagine they’re just going to bring back old stuff. Maybe that’s good for those who joined late in the game but I’ve been on poupee since 2008 so for me this is it lol. I guess I’ll stick around until the end of August to see what’s happening but I probably will become less active and just quit along with the entire site shut down. Really ironic for this to happen just as I come back but I guess it’s ye olde’ dressup game curse – every dressup game that I was on has eventually shut down service as you can see from my categories. Poupee was the last one breathing and now it’s finally on its last leg.

Some parting thoughts from the twittersphere:


7 thoughts on “Poupee Girl to Shut Down Service August 31st”

    1. um my character is a human dude didn’t you see the screenshots 😆
      and I heard the beta’s back this weekend so yea I’ll probably play some more, the current system of the otome game I’m playing is pissing me off lol

      1. I know… Elins and Mithras are in FF and TERA for one reason only that is quite obvious. Otherwise SW:TOR would have had Ewoks in there… and boy can I see the massacre happening if it did.

  1. I think the game has it out for you… Suddenly every otome game character becomes one person. Except girls, heroines, minor characters. What will you do?

    Be trapped in the ugh cage of love

    Post an update on your site

    Cry in a corner

  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.
    I can’t believe Poupee Girl is shutting down. I mean, I kind of can but at the same time it’s just weird to think about. Kind of sad but at the same time, oh well! I guess I’ll just play around on the DS versions haha. I really liked poupee girl only to dress my avatar up but that can only entertain me for so long lol

    1. yea i know the feeling lol like you knew it was gonna shut down but now to soon! XD
      And lol I remember playing the DS version a bit but I got bored dressing up daily xD

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