Poupee Girl June Bride 2013


Surprisingly enough, I thought the offerings this year were pretty decent. Usually I’m like ew fugly dresses Katherine but this year it ain’t so bad! I pretty much bought everything on the first page 😆

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  1. I don’t really know where to ask this so I’m just leaving a comment here. Which game would you recommend to play if one would want to play the must fluffy fluff romantic game that cheers someone up? doesn’t need to have much plot but alot of romance where the guys are really sweet. (preferably on psp)

        1. you’re welcome! also congrats you’re the 10,000th comment.
          for kicks & giggles I’ll give you a CG pack from any otome game I’ve reviewed (except the Alice ones cause they’re like 700 mbs)
          Let me know if you’re interested!

  2. whaaa really? I feel so lucky now haha 😀 then would it be alright with one from Norn9? If not, then Diabolik Lovers? 🙂

    1. yea Norn9 is fine =) I’ll email you the link once I upload it after work today (I assume the email you put here is valid?)

      1. Yes it’s valid. 🙂 Thank you so much!! Oh, I also have one more question. Which are your top 3 otome games you’ve ever played?

        1. lol unfortunately I can’t answer that since I’ve played so many T_T A game that I might have thought was great years ago now that I look back isn’t so great XD (like Bloody Call for example). I just go along and form opinions about everything I play but I don’t think anything really ever sticks as a favorite game for me!

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