Otome Game Review: Fuyuzakurashou -Sakuragatari-

When our heroine Saki was a loli, she went up to the Hanari mountain because she said she’s the hanahime – a girl who was born under and will “marry the cherry tree”. Her grandmother was the previous  hanahime, but for some reason Saki hates cherry trees Her childhood friend Makoto tried to stop her but was unsuccessful at doing so. She ended up MIA for 3 days until he found her and she had no memories of what had happened. A few years later, the 2 of them end up going back to that mountain and eventually end up at some shack in the woods, which has a bunch of people that she met in the past as a loli living in it!  She doesn’t remember ever going here but when she tries to leave the next day, there’s a curse in the forest and she ends up going in circles, unable to leave. Having no choice but to stay there Saki’s forest adventures begin. Little does she know that the house is actually her grandmother’s old inn that was supposed to have been destroyed in a fire many years ago. Please be warned the game is R-18 so some discretion is advised prior to reading.

Brief background: Saki’s grandmother (who passed away) used to own an inn at Hanamou, the town where Saki and Makoto are from. However, the inn burned down along with the cherry trees there. Once Saki wandered into Hanari, the inn was magically revived into an illusion and it exists as long as it is powered by the cherry trees. Now the cherry trees of course need life energy to power the inn so as long as they are blooming = illusionary inn at Hanari exists. The life energy of course comes from sucking it from humans or of course from the hanahime.  Hanari, the trees and the inn exist in their own dimension which is in the same “time and space” as Hanamou.  Hope this makes it a little less confusing ;D.

sakura007Sawara Makoto – Some  Amazon review recommended to do Makoto’s route first but I think it would have been better to do his route either last or second to last honestly. He’s pretty much the only true happy end of the game, and probably one of the few games where the childhood friend doesn’t get completely screwed over.  Makoto’s also the perfect waifu and he’s great at cooking! He’s so great that he ends up becoming the cook for the inn because the previous guy, Taruhi has no sense of taste. Basically Makoto’s butthurt that years ago when Saki disappeared for 3 days and he couldn’t do anything about it.  Unfortunately because of a hundred year old grudge, Makoto ends up getting possessed by the cherry trees which start feeding on his life energy. He starts getting all sorts of withering markings on his body which are basically areas where all of his “energy” has been drained.  His condition gets progressively worse until he basically just spends the entire time lying in the futon in his room. So then when Saki visits him in his room one day he starts babbling that his whole family ignores him and everyone in this house ignored him too until he started cooking for them. When Saki gets creeped out and goes to leave he grabs her and kisses her saying that without her he has nothing. He pushes her down on the futon but then realizes he’s being a rapist and apologizes. Saki tells him that she’s not going anywhere without him. A few days later when the curse gets worse on Makoto he comes like a zombie into Saki’s room and says he wants all of her because he can’t live without her. She suddenly has a flashback of when he found her when she got caught in the forest the first time. She apologizes to him and asks if she can spend the night with him so she can take care of him.

sakura005Neither of them can sleep so they end up talking or more arguing about whether or not Makoto’s a pansy ass loser or a prince on a white horse. He then tells her that he can hear the voice of the cherry trees and they basically want Saki which is why he’s gone into SAKURApist mode before. Makoto tells her once more to run away and leave him here because unlike back at home, at least here he’s wanted, whether as a cook or as cherry tree fodder. The next day Saki  finds out that Hinata’s sacrificed Kirishima and Taruhi to the cherry tree and Fubuki says once the cherry tree blooms, Hanari will perish. Fubuki tells Saki to run for it and this place will just go back to nothing like it originally was. Saki then starts babbling that she has to stay here to save Hanari but Makoto tells her this whole place is an illusion and it’s been gone for ages. As long as she tries to be the Hanahime this place will continue to keep her trapped. Makoto tells her they’re leaving ASAP and then Wakaba shows up saying “sokay guurl you go home now”. Despite the cherry trees disappearing along with everyone else, for some reason grandma’s inn stays in tact. Since it’s late, Makoto and Saki end up spending the night there.  The next day they decide that they want to return home and that’s when Saki confesses to Makoto that she likes him. Makoto’s like FUCK YEA GUURL let’s get to that R-18 humping now!  Also fortunately unlike other R-18 games, the ero scene was like some express version and instead of them narrating everything about their humping, they screwed and were done within minutes! After they wake up from their humping, they find themselves standing in the middle of a pathway to Hanamou back in their original clothes. I guess the cursed forest didn’t appreciate them humping in sacred territory :lol:.

sakura006In the good ending, Saki says her dream is to build an Inn at Hanari and become the owner. Makoto then tells her that he’ll become her future husbando to run the inn with her and she’s like щ(゚д゚щ)カモーン. And so a few years later, Makoto and Saki get married and open up the Hanari inn right where the old Hanamou inn was. Also they have a baby shota who plays with the thunder thigh cat who’s found a home at the inn :lol:. (I swear if you saw the cat you’d understand!) Wonder if that cat is actually Hinata hmm.  Bad Ends: Saki picks the dumb trees/inn over Makoto and is forced to put out sexually for both Makoto and Fubuki or else Makoto will die. Makoto apologizes in advance and feels terrible but has to continue anyway because he’s completely merged with the cherry tree. When Saki tries to tell Makoto otherwise though, Fubuki just covers her mouth and says “oh yea she wants more just stick it in” ~_~. In the 2nd bad ending, after they hump Saki is like OH NOES ARE U SURE WE SHOULD LEAVE THIS INN!?  Suddenly the bloody cherry tree reappears, and Makoto goes batshit lol. Saki’s like alright well if it makes you feel better I’ll take one for the team. Makoto snaps out of it but they both agree to hump like non stop and they end up screwing so much that it sucks up any remaining life energy out of Saki and then Makoto strangles her to death on top of it. ( ´_ゝ`) Honestly more than anything I just felt sorry for the 2 of them in both of the bad endings being victims of the dumb tree. See it’s kinda weird, he has this happy ending but his route isn’t as deep or plot filled as the others so I guess it all depends on what kind of note you want to end your game on. Also because they had the same voice actor I couldn’t stop thinking about the protag of OreShura.

sakura011Hinata – The next guy to do in the game was recommended to be Hinata but to be honest I think it would be best to do Hinata first. Hinata is a yandere nuko so you can probably guess where this is headed. Now normally I want to punch yandere characters into a wall but for some odd reason I just felt damn sorry for him (or maybe it’s my bias to cats kicking in.) Hinata pretty much acts like a huge douchebag, stealing Kirishima’s sake, demanding food and being a general jerk. He’s also like horrific in a lot of the bad ends to the point that I almost want to punch the creators for turning him into such a horrid character. The deal with Hinata is that he’s a cat demon who’s lived for hundreds of years at Hanamou Inn. In fact he used to even play with Saki in his cat form when she was little. Unfortunately Hinata’s a huge loner so by always having people to give him attention at the inn, it buried the gap in his nuko heart but after the inn burned down, what’s a lonely nuke to do? Well nothing until Saki shows up and he’s like omg someone who knows me is back, I must keep her with me forever and ever because I’m just so TERRIBLY LONELY. (You can probably guess where this is going.) As a typical yandere, he has elevated jealousy levels so when Saki tells him that she’s worried about Makoto’s condition, they go over 9000.  Hinata tells her that he wants her to stay at Hinari but Saki demands to know if its only because of her “duties as the Hanahime”. Saki then realizes that he’s just a lonely nuko who’s been drowning his loneliness with alcohol while at the Hanamou inn and that he’s the same nuko who she played with as a loli. She gives him a big ol’ hug and tells him she’ll stay at Hanari with him.

sakura012Suddenly he gets really horny and takes her to his bedroom and admits that it’s nuko mating season /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Saki gets pissed but then Hinata confirms that she’s not sexy enough to be a hump toy for him and in fact it’s all because he loves her xD. He also informs her that the only reason a male cat becomes in heat is if a female nearby is also in heat LOLOL xDDD. Needless to say, humping ensues and afterwards Saki remembers that she gave him his name when she first met him as a nuko at the inn. Later on, Saki asks Hinata that in return for staying with him forever, she wants to let Makoto return to the village on his own. The only way to do this is to jump through the “gate” to Hanari during a new moon which just so happens to be the following day. Kirishima offers to take Makoto and get him through the gate as a thanks for keeping the rabid cherry trees at bay.  And so in the good end, Saki ends up staying at Hinari with Hinata the rest of her life. Additionally since she becomes like one of them, after a few years her general growth freezes in time with the rest of them.  Bad ends: In the first one (which I got accidentally lol) when Saki says she wants to save Makoto by leaving Hinari, HInata gets pissed and says Makoto is just sacrifice for the tree. Saki gets pissed and runs off leaving Hinata to go batshit insane from being forever alone. He notices that the cherry trees have started blooming and decides “I think it’s RAEP time!” When Hinata finds Saki in the woods trying to go home, he tells her he won’t let her leave Hanari. He threatens to break her legs so she can’t run away and then shoves his tongue down her throat. ( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ

sakura013After shoving his fingers into her cooter he starts wailing about how she doesn’t understand his loneliness and that she’s abandoning him again. Saki’s like oh okay your poor baby and lets him screw her but at the same time he also then kills her by eating her ~so she can be inside of him forever~. Damn dat CG was a gorefest x_x (does this count as cannibalism or not since he’s a cat demon?).  In the 2nd bad end, Saki and Makoto try to escape from Hanari again but in front of the gate, Saki asks Hinata to come with them. Hinata agrees but when they run out, Hinata can’t make it due to the cherry tree curse and ends up being left behind. (´;ω;`) However some time later, when she’s in the woods again she runs into Hinata in nuko form and starts hugging him crying. Umm not sure how this is a bad end but even the game said bad end …? LOL. In the 3rd bad end after spending too much time in her room like a hikkikomori, the cherry trees pretty much drain her life energy to the point where she barely remembers who she is or who anyone else is. Also apparently this has made her extremely horny and the only way to solve this problem is obviously secks! Conveniently, Hinata and Kirishima just so happen to find her rolling around her room literally in heat and so they have a 3P \( ^o^)/. It was a bad end but honestly I find it hilarious that 1 girl can sexually take down 2 grown men ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ .  Hinata really had a lot of sweet scenarios in his route which I had wished had CGs rather than seeing all the gross guro shit CGs in the bad ends -_-.

sakura014Kirishima – Ok I think it’s obvious by now I don’t like ossans. It’s not that I don’t like “older men” (I’m an old fart myself) I just don’t like “burly hairy old men”. Regardless, I wanted to give Kirishima a chance HOWEVER it’s really hard to see him as a love interest when he doesn’t really show interest the entire route. Yes yes I know he was just holding back his urges but you have to make the player be interested somehow. Even if you show us his inner thoughts or show us him quietly admiring the heroine from afar…ANYTHING TO MAKE ME CARE MAN. Sadly very few games if any ever handle ossans properly and well this is definitely not one of them. Kirishima was the guardian crow statue for Hanamou Inn so he’s able to sprout wings and fly when necessary. Due to him being the guardian, he’s also basically able to go between the dimensions and visit Hanamou when he needs to get items, such as food etc.  So then I guess the rabid cherry trees possess him and he goes into pedo rapist mode and grabs Saki making out with her. Being upset that the ossan took her first kiss Saki runs out and Kirishima’s like whut just happened ?? cause he doesn’t remember anything while being possessed.  Saki and Kirishima find Makoto’s all sick and covered in the marks from the cherry trees. Kirishima wants to help them both leave before it gets worse so he opens the gate for them. He tells Saki that only she can be the one to go through and if she wants to save Makoto to go through ASAP.  Before going through the gate, Saki thanks Kirishima for everything. Suddenly Hinata shows up and well he’s not exactly pleased that the hanahime is prancing her way out the door. He attacks Kirishima for letting her escape, saying that as long as Saki stays here Hanari will continue to exist. Kirishima tells Hinata that this place will eventually perish regardless and everyone but Hinata himself has accepted this fate. Hinata bawws and refuses to accept this fate so Kirishiima tells Saki to run while he holds Hinata back.  Even though Kirishima manages to hold Hinata off, the cherry trees grab Makoto with their roots and hold him back. This gives Hinata enough time to get Kirishima off him and take Saki hostage. He then beats up Kirishima further for “taking hanahime away from him” (´・ω・`;).

sakura015Saki begs Hinata to stop and promises not to leave Hanari in return. Makoto pretty much goes into a coma after this. Kirishima tells Saki that the hanahime is basically like a “bride to the cherry trees” in a way how nuns are “married to god”. Basically the hanahimes have to devote their whole life to the stupid trees and that’s why everyone’s always feared them. The only way to prevent the dumb trees from turning everyone bat shit is for the hanahime to basically “understand the desires of its spirits” or some nonsense. AKA DO AS THE DUMB TREE SAYS OR ELSE GRR. ( ಠ益ಠ ) Fubuki tells Saki that if she wants to save Makoto, to have Kirishima carry him through the gate as an “object” rather than a human being. To do this, they need to basically put Makoto in a coma so that he’s like “near death” and is considered an object rather than a living human being.  Saki then goes to talk to the cherry tree spirits and they show her a flashback of when the inn was burning down, and Kirishima had tried to use his powers to summon rain to put out the fire.  Saki then decides she wants to stay at Hanari with a promise to the cherry trees and asks Kirishima to help her save Makoto. Kirishima warns her that Hinata’s gonna prolly try to kill them cause he’s already gone off the deep end. He tells Saki to GTFO cause she shouldn’t be in a man’s room late at night. Saki refuses asking him to hear her out but he just uses the RAEP as an excuse not to listen and pushes her down on the floor ┐(‘~`;)┌. After he shoves his tongue down her throat, Saki cries and says she hates him as she runs out of his room.  A few days later though for some reason Saki comes into his room at night and says she’s in love with him. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Umm okay guess dat ossan tongue lit a fire under her ass :lol:. Kirishima’s like oh hell yea now I don’t have to hold back anymore w00t. Turns out that him wanting to return her back to Hanamou was just him trying to control his randy urges but in reality he wanted to hit that shit really badly. And then they screwed while I kept pondering whether or not they drew her nipple in the right place :lol:.

sakura001A few days later Saki finds out that Taruhi’s been consumed by the cherry trees. Hinata’s still going batshit so Saki, Makoto and Kirishima make plans secretly behind Hinata’s back to escape Hanari and return to Hanamou. (To be honest, after playing Hinata’s route I kinda feel terrible that he’s made out to be the bad guy 😦 ).  So then that night Makoto and Saki escape and make a promise to meet up with Kirishima later at Hanamou. Sadly Hinata comes to cockblock their escape attempt a 2nd time, but Kirishima manages to hold him back and tells Saki to run for it with Makoto. Saki says she believes in him and runs off. A few moments after she’s back in Hanamou, she reunites with Kirishima and glomps him. There was no epilogue or anything…kinda lame if you ask me lol. The whole story reminded me of Yoshinaga-san’chi no Gargoyle (;´∀`). Ugh well if the good end wasn’t lame enough the bad ends were horrid. Well at least one of them as horrid. Bad Ends: In the first one, Saki chooses to be with a sickly Makoto rather than to confide in Kirishima. She tells Kirishima she wants to save Makoto, but then also be with Kirishima so she’s going to abandon Hanamou. Kirishima says they’re just gonna live here until the cherry trees consume all of them. Well apparently Saki agrees to this, Makoto goes home safe and Kirishima and Saki end up living until their doom screwing all they want. Also Taruhi and Hinata end up being eaten by the trees so it’s only the 2 of them left at the inn until it’s their turn to go. In the 2nd bad end, when Hinata and Kirishiama are fighting instead of running away, Saki goes and stabs Hinata. Unfortunately her attack is kinda weak and doesn’t do anything to him and instead he gets an opportunity to finish Kirishima off. After he’s like half dead, Hinata’s like herp derp, I heard you guys fucking, I think it’s my turn to rape you while he watches! 🙄 Saki agrees to let Hinata screw her if he lets her treat Kirishima’s wounds afterwards. (´・ω:;.:… Unfortunately before Hinata can finish, Kirishima dies and Saki loses it and starts thinking that Hinata = Kirishima. -_- Sigh it sucks that they turn Hinata into such a huge dick in all these bad ends. The 3rd bad end comes from the very beginning. If you choose the wrong direction to go to on the way to Hanari, Saki falls off a cliff and dies. This has nothing to do with Kirishima but the guide I was following had this bad end here xD. Eh well like I said, Kirishima’s route had a lot of story details but as a character in an R-18 game, it was pretty lame (and the bad ends were the cherry on top of all the crappiness.)

sakura008Taruhi – Well if Kirishima wasn’t disappointing, Taruhi was just downright depressing. I actually really like Taruhi but WHY CAN U NOT GET A HAPPY END BRO (´;ω;`)ブワッ.  I suppose giving him a happy end would butcher the consistency but I always wish for some miracle to happen since hey we got rabid cherry trees and dimensional inns going on here. So at first, Taruhi seems like some shota who sucks at cooking but turns out – he’s a FIREFLY! He’s this magical firefly who was in love with all the hanahimes and always lit up his butt while flying around Hanamou Inn. Because he’s a firefly, he basically grows up once a year and then dies once a year and is reborn once more. The downside of this cycle is that every time he’s reborn he loses memories of his past life. In order to try and keep  record of what went on, Taruhi has a massive library of diaries and books in his room. One day, he magically gets a growth spurt and goes from cute shota to hot ikeman! Just what is needed for that eroscene! Saki is of course shocked at first but eventually accepts it and starts to fall in love with him. She even tries to teach him how to cook properly though sadly once he’s reborn all of those skills will be forgotten.  One day Taruhi tells Saki secretly that Makoto got possessed by the cherry trees and one day might turn on her. Taruhi says he has a way to stop this is to sacrifice himself on the new moon. This will allow the gate to open so that Makoto can escape Hanari. It doesn’t matter that he dies since it’s part of his usual rebirth cycle but Saki is upset because to her this is the Taruhi she knows. Once he’s reborn, he will forget about the time with her.  He tells Saki when she returns to Hanamou to forget about him but she’s like YOU LIE BOYEE.

sakura009Of course it’s all because he’s jelly of Makoto and thinks that if she doesn’t forget him, he’ll be this mental cockblock between her and Makoto’s relationship. Saki then cries and says she’ll never forget him as long as she sees fireflies around. She then confesses that she loves him and he promises to never tell her to forget about him again.  Taruhi babbles that he wants her to be happy but she tells him that in order for her to be happy, she wants HIM to be happy. Well they decide to just make each other happy and screw in the river! \( ^o^)/ And so on the new moon, Taruhi helps Saki and Makoto run away from Hanari. After she returns to Hanamou she finds a picture about basically the story of Taruhi and her grandma, as well as herself. Saki reads it and starts crying. The following year, Saki goes to Hanari even though her family’s prohibited her from stepping foot there again. As she goes near the river Taruhi’s spirit hugs her and tells her not to cry before disappearing. (ಥ_ಥ) Saki then writes at the end of her grandma’s notebook that Taruhi obtained happiness. BAH WHATEVER THIS ENDING SUCKS T_____T 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 うえええん  Bad Ends: In the first bad end, Taruhi (still in shota form) turns into a rapist and paralyzes Saki’s body with a bunch of fireflies or something (ಠ_ಠ). Reminds me of a certain fanfiction. In the 2nd bad end Taruhi asks Saki to go into the woods with him to get some fruit for Makoto to eat so he gets some energy. They both make out while there and realize they’re in love with each other. On the new moon, Makoto and Saki try to escape Hanari but for some reason Saki wavers and they fail.

sakura010Taruhi dies and is reborn with the regret that he never told Saki he loves her. He’s reborn once more with no memories of Saki or Makoto but subconsciously he makes 2 extra portions for dinner. Meanwhile the cherry trees have bloomed thanks to them consuming Saki and Makoto. Kirishima and Hinata know everything but they don’t tell Taruhi the truth. In the 3rd bad end, Taruhi catches Saki creepin around he pushes her down on the floor telling her that he’s basically all jelly of Makoto. He doesn’t want to let her go back to Hanamou even if this means Makoto becomes a sacrifice to the rabid trees. They end up crying and suddenly their clothes fly off so they screw. The next night Makoto’s completely consumed by the trees and dies. Taruhi then takes Saki outside saying he’s gonna return her to her world until he finds out that she’s got the same markings on her body that Makoto did before he died. Taruhi is at loss for words so the only thing that he can babble out is asking Saki to marry him. They have a little make believe wedding ceremony by the river but then Taruhi gets the cursed markings on his body as well, saying it’s a punishment for trying to take her away from the trees. Taruhi wishes that when he’s reborn, to be reborn as a human so in his next life they can be together. Suddenly they both cough blood and as the markings spread further they die together. WHOA MAN TARUHI’S LIKE THIS TRAGIC HERO. I mean most other chars bad ends were like lol sex but Taruhi’s were all REALLY SAD. 😦

sakura002Fubuki – My twitter otome gamer friend really liked his character so I thought I’d like him too but his butthurt was just too much for me and I ended up  not really liking him at all :lol:. So as I mentioned in Makoto’s route, he got cursed by the cherry trees to suck his life energy until he dies. Guess WHO set that curse! Basically, Fubuki’s from an ancient family in Hanamou who felt that having twins brought bad luck so they would always “kill” the bad twin. Fubuki was that bad twin and they killed him and buried him under the cherry tree. Fubuki’s soul then pretty much merged WITH the cherry tree and he’s had a grudge on his family and their ancestors HUNDREDS OF YEARS. Well it just so happens, Makoto is his long long long long distance relative because he’s from the Sawara family. So yea now Fubuki has to take out his butthurt on Makoto! Meanwhile, Saki was born under his cherry tree and her grandma told her that all the hanahimes can “see” the “child of the cherry tree” aka Fubuki. When Fubuki saw how happy she was being all pampered as a baby he got extremely jealous and pissed because his chance at life was taken away. Out of jealousy, he made Saki hate cherry trees and he also blocked her memories of being born under there as the hanahime. I guess his memory blocking skills are shitty though because Saki remembered everything. Now you probably ask well if Fubuki is a human baby who died why is he an oni. Well all that pent up hundreds of years of butthurt eventually created the form of an oni for him.

sakura003His true personality was split from him and it  turned into this chibi oni who runs around and befriends Saki at the inn at Hanari. She even gives the little thing a name of “Wakaba”. After being cold and emotionless most of the route, Fubuki starts raging his butthurt out loud. Makoto then wakes up after being tortured by the trees and is like what my distant relative was your twin brother? Idgaf bro I’m not him lol. He also then tells Fubuki that he’s not the only one who’s “sad” and says he should consider the feelings of his mother who was FORCED to abandon her own child. He also adds that Saki’s been “searching” for him ever since she was little and when she disappeared as a loli to Hanari, Makoto was jealous thinking that Fubuki would take her away from him. Saki confirms to Fubuki that she’s been “looking for him” ever since she was a tiny babby and when she came to Hanari as a loli, she promised that she would be there for him. I guess he did this to all the hanahimes but she was the only one who bothered to go after him even after he made her hate sakuras. Wakaba then shows up and tells Saki that he and Fubuki are finally done being angry onis and are gonna return to the tree. Wakaba thanks her and disappears.  The next day, Saki wakes up to find the cherry trees are burning because Fubuki set them on fire. He says that they were supposed to be burned down anyway and now that he got what he wanted, he can die happily.

sakura004Saki’s like HEY DUDE I’m NOT DONE WITH U YET and she magically puts out the fire with her words. She’s like I’VE NOT GIVEN U MY VIRGINITY YET BRO and they hump…outside on the front lawn.  After they finish, their clothes magically fly back on and they cuddle under the cherry tree. Fubuki tells Saki that his and Wakaba’s memories became one since Wakaba was pretty much his other self. He then says he no longer needs his oni persona and as it vanishes, Fubuki’s hair turns brown, eyes turn green and his horns disappear. They both cry because he’s about to disappear and he says he’s finally thankful for being born. After he vanishes Saki finds herself back in Hanamou with Makoto but recalling everything she starts crying.  A few years later, Makoto and Saki replant Fubuki’s cherry tree with whatever they managed to salvage from it. Meh I expected a CG in the epilogue but oh well.  Bad Ends: In bad end 1, Saki get tentacle raped by the cherry tree that’s merged with Makoto ( ≖Д≖;). In bad end 2, he uh..licks her cooter non stop? 😆 Yea I don’t really get it but hey at least it wasn’t tentacle rape! So yea as you can tell, this was a pretty lame way to end the game. I mean it’s weird because Fubuki’s route pretty much reveals everything but damn man this ending sucks. I had wished instead I did Makoto’s weird route and got the happy wedding baby thunder thigh cat end. Admittedly, Fubuki’s end is kinda sad like Hinata’s in a sense where he knew the heroine in the past but the reason I like Hinata more is Hinata = loved her, Fubuki = massive butthurt and repressed everything else :lol:. Also the tree rape end is by far the worst bad end in the entire game cause WHAT THE FUCK WHYYY.


I seriously think the only reason they made this game R-18 is so they could throw in “lol sex/guro/rape” into the bad ends. In most of the good end routes, all the sex is consensual but it feels like it’s totally just SHOVED IN. Like literally the moment the guy confesses -> it’s sexy time. I prefer it when they like confess, spend some time being all ichaicha and then there’s sexy time. So yea, the R-18 wasn’t really necessary and I feel like this game could have garnered more steam if it had been all ages. Basically what ends up happening is the people who buy it for the porn are like “wtf” and those who buy it for the story are like “ew dear god whut”. (I’m the latter.) Still though, it didn’t really make me rage as much as Akazukin. At least the rape is avoidable and only thrown into the bad ends for those who are morbidly curious. Still I would have preferred them to add some cute romantic CGs in the GOOD parts of the game rather than have a gross/guro CG in the bad ends. I usually skip bad ends unless they have a CG but EVERY bad end in this game had a CG so that was a big fat kick in my face! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Despite the bad things in the bad ends (derp), I think the game overall had a decent story? It’s nothing spectacular and the romance could have used a little more polish, but I don’t think it’s as terrible as Amazon reviewers rate it. I guess the big thing that lowered its ratings is the first release of the game was horridly buggy. MEAD then released a patch to fix everything and since I played the patched version, it was pretty much alright. The only thing that had me raising an eyebrow is the final CG in everyone’s gallery was a CG from the ero scenes in the good ends…so then why didn’t this show up during my playthroughs in the first place? It only showed up if you watched the pr0n scenes twice in the scene playback…which tells me this was probably a bug that was fixed in the patch lol. The other terribad thing was the game layout. It’s this horrid layout with a bunch of equally sized buttons and a GIANT text box which takes up like half of the screen.


You can’t adjust the text box transparency so essentially you’re always seeing cut off characters. I dunno maybe it’s not the box itself maybe it’s those hideous flowers on the left?? 😆 Either way, the button placement is terrible and well if that wasn’t bad enough check out the options menu:

Augh my eyes!
Augh my eyes!

So really I think out of everything in this game, the layout design is probably my biggest complaint lol. As far as characters, Makoto and Taruhi were the only decent guys? Hinata was okay but then he got portrayed as a psycho and the ossan was too busy being an ossan until suddenly HEY THERE WAKAI MUSUME. And well Fubuki has like hundred year old butthurt that results in tentacle rape so that’s already a no on my list. Still though it wasn’t a bad game to play even for an R-18 one. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s a MUST PLAY but I wouldn’t count it off either. The gruesome bad ends can be avoided, though really the worst of it was only in Kirishima’s and Fubuki’s. All the other bad ends were just them screwing and it was all consentual and the “bad” part was related to the story. In a way I think that’s how all bad ends should be. In most R-18 games the bad ends always feel like “blame the heroine’s decisions and punish her with rape”. (Well in Akazukin that happened in the good ends too :roll:).  For play order I’d recommend Hinata→Kirishima→Taruhi→Makoto→Fubuki but if you want to end the game on a happier note, save Makoto for last.

Offtopic but I think my PSP is at the end of the line. I get errors when I put UMDs into it and suddenly it’s giving me problems with charging as well. Not sure how this will affect my gaming broadcast but hopefully in the worst case scenario I’ll see this as a blessing in disguise to finally order myself a pink or blue PSP from Rakuten (✧≖‿ゝ≖).


27 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Fuyuzakurashou -Sakuragatari-

  1. Hahaha… Good work for surviving another R-18 game… Seems like you actually enjoyed this one a bit… xDDD

    OMG, you just started playing BWS LH… xDDDDD I thought you wanted to stay away from it? °w° Well, I’m kind of happy though.. wwww I’m curious what you will write about it. 😀 I still have to finish the family route with Nesso, Zara, Pearl, Richie and Erza… But I’m drowning in work, I can’t even listen to Drama CD’s properly, so don’t even talk about gaming… ;__;

    AND YES for a new PSP. 😀 😀

    1. yea it wasn’t too bad and didn’t make me rage like most other games do!
      I’m playing BWS cause it was voted 2nd highest on my backlog poll so I guess enough people wanted to see my review.
      Oh well it makes for entertaining broadcast chat. I’m not that far in, still pretty much in the common route though I’m heading towards the cat direction to get them out of the way. (Sakurai’s psycho laugh is terrible though :lol:)

      1. Yes… The cats psycho laughters are HORRIBLE… and not only their laugther… >_< You will know, what I mean, if you head towards the bad ends of each character… 😀 😀 But I found Mejojo's endings really, really satisfying… Wheras Auger's… NO, I don't EVEN want to think about it… xDDD

        I guess, I should enter your broadcasts for BWS… I'll have plenty of fun with you. 😀 😀

  2. お疲れ!xD I actually thought the plot is rather interesting, if not a bit similar to ATMNM with the forest being cursed. The CGs all look so adorable though, the art is gorgeous. I think I’d really like to play this because Saki seems like she at least has a spine. ; v ; Also, the 3P ending, is the CG for it the one they featured in the site gallery? Isn’t that (in)directly spoiling the players? LOLOL.

    Do prepare your heart for BWS, especially Rath’s good end. It’s really bittersweet in my opinion. ;;;

    1. yea the cursed trees thing is very similar but at least this has rape confined to only the bad ends and a lot more art consistency (rather than how Akazukin had like 10 diff people doing the CGs.) Saki was actually a great heroine and she didn’t cry and act helpless. I mean if you see the bad ends it pretty much speaks for itself lol. The 3P ending yea that’s the one XD The bloody gory CG of Hinata in the gallery is also the one where he eats her. I dunno why they would put the bad end CGs into the gallery lol.

      Seeing how Taruhi’s ends were all sad I’m already going to assume all of BWS will just be really sad. I really feel bad for Rath to be honest 😦

  3. Wow… it’s been a while since you last reviewed an R18+ game. Good to know that this isn’t a kusoge. The commenters in Japan were complaining about bugs, but I suppose the patch(es) remove most of the big problems? I apologise if you talked about the bugs already, seeing as I skipped all the way to the final conclusions section to avoid spoilers. I found this on Surugaya for cheap, so I bought it. I definitely will be patching the hell out of it, just in case. I’m pretty patient, so if it is screwy, I’ll probably be able to deal.

    Thanks for the review as always! =)

    1. yea I think it’s been like a year now? Yea I mean it’s not really that terrible but I think my tastes and Japan fangirls tastes are like polar opposites. I’m glad you were able to buy this cheaply and yea definitely patch it up, that should fix everything! Just be wary of some of those bad ends ;D

      1. It really is amazing how different Western vs. Japanese tastes are sometimes. I read a few Japanese comments that this game is too vanilla/boring/etc, and is recommended for “R18+ otome beginners” or something like that. I’m fine with bad ends. I’m not really disturbed by anything these games churn out anymore. At least, not to the point of quitting the game. I’m too curious; I’ll definitely look for the bad ends at some stage! @_@

  4. Lol I haven’t finished this game yet, but I gotta admit I kinda like the art and Saki is not that helpless heroine. Lol why every R-18 games bad ending include rape?

    “Saki get tentacle raped by the cherry tree that’s merged with Makoto ( ≖Д≖;) ” WOOT? Rape is bad enough but tentacle too? Σ(・口・)

  5. I was a bit leery of this game because of the terrible reviews on Amazon but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised (although I’m not very far in). I guess because the game was a buggy mess in the released state.

    May I ask what guide you used for this game? I’ve been looking on the major walkthrough sites and haven’t been able to find one xD

    Hopefully I won’t get bored of this game while I wait for Tiny x Machinegun to be shipped. Amazon has sent it to my forwarding service so hopefully I can get it next week!!!

    1. yea I find that Amazon reviews always lean in 1 odd direction and most of the time it’s never the same direction as me. (like I still laugh that the Miyako FD and Starr Sky After Winter got raving reviews when they were both crap :lol:)

      For guides I just googled and found this blog http://otomenotakarabako.blog.fc2.com/blog-category-16.html

      Funny you mention TxM, I just paid my forwarding service the shipping + fees this morning so hopefully they will ship it out tomorrow 😆 I picked airmail though to save money so I probably won’t get it until next Friday or something (which is ok since I’m busy with BWS now anyway)

  6. Reason #48920 why I do not like R-18 games. Have you ever actually played a good R-18 game? It’s RapeRapeRpe etc…

    TARUHI! WHY YOU NO GET GOOD ENDING? T^T <—Really upset over this…

    He's such a precious baby! I really love how he was a shouta before, and then poof her turns into a hot ikemen, I feel like that's it with all shoutas…

    1. lmao well at least the rape was only in the bad ends this time and no SURPRISES in the good ends so technically all the rape could have been avoided.
      (Which is basically what I did when I Played crazy rabbits)

  7. Oh, I’m really glad you played this game and wrote a review for it! ^^ I also played it and tried to write a review for it in my mother tongue, and reading your review I’m happy to know I was pretty much right about all I wrote. Makes more confident in my japanese skills! 😛

    I agree with you on the matter that the R18 scenes were uncalled for, they seemed out of place. And also Taruhi… I played him first ’cause I usually don’t like shotas (or ossans like Kirishima xD), however I found myself liking him a lot, too bad even his bad ending was terribly sad, I couldn’t get over it while playing the rest of the routes ;_; Makoto’s and Hinata’s route were cute too but as I did Hinat’as after Kirishima’s I couldn’t forget about his yandere moments, too bad >_<

    Hoping to read your BWS review also, I think it has quite an interesting story. I will try to make it to your streams 😀

    1. Ah glad my review helped out 😀
      And yea playing Hinata after Kirishima must have felt awkward. I read the Amazon reviews and followed someone’s recommended order which said to play Hinata’s route as soon as possible lol.

      I’m flying through BWS a lot faster than I thought, I’ve already finished Auger, Mejojo and Nesso and will probably finish up Zara today!

  8. Also fortunately unlike other R-18 games, the ero scene was like some express version and instead of them narrating everything about their humping, they screwed and were done within minutes!

    Isn’t that what happens IRL? Quit yapping and get it over with? 😛

  9. Oh crap I just started this game LMFAO WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO \(-_-)/ and thanks for the order, I was actually going for Fubuki first (should have KNOWN he was someone I should save for last qqqqqqq) and do Makoto last but I guess I’ll just idk do Makoto first omfg IDK LOL I’ll have to look at the guides again… And I mostly got it just to satisfy my curiosity hahaha and I forgot to patch my game oops LOL xD but I guess now uh regardless both of the sides (pr0n or story) suck? Woohoo \(-_-)/ so excited LMFAO. Oh well haha we’ll see how it goes |D as for reading the review I decided not to so I could continue to stumble blindly through the game LMFAO but I did read most of your final thoughts and yeah, the text box is GIGANTIC like wth I was surprised when I opened the game up LOL. >_>

      1. oh phew LOL OKAY good haha I was going to drop it for TINYxMACHINEGUN but I guess I’ll keep going :3 curiosity is fueling me forward LOL are you going to start TxM after BWS?

        1. either that or norn9 but I picked airmail for both so depending which one arrives first? (Probably norn9 is coming first though.)

          I’m finishing BWS probably this weekend so I’ll probably go back to playing RO while waiting for them to arrive 😛

  10. Yay, finally playing black wolves saga? =X

    Must say I never thought you’re playing a R18 otome game again, since the akazukin game.

    1. I had a feeling this wasn’t gonna be as terrible as Akazukin since Hiyo, Sugar Beans or Smelly Cheese weren’t involved and well I was right.
      I don’t expect R-18 games to become a regular part of my play schedule though.

      I’m playing Last Hope since it’s supposed to be the more tamer version and well so far there hasn’t been too much horrible things (either that or after Diabolik Lovers I must just be completely jaded)

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