Otome Game Review: Desert Kingdom Portable

Aspasia is a daughter of a powerful genie god in the country of EVUU. Unfortunately her mother was a human and due to this Aspasia’s magic powers are half assed. Since she doesn’t know this until later, she abuses them and then pretty much loses them by the time she’s 15. Her hipster dad Shazam tells her go down to earth and mingle with the humans, granting some wishes to learn what being a genie is all about. She bitches that her dad has enough magic to just give some to her but he tells her to STFU and kicks her out, literally. Since she has no magic powers, he sends a genie spirit in a lamp named Unbala Bopper along with her to protect her on her journey. After 2 months of wandering in the desert, Aspasia finally reaches a kingdom where she has 5 hot dudes waiting for her to grant their wishes.

sera01Sera – Sera is pretty much the main guy of the game and the entire story revolves around him. Due to this its really easy to do his route first and understand the entire basis of the game. It also makes it easier to understand what’s going on in the other routes because the other routes are pretty much Sera’s story but from the other guys’s “povs”. At first glance, Sera is just a merchant at his store called Zacca and aside from selling all sorts of junk, he also hits on da ladies. In fact due to this he’s pretty popular but being a massive hetare, he can’t seem to catch Aspasia’s heart 😆 One day he gives her a necklace from his store and says that if you write the name of the guy you like on it, then your love will come true. Aspasia holds on to the necklace without writing anyone’s name on it but eventually when she starts falling for him, she scribbles his name in EVUU language so that only she can read it. (*´ω`*) They go to a ball together with her wearing this sailor maid outfit that Sera picked out for her at Don Fitch’s shop. Don Fitch is this xdresser okama who runs a famous clothing store in the kingdom but the truth is, he’s actually part of the Church Mosquino religious wacko group and he wants to take over the kingdom. He pretended to be bffs with Sera so that he could use him to gain control to the throne. OH did I mention Sera is actually the missing king? A long time ago when he was 10, Sera went off to study in another kingdom (where he met Legetta.) Meanwhile, his dad was murdered and without a king the kingdom fell into the hands of the prime minister Sharon. However at around age 20, Sera returned to the kingdom to claim his throne but General Pucchi (whoc also just wanted to ruler the kingdom sigh) pretended like he didn’t recognize Sera and almost killed him on the spot. Fortunately thanks to both Sharon and one of the church guys, Yismar, Sera was saved and became a common merchant at Zacca. Eventually Aspasia spills the beans to Sera that she’s a god and she just wants to grant his wish to get her magic powers back. He tells her that he’s sorry but he won’t be borrowing her magic because it would be the same as borrowing money from Don.

sera02Instead Sera says he will try to prove himself as the true king on his own powers by going to General Pucchi once more. He tells Aspasia that he loved her and leaves. Realizing that he may get killed, Aspasia runs after him to save him. The guards aren’t sure whose side to take so the fat bastard goes and shoots at Sera, but Aspasia protects him. Sera then yells at her that he didn’t want her to get involved and she slaps him telling him to stfu. She says that she didn’t use her magic powers and she just saved him on her own accord because she didn’t want him to die. So then Sharon reveals that he knew that Sera was Prince Oltana all along but he didn’t want to let him back into the castle because there was an “opposition” (aka the church) which is the reason that Sera’s father was killed. Well lo and behold turns out that fat lying scumbag Pucchi just wanted chaos in the kingdom all along and he was the one who planned the murder of Sera’s father and during Sera’s inauguration ceremony. How did he escape prison from the first time? Turns out Mr. Okama Don Fitch let him out because he also wanted power and was just using everyone. In other words, international intrigue over oil & wealth. 😆 Because the crowd wishes for Sera not to die from the gunshot wound, they pray for him to stay alive and as a genie, Aspasia answers their prayers and saves him by using all of her magic powers. Due to this she loses all her powers and accepts Sera’s marriage proposal becoming his queen (´^ω^`). The good news is, because of her sacrifice she has learned the true meaning being being a genie, and her father told her she’s now become a TRUE GENIE herself which is why he can still communicate with her. He tells her to someday visit him and bring the husband along ;D. And so Sera and Aspasia’s happy marriage life continues with Sera running away from his work and Aspasia chasing him down and punching him to get his ass moving because its his duty as king XD. Gah Sera was SOOOOO cute lmao, he’s one of my favorite characters in this game. There’s always something really charming about hetare princes and the game is totally biased to him giving him even his own omake section XD.

sharon01Sharon – Sharon is the prime minister who took over while both the king and prince were killed/MIA. He has some magical powers and is able to tell if someone’s lying so Aspasia pretty much tells him the truth about everything. He as forced to become prime minister as the position was handed down from his father. Is busy trying to protect the kingdom from the rebellion party. At the ball, Sharon gets into a spat with Pucchi and Pucchi stabs him with his sword. While he’s resting and recovering from his wounds Aspasia goes to visit him but he’s all jelly because she snuck into the ball with Legetta. He admits that he purposely instigated Pucchi to make him show his real self and get stabbed. Aspasia yells at him for putting himself in such a dangerous position but he’s like it’s my duty as prime minister blah blah. He does tell her that he’s happy she wore the dress he picked out for her but regrets not being her escort for the night. Aspasia hears a rumor that the reason the previous king was killed was a plot set up by Sharon & his father. To prove this wrong she decides to get info out of him but in return tells him about herself as a god and her mission. He basically tells her the same story we heard in Sera’s so I’ll just spare you 8D He claims his “wish” is to restore Sera to his rightful throne…but when Aspasia checks her roulette it shows that in fact this isn’t it. Aspasia gets frustrated not knowing what his real wish is and then she loses contact with Unbala. She gets really pissed at Sharon and when he finds her they yell at each other with her refusing to go back to the palace and sleep on the streets like a bum. He’s like fine, I give up, and decides that if she’s not going back, he’s staying with her xD.

sharon02Unfortunately the injury from before hadn’t fully healed and he passes out near Aspasia. Realizing that he’s really ill she takes him to her room in the palace. He tells her that because there’s a traitor in the castle he doesn’t trust anyone to take care of his injuries and the stabbing from before he took care of himself. Aspasia’s like WTF DUDE I WILL NURSE U TO HEALTH. She also tells him she’s lost her magic so she can’t return to Evuu. They both realize they’re all alone so they should just be together. He then even asks her to stay at his house (not the palace) as he hugs her in bed (*´ω`*). The next day Unbala finally comes back and tells Aspasia he went back to Evuu to get a better roulette because Sharon’s wish is too big. So then when Aspasia goes to talk to him that day, some assassin comes to kill him so he and Aspasia jump into an underground passage way. While walking around together through it, they both confess their love to each other and smooch (*´꒳`*). And so after the kingdom population decides they don’t want a fat pig and a cross-dresser running the show, Sera becomes king and Sharon returns to being prime minister. Sharon takes a break being undercover and relaxing downtown with the commoners and asks Aspasia to answer his marriage proposal. She of course agrees lol. Sharon definitely was a cutie but since he was so busy with his DUTIES I felt like there was a lot of missed opportunity for cuter scenes with him which is a shame. I mean it wasn’t even really revealed that he’s really jelly until after the ball and I would have liked to see more scenes with that.

vV – V is an assassin for the Mosquino church and like everyone there, he talks in a weird dialect spitting out Engrish words everywhere and constantly saying phrases like そうさ、なん...だと...冗談じゃねー...それが...DESTINY.  When he wants to take her out on a date he just …abducts her and carries her where he wants to XD. Unfortunately V is a chimera and he has duel personality with the other personality coming out every once in a while threatening to kill her.  He was saved by Yismar when he was dying in the past. He wrapped him up in bandages as a new form of body. He doesn’t remember what happened to him or why he got hurt so badly.  He then goes MIA and worried about him, she uses a whistle that he gave to her to call him at anytime. It’s like a dog whistle where only he can hear it. He takes her elsewhere to talk and tells her he didn’t kill anyone cause he thinks it’s bad. He says he lets people “run away” rather than killing them. Well turns out that he’s being brainwashed by Don Fitch to go and kill Sera and bring his dead body to Don.  Sharon reveals to Aspasia that V was an orphan since he was young. He became allies with Sharon in order to help him spy against and put a stop to the crazy religious wackos who are against the king. Just as they finish talking, they go outside, and find V has attacked and hurt Sera. Sharon lets him run away and then later tells Sera sys that V is possessed by the evil spirit of a raven which attacked him and  merged bodies with him. He’s got terrible memory loss and he barely remembers anything before he became “V”.  Good End: Aspasia tries to save V and when he goes to attack palace guards, she gets in the way to get stabbed instead knowing she can take a stabbing or two. She then runs away from the kingdom into the desert with him. While sleeping that night, the crow inside of V asks for  Aspasia to “free” him and when she does V is no longer a “chimera” and he returns to the kingdom. Additionally since he no longer has the crow inside of him, he doesn’t have murderous urges nor can he longer hear the whistle to call him. He also starts going by his real name Hamal Fut (??? or something) Sharon thanks Aspasia for saving him Unbala says goodbye to Aspasia telling her to live happily ever after with Hamal and returns to Evuu. Best End: Aspasia makes V’s wish come true, he splits from the crow turns into her spirit regaining his original skin while he’s at it. He then tells Aspasia that he loves her and being mutual, the two of them live in Evuu and once in awhile come down to help humans on earth. In the epilogue half a year later, they decide to visit the Kingdom to see how things are doing after they left. They tell Sera to be a better king and until he can prove himself, Sharon’s gonna be on vacation. After this they leave the kingdom and decide to return again in 6 months. V was definitely an interesting character but due to him being so “disconnected” because of his brainwashing/evil spirit I had trouble seeing the romance between him and Aspasia? It felt more like she was pitying the poor guy (and rightfully so but yea). At least in the end once he ditched the church he finally started speaking normally XD.

legettaLegetta – Legetta’s got a pet tiger which gets taken away at the beginning. He sees Sera like a brother because the two of them studied together when they were kids. He works part time at Don’s clothing shop (much to his regret) and he sees the kingdom as his “enemy” because of course they dethroned his bro.  In order to try and bring Sera back to the throne, he’s on the search for the Genie’s Egg which will grant him any wish he wants.  So they go into the dungeon 1980s  rpg style lol.  Unfortunately some crazy underground robot (like lol yea robots in arabian land) attacks them and Legetta grabs her and runs. When they get away Aspasia admits that she’s a genie and Legetta shits bricks :lol:.  She then tells him about her mission of becoming a god by granting his wish. She then asks him to show her the good parts of humanity so that way if she can’t become a god, she can still live among humans without regret. So then Unbala finally shows up again but for some reason, Legetta can see him.  Suddenly they get split up and while Aspasia is making her way through the tunnels alone, Unbala and Legetta have a bro talk about both being in love with her :lol:.  So then they run into a pig…who is actually Sera’s dad プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  Pig-Daddy tells them that despite rumors, Sharon’s dad actually saved him. Then the assassin who went to kill him didn’t want to do it and let him escape down to this underground genie temple. Turns out he found the genie egg and wished for “peace” in the Kingdom and in return he was turned into a pig. Once they get out of the temple, Legetta can no longer see Unbala.  However suddenly Gucchi and Lenoman are like HAND OVER THE GENIE EGG.  He’s like I don’t have it and it’s broken so they give up because meanwhile back at the ranch, Sharon’s already taken care of the prep to make Sera the king. Legetta then talks to Sera and feels like he wasted his time. Sera then tells Aspasia that Legetta refused his offer to stay in the castle with him, cause he wants to go and be raburabu with Aspasia. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) When Sera leaves them alone, Legetta’s like I LOVE U to Aspasia but she’s like ya I know XD. He then tells her to stfu and go traveling with him and of course she agrees and gives him a big ol smooch. In the epilogue, Aspasia is a human along with Legetta and they go into the underground obelisk again. He tells her that since she’s a human now and can easily get injured, he’ll protect her.  So then they run into some penguin princess named Euphoria and have a little chat with her,  and after they come out Sera’s bought back Legetta’s tiger for him. Good End: Aspasia and Legetta go travelling in other countries together and seeing the world. To be honest I feel like Legetta got shafted since all of his effort was pretty much in vain anyway. He was still a cutie but yea I really felt like they could have made him seem a lot less “useless” to the story than they did.

yismar01Yismar – Yismar is my next favorite after Sera because I cannot resist me a delicious TsudaKen tsundere (◉◞౪◟◉ )うへへへ。 Yismar is the “doctor” who healed V of his wounds and helped save Sera from being immediately killed when he returned to the kingdom. He’s actually just a theologist who studies about gods all day long cooped up in his room at the Mosquino church like a hermit. Being a hermit his food consists of mostly tasteless things but Aspasia takes interest in him so she just MOVES into his room and starts cooking for him. Unfortunately she makes his food so awful he eats it and passes out asking her to never cook again. Despite him always complaining about her and lecturing her, he still lets her do whatever she wants and in fact he starts to…like it. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) She even goes as far as sleeping in the same bed as him and even uses him as her personal dakimakura (and he gets like no sleep thanks to this ε-(*´∀`|萌|). So then the Aspasia finds out that the church Mosquino wackos will “do anything for money” and no one will say anything about it. For example a woman pays money to them to poison the drinks of all the kids in a competition so that her own son will win by default. Seeing how ridiculous this is, Aspasia asks Yismar directly wat the fuck it exists for and he’s like “to collect money derp.”  He says there’s no gods and the point of this “church” is to prove that god doesn’t exist and everything is done with money. Aspasia asks Yismar to tell her about his past. He said he lived on a tiny island that was once enveloped by the sea. He was saved thanks to being picked up by a boat but his entire homeland was lost. He then realized that no matter how much you pray to god, there’s no god that’s gonna save you and that’s why he stopped believing.  When Aspasia goes out on her business to grand wishes as usual, Yismar has an assassin follow her asking her why she’s “helping people” and when she tells him she’s a god he’s like liar. To prove it, she stabs herself with a knife horrifying him and is like “look it hurts but it heals instantly so that’s proof I’m not a human”.  He laughs and thinks its an illusion but she’s like um no? Suddenly the roulette with his true wish appears and his wish is for Aspasia to die. He then leaves for a while and while Aspasia goes around to grant wishes she keeps failing. Feeling awful & awkward about coming back to Yismar, Aspasia returns to sleeping on the street like a hobo.

yismar02Eventually due to not raising her magic, Aspasia wakes up to find that she’s become a human and lost all her genie powers along with the ability to speak with Unbala. Because she doesn’t eat for like 3 days or get any decent sleep on the side like a hobo, she gets a serious disease and being a human, she can’t magically self-cure it. Fortunately some camel delivery man takes her to a doctor who gives her medicine free of charge but feeling bad that she can’t give anything back, she crawls her way back to Yismar. Rockloa finds her and is like “yea Yismar kinda dumped me because he likes you so you better tell him your feelings ho”. When Yismar finds out how sick Aspasia is he freaks out and after 3 days she wakes up. He then tells her that basically his goal is for the church of Mosquino to take over the world and basically “replace” god in his grandiose plan to AVENGE his family. His family were a bunch of priests and since they were stuck in their temple during his island drowning they couldn’t get out and they kept praying into their doom. Yismar was the only survivor because he was only 5 years old and he wasn’t initiated into priesthood just yet. So then he’s like I only wished for “god” to die but I didn’t want YOU to die  guuurl and he says he wants Aspasia to live and always be by his side. Just then that turns into his TRUE wish and Aspasia passes the requirement to become a TRUE genie. Her wounds are all healed and it’s a good timing because now the kingdom population is trying to go against the church because they prefer their sexy beast king Oltana instead. Realizing that his plan to make the church take over has failed, Aspasia asks if he wants to make a wish to undo everything including saving his family from the drowning of the island. He thinks about it hard but then says nope, because then it would not only be wrong but his time and relationship with Aspasia would be nullified. Since he loves her, he confesses his feelings and kisses her. In the end, the two of them decide to go traveling since the Kingdom has been restored and the blame was put on the fat toothless dude with the gun.  Rackloa tells Aspasia that she better make Yismar happy or she’ll send her to hell lol. Aspasia decides that she’ll be like a human from now on so she can spend the rest of her life with Yismar (who indirectly proposes to her (´^ω^`)).  Also her dad reveals that her mother was once a priestess in the past and her dad rescued her from the church and took him with her to Evuu. Priestess End: After Rackloa rescues a dying Aspasia, 8 years later she becomes Priestess following in her mother’s footsteps. Yismar is suuuch a cutie omfg after I finished his route I couldn’t seriously decide whether I like him more than Sera or they were equally  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q。

unbalaUnbala Bopper – Unbala is a genie summoned by Shazam just for Aspasia so basically his entire point in life is to basically live for her sake. Needless to say, he of course loves her and you pretty much have to crush and break his heart every time you get with another guy in the game xD. His route starts with Aspasia becoming a true genie and now she’s asking Unbala wut to do. He says he has a wish and asks her to grant it which is to be a human for 5 days and then decide if he wants to continue being a human or return to being a spirit. Once he gains legs he has trouble walking since he’s always floating out of his lamp but once he manages he asks to go on dates with Aspasia. Basically all their dates consist of going to the places Aspasia went with all the other guys in other routes xD.  They go to the amusement park on a date and fall into the fountain together and he realizes how “soft” she is when he hugs her. After they leave, he hugs her again saying he wants to be with her forever and that he was born just for her. When she thinks he’s hiding something, she asks him to tell her the truth but he says he can’t. But she then finds out on his last day as a human he confesses  that in fact his mission is now over and he can no longer be with her. She says she wants to use her magic to save him but he says that he can’t stand the idea of her losing her powers or status as a genie for him. Before he disappears, he kisses a crying Aspasia on the forehead and says he loves her. (´;ω;`) And so years later Aspasia is a kickass genie woman but she still has Unbala’s lamp with her.  Because she’s almighty now she manages to summon Unbala back to her one more time .。゚+.(´∀`○)゚+.゚。.  Unabala was really sweet and it’s really a pity that his route was so short to be honest but it had a really sweet ending so it’s alright I guess!

unbala02Other Ends  – Shazam End: Aspasia pretty much ignores the mans and works on increasing her magic powers. During one of her wish granting adventures she uses Unbala’s help and then becomes a true genie. Her dad tells her that relying on Unbala was bad but now she can learn the ropes and work along side of him. Genie End: All the assassins who Aspasia helps invite her to watch a live performance of their band xD.  They sing the OP of the game in acapella プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. So then on day 27 Sera tells her to stay in the castle and not come out because it’s the day for the “king to return”. So then Rackloa asks Aspasia to grant her wish which is the ability to confess her love to Yismar.  Yismar is shocked at first but then suggests they start an exchange diary together to get to know each other better. And so Aspasia becomes a true genie but after this she can’t seem to see Unbala anymore. Her dad tells her she didn’t learn shit and takes all her magic powers away telling her to go back to earth and not return until she learns about humans some more. Unbala comes back and he glomps her saying he’s extremely happy…before poor Aspasia is thrown back into the desert but this time she’s headed for Welsarchess or w/e. During one night of their travels Aspasia somehow ends up in Unbala’s dream world and is able to actually touch him. He decides to take advantage of the situation and gives her a hug while quietly confessing his love so that she can’t hear it. (*´꒳`*)  The next day he gives her a hug again but during the regular world he can’t actually touch her ;_;.  Baww noo don’t make Unabala’s existence even sadder Otomate www.


Hello Nurse! (✧≖‿ゝ≖)
Hello Nurse! (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD GAME OMFG. After a streak of really dull and mediocre games it was like being in a desert with Aspasia and then finding an oasis xD. Aspasia is such a hilarious heroine that my screenshot folder is out of control after finishing the game. I’ve never seen a heroine who punches and kicks the character OUT OF HER DISPLAY PICTURE BOX   xDDD.  Even though the art was by the Amnesia artist Hanairo Mai, this was done back in the day and all the characters look cute and REALLY YOUNG. I mean the design works for 15 year old Aspasia, but I really was like (;゚д゚)ェ… when I first heard Sharon’s voice. He looked like a shota being voiced by some old man lol. I would absolutely love for them to do a fandisk for this game with Hanairo Mai doing her newer art style (that she did for the limited edition box and postcards). While the story was a bit predictable after the first run, each character and interaction with the heroine was so unique that in the end I didn’t even care. The setting and music was definitely great and a lot of the tracks really fit in the whole Arabian Nights theme. To be honest I first thought of this like the Otomate version of Arabians Lost, but I gotta admit as much as I like Aileen, ASPASIA WAS SO MUCH FUNNIER xDDD She’s completely honest with her feelings and doesn’t hold back and when necessary, she certainly PACKS A PUNCH ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \.  I’ve never played the PS2 version so I’m not sure what the differences are but as a first time played this game was absolutely wonderful. I just can’t recommend this game enough so if you’ve been stuck in a limbo with boring/mediocre games like I was, this will definitely be a refresher for you.

Desert Kingdom Portable Limited Edition / Game

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  1. Is there a Ps2 version? =o
    I didn’t know that.
    I have this game but I didn’t play it yet. I’m looking forward to play now, after reading your review hehehe
    Thanks!! =D
    I think I’ll like Yismar =3

    1. Yismar was a cutie but Sera was really cute too XD hard to choose.
      Originally it was a PS2 version so after like 3 years Otomate finally ported it to PSP

  2. Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition! The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honour to meet you and you may call me V.

  3. “wished for “peace” in the Kingdom and in return he was turned into a pig”
    Wow, this game’s so hilarious (*^ワ^*) and I totally love Aspasia. Though everyone are shota-like, i love the art a lot, more than Amnesia (though amnesia has sexy guysヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Ikki )
    Well, both Otomate and Quinrose’s first games in 2013 are shitty (love revo’s not count cause remake (^~^)so this game’s really refreshed. But i’m still wary about their future game. Will you play Princess Arthur ?
    Romeo vs Juliet sounds awesome and if Fujimaru’s the artist, i’m await sexy vampires ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

    1. I doubt Fujimaru will be the artist for Romeo vs Juliet since she’s busy working on Mirror Alice. It will probably be the same art team as Grimm the Bounty Hunter I think?
      I’m not a huge fan of Princess Arthur’s art style but I do like the whole Arthurian legend thing so I’ll try to get to it at some point XD I think I’d rather finish my Wand of Fortune marathon first ;D

  4. hello like this I like your review and I love this blog and remember your new game is very good utapri not like is that uta no prince sama debut but the game uta no prince sama is all stars if I think the look I say comment because I was sad because you are a fan of the game

  5. Another lovely review!

    Yeah I sounded dorta stalkerish right there..

    Justa wondering, have you seen Eikou Tantei Mysteria? Its thenthis new otome game based on mystery.

    Are you gonna play it possibaly?

    1. Yep I’ve heard of it but it’s by Karin who is infamous for porting all their PSP games into director cuts PC ports lol XD So yea I’m kinda waiting on the Directors Cut cause I’m almost certain they will have one as they recently announced one for their game they released last year Danzai no Maria.

  6. I want to play it soooo badly!

    But my Japanese ishorrible and that game costs so much! It’s about 70 something bucks.

    I just hope it doesn’t take them a year to convert it.

  7. Fufufu Aspasia is totally a best heroine ever. Sera is actually my fave guy in this game and I’m glad he is kinda like a main guy 😛

    Glad you enjoy the game Hinano ^-^/

    1. did you play the whole thing yet? If not I urge you to get on that cause this game is great XDD Sera is great but omg Yismar ε-(*´∀`|萌|

  8. I’m glad to see Desert Kingdom is enjoyable and was able to restore your rage for Tasogaredoki lol I’m planing to buys this game, but now I’m on low budget and can’t afford any more otome around this time since I brought anime DVDs and manga lately^^

    1. if you wait too long though You might miss out on the limited edition post card set but if you don’t care then yea definitely buy when you can ^^

  9. Nothing to freshen up your heart like an awesome protagonist, isn’t it? 😀 I swear, how much I like a game is inversely proportional to how much I want to push the protagonist under a cliff.

    I never really finished Desert Kingdom, though, so I can’t comment much here…..only that Otomate should really do more of these games that are just FUN instead of focusing on……whatever they focus on these days that are not yanderes. Actually, more VNs should focus on that.

    1. Yeaaaa this was definitely refreshing but sadly I’m not back on my mediocre game bus sigh.
      I agree I’m sick of yanderes not just because I hate them but because I’m tired of the concept?
      I’m tired of the “how dare you look at that guy, I’m going to lock you up in this room/closet/bathroom/cage/car, I love you forever. and EVER., I’m going to ruin your life just so you can be with me, friends? you can’t have friends, ME ME ME ME ME”

      lol yea after a while I’m just rolling my eyes at this point.

      1. My copy arrived a few days ago, and now I’m more excited than before to give it a whirl! Nice to see you raving positively about a game, and finally being exposed to something decent after a string of “meh” games.

        Anyway, I largely agree with you two (ET and Hinano) in regards to being tired of yanderes. It reminds me of the tsundere boom, and suffers the same problems as the said boom. “Booms” encourage companies to just add a token character fitting the archetype without actually trying to be original about it, or even being faithful to the concept on some occasions. The reasons the yanderes jumps off into the deep end are often so hollow, and hints behind their psychologically addled background are rarely provided in a substaintial/believable way. Just another trend being taken advantage of. Also, in R18+ games, it just acts as an “excuse” for the yandere to rape the girl.

        I wonder what’s next. Kuudere? Haraguro? The lesser-known dandere? It seems like most companies aren’t willing to produce a game without relying on archetypes. It’s very sad.

        1. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!! XD

          Yea in R-18 games it’s worse since oh easy reason to rape etc lol
          My problem with yanderes is usually their reasoning is really STUPID like “you looked at a guy” or “you bumped into a guy” or “how dare you not do as I say”
          Only a few yanderes out there actually have like a GOOD reason for being insane (like see the triplets in diabolik lovers, I hate them all but I sincerely don’t blame them with the crazy parents they had)

          Haraguro seems to fall into yandere often I dunno, I honestly love tsunderes so if the tsundere boom comes back that will make me extremely happy lol XD

  10. aaahh I really love Aspasia! also V with his engrish omg.
    anyway can you tell me how to get Yismar’s route? I’ve finished 4 of them and planned to get Yismar after them, but I can’t get any hint to his route…….

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