Otome Game Review: Shinobazu 7 -05.Genki-

So as we saw in every other Shinobazu game, Tonosawa Genki’s plotline is that he has to move to India to rejoin his parents because his bath house is getting shut down.

genki01Genki’s parents moved to India since he was a little shota and so he was pretty much raised by his grandma. Because he had to do a lot of stuff on his own, he learned how to sew holes in his clothes and make accessories. Due to this he was often bullied as a kid until he met Subaru, Nanako’s brother. The two of them would have man to man time a via playing soccer and so soccer became Genki’s outlet to all the problems in life. So then our Subaru WARREN decides to barge in and live with Genki but realizes he can’t clean the bath house so he tries to move in with Nanako. Genki and Taiga will have none of this so Subaru pretty much drops off the face of the earth to go live in some hotel for most of the game.  While making phone straps at his house one day, Nanako tells Genki that he should try selling his hand made goodies at a flea market. Everyone else offers to help and with all the childhood friends rejoined, Nanako has PTSD flashbacks to her childhood and gets upset but Genki comforts her and holds her hand.  At the fleat market a girl mistakens the two of them as a couple and Genki freaks out when Nanako is like yea sure we’re a couple as if it’s no big deal. Sadly his love love time is interrupted when Taiga & Miki come to “help” but just end up being cockblockers. Sadly things get even worse when the yakuza who’s been wanting to tear down Genki’s bath house comes and destroys all his stuff. He beats up Genki telling him to GTFO to India and when Taiga threatens to beat the ossan, Genki tells him to stop or else his grandma would get hurt instead. Everyone now finds out that Genki is planning to leave Japan and are pissed that he never told them anything.

genki02That evening in the park Genki confesses to Nanako that he loves her and asks her to go out with him. Nanako is unsure what to say but agrees mostly due to the realization that Genki will be leaving her. Genki tries to kiss her and when Nanako is about to close her eyes, he calls her a liar and says he doesn’t need her pity, telling her to forget everything that just happened. The next day in school he acts like everything is ok and Taiga rages at him saying he needs to stop acting like nothing is happening. Genki says he don’t give no fucks about his bros and he prefers hoes and only cares that he makes some “lasting memories” with Nanako. Taiga gets pissed and leaves and that night he and Nanako go try and talk to his grandma asking if at least Genki can remain in Japan. Granny just says that eventually they will all graduate and part ways anyway so this is just an “earlier start” for Genki. Genki overhears them talking and after Taiga leaves, he offers to walk Nanako home. When they get to her house, they realize it’s been broken into and though nothing is stolen, Genki asks Nanako to stay at his house for a few days to be safe.  They take a walk into the park on the way back and Nanako asks Genki if he really does love her. He babbles for a bit but says he does and says he really does want to go out with her apologizing for calling her a liar before. Nanako says she will go out with him and that she loves him as well. The Shinobazu guys all decide to shoot a documentary of the town and bath house for Genki as a final memory and they end up having Genki be the main actor in it.  While filming, Nanako starts crying seeing Genki talk about his past and his hobbies and his life. After they finish shooting, Genki tells Nanako that they should break up after he leaves Japan because he doesn’t want to hold her back in case she finds someone else she loves.

genki03So I was like getting all sad here but suddenly the game derailed into WTF land (like with Taiga) and everyone is thrown on to that army training island. Subaru then shows up making up some shit about killers coming here and they all dress as power rangers and fight these gaijin body guards for no apparent reason.  Afterwards Nanako and Genki go inside one of the abandoned buildings where there’s a miniature model of Nanako’s house and everything surrounding it. They mess around with it and turns out there was a bomb set in it so they run out of the building as it blows up behind them. Nanako then thinks that perhaps her brother Subaru lived on this island years ago and was the one who setup this bomb and the model (but hey now we all know what happened to him so yea not surprised.)  At the school festival, everyone’s moved by Genki’s documentary and then Subaru sets up a stage for Genki to sing his song on. When he finishes singing, he tells Nanako that he doesn’t want to break up with her and in fact he wants her to wait for his return. The two of them then make out in front of everyone (shy Genki vanished ww.) Best End: Before Genki’s about to leave, Taku rushes to the airport telling him that someone made a movie about them making their movie and about the bath house. The movie is ranked no. 1 in some film festival and it moves someone enough to buy the property so it doesn’t have to get shut down. So now since it’s not getting shut down, Genki doesn’t have to leave Japan so he grabs Nanako princess style and babbles how much he loves her. Good End: Genki and Nanako walk around the school festival together as a final memory. Genki almost gets trapped into crossdressing by Nurse-Taku and finds a Maid-Miki at a maid cafe. A lady runs into Genki asking if he will give her rights to broadcast the documentary on their station. Afterwards, Genki hugs Nanako and says he will return to her some day. Nanako gives him a little soccer strap she made for him and the two of them kiss (and this is as close as dummy head mic kissing as we get orz.) Bad End: Nanako visits Genki in India and he’s riding a fuggin elephant :lol:. Yea I don’t really know how this is a bad end but yea okay.

final thoughts

I want to join Taku's eroge club.
I want to join Taku’s eroge club.

Yeaaaa kinda disappointed. Genki was cute in general but then that whole random island power ranger plot was just…wtf? Who the hell wrote this omg. Where’s my dummy head mic Sugiyama ぺろぺろщ(ಥДಥщ)!? Maybe it’s a good thing I bought the wrong CD cause Genki got a hell lot more action in his Amemakura than he did in this game sigh. I hope at least Taku gets some action cause as much as I enjoy whatever plot they’ve been throwing at me in each game, in the end I come for the dummy head mic fanservice so without it wtf is left. The plot isn’t even that good…well Genki’s story was going well until the power ranger island adventures shit popped up and at that point any feelings I had for the game suicided out the window. I also feel like the CG art quality has gone drastically down? Like the artist is just throwing colors and using “just add water” in random places or something. The quality of the sprites is much higher and if you compare to the CGs of the first game the ones here feel really cheap and rushed. (´・ω・`;) Oh well let’s hope at least the final disk won’t be a disappointment.

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  1. Doesn’t look too bad! Well, I’m still getting over the idea of that Power Rangers bit…
    By the way, do you know the name of that song in the video that (by the sounds of it) Noriaki Sugiyama sings? Seems cute. ^_^

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