Brief thoughts on Diabolik Lovers Versus Vol 2 (Laito vs Subaru)

Yea I know it’s actually LAITO not Raito or Light according to the official site lmao. Reminds me of Elick from Riddle Garden but I keep calling him Laito for the lulz. Up until now I’ve only listened to the original do-S CDs of Subaru and Laito in fact so when I heard they were in a versus I was like yippie characters I care about! (And I say “care” in big fat quotations.)  I listened to part of Shuu’s but I gave up cause for some reason non-existant Yui annoyed me lmao. Spoilers below the cut.

My quality rendition of Volume 2

So pretty much this.

  • Laito makes out with bitch-chan and Subaru watches and gets pissed off.
  • Laito puts a collar around Yui’s neck and bites  her side (though I still say it’s near her armpit cause that’s where her boob is and he’s a 変態)
  • Laito tells Subaru to come 3P it up with him.
  • Subaru resists until he tastes Yui’s MAGICAL BLOOD and then can’t stop himself.
  • Laito chains them up together so he can have a Yui sandwich with Subaru while he makes out with Yui.
  • Yui passes out and Laito wants to raep but Subaru’s like fuck off dude you fucking creeper. (Oh Subaru you angel)
  • Laito shakes bitch-chan until she wakes up and then they both start munching her because her MAGICAL BLOOD somehow replenished cause being in a 3some with a hentai and a tsundere turns her on 😆

So yea there I just pretty much summarized the CD. Some of the stuff Laito says is really REALLY disturbing but since it’s Hirakawa in his creeper voice I somehow find the entire thing hilarious (≖ლ≖๑ )プッ.

Subaru, I love it when you are jealous. Seeing bitch-chan get it on with another guy TURNS ME ON SO BADLY.

Laito LOVES NTR, news at 11.

Based on what I read/heard my current ranking is Subaru > Laito > Reiji = Shuu >>>> Ayato >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kanato. Yea I hate whiny bitchy shotas and I hate hearing Kaji Yuuki screaming. I’m still leaning towards the idea that Otomate is gonna water down the whole thing anyway. Most of their regular games are like implied kissing and hand holding so I can’t imagine them having a scene where idk….Yui is unconscious and Laito implied-rapes her.  Two weeks until the game is released (hopefully no more delays) so  we’ll  have to wait and see what happens then :lol:.

Edit: Someone uploaded one of the tracks to soundcloud so feel free to listen and be sure to have your headphones on!

16 thoughts on “Brief thoughts on Diabolik Lovers Versus Vol 2 (Laito vs Subaru)”

  1. Oh wait… You forgot, that Rejet is having influence on this game too! *shiver* Just remember the collaborations with from Otomate and Rejet: BWS, Gekka Ryouran Romance… I don’t think that this game will be the usual Cero B Otomate crap… ^^

    Well, Yui may be a doormat, but the DARK ENDS will be terrifying for sure. Just look at Wabisuke… ಠ_ಠ

    1. ok not gonna lie….when Wabiskue went crazy with the knife I….burst out laughing 😆
      Probably because I was warned in advance so since I already have “expectations of crazy” it shouldn’t be too bad? though I admit the sensei left a bad aftertaste in my mouth, a lot worse than wabisuke lol.

      I think of games like RenAi Bancho and that wasn’t bad at all lol! but yea it could end up being like gekka who knows 😆

  2. I remember that the system with have a Do’S mode and a Do’M mode. The Do’S and Do’M being Yui.

    Now the latter one I have no trouble figuring out, but the former one…..after reading this it’s like HOW WILL THEY??? (A REAL battle of S’s is always amusing because what Japan thinks makes an S is hilarious, but I’m not sure Rejet/Otomate can make it so…)

    1. If it’s anything like Tsundere S Otome, the guys become such do-Ms its pretty funny. I remember the priest was this huge do-S rapist but when she was S to him he was like OH GOD YESS GRIND ME WITH YOUR HEELS. I can easily imagine this scenario with Laito anyway.

      Funny I listened to the 24 hour tokuten CD for both of them and while Subaru was not-surprinsgly tsundorable, Laito was actually really sweet lmao. It was such a huge difference compared to the regular ol’ blood sucking events I actually have faith restored that it won’t just be one giant abusefest.

      1. Well, it’d be interesting if that is the case. Personally, I’m tired of having to go to BL for my Do’M Otoko fix ALL THE TIME, so it’d be a nice change of pace. (In that case, shame it wasn’t ALSO marketed that way, though.) And if they actually end up being sweet and not just randomly S all the time, all the better.

        *marks on the ‘observe’ list*

  3. By Hirakawa do you mean Daisuke Hirakawa? He’s always had the trick to making yanderes and hentais into smexy beasts XD

  4. I hope there won’t be any delays. Is it possible that they will delay more than once? I was looking forward to the game and WAS PLANNING to play during the summer break but that ALL CHANGED b/c of the stupid delay. ಠ_ಠ Well, I hope it’s not like gekka b/c well…I couldn’t finish that game. It was too much for me to handle. I played two routes and quit…hope diabolik won’t be like that haha

    1. yes I am pretty sure Brothers Conflict Passion pink got delayed 4 times lol. Confidential money already got delayed twice so yea very possible. ONly time you know it’s not delayed is when Otomate starts their 1 week prior count down voice lol.

  5. Hey everybody i need HELP in a death or life metter! -.-‘
    I can’t find the translation of versus 2 but im REALLY DYING to know what they are saying!!! TT.TT
    If someone give me a hand i can pay with my body/soul!! (BWAH!?) õ.Õ

    NOW!!!! PLEASE!!!!

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