Terashima Takuma in Ijime Connect

Since Terashima Takuma  is in quite a few otome games I thought this piece of news would be worth mentioning. Apparently the staff of Kokoro Connect anime, hired a less popular seiyuu Ichiki Mitsuhiro, to record lines for what they claimed was an original character. When they then did a radio show with the other voice actors, namely Terashima Takuma & Mizushima Takahiro, they revealed that the guy recorded lines for nothing and it was all a hoax. He apparently even dropped some of his projects thinking he had a role but they just ended up laughing and making fun of him in front of everybody. At the end of the video they think it’s funny to offer the voice actor a job as a janitor. ( ´_ゝ`) In Japan public humiliation is a huge deal and some people  commit suicide because of it that’s why this is now a serious matter. Here’s a video of the horrid live show:

Edit 9/2/2012: Kokoro Connect anime site has issued an apology implying that the videos were altered and that uploading them to the web is illegal. LOL. Way to dig a deeper hole :lol:. Terashima Takuma has issued an apology on his blog but it implies that he and Ichiki are friends and that this was all the internet’s misunderstanding…and that the whole thing was really a staged act. ( ´_ゝ`)….right.

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