Otome Game Review: Vampire Sweetie

The daughter of an beachhouse owner Yurie Evangeline is told by her father to take care of the house and its guests while he’s out on business. However Yurie didn’t expect that suddenly she has to take care of 4 brothers, all of which are vampires. Also I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the heroine has the same name as the person who wrote this game 😆 Be warned this game’s R-18 so read at your own risk!

Faust Valente – Faust is the oldest of the Valente brothers. He’s also  extremely randy and is always trying to get into Yurie’s dress. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ  Despite this he has the refined skill of playing the piano and isn’t just always getting drunk on the living room couch. His piano is so good often fairies fly in to listen to it. Faust is also a bed intruder and also loves randomly groping Yurie’s behind every single day. So then Faust goes MIA for a bit and Yurie gets lonely when he’s not grabbing her ass every 5 minutes. He comes back apologizing for grabbing her ass so much and then asks her out on a date to make up for it. Their date is interrupted when some random demons are like “come with us princess” to Yurie, but Faust is able to protect her. After this she starts letting him sekuhara her more and more cause she actually begins to like it and she also notices that he’s no longer manwhoring at bars anymore. So then they get into bakkapuru mode and he does such things as braid her hair and do some hard core making out. (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ Well all that making out gives Faust like a huge boner and I guess she feels bad that he’s holding back so she decides to relieve him and give him a blow job. Sadly our mary sue apparently never had sex ed and she doesn’t even know what that “salty liquid” is! (ಠ_ಠ)

The first ero CG looked like she had fallen on the glass floor while cleaning and smacked her head cause lol both of them were FULLY CLOTHED so yea Love Drops flashbacks here xD. Faust also decides to move on from sucking the blood from her neck to her….thighs 😆 In the 2nd ero CG his wang just looked GIGANTIC and he was fully clothed while she was naked. I mean what is this some eroge? I wanna see naked mans not naked girls wtf (ಠ_ಠ). So then like Tony  the Tiger comes into her yard and starting beating the living shit out of Faust. Before he dies like a sack of potatoes suddenly Yurie unlocks her MAGIC POWERS and defeats Tony! As I expected she’s some vampire princess or something and the 4 brothers knew about this which is why they  came to this house in the first place. They were her guardians until she had awakened her powers to protect her from the evil dooers like Tony the Tiger :lol:. So they have some celebratory sex and then Faust says that he is going to stop running away from his duty of being the leader of the “Fire” clan. He goes to hell take the  test to so that he can then get stronger to protect Yurie because apparently she’s just SOOO amazing that not only do the demon clans need her but the EARTH needs her as well! ヽ(。_゜)ノ

Yurie decides to join him on his adventures to the underworld and do the test with him together.  Turns out all he has to really do is use DA POWER OF LOVE to successfully pull out her “flame heart” but if he doesn’t succeed Yurie will die! Of course he succeeds and the two of them end up living happily ever after (?) as the King & Queen of the underworld or something. In the epilogue Yurie reveals that she’s preggo /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. If you do the route without giving him enough blood he gets irritated and decides to shove his fingers into Yurie’s mouth. (which made her scream so much my ears bled.) Tony the Tiger shows up again but this time instead of turning into some innocent angelic princess, she becomes this slutty DARK PRINCESS (who just LOOOVEES dick now) lmfao \( ^o^)/ . Of course then if you keep refusing to give blood to Faust, the 4 brothers give up I guess and decide to leave the inn. In Faust’s other bad ending, she becomes Dark Princess and makes Faust her sex slave. REVENGE! Lmfao okay I would have preferred this in Joshua’s ending again cause he was so much more hateful lol. Erm…okay lol I love how this game clearly sends the message that by being evil you are sexual and by being sexual you are an evil whore who makes your man cry manly tears on the inside. Well Toriumi didn’t do much different than the usual R-18 roles I heard him in but Faust was a drunken, hairy ossan lol so I can’t really say I liked him that much to begin with.

Mikhail Valente – Since Mikhail is annoying to write Mike it is! 😆 Anyway Mike is the resident wangster and while I thought he’d be wangsting for a while, he actually became dere quite fast. He’s always like Mr. He spends his time wangsting in the garden alone until Yurie starts stalking him there and forcing him to entertain her with conversations. He also grows some nasty hentai tentacle monster plant in the garden for shits & giggles.  Yurie decides to just keep whoring herself as a blood bank to Mike who gladly accepts (as he rips his jaws into her adam’s apple.) So then one of Mike’s books starts trippin’ balls and talking to  Yurie saying “touch me, you know you want to” and well if you do – bad end. Fortunately Yurie rages and yells at the book and says she don’t need the damn thing to find out about Mike! Uh okay you do that guurrrl. If that wasn’t bad enough, Mike’s ex-girlfriend Julia shows up at the beach house, asks to see some kind of flower in the garden and when Yurie refuses, Julia disappears. And then some silent werewolf shows up (silent because Sugar Beans couldn’t afford sound effects) and after Mike defeats him, he feels that now he has the right to bed intrude in Yurie’s room. He’s so deredere for her he actually just watches over her all night cause she doesn’t feel well and the next day he starts helping her with various chores. (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

He then explains to her about the Vampire Princess thing and how even though she was born a human, it is still possible to “awaken” her powers. Oh well no point in telling me all of this text dump Mike cause I played your brothers route and I kinda know already :lol:. Mike tells her that she doesn’t need to freak out about her powers and that the brothers all came here to watch over her and protect her. And well turns out that Yurie is actually Julia’s reincarnation and in the past Julia had gone berserk with her powers and Mike was forced to kill her. Mike finally tells Yurie the truth about Julia, and suddenly they profess their love to each other and make out in the sunset. ヽ(。_゜)ノ And yea needless to say not a moment too soon they start humping in his room. Things don’t last happy for too long because then Julia shows up with her wolf to attack Yurie again. Yurie starts to realize that her powers are on the verge of awakening whether she likes it or not. Turns out that it wasn’t Julia but some random demon who took the form of whatever he could make – which ended up looking LIKE Julia. He did this so that he could destroy Mike because of that whole clan war thing going on since Faust’s route. He ends up defeating the fake Julia telling him that he’s just a dumb ossan and apologizes to Yurie for not noticing her problems earlier. In addition, turns out this dude was the one who made Julia go berserk back in the past as well. And so after a long battle they defeat the bad dude and Yurie tells Julia’s spirit to come back inside of her so they can both love Mike “together”.

After she tells Mike that Julia’s inside of her, he apologizes to both Yurie and Julia and says that while Julia’s important to him, he only loves Yurie. And so Yurie pushes him down on her bed and starts having her way with him, but yea SB game and he turns the tables on this situation rather quickly. Damn, it was so hot the other way around. (´・ω・`) So they then end up humping but they’re both SO FULLY CLOTHED it just looks like they were sitting there and hugging or something. (ಠ_ಠ)The two of them return to the underworld & live happily ever after. In the epilogue they have a baby (does this make him the main guy??) In the good end, Yurie has no idea why she keeps feeling like there’s someone inside of her but she don’t care cause she got Mike protecting her. She spends time alone with him because Joshua  & Aron returned to the underworld to take care of their father. In bad end 2, she..literally rips his heart out by stabbing him in the chest & grabbing it :;:;:;:;ガ―{´_`゜|||}─ン;:;:;:;. In bad end 1, he puts her in some kind of laboratory test tube because he didn’t want to kill her completely and this was the only way to keep her sanity I guess. In Mike’s other bad end, if you touch the evil book then you die.  In the other one if you let the fake Julia into the garden, the evil hentai tentacle plant that Mike spawnned eats Yurie lol.Well compared to Faust, Mike definitely had a better story and almost felt like the true guy since  the whole reincarnation thing. I thought he’d be this huge douchebag whiner at first but he ended up being really sweet and caring for Yurie so I actually liked him a lot near the end. I just kinda wish that Maeno put more  EMOTION into the voice acting…sometimes I felt like I was listening to a robot…

Joshua Valente – Joshua is the token shota and he has a pet hamster named Hams. This whole route just felt creepy since Joshua acts like he’s 10 year old and his room is filled with stuffed animals and toys. (ಠ_ಠ)Not only does he like stuffed animals, but he actually has real wild animals coming to hang out with him like he’s Snow White or something :lol:. After drinking some of Yurie’s blood Joshua gets comfy and asks to sleep in her bed, and of course if you refuse -> bad end so take note lol. It seems all innocent but in actuality he’s just an eroshota who randomly starts becoming like Faust and grabbing her thighs & boobs randomly :lol:. He even brings her to the middle of the forest for an “innocent picnic” but they end up humping by the riverbank instead. \( ^o^)/ I guess all the humping is too intense for Joshy and he passes out with a fever and starts going into yandere mode. After he recovers and they hump in the bathtub (where it looked like Yurie’s torso doubled in size) some evil eagleman comes down after Yurie. Turns out he’s just following orders from this shota named Algernon who has a massive BL obsession with Joshua. He rages SO HARD that this DISGUSTING WOMAN has taken his BLShota love away! (Kaji y u rape my ears) Joshua tells shim to GTFO cause he thinks of him as only a childhood friend. Faust & Mikhail tell Yurie that in order to cure Joshua’s disease he needs to have some kind of purification ceremony done or something. Before the day of his trip to hell he asks Yurie for one last chug of blood and IT JUST SO HAPPENS that when he drinks it, she awakens her inner Vampire Princess!

At the same time it magically heals Joshua’s “disease” and suddenly everything’s resolved! The other 3 brothers return to the underworld but Joshua insists on staying on earth with Yurie. They hump (which looked like pushups cause he was fully clothed ww) and then in the epilogue Joshua’s got some pet sitting service at Yurie’s place. It was an okay ending but I think the fact that they randomly dressed him up in a sailor uniform like some trap shota really made me uncomfortable. (ㆀ˘・_・˘) In the Dark Princess end, it’s actually more interesting because it feels like Joshua’s real personality instead of this fake boku-shota shit lol. He basically ends up giving in to his fever and awakening the Vampire Prince within him. He then grabs Yurie, who is his Vampire Princess and takes her to the underworld castle where Algenon is. When he gets there he tells Algernon & his sister Henrietta that he’s going to claim this castle for himself and become the underworld king. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ He beats everyone up, gets a horrible fashion sense outfit (Evil Hams included) and keeps Yurie locked up in some room in the castle until she awakens as the Dark Princess. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) And so after he pokes her cooter some time later BAM she instantly awakens and the first thing they do is hump like rabbits. After that they live evilly ever after in the underworld! Well I supposed its weird but it feels less fake & pointless like the shota trap pet sitter end. (ㆀ˘・_・˘)

Curious on what the deal with the bad ends I did bad end 2 first where basically you have to refuse to ever give Joshua blood. He gets sexually frustrated and one day while they’re in the kitchen he rips her pantsu off, sticks honey up her cooter and then uses that as a lube before he sticks his ding dong inside. ヽ(。_゜)ノ He then sticks it in her pooper and afterwards instead of being like angry or something she’s like “I’m so upset at myself for being jealous of your former lover!” Sigh. I don’t even pity you anymore lol. And so after Joshua returns to the underworld, Yurie is abducted by Algernon and then raped by some tentacle monster. (ಠ_ಠ)I mean honestly with this kind of end I start to wonder……WHO is this game targetted for? In the Dark Princess bad end, Yurie eventually awakens as the dark princess but then she doesn’t last too long & uh dies. Not sure why she outlived her life span in the other routes but I guess here she dies and then Joshua bawws at her grave. In Joshua’s other bad ending, he goes nuts from his inner vampire prince crap and goes running off into the forest with Yurie chasing him. Turns out it was just Algernon pretending to be Joshua and he kidnaps Yurie. Hmm yea Joshua’s route was LONG. It may not seem like it from my summary but it was really LONG and there sure was a lot of sex for the shota character. I was like wth can you guys just do something other than screw ヽ(。_゜)ノ.  It also felt like every end but the “happy” end really were the “truth” about Joshua and the happy end where he didn’t become a crazy yandere felt like some kind of fake coverup. Lol man honestly it was so long and his voice was so aggravating I couldn’t wait for it to end. The tentacle end was like the last straw for me where it made the game go from “neutral” to “ew” at that point.

Aaron Valente – Aaron is a precious bby and he often spends his time with Yurie in the kitchen trying out all the stuff she’s cooking. They enter a best couple contest for the hell of it, and end up winning a year supply of cakes. He asks to drink her blood a few times and it’s such a puppy face look how can she say no?(๑→ܫ←๑)  Aaron also takes her sailing on a nice boat and they also go swimming in the sea with some fish. Afterwards they both realize that they’re in love with each other and they have some sexy time on the beach. Anyway everything’s going swell until JOSHUA’S BL LOVER ALGERNON SHOWS UP AND MAKES YURIE GO BLIND ALL BECAUSE HIS STUPID CUNT SISTER HENRIETTA’S IN LOVE WITH AARON. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Aaron demands that Aljerknon take the curse off but he refuses. Aaron returns to Yurie and says that even if she’s blind he’ll love her anyway. щ(ಥДಥщ) So then the dumb shota makes a deal with Aaron that if he defeats all of his nasty failed experiment subjects without falling over or having Yurie receive a single scar, he will restore Yurie’s vision. He gets beat up to the point of like blood everywhere (poor guy) until Yurie can’t take this shit no more and she awakens the Vampire Princess within her. (´;ω;`) Fuck you Sugar Beans for being so cruel to the nicest and sweetest guy in the game. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Anyway uh somehow this resolves everything and they return to earth where some time later Yurie & Aaron get married and live happily ever after. Uh yea I don’t know what happened to the shota plot or why she regained her vision but okay? 😕 In the epilogue they’re getting ichaicha at the beach. Sadly this is Joshua’s ONLY good end route as all the other routes within him are for other characters or bad ends OTL. And so in Henrietta’s ending I managed to pick up an extra ero scene for Aaron that I didn’t get in his regular run. Unforunately I clearly missed out on nothing because in the CG her hands looked like blobs, and her nose & nipples went missing in action. ヽ(。_゜)ノ So then Henrietta shows up at the beach house, bitching that Yurie’s stealing “her man” and demands they have an iron chef battle to win his heart lol. This shit dragged on and I got sick of Henrietta’s voice grating my ears so I just skipped to the end where absolutely nothing happened except that Aaron said that he sees Henrietta as a little sister no matter what & loves Yurie. Bleh I would have preferred another ending for Aaron instead of this crapola. In Algernon’s end, he turns into Aaron and lies to Yurie saying that he’s engaged to Henrietta and that Yurie’s only a blood bank to him.

Yurie falls for it and goes moping in the woods until she runs into Algernon who’s become a massive tsundere. He takes her to the underworld and when she tells him off he locks her up in a room in his castle out of rage. When Yuri yells at him for being a bad shota, she reminds him of his sister and it triggers his massive siscon. He then goes extremely deredere for her begging her to stay at his castle & play with him, even giving her a foot massage 😆 LMFAO THIS WAS LIKE THE BEST ENDING OF THE WHOLE GAME |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . Too bad he had to be this nasty BL freak shota in Joshua’s route lol. In Aaron’s bad end 1, Yurie turns into dark princess and like sucks on his wang without letting him cum by tying a ribbon around it. She sits there making him apologize all because of the shit Henrietta & Algernon did….it’s not even his fault! (ㆀ˘・_・˘) Poor baby…this kind of shit should have been done to that idiotic shota Joshua instead. In his other bad end because Yurie refuses to go on a nice boat with him, he suddenly decides to go on a journey out to the sea~ for a long time. (´・ω・`;) If you don’t get the tsundere shota end, instead Aaron saves her and they end up getting  randy on the couch back at home. I guess this counts as a good end for him?? Too bad there was no CG. In one of the other endings I was picking up Yurie bitches that she’s giving up her  vision forever  but Aaron tells the dumb cow to stfu because he  isn’t giving up. Man honestly Aaron….had the best personality in the game and yet he gets this kind of crap route and cop-out endings. Yet we got Joshua with like 6 freaking ero scenes for a god damn shota. ヽ(。_゜)ノ

Other ends – If you ignore the guys the dad gets into an accident and gets hospitalized so Yurie has to leave the beach house and take care of him. In the other bad end after Yurie sees the vampire blood sucking she freaks out and runs away into the woods. In the omake that I finally opened (after massive frustration), all the boys complain over dinner that they don’t like certain foods. Yurie flips the table and rages at them telling them to STFU and not complain. WOW if only she had this much balls in all the regular routes! So then Yurie watches as the boys do all the dishes afterwards and then they  all come completely high to her room. Turns out they ate some kind of mandragora plant that she cooked for dinner which I guess makes them drunk  & horny 😆 They jump and throw their grabby paws all over her in bed while saying they love her so I guess this consits as a harem end? XD

Ughh good riddance. Thanks to this game, I will never play an R-18 otome game ever again. There was no rape, but the story and overall feel was such CRAP and the bad ends fghskgsgd. Ok let me be coherent before I write a wall of rage here. First the game glitched on me by crashing when I pressed continue. I guess this set off another glitch which erased my progress with Faust and so when I did every single end in the game I couldn’t figure out why the hell the omake wasn’t opening. I almost rage quit till I realized that my Faust progress froma week earlier was gone so I force skipped my way to the end and BOOM omake opened~! I am pretty sure there had to be 2 or maybe 3 artists working on the CGs. The sprites looked different and more cleaner than some of the CGs which felt unfinished. We did a head count and Yurie was missing her nose in 23 of the CGs. Really you couldn’t draw a damn dot? 😆 In some of the ero scene CGs, particularly for Mikhail, they were FULLY CLOTHED or HE WAS FULLY CLOTHED AND SHE WAS FULLY NAKED. As I mentioned in my rant post earlier, I don’t wanna see naked womenz, I wanna see naked mans! It was so bad that in one of Aaron’s CGs his ding dong looked like it was just cut & pasted on TOP of his jeans. Lol really now? They continuously reused the blood sucking CGs. In fact some routes (Faust/Aaron) felt like they were just trying to waste time by having him ask for blood like 6 times in a row just so they could recycle the blood sucking CG and bgm and just have the voice actor spit out maybe 2 new lies :roll:. The BGMs felt like they were ripped out of Under the Moon & Uta no Prince Sama. If you saw my broadcast you know which ones I’m talking about.  My biggest beef is the message this game is sending to its players: If you are sexually confident you’re a whore. If you are evil you’re a whore and by being evil you in turn then become a whore. In all the “bad ends” where Yurie took charge, she also became this Dominatrix Queen who would abuse the guys completely. The worst part being that the ones who DESERVED it didn’t get it. Nope they just got to have some happy sex while the one guy who WAS THE MOST PRECIOUS BABY got the short end of the stick, horrible pun intended. :;:;:;:;ガ―{´_`゜|||}─ン;:;:;:; The additional characters in Aaron’s route (I won’t spoil) grated my ears arrgghhh. You know I almost NEVER force skip unless there’s a glitch but I just couldn’t take that stupid loli yelling in my ears. On the topic of yelling I had to turn off Yurie’s voice during the ero scenes cause I think she  blared out more than the guys did. In fact in a lot of ero scenes I barely heard the guy and they sounded like they were extremely bored – especially Mikhail. It seemed like only Joshua was the one MOST INTO IT but it woulda been better if he didn’t look like he was 10 in half of his CGs ugh. Blah yea I am done with SB, I am done with R-18 games – someone else is gonna have to suffer through Little Cheese’s & hiyo’s upcoming disaster. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)


44 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Vampire Sweetie

  1. “And so in Henrietta’s ending I managed to pick up an extra ero scene for Josh”
    I think you meant Aaron. When I saw the CG for Aaron’s dark princess end, I though she was scratching him with her enormous nails instead.
    At least the chat for this was very fun. I still don’t know why you didn’t like Hams later on, but I don’t feel like watching what I missed because of the damn annoying voice and BGMs.
    Other than that, a pity that you won’t play r-18 games anymore. Now how will your husband now how many more mountain dicks are in those games?

    1. ah thanks lol I was so fried from that game I started writing nonsense 😆
      now he’ll just have to make fun of shotas that go BOOOKUUU! Which he pretty much does everytime a shota character shows up! 😆

  2. I recommended Shiei no Sona Nyl – What beautiful memories the previous time for R18 games, and I still recommend it now. It lacks pursuable boys though, only guy you can have is voiced by Daisuke Ono.

  3. Hey, maybe it’s just serving the age group that thinks dressing in black and wearing vampire tattoos and inverted crosses and leather and having an internet handle like Nightmistress Darkstar19 makes you ‘evil’ and ‘edgy’ and ‘sexy’. Nevermind that said age group isn’t older than 18. But to be honest, is there any single one of these games that really seem to serve the 18+ crowd? I mean, they all feature innocent rapable 16 year old virgins!

    (Well, okay, maybe there’s Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari, but that thing actually has a plot, it doesn’t count. You’d hate it, though.)

    1. I’m so glad you’d understand my hatred for Cho no Doku and I’m just being biased to the existence of rape as well as it’s made by the makers of Gin no Kanmuri which I never want to think about again. xD
      i thought the heroine in vampire was supposed to be at least 20 since her dad left her to run a beach house all on her own

      1. I *heart* Chou no Doku, since it’s in the ONE setting where it makes complete sense for everyone to be melodramatically batshit insane (if you have a mentally healthy character in a Taisho Gothic setting, you’re doing it wrong–though it doesn’t have to be regular yandere) and I LOVE the shit out of that setting. Taisho Gothic, Taisho Roman, they’re very hard to do wrong by me.

        But I’ve been a lurker here long enough to know that you’d hate it to an inch of your life. So yeah. Different tastes, different squicks, it’s what makes the world economy go round!

        Re age : The point is, 20 is just a number here man does she look or act 20 most of the time. And it won’t be the first time fictional parents let their teens take care of things they have no business taking care of, even so.

  4. “So then one of Mike’s books starts trippin’ balls and talking to Yurie saying “touch me, you know you want to””


    And woooow I am so, so so so so so glad I didn’t waste any money or any time or anything on this game cause quite frankly, it would have been a complete waste lol. I guess I’m not surprised this game turned out crappy but I’m surprised that the CGs and shtuff ended up being so, well, horribly unfinished LOL I mean how long did they take for them to finally even get a release date on this effing game? And here their CGs are so crappy and stuff? LOL sad, Sugar Beans, sad.

    Ahhh that’s a shame about Aaron. He was the only one I was remotely interested in cause I have this thing for red haired guys ahaha..ha ^^;; but OF COURSE SB went and totally jipped his entire route gg Sugar Beans, gg.

    Whelp, Sugar Beans can keep this game to themselves lol I am not touching this. Ever lol.

    1. lol yea some of the plots in this game…lol. the evil book is dumb too cause if you do succumb to it she just dies the end. theres like not even a surrounding plot.

      im pissed about aaron too, way to ruin the best character in the game =_=

  5. WELL I almost bought this game (but I think I’m going to illegally obtain it somewhere now =X) and Mirai’s Persona since I’m a sucker for any incarnations of Phantom of the Opera. So why is it that the best character for almost any R18 games always get crappy endings?!?! Whatevs I’ve rage quit many R18 games cos of the rape rape and more rape. I don’t get why the Japanese are so into stuff like that @.@

    On a side note I did complete Cho no Doku only cos I liked Shiba and the artwork and it was short =X

    1. i wouldn’t even waste time getting it period! just look at my broadcasts and you’ll see what crap it is lmfao. rapist of the opera is like mirais other games so be forwarned.

      there wasn’t really that much rape in this game, just really weird stupid crap lol (or i guess reverse rape if you count the BDSM endings)

      1. Haha Jean here btw, its been awhile. If I do get it it’ll just be for the sake of collecting games I suppose. Bah I think at this point I’ll just view your broadcasts.

        Sigh in any case I’m looking forward to uta no prince sama debut that’s being released later this month…finally!

        1. yea I got my copy preordered! I have high hopes because I’ve pretty much enjoyed every UtaPri game so far (even if Cecil grates my nerves loll)

  6. HAhaha holy shit I was waiting for this anxiously since your post on r-18 games. Thank you for making me laugh so hard every time. xD

    “Also I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the heroine has the same name as the person who wrote this game”

    Too bad her name wasn’t mary-sue.

  7. Lol when i see your screencap in tumblr where yuri have no breast makes me think that shes an 男の嫁(i think the staff in this game is 30% fujoshi *looks at aaron* (ーAー;)www lol BL in otome games? Do not want if i want to play うほwww theres many place for thatwwwI want to play these because of my fondness of eroshota *erik*cough*erick* but i dont wanna see some ウホッ!♂wwwness from aaron

    1. lmfaooo maybe that’s why there was so much crap that you’d only see in a BL game HAHA I didn’t even think that 😆

  8. What’s up with these vampires? They calmly walk under the sun and don’t get hurt?! Heeey, won’t recognise them as vampires only for their blood-sucking attitude >:U

    Thanks for the review, Hinano

    1. New age vampires. Genetically bred for sunlight resistance, love of garlic, bathes in holy water.

      Unfortunately a stake in the heart still kill them but hey, a stake in anyone’s heart still kills. :3

    2. lol apparently the reasoning for that was “all those vampire myths were created by humans and are not actually true”

      1. Bawww, it’s kinda boring o___o I should finish my vampire-project to show ’em real vampires!

  9. I’m interesting in PersonA ~Opera Za no Kaijin~’s story . Can you at least review it before you quit R18 OG :), pretty please ?

    1. nope, I’ve heard enough about it to know it’s like all of mirai’s other games: doormat personalityless heroine with lots of rape. I have better things to do then piss myself off again! 😆

  10. As always, your reviews are hilarious and perfectly sum up the game, but….

    “Sadly our mary sue apparently never had sex ed and she doesn’t even know what that “salty liquid” is! (ಠ_ಠ)”

    Oh, my fuck, what the god. It’s like a terrible fanfiction from DeviantArt or something….

  11. I was wondering whether to play this game or not o_o, looks like I shouldn’t ^^; *looks at the tumblr pic of girl with no boobs*


    Thanks for the review ^^

  12. Wow sorry you had to trudge thru that crap. It looked like a cute game but I’m not going to play it after reading your review. Thanks for saving me!

    I don’t get all the rape in R18 otome games. I mean if there were some specific games made solely to cater to those interested, fine. But it’s like in almost every game. Between that and having the guys fully clothed we might as well play ero games for men! I love you Japan, but come on now!

    1. hahaha yea thats what I was saying hey if I’m gonna see naked ladies I may as well play eroge cause usually the sex in those is romantic (unless you specifically go play an obvious yaruge-) xD

  13. Wow I just had a look at the CG set and there’s so much clothed sex in this game it’s redorkulous. Also the overkill level of sparkles in the CGs made me laugh. What is this Barbie Sparkle Princess game? lol

  14. Since you seem to really dislike rape, I think it’s a good thing that you decided not to play PersonA. I finished the endings of one character and Christine was raped and almost raped a few times. A few times from the character I was pursuing and a few times from the Phantom. x_x
    The worst thing about that is after Christine was druged and raped from the Phantom, the guy was like ‘I’ll have to clean you!’ and turned yandere while Christine was like “I don’t want to worry him anymore than this, I have to be careful from now on..” and accepted every crap he did. (She even let him confine her in her apartment.)

    I did know that Mirai has something like a fetish with brother – sister relationships, but I didn’t expect them to put real incest in their newest game. I hoped till the end of the route that the guy wasn’t blood-related but he was. x_x

      I read this comment after waking up and I started lol’ing in my bed.
      I totally predicted Mirai would pull this kind of crap so whoever gives this game a raving review must be an idiot who either loves rape or thinks rape is totally okay and this is nothing to even think about as “unusual.”
      Lol drugging and incest. What is this, Crazy Rapists ? 😆

  15. “Christine was drugged and raped from the Phantom”

    Maybe the girls who enjoy playing those games are putting themselves into the heroine’s shoes. They wouldn’t mind the phantom taking them away into his lair and having his way. Maybe no matter what these characters are made to do in the mind of the player it’s not a problem because they want sexy times with the male characters that badly. Or the players just love rape fantasies. I don’t know. XD

    I haven’t played that game but it would be totally cool if instead when he came to kidnap her, she was like “Oh Phantom I’ve dreamed of you coming for me! Yes let’s go to your lair baby~”. Then sexy times and *happy end 1*

  16. LOL SUGAR BEANS – I was going to play this for shits and giggles but I already got the giggles part from reading your review so nvm. Shame, I was hoping they’d have gotten better after Under the Moon and that terrible terrible Riddle Garden (no, making the latter by a branch company does not make it any btr u guys) but apparently we can’t be expecting anything out of R18 otome games eh?

    1. I actually thought Riddle Garden was okay but Vampire Sweetie was crap. Riddle Garden only had the same artist as UTM but the writer hiyo is writing Rape or Alice for LIttle Cheese now lol. Btw I think you might enjoy Black Wolves Saga…it’s really bloody & fulla crazy yanderes. Seems like it’s right up your alley!

  17. I totally agree with your opinion for this game. I only played 1 route (Mikhail) and immediately abandoned this game. And if you hate rape, I totally agree with the user above, just avoids OperA. I finished 1 guy route and I raged a lot. A kind manner guy turned out to be yandere lol And Christine .. saying yamete, iyaaa, but in the end she enjoyed it LOL

    It’s kinda hard to find R-18 games with a normal content inside ಠ_ಠ

    1. LOLOL yea in Mirai’s games the heroines tend to squeel to stop but then they’re like UHHH THIS FEELS GOOD MAN 🙄 I think I’ll enjoy Quin Rose’s “implied” stuff and stop with these dumb R-18 games xD

  18. Was having high hopes with this game since is done by SugarBeans… I mean look at Under the moon and Ijiwaru My master. Didn’t expect it to be all…. cute and sparkly? LOL!
    Vampires.. Sparkle… twilight anyone?
    ahahah.. no offence to twilight fans!

    Didn’t have so much patience to read throught the whole game, was pressing skip and just your reviews 😛

    Thanks for all your awesome reviews! Without you, I’ll be lost playing these games (I don’t use AGTH)

    1. They totally abused the sparkles filter with this game it was pretty funny 😆
      But yea I was thinking of twilight as well haha “sparkly vampires” 8D
      I heard AGTH sometimes scrambles up the translation really badly rofl turning words into stuff like “cheesy” or something 8D Maybe it’s a good thing you don’t use it? Though I’d imagine with this game it might have actually added to the entertainment factor

  19. How did you get it to english? i love games like this but their only in japanese but because of the picture that has english writing i was wondering how you do it

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