Otome Game Review: Hanaoni ~Yume no Tsuzuki~

This is the fandisk to Hanaoni. There are 4 sections: Bride Excerpts, Honeymoon Arc, Hina Party and a Monologue section from each guy at the end. Additionally in this fandisk, Watase gets a route.

Takatsuki Reiji – In bride excerpts, Reiji & Kanna are all raburabu until they find out that Mitsuaki plans to leave Kigasato to go on some manly journey. They go shopping together for new clothes for Kanna and Reiji offers to pick something out for her. Afterwards they go drink some rose hip tea at a cafe.  So like everything is going well until she starts getting harrassed by RANDOM JEALOUS BITCHES AGAIN because she “spends too much time with Reiji.” Really? In a fandisk you still have this bitch shit? ┻━┻ ︵╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻ Fortunately Reiji saves her and tells all the stupid bitches to GTFO. He then tells her to close her eyes as he……kisses her on the forehead saying the real kiss is saved for their wedding ceremony. ( ´_ゝ`) So then some stupid bitches trick her into going into the forest where one of the oni council dudes comes after her but as usual Reiji saves her yet again! The stupid council jijs come to Reiji saying they want to take Kanna again but Reiji threatens to fight back if they come after her again. Reiji then admits to Kanna that he’s one of the 3 elders and apparently he can live until he’s 600.  He also had intended to no longer have babies with anyone since he’s so old but after meeting Kanna I guess he fell in love & changed his mind. He then goes with Kanna to visit her mom and tell her how an ossan like him is gonna make sweet love to her 16 year old daughter. On the way Kanna wants to make out with Reiji so he kisses her apologizing that he didn’t wait for their wedding. In the honeymoon arc, they go to an amusement park.

At night when they watch the fireworks he hugs her saying she’ll be his last lover even if he lives another thousand years. In the Chick’s Party, there’s some competition where you have to stick your “sticker” on the guy (kinda like how the guys put their seals on the girls…). I guess the logic of having your husbando is thrown out the window with this whole event lol.  Kanna does manage to place her stickers on all her oni mans which ends up being more like her saving everyone from the rabid fangirl mobs. They run into Hibiki who takes Kanna’s sticker and places it on himself going “oops I just bumped into her and it landed there!” So then they all start fighting over who gets to hold hands with her. She ends up picking Reiji & Minaha, but suddenly there’s an announcement that people can now rip off other people’s stickers so they run for it. Even though the event time ends, crazy skank bitch Shikiko comes and demands Kanna take her sticker off Kaki who is “her husband”. For fuck’s sake why do you bring these stupid bitches back in the fandisk. щ(ºДºщ) Fortunately Reiji tells her she’s not his bride and Kaki tells her to GTFO.  When they get to the finish line, they’re told she can’t have a harem so she has to pick one guy and of course since this is Reiji’s route she picks him. Well the poetry section was just Reiji’s monologues about him being jealous of Kanna talking to all the other younger mans. In his bonus CG I practically didn’t recognize him..and most of his other CGs were rather inconsistent. The route just kinda felt like “what is even the point of me playing this game” to be honest which is disappointing because I was hoping it would be an improvement over the original game. (ㆀ˘・_・˘)

Hayasaki Minaha – I did the Hinamatsuri event thing first this time since it seemed the most “irrelevant” as far as romance is concerned. When the fangirls attack them Minaha grabs Kanna piggyback style and runs off to the nurse’s office with her. This time when Shikiko shows up, Minaha tells her to get out of lala land and that she’s not Kaki’s bride. After the event ends, Kanna picks Minaha and the 2 of them watch the fireworks on the roof while cuddling under a shawl. In the Bridal excerpts, stupid bitches get all jealous AGAIN when Minaha & Kanna get all ichaicha on the school grounds. They then go on a camping & hiking school trip in the mountains. When they get to the hotel, the teacher tells them all their upcoming activities will be split based on gender. Minaha not wanting to be apart from Kanna whispers into her ear to secretly meet up with him around 9 PM. They meet up at night in the forest and after walking around for a bit, Minaha’s like “I can’t hold back anymore” so he grabs Kanna and makes out with her. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、  The next day they go hiking and then at night they cook dinner together. Afterwards she chases him into the forest where he tells her that his dad was a wing for  Kaki’s dad so he asked Kaki’s  family to raise Minaha instead of himself. Kanna feels bad man and takes his hand, so he thanks her for listening and kisses her on the forehead. When they return from their trip, they run into Minaha’s dad but they only share a few words about Reiji and move on. Minaha is upset so he tries changing the subject asking Kanna to cook dinner for him, and at night they cuddle in bed together. Wow shota gets more action than Reiji did. The next day she runs into Minaha’s dad and tries to greet him since she’s dating Minaha but all it does is piss Minaha off.

He says that onis will attack Kanna and no one will be able to protect her but she tells him off saying that Minaha will protect her. The next day he gets to prove this when some chinpira start hitting on Kanna during their date. So then for reasons unknown to me Kanna goes to see Minaha’s father in the evening and he tells her a story about Minaha’s mother. His mother went out for a walk one night and was killed by some crazy guy who targetted pregnant women but they managed to save Minaha that was inside. So that’s why out of guilt he had Minaha be raised by Kaki’s family while he was out looking for the killer to avenge his wife. Kanna wants the 2 of them to talk things out so with Moegi’s help, they decide to try to have a dinner with the 2 of them that evening. It doesn’t work out and instead the 2 of them get attacked by some crazy wacko oni who wants to kill brides. Fortunately Minaha comes to the rescue and proves to his daddy that he’s not a weak pansy who can’t protect his waifu. Minaha’s dad then gives him the engagement ring he gave to his wife in the past…and he tells that one day Minaha will give it to his future bride. (´^ω^`) And so Minaha of course then asks Kanna to “become his family” and slips the ring on her finger. Minaha’s dad then says his work here is done since Minaha got rid of the crazy oni, but before he goes Kanna asks him to have one last dinner with them. In the honeymoon arc, they go to the amusement park as well and they go into the haunted house. Just like with Reiji’s route it just felt like it kinda….ended? I did enjoy the part with Minaha’s father and knowing more about Minaha’s past but I feel like my raburabu time with him was uh…cut short. Sigh oh well.

Shizuma Mitsuaki – Mitsuaki’s Bride Arc route starts after they have the baby Yoshiyuki so they come over to see the mom and Mitsuaki stays over. The mom tells them to go out on a date together because she wants to spend some time alone with Yoshiyuki. When they come back Mitsuaki says that the mom should live together with the 3 of them but the mom’s like “uh no thanks”. Lol you’re not invited you stupid bitch. The next day when they return home suddenly Kanna starts getting sick. Turns out she’s never caught a cold in her life so they call Reiji over to help treat her. Afterwards Mitsuaki comes back into her room and falls asleep on her bed. When she wakes up she pats him on the head and he wakes up apologizing for falling asleep. Later on Mitsuaki asks Kanna to go to the amusement park with him and Yoshiyuki. Mitsuaki then buys bunny bands for both him and the baby lmfaoo. 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 A few days later Mitsuaki double books his plans with someone on the same day he had plans with Kanna. Kanna backs out and says they can do it another day and in return asks Mitsuaki to make dinner for her instead. And so while he leaves and Yoshiyuki is sleeping in his crib, Kanna is so bored and just to cure her boredom SUPER BITCH MOMOKO COMES OVER! Just what we needed! When Mitsuaki comes back & Kanna questions his weird behavior lately and he promises that he will tell her by the following day.  And so the next day he surprises her by telling her that he was secretly planning a wedding for them since they never got to have one.

When she begins trying the dresses on  Mitsuaki becomes speechless. (*´꒳`*) And so some time later, they finally have their wedding ceremony. Because they only kissed on the cheek during the ceremony, afterwards everyone tells them they should kiss for real so  Mitsuaki grabs and smooches her. (´∀`*)ε` )チュッ The Hinamatsuri event felt like I skipped the majority of it or something except in the end where Kanna chose Mitsuaki’s color. Then Mitsuaki says he has a fantasy of being dressed as a butler with Kanna being his princess and he tells her “welcome home ojousama”~ :lol:. At night they go to the rooftop & watch the fireworks together. He then takes her hand and asks her to become his one and only waifu but the fireworks blow and she doesn’t hear anything….twice. 😆 In the honeymoon arc, Mitsuaki & Kanna leave Moegi to babysit Yoshiyuki while they go on a trip together. They go to an inn with some hot springs where Mitsuaki babbles that it’s been his dream to go into a hot spring together with his waifu. At night they cuddle in bed together. While I found Mitsuaki’s route adorable and sweet, it felt shorter than the other two because I had skipped through a lot of the dialogue I guess. Also Mitsuaki didn’t have too much plot it was mostly just stuff with him and the baby without too much conflict. Hell I was even able to skip through Shikiko’s bitch fest during the Hina scenario!

Mitsugi Kuniichi – In the Hina party arc, Kanna runs off with Kuni. They run off to the nurse’s office where Kuni throws Kanna into bed and gets on top and covers the two of them with a sheet. Kanna’s like !? but he’s like SHH OR THEY’LL FIND US….and then not to soon after he realizes the position he is in and immediately apologizes. ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ After she picks Kuni at the end of the race he asks her if she wants to go see the fireworks with him at night. They can’t seem to go on the rooftop so they end up watching from a classroom window together. Kuni then grabs her hand without thinking and they’re both like (〃ノωノ). In the Bridal excerpts Kanna is now a senior in high school so I guess she’s 18 now? Since she’s still living in Kaki’s room, Kuni asks her to find a new place to live in. A couple days later they go on a date to see a movie together. He asks to hold her hand and they both end up blushing like dorks lol. The next day Momoko’s like “you guys have been dating for 2 years and you’ve only HELD HANDS wtf!?” She decides to help out by first going out with Kanna some new clothes for their date. I guess they pick out something hot cause the next day Kuni turns into a blubbering blushing idiot :lol:. They go to a cafe together but on their way Kuni’s phone rings and when he goes to pick it up, some guy starts hitting on Kanna. Kuni comes back and rages until the dude leaves and when they go to the cafe, he points out that Kanna’s outfit is so cute he can’t look at her in the face. He then starts babbling about how they can’t be together alone anywhere because she’s not married yet etc.

Not knowing what to do on their next date, he gets desperate and calls HIBIKI out of all people for date advice. Hibiki’s like “go on a drive, have dinner and stay at a hotel” 😆 Kuni’s like HOOOOTTEELLLL!!? xDXD Anyway Hibiki & Kanna end up going to the amusement park. At the end of the day they go on the ferris wheel where Kuni kisses her on the cheek. (♡´౪`♡) At school their dorkyness continues when she makes him a bento and he starts getting all deredere. So I guess cause Kuni’s too much of a prude Kanna starts getting lonely & desperate to the point that she almost wants to skip classes just to spend time with him. I guess he gets the picture and agrees to skip class with her in order to be ichaicha on the roof together. A few days later Kuni asks Kanna to live with him after they graduate and then he kisses her. Kanna then gives him a small cake box and tells him happy birthday. In the honeymoon arc, they go clothes shopping. Afterwards as they are walking back Kuni can’t hold himself back and he grabs and smooches her キタ(ノ゜∀゜)ノ━━━。;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:+;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:⌒━  Omg finally GREW A PAIR LMFAO. Then the blushes and stutters like an idiot apologizing profusely saying he won’t do it again and Kanna’s like “oh you won’t do it again ショボーン(´・ω・`)”. Lmfao okay that was probably the best part of this whole INCREDIBLY CAVITY INDUCING ROUTE lol omg it was like JUST GO HUMP ALREADY OR SOMETHING YOU TWO WHAT ARE YOU 12!? (ノTωT)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・おらっ~

Horikawa Hibiki – In the Hina event, Hibiki runs off with Kanna to the nurse’s office but unlike Kuni, he’s not deredere gentleman. He instantly grabs Kanna from behind saying “you let your guard down are you inviting me?” Lol fortunately she’s saved because Reiji finds them and tells Hibiki to let go. At the end when she picks Hibiki he starts playing lollypop with her ear until Kaki & the other guys start raging at him. Afterwards they decide to kill time before the fire works start and Hibiki’s like “I’m bored I think I’ll put my seal on you.” He eventually lets her go and says he’ll play around with her and Kaki some more when he feels like it…the end. Uhh okay? (ಠ_ಠ)In the Bride arc, Kanna finds Hibiki playing with some nuko. When he finds out that some male classmates hit on her he gets pissed and says he wants to make Kanna skip a grade so she can graduate with him. They then run into Hibiki’s ex-wife who’s a super bitch and says all sorts of shit almost punching Hibiki until he tells the dumb bitch to GTFO. Later on when they’re at home he asks if Kanna is sure that he’s not given up on Kaki revenge but he says he has other things he’s more interested in now as he pushes her down on the couch and has his way with her. (/ρ\)いやーん He then goes & deletes everyone’s phone numbers from his phone except Kanna and says he’ll call Momoko by her last name because calling her by her first makes makes Kanna jealous. Kanna turns into a shoujo manga heroine not knowing what to do with all these FEELS but Hibiki’s like justaskeikaku.jpg.  Unfortunately one day Reiji calls Kanna and invites her to visit Kigasato for old times sake but when Hibiki calls her she doesn’t pick up so he gets extra pissed and comes there himself.

She does tell him that the only reason she went is to tell everyone that Hibiki’s no longer interested in chasing after Kaki so that they wouldn’t misunderstand him. He says he doesn’t care what anyone thinks and when he takes her home he’s pissed that she didn’t pick up the phone. She says she had it on manner mode and apologizes for missing his call. He then tells her that she should just erase everyone’s numbers in it except his and when she refuses he’s like “I gave you the cell phone so you have to do what I say”. Sigh. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) When she asks Hibiki to let her go that apparently turns him on and he grabs her and gives her a hickey on the neck until she runs off to make dinner. LIke normally I’d think this scene is sexy but since Hibiki’s a dickface I’m all like ふ━━( ´_ゝ`)━( ´_ゝ`)━( ´_ゝ`)━━ん. So then Hibiki gets PMSy and like goes MIA for a few days and when Kanna goes looking for him she finds him standing in the rain WANGSTING ALL WET oh my god what is going on in this route. She brings him home and gives him a towel to dry off. In exchange for him telling her why he’s moping he then asks Kanna to kiss him. She hesitates so he plays ぺろぺろ with her ears, chest & hands until he asks her to kiss him. She gives him a pathetic kiss so he pulls her in for a deeper one but HE LOOKED SO DERPY IN THE CG ITS LIKE HE WAS EATING HER プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  Afterwards Kanna asks if she can go visit his father’s grave with him next time. In the honeymoon arc, Hibiki brings Kanna to a maid cafe where he arranges for the workers there to dress Kanna up in a maid outfit…and serve him. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ He then makes her sit on his lap as he spoon feeds her a parfait. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Sigh well that was rather painful to sit through. Hibiki couldn’t decide if he’s tsun, dere, yan or just an emo edgelord. Not sure where they were even going with his route and it was clear…but I think the derpy CGs probably  made the whole experience worse.

Kitou Kaki – Well the Hina party route was like a massive skip a thon since Kaki is the last character so there’s not much to write about. After she picks Kaki, he kisses her hand and makes Mitsuaki rage :lol:.  Later, they go into an empty classroom and watch fireworks from the window (like in Kuni’s route…..). In the bridal excerpt, Kaki is super deredere and wants to spend all his time cuddling with Kana lol. He’s so deredere that in the morning when Kanna goes to wake him up he grabs and kisses her all over. (♡´౪`♡) Before the summer ends he asks Kanna to spend time alone with him at his mother’s old house so that there’s nobody to cockblock them. Sadly they keep getting cockblock phone calls from everyone and Kaki gets pissed. “Sweet time with no interruptions” MY ASS OTOMATE. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) And so Reiji, Moegi & Minaha all come to cockblock, and Kaki gets extra pissy showing off by hugging Kanna like a teddy bear in front of everyone. After they have lunch outside and everyone leaves, Kaki takes her inside and gets all ichaicha with her because gasp he wasn’t able to fondle her all day! A few days later they work on some repairs/cleanup of the house and on their way home Kanna trips & hurts herself. Kaki carries her home and is at her every command afterwards like a puppy.

He then starts whining to himself about how he’s ignored her for 16 years and how her body is full of scars. He continues his emoing at night alone in the forest until Kanna sees him and runs outside. He gives her his emo speech about how he had no reason to live and didn’t give a crap about anything.  He also tells her that his inner wangst made him rage and he happened to run into Kanna’s pregnant mother and took his rage out on her and poor infant Kanna for no reason. But then he realized that Kanna is different and that he’s in love with her and he apologizes for all his 16 years of dickery. And so he kisses her and they end up hugging in the forest all night. The next day he gives Kanna a letter from Mitsuaki being a bro telling Kanna to accept Kaki for who he is despite his stupidity. In the honeymoon arc, they go to the amusement park. They go on various rides and at the end they watch a fireworks show together. Erm well that felt rather…short. It’s like they didn’t even try lol. “Kaki becomes super deredere, the end!” Hm yea I think I could have wanted more content….oh well Kanna may have forgiven his stupidity but I certainly haven’t. It’s difficult to suddenly like this character who’s become deredere when he was a complete douchebag last game lol. Oh well whatever this whole fandisk is like something off fanfiction.net.

Watase Fumitaka – In Watase’s Bride arc route apparently it continues off where Kanna was returned to her mother (but I was so tired of Hanaoni I uh didn’t play those endings so….). Now they all live at Kaki’s house and are protected & taken care of by Watase. Kanna cooks for Watase and he of course loves it and says one day she’ll make a good waifu. Kaki’s dad gives them amusement park tickets so she goes with her mom & Watase. The other brides at the house decide they wanna have Watase & Kanna get together so they  lock them in that shed together to get all ichaicha lol. Sadly it doesn’t work and when they come out, all the other brides are like “sigh” and give up. The next day Reiji & Minaha come over and ask if Kanna wants to return to Kigasato. Kanna says she’ll think about it and they go home. That night she sits with Watase and he says that he’ll respect her decision whatever it may be. The next day one of the oni council dudes comes after Kanna but Watase fights him off. After that he asks her to be his bride as he puts his seal on her. In the epilogue he then asks her to call him by his first name Fumitaka, as they keep their relationship a secret for now. In the honeymoon arc, all the other brides get frustrated that there’s not enough action between Kanna & Watase. The two of them go to a cafe together  and he keeps trying to propose to Kanna but everyone keeps cockblocking lol. Finally he  makes plans to meet up with her 5 minutes before midnight that night. When they meet up he finally gives her an engagement ring and tells her happy birthday as he asks her to marry him. He then kisses her and says he loves her. Eh I was never a really huge fan of Watase and those face wrinkles & hair style of his make him look EXTRA old so… (ㆀ˘・_・˘)

Chibi Omake – One day in the nurse’s office all the oni dudes piss Reiji off that he uses a medicine that shrinks oni. Aaaand so everyone becomes extremely chibi and Kanna takes them home 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 . At home they fight over Kanna’s attention especially Kaki & Hibiki who rage over who Kanna will feed first XD. Then they all go to take a bath so Kanna makes them mini tubs and mini towels but when she gives them the towels, they suddenly all turn back to normal…so she’s surrounded by 6 naked mans :lol:. Sadly there was no CG of this xD.

Wow that was so short. So short that I finished it within a span of 24 hours. Lol are you  serious. This game cost as much as the Amnesia FD and was even shorter. Oh well good thing I didn’t actually spend money on this or I’d wage war against Otomate. Well those who did buy the game are raging because this game has 2 star review on Amazon Japan lol! Most routes felt incredibly pointless and it was kinda like “why even have an FD if this is all you put into it.” A lot of the CGs were AWFUL. I don’t know who did them, (is it Ike?) but oh my god especially Hibiki’s were the absolute worst.  Well his route was the worst one in general where I had no idea where they were going with it. The only time the art looked good was when Ike (?) or whoever was allowed to draw/color in her own style in the omake CGs instead of trying to be a fake Kazuki Yone. The other thing is the site promises “no interruption love love routes” but BITCHES WERE IN THIS GAME. Ok the hell with Momoko, but why do you bring back Shikiko? Why hasn’t someone killed that crazy bitch already?? (  ゚,_ゝ゚) Also yay let’s also now insert random spriteless bitches to harass Kanna YET AGAIN.  Not only that but then they had an omake  where you could then see into the MINDS of the bitches and hear their thoughts. I accidentally clicked Momoko’s and it pissed me off so bad and I couldn’t get out of that shit so I ultimately just exited the game via my PSP options. Unbelieveable. The OP movie is extremely misleading as they took all the best scenarios/CGs to make it look like it would be a cute & romantic game but…meh. Even the cute & romantic routes (like Kaki & Kuniichi) just felt like they were dragging on and going nowhere. I think the only route that had any meaning was Mitsuaki but no surprise there as he had the  best route in the first game too! The system was extremely confusing figuring out where all the routes were and what was unlocking what so that kind of annoyed me the first 2 routes until I managed to remember where stuff was. I mean I wasn’t too thrilled with the first game but this is pretty much….a joke. For the money Otomate charges it’s a ripoff, and unlike Amnesia Later (which despite being short at least was enjoyable) this game just made me wish it would end quickly. Unless you’re a huge Hanaoni fan I wouldn’t really bother with this and if you’re morbidly curious, you have a week to take a look at my broadcast replays.( ´_ゝ`)

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  1. I’m always surprised at your speed but this time I’m even more(´・ω・`;) The artist for Hanaoni is called Yukino. I thought his/her art was quite pretty in B’slog but I guess she’s inconsistent. This made me bitterly laugh at Otomate since their quality for previous FDs used to be much better especially lengthwise (according to what I know-SYK Renshouden, Nise no Chigiri FD, Hanayaka Mosiac- were all very long) I’m also sure Amnesia Later could have been longer had it not been pressed for time. I wonder if this means FDs now have limited budget or something? I guess we can expect a similar case for Hiiro3FD but hopefully not Miyako’s FD since it’s not pure Otomate. Anyway my faith for Otomate in 2012 just dropped some more^^; Thanks for all the reviews lately~

    1. This probably beats my Starry Sky speed record which is pretty sad 😆 Oh well not that it’s surprising…

      I thought Yukino’s art was ok in the bonus CGs but the main CGs were such crap….I think the Kazuki Yone coloring style can’t just be thrown on to ANY random artwork….Otomate should really learn tbh. I didn’t know Amnesia was pressed for time but at least I had enjoyed the little bit that I did get…but I still kinda regret buying it now lol…not worth the money.

      I’m wary of otomate now to be quite honest, not sure if I want to buy their crap anymore lol….this was just an insult. I pity those who spent money on it. HIiro FD art looks QUALITY so I’m not buying it and my expectations are pretty low.

  2. ” He then goes with Kanna to visit her mom and tell her how an ossan like him is gonna make sweet love to her 16 year old daughter. ”
    Okay, that line cracked me up and made the whole review. Otherwise, wow, and I thought the Amnesia FD was bad. I mean, we want fandisks largely so we can get away from the dramas of the first game, and yet in both games, they throw the annoying bitches back at you. In this game it seems, even more than in Amnesia FD. Seriously why? Does anyone enjoy those bitches? I think the answer is no. So why do they insist on throwing them on our faces?

    I thought otomate had gotten good with FDs because of Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ being awesome, but it seems that that game was just fluke, and they still suck.

    1. I completely forgot where the hell I said that quote until I read my review again 😆

      Amnesia was nothing in comparison to this….I mean they brought the bitches back in that one but they didn’t really ACT like bitches? As opposed to here it was like horrible lol. Beastmaster was so good yea…I think Otomate has a high rate of “hit or miss” and when they hit its like BAM but when they miss it’s like (;☉_☉) Are you high? lol.

  3. I always admire how fast you can finish games. Its a pity that amnesia and hanaoni fandisks were so short and the hanaoni one was so bad. I think the chibi part was probably the best ha. Hibiki is still my fav for looks but his character/route is still so disappointing in the fd. I don’t even get how I feel about Kaki’s 180 turn from dickface to deredere.

    1. lol yea Kaki was the most wut 😆
      At least Hibiki stayed in character? Although that made his route kinda lame… lol
      I honestly don’t finish games as fast as I used to but this is some kind of new record…sadly not one I am proud of since it just shows how short & crappy a game is.

  4. o.O so this game is shorter than Amnesia FD? ( and I really thought Amnesia Later is short). I kinda like Reiji as character but his route always end up in disappointment. And Kaki…. they changed his character a lot, I like him in the previous game but IMO they ruined it in FD. ( ̄□ ̄;)

    1. While I do like dere-Kaki, I’m just more annoyed at yet more lack of consistency that was the biggest problem with the first game. Well clearly they just want to market on the whole Hanaoni franchise without putting actual thought into the gameplay or story lol

  5. That’s why I was saying in my head “Is this Kazuki Yone’s art!?” Oh, otomate, why change artists again? *shooks head*

    Thanks for the review, now, I’m confident I don’t need to get this :/ The chibi omake was cute but i can’t even think of giving a damn on the rest.

  6. Hello!! My comment with this first (*^_^*)
    I finished HANAONI FD!! Kuniichi is purehearted and lovely , he is my No. 1 lover ( 〃▽〃) A thing with a short scenario is dissatisfied(>o<") But I like HANAONI's characters !

    1. こんちゃ!ブログへようこそなたろさん!(๑→ܫ←๑)
      そっちのブログも見ました!国一は甘過ぎて少し笑ったww でもハネムーン(?)のミニシナリオのキス゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚д゚*)―ン。o+゚としました!

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