Tartaros Phase 2 Impressions

Ok so because I had a ton of guild points left I managed to exchange enough books to try out phases for 5 characters & see impressions from friends,  so here are my final thoughts.


  • Glacier Master’s Ice Arrow Ex doesn’t chase the enemy and can’t even kill the enemy directly in front of you. Complete garbage.
  • Flare Master loses Alphonse so no more meat shield for Cromodo.
  • Ice Dust now has HP and it’s so soft & squishy that it dies so damn fast there’s practically no point in using it. Additionally it also eats up heals from characters like Nagi or Aerlot so instead of saving Cromodo, it makes it easier for him to die with the damn ice cubes.
  • Inferno & that Fire thing Ex are pretty awesome. They have ridiculous crit rates but I have a feeling those will be adjusted cause everyone’s complaining about them being too high. STFU no all of us have level +15 weapons ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶
  • Cromodo loses his Ice JK if you become flare master. Why. He has it as an elementalist & Glacier Master so what the fck?


  • Tried Solid Defender & Burst Gunner. If you are a magic phase then being a Solid Defender is pointless. While Solid Defender’s 2 skills gather practically the whole map, the fact that you’ll only do like 300 damage pretty much kills the point?
  • I switched to Burst Gunner. It replaces fire blast with this constant gun thing that just keeps shooting and shooting everything around you rofl. It doesn’t do as much damage as I’d like but it does constant damage so it’s great for a mob situation.
  • Pinko’s JL switches from that crappy foot stomp to this cool fire attack so a great thing for magic inclination Pinko.
  • Pinko also gets a buff that when you are hit there’s a 5 chance to case Bomb Site all around you. It happened to me a few times and it’s REALLY handy when you’re getting mobbed.
  • Pinko’s J & JK are complete crap now. They’re SO SLOW like pretty much 2 years ago level. Very disappointed.


  • Aerlot’s been nerfed, his cool time on dark chaser’s been doubled and his attack power cut. Aerlot was never a strong character to begin with but now he’s back to being crap like he was 2 years ago.
  • His new skills are pretty awesome though. Void Circle is much better than Circle of Regress because it not only casts a magic debuff but also a PHYSICAL debuff on the enemies who step into it.
  • There’s a few buffs for Reagle Storm now which is kinda nice but since his overall attack power’s been weakened it becomes rather depressing to play with him (but at least it’s not Pinko level depressing sigh.)


  • Soma is superman! Blitz Shoot & Thunder Wave Ex are awesome but I’m such a low level I couldn’t put any tokusei into TWEx! Still it’s pretty good and I feel like Soma’s become a lot less squishy than before?? Either way I enjoyed my time playing with him….kinda wanna level him up now. He’s the only character who didn’t get nerfed so I’m hoping they won’t mess around with him at all.


  • Ruko’s become NAruko because she can do KAGEBUNSHIN NO JUTSU! Actually it’s pretty awesome and since she doesn’t do that exploding shuriken attack anymore, this is yet another physical attack to add to her list and it doesn’t spread enemies apart.
  • Brink Step Ex is sweet. Not only does it do a lot of damage but it does like 5 hits..so it’s kinda like dead end but actually does decent damage.  So yea I have no beef at all with Ruko and in fact they actually added an extra dodge buff for he so she’s back to the same dodge she was a year ago…bringing my Ruko now up to 72 😀


  • I didn’t try this myself but I played with my husband who used his 49 Shubalman. He’s intending on trying Imperial Guard when he hits 50 but at 49 his ballman is stunning everything in his path. I mean seriously half the map was getting stunned by his ballman while the other half was getting electrecuted by my Soma. Two originally weakest characters in the game are now the 2 strongest? 😆


That’s all I have for the characters I tried/played around with. I heard only bad things about Elpintos & Nagi. I also heard Ilishia’s physical phase is crap and her best phase are her spiritual ones now. Not sure what to do honestly. If they fix Pinko’s attack speed then it might be worth while to use her again. If they fix Aerlot’s nerfs and cool down times then it will be a great help. If they fix the ice dust/JK issue with Cromodo that will make him less annoying to play with….for now I feel like I’m only motivated to level up my Soma & Ruko ┐(;Ծ⌓Ծ; )┌