Otome Game Review: Hanaoni ~Koisomeru Koku Eikyuu no Shirushi~

Within the oni (demon) population there are no females. In order to reproduce, the males will pick out human females and then “turn them” into oni. And so, on her 16th birthday our heroine, Asagiri Kanna, is picked up by an oni dude and taken to a special oni school. Everyone there is either a male oni, or a female “bride to be”. The purpose of the school is to let the oni dudes and the human chicks acquaint themselves, so that at least they can first have a “relationship” before the girl is forced to marry. An oni named Kaki has apparently made a deal with Kanna’s mother to spare her life if she handed over her baby when it grew to be 16 years old. Kanna doesn’t seem to care because she’s become an emotionless log as her mother pretty much ignored her for 16 years and kept her in the house so that none of the kids would ever see the “oni seal” on her chest (which is proof that you will be an oni’s bride.) Kaki’s guardian’s aren’t too happy that he’s kept this whole thing a secret all the time either as they were assigned to protect the bride. Kaki doesn’t seem to give a crap despite the fact that due to his guardians not protecting her, she’s had to deal with creepers hitting on her all her life. Suddenly her mother shows up at the school begging to exchange her life to set Kanna free, explaining that she didn’t pick her own life over her child’s but if she had been killed while pregnant, the baby would have died as well. Kanna finally realizes that her mother was “protecting” her all these years and decides she wants to now return the favor so she agrees to comply & be Kaki’s bride. There’s a catch to the whole system though: there are no rules for NTRing meaning that if Kanna wants, she has the option to get with other hot oni mans at the school. 😆

Shizuma Mitsuaki – So being Kaki’s bride Kanna has to deal with jealous bitches constantly on her ass but fortunately she’s got her oni-GPS seal by the 3 wings which includes Mitsuaki who always comes to save her. Mitsukai long ago had a bride but apparently he’s sterile and can’t have babies so she left him to have babies with some other oni. He starts falling for Kanna even though he originally intended only to protect her. The oni old fart heads decide that if Kanna won’t have Kaki’s babies, then instead they will marry her off to some other oni. Apparently she has the potential to give birth to powerful oni babies but they don’t put the 3 wings as the candidates. Well obviously Mitsuaki isn’t a candidate cause he’s sterile (poor guy.) And so Mitsuaki asks her to leave this oni school with him. He says that he wants marry her and have a private wedding ceremony with her afterwards. He then admits that at first he just wanted the “bride” he protected to be happy but now he wants to make his bride happy on his own. So then Kaki randomly shows up to be a homewrecker and grabs his waifu saying she’s coming with him. Mitsuaki’s like uh no lay off my woman douche and the 2 of them duke it out with Mitsuaki winning. After he rests & heals his wounds, Kanna says she wants to be with him forever accepting his proposal. They leave the school and he first takes Kanna to visit her mother since she will be his mother in law soon. They lie to the mom saying that they will return & live happily at the school but it’s so that she doesn’t start freaking out over the fact that they’re technically fugitives.

They move into a small apartment together far away and hide away from all the dudes trying to abduct Kanna to marry her off. Unfortunately they keep being found and they have to constantly keep running from place to place. So then turns out Reiji was the one who was tracking them with his oni-GPS he put on her and he tells Mitsuaki that he’s put her in danger but Mitsuaki doesn’t give up without a fight. Sadly he gets stabbed and she’s taken to the old fart onis and dressed up while she’s unconscious, to marry some random dude. Before they can marry her off to someone, our hero Mitsuaki shows up saying I OBJECT and to claim his waifu back. (´^ω^`) Once again Mitsuaki ends up fighting Reiji and it breaks up the moment she starts hearing the “voice of her future baby” in her head LOL. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Turns out somewhere along them running all the time they managed to hump like rabbits enough to get Kanna pregnant 😆 Guess he wasn’t sterile after all! Also lol he just knocked up a 16 year old シ━━(^(^(^(^(^(^ω^;lll)━━ン…. Anyway suddenly all is ok because that means she can produce strong oni babies with him and they return to the school and live happily ever after. And so 9 months later she has the baby and Mitsuaki becomes an oyabaka dad as they decide to go show the baby to Kanna’s mom. Hmm yea Mitsuaki was just a ball of adorable along with that kansaiben of his (which apparently he picked up from moving around a lot or something all those 217 years of his life.)  His story was really sweet and it was great to see that he’s finally able to have a baby, although being sterile doesn’t make him a reject in my eyes! Babies?! Bleh! っ(・_・ )ノ”    ゜ ポイッ

Hayasaki Minaha  – Minaha is the resident shota and being the youngest one (only 33!) he’s also the weakest one of the group. He and Kaki apparently go way back due to a relationship with their parents so he’s probably the only one Kaki will least rage at lol. Minaha also tells Kanna that despite his outer gruff appearance Kaki is gentle and he’s never asked anyone to help him and always did things on his own. He has a lot of stuffed animals in his room and uses them to lure Kanna in because apparently she loves stuffed animals too. After she starts getting stalked by the dudes who want to marry her off, she ends up bawwing in her room and then falling asleep together in bed with Minaha. (/ρ\)いやーん A few days later Moegi tells Kanna that she wants to have a surprise party for Minaha’s birthday and so Kanna decides to weave him a scarf (like they do in every game ever.) Sadly unlike most games she makes him this ghetto scarf that looks like it was chewed by 10 wolves & run over by a tractor trailer but he thinks its the most kawaii desuest thing in the world…and wears it to school :lol:. Then the cockblocker team comes and kidnaps her again but when Minaha comes to save her he goes nuts and loses control of his powers when they shove her blood down his throat. He attacks Kanna and injures her but she manages to calm him down a bit before Reiji comes and knocks him out bringing Kanna back to the school. Reiji & Mitsuaki tell him it’s because he’s too young & inexperienced to be an appropriate candidate to marry Kanna.

They tell him to her safety that he should stay away from her. After that he keeps avoiding her and when she tries to talk to him, he gives her more excuses as to not see her face to face. She even uses a key to get to his room and stands by his door asking if it’s something she’s done but he tells her it’s not her fault and says he just wants to be left alone. Reiji & Mitsuaki tell Kanna that Minaha’s just blaming himself for everything and that’s why he’s avoiding her. So then one day in school Mr. Cockblocker shows up to take Kanna again and she calls to Minaha for help. He shows up, and after the dude runs away, he tells Kanna that next time she should call Reiji or Mitsuaki because he has no confidence that he may not hurt her again. Finally Minaha lets Kanna into his room where he bawws about how weak he is and how he didn’t want to hurt her. That night while they’re attacked by Team Cockblock again, they run into a classroom and he licks the blood injury off her face to prove that he won’t go out of control. He proves it to the cockblockers and they back off and accept him..and then he proposes to Kanna to be his waifu. (♡´౪`♡) And so they become a raburabu couple and when they go to the winter dance party, they skip it and instead go to be alone on the roof together. So then she slips on the snow and topples  both of them over. Minaha then grabs the opportunity and kisses her while she panics and freaks out. Anyway the route pretty much ends there which felt rather sudden and incomplete to me…and there was no epilogue either. (´・ω・`;) Slightly disappointed I guess but I’m really glad Kaji Yuuki didn’t do his grating shota voice. I wish he would do this kind of voice style more often instead.

Takatsuki Reiji – Reiji is the nurse man but he’s also over 400 years old so he’s done a lot of hard livin’ in his time. Because he looks like a young hot nurse man though, all the school girls keep pretending to get sick just so they can visit him. He also constantly gets hit on by other brides, including all the bitches back at Kaki’s house. For the school festival, the first day Kanna spends the whole time at the nurse’s office with Reiji where he recites the lines from Beauty & the Beast. The next day she sees Hibiki strangling her friend Momoko, and then he chases Kanna into the nurse’s office hitting on her. Reiji tells him to GTFO and then tells Kanna that she just call him if he ever does this again. Kanna goes to Hibiki asking him to stop hurting Momoko. He’s like lol no beitch and before he can hurt Kanna, Reiji shows up & the 2 of them duke it out. After he gets injured, Kanna and Moegei take care of him. One day during changing for gym class Momoko sees all the scars on Kanna’s body from her 16 years old defending from creepers. She then feels like an asshole for teaming up with Hibiki against Kanna and says “from now I’ll be your true friend!” Stupid bitch I already hate you. ( ´_ゝ`)One day when Kanna goes to the nurse’s office to see Reiji she overhears him talking to someone on the phone telling them he has no feelings for her and he only protects her for Kaki’s sake. She then realizes she’s in love with him and also realizes why she’s always been jealous of him getting along well with Moegi.

So then that stupid bitch Shikiko decides to stab Kanna because she thinks that she’s still “going after Kaki”, Momoko gets in the way and gets stabbed instead. Minaha tells Shikiko if she does it again there will be no next time…and then Kanna takes Momoko to the nurse’s office. Afterwards Hibiki attacks her again and Reiji comes to save her once more, and after this she overhears Reiji on the phone saying he’s gonna hand her over to the uppers so they can marry her off. He then takes her to the place but is stopped by Mitsuaki & Minaha. That’s when Kanna grows a pair and  hugs Reiji saying that she loves him and she doesn’t want him to hate her. Suddenly Reiji changes his mind and says he will not hand her over, and will keep her all to himself /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. They return to his room at the school and he proposes to her. Some time later they move in together and he brings her some pamphlets about wedding ceremonies. And so in the next scene they are both kissing at their wedding ceremony. Meh the whole thing kinda felt randomly rushed. It’s as if like nothing was happening then suddenly SHES  MAH WOMAN LETS MARRY YAY THE END. What a disappointment…I feel like something was lacking in this route and I liked Reiji as a character so it’s a shame.

Horikawa HibikiCannot unsee. In Hibiki’s route not only does Kanna have to dodge his attacks, she also has to dodge protection from the 3 wings in order to get with him. Unfortunately this pretty much leaves her a helpless doormat most of this route and she has to take everyone’s shit and overcome it, sigh. I mean I heard she was a doormat before I started the game, but I thought she handled herself decently for the most part in the 3 wing routes. Guess it doesn’t help that Hibiki constantly wants to fight with Kaki so he thinks by using Kanna as bait he’ll get him out…but he doesn’t seem to realize that Kaki doesn’t give a rat’s ass. 😆 Suddenly Hibiki decides that attacking Kanna in order to get his revenge on the Kaki (cause of some Kitou family drama), he will now try to get Kanna to be his woman instead. This pretty much goes further when he grabs and hugs her in a hidden part of the school festival saying “don’t you get it? I’m hitting on you.” So because Kanna thinks Hibiki is “hurting” Momoko she asks him to break up with her. In return he says that now Kanna has to be his girlfriend instead. Kanna refuses but apparently he thinks they’ve made a deal and so he breaks up with Momoko immediately and the next day grabs Kanna on the roof and kisses her. If that wasn’t enough, during the Halloween festival he grabs Little Red Riding Kanna and drags her into an empty classroom where he unbuttons her shirt, kisses her boobies and leaves his seal on it…so now she has like 5 husband candidates :lol:.

She tells him she wants to persuade him to stop attacking Kaki and that there’s gotta be a way to resolve all this without violence. He tells her he’ll just “use” her for his own purposes but seeing this as a way to try and reach the same goal she agrees. Hibiki then gives her a cell phone to use, and apparently she’s been such a hikki all her life it’s the first time she’s ever had one.  And so that night he calls up Kanna asking where Kaki might be and she figures maybe the school. Hibiki then gathers some guys and goes to the school with Kanna where he finds Kaki sleeping in the nurse’s office. He immediately tells his mob to attack him but they of course are durdles who get their butts kicked immediately by Kaki and Hibiki’s like “meh I don’t wanna get caught” and leaves. So then he continues constantly trying to fight with Kaki and getting hurt so Kanna, sincerely worried about him, asks him to stop hurting himself. He just gets all bitchy at her telling her to STFU and that it’s none of her business. If that wasn’t bad enough Momoko admits to being a stupid lying bitch and says she joined forces with Hibiki to get info about Kaki from Kanna. However instead of telling the dumb bitch to fuck off, Kanna’s like “but I lied to you about Hibiki putting a seal on me so now we’re even let’s be friends!” ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ

And so finally at their last battle on the school roof top, Hibiki defeats Kaki in front of the 3 wings and says that Kaki doesn’t deserve to carry the “Kitou” name. When Reiji sees this, he immediately calls for the main house to come and get Kanna so they can marry her off to some other oni. Hibiki comes and kicks all the dudes butts and saves her but instead of running away with her like she asks…. he decides “YAY I GET TO BEAT PEOPLE” and goes non stop violence mode lol. And so the 2 of them run away to live together and be raburabu apparently 😆 She gets a phone call from Mitsuaki & Minaha and they’re all like “wth happened” and while she tries to answer Hibiki starts gropping and mollesting her so she’s barely able to talk /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. And so they transfer to some random school together because I guess he wants her to graduate properly. And so they continue their raburabu sexy life because they prolly hump every morning and the final scene is them making out in bed with Kanna saying she may not be able to go to school that day イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! Lol man here’s where I am disappoint: NOT ENOUGH OF END HIBIKI. Like the entire game he’s this weirdo jerk who just uses Kanna to lure Kaki but suddenly at the end he’s THIS SEX GOD L M A F A O. It was so sudden like out of nowhere: oh btw we live together and screw like every day xDDDD Wtf!? Not that I’m complaining but I guess I would have liked a better…transition ww.

Mitsugi Kuniichi – I honestly wasn’t sure what the hell Mitsugi wanted to do. First he wanted Hibiki to take over the “Kitou” name but unlike Hibiki, he didn’t want to hurt any bride. This included protecting Kanna from that stupid bitch Shikiko as well as Hibiki himself. Kanna found a wooden figure that he Mitsugi dropped which turned out to be a figure that was left behind by his master, who suicided on the day Kaki was born. He was going to give that figure to his son, but he died before he could. Mitsugi never knew the reason why his master killed himself but yea another I hate Kaki party going on here because of it. So in this route Shikiko suddenly decides to be more proactive in killing Kanna and runs around being stab happy with her knife at every given moment. So I barely even saw Mitsugi in this route except scenes where Kanna would be attacked by the crazy bitch – since at any other scene it seems like suddenly they remembered that Kaki is the main character of this game. 🙄 He finally gets his chance to shine when he gets to go on a “date” with Kanna by escorting her through the school festival (´^ω^`). Sadly after that he disappears again as Kanna is now chased by the men in black to capture her and marry her off to someone else. Fortunately Mitsugi comes to save her and he puts his seal on her (which was a very hot CG btw (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ) saying it’s so it’s “easier to protect her”. And so I guess this comes in handy because in school Kaki decides to randomly attack her AGAIN and so Mitsugi grabs her and runs out with her in his arms.

He goes to return to the school and then turns out Hibiki spikes his coffee with sleeping medicine and then locks him up in an experimental lab room (aka happy uguu cage of yaoi.) Hibiki says he’s pissed that Mitsugi got in the way of his plans to especially when he planted his seal on Kanna. He refuses to let Mitsugi out and says he’ll instead use him instead for his experiments. I mean what the fuck since when did Hibiki even have a lab or did experiments on people!? That wasn’t even in his route. ( ´_ゝ`) So then she gets attacked by Hibiki and when she calls out for Mitsugi he doesn’t show up. The next day she has a dream where Hibiki says that she’s an idiot and that he’s fooled her all along. Now he’s not even around to protect her from Shikiko’s bitch rage either. So then time passes and now Kanna’s having meetings with the oni she’s going to marry, who seems like a nice guy but he has no sprite so I don’t even know what he looks like :lol:. In the meantime Mitsugi has experiments done on him and he begs Hibiki to let him out so he can go see Kanna. So then I don’t know how the hell but Kanna manages to find the prison where he’s locked up in. Seriously this girl can’t even stand up to a crazy  knife weilding bitch but she finds and sneaks into this LABORATORY where he’s locked up. LOL WUT. She asks if from now on she can call him at any time not just when she needs to be saved. He’s all like NO IT SHOULD BE SOMETHING A MAN SHOULD SAY and stutters like a fool….until Hibiki shows up going “lol I’ma kill her now.”

So turns out that the SON of his master is…Hibiki! So that’s pretty much why Mitsugi’s been doing as he says and when he started to ” stray” towards Kanna, Hibiki got his crazy yandere yaoi rage or something :lol:. Kanna somehow manages to steal the keys from Hibiki and toss them towards Mitsugi who gets out of his cage and starts fighting with him. Mitsugi manages to tie Hibiki down saying he doesn’t want to fight him and so he escapes with Kanna. They run into the 3 wings  who rage at Mitsugi for being the enemy but he asks Kanna to marry him in front of them all so they give up and go home (with Reiji being extremely bitter about the whole thing :lol:.) They run off to…the school and  he tells her she can keep the wooden figure from now on. He then asks if he can give her another hickey, I mean seal as a proof of his “love” rather than just his excuse to protect her. And so about a week later everything’s totally back to normal as if nothing happened and Mitsugi continues serving Hibiki though he promises not to get locked up a 2nd time :lol:. Hibiki says now that Kanna’s fallen in love with Mitsugi, he has no intentions of attacking or using her and then they have their manly BL break up. Some time later, Mitsugi & Kanna move in together and she asks if she can call him by his first name. Wow amazing, in Hibiki’s route it was like the opposite. Mitsugi blushes and stutters like an idiot and then they both take a walk on the beach where she takes initiative YET AGAIN and hugs him! He says he loves her the end. Hm well Mitsugi was cute BUT there just wasn’t enough of him! He was either MIA because Kanna wasn’t in “danger” and he was busy yaoing it up wit Hibiki OR he was busy yaoing it up with Hibiki in his uguu BL cage of love. Also this route pretty much ruined Hibiki for me…I’m rather glad I played his route before this or I’m not sure if I’d have the same opinion when playing it (´≖ ‸ ≖`).

Kitou Kaki – Well Kaki is the douchebag groom for Kanna and well throughout all the other routes he was pretty much missing in action. In fact I completely forgot about his existance until I realized I need to do his route to finish the game :lol:. After the wedding ceremony she tells him she’s not going to have his babies, and threatening to kill her, Kaki starts strangling her on his bed. ( ´_ゝ`) Fortunately the 3 wings come to her rescue and plant their seals on her so that they can save her from Kaki’s PMS outbursts. Since this is Kaki’s route though, whenever Hibiki attacks her, she actually calls out his name for once instead of some other guy. When Kaki gets poisoned by Hibiki at his house and Kanna takes care of him, he asks why she doesn’t hate him since he kinda messed up her life for 16 years. Kanna’s so jaded she’s not sure what to answer except that she can’t stop staring at all the scars on Kaki’s body and asking him if he’s in pain himself. I guess she’s like “well I was treated like shit, but looks like he’s done a lot of hard livin’ so we’re even” ? 😆 When she returns to school that night Kaki she goes to check on Kaki in his bedroom and he ends up pulling her in and using her as a dakimakura all night long. She tries to escape but he has a death grip on her, so finally in the morning she manages to squiggle free xD. The next day after school she runs into the forest where she finds Kaki & Mitsugi and after like I don’t even know what was going on but first Mitsugi’s about to fight Kaki, then he’s like no wait I’m not hurting any bride and then before you know it, Kaki’s locking lips with Kanna. Lol wut. Hold me, thrill me, kiss me kill me? 😆

When not sleeping with Kanna, Kaki tends to sleep with a cute stuffed bunny of hers…until she comes into his room to check on him and he grabs the opportunity to reel her into his arms again (♡´౪`♡).  So then I don’t know what crawls up Mitsugi’s ass (lol consistency in this game) and he decides to randomly attack Kanna and doesn’t recognize Kaki on top of this. Then Kaki goes MIA to his mom’s place so his dad expells him out of school and then Kanna asks to go see him. She finds him sleeping outside in the forest in a hammock so she puts a scarf over him to keep him warm xD. Sadly when he wakes up, he’s back to his PMS when Kanna asks if he will return home with her. She goes home empty handed but conitnues visiting him in the forest like a hobo. One day he asks her to “stay over” because he’s like “you want to do what all those other bride whores want don’t you” and Kanna’s like “uh no I just want you to return home ( ´_ゝ`).” Kaki gets into his PMS mode and tells her unless she wants to die to never come see him again, sigh. Then during the school festival thanks to  backstabber Momoko, Kanna gets attacked by Mitsugi followed by psycho-bitch Shikiko chasing after her with a knife again. 🙄  After she’s saved by some Kaki in a wolf suit, she goes to see him at his mom’s place the following day. She yells at Kaki saying she came on her own will asking him to return back home with her. After pmsing again, he then hugs her and kisses her neck (??) saying he’ll return home with her. When he comes home once again he uses Kanna as his dakimakura. Make up your mind you PMS Prince (ಠ_ಠ).

So then Rei informs Kanna that the oni decision committee wants to marry her off to another oni since Kaki’s too busy being a whiny bitch. Meanwhile back at the ranch Mitsugi’s locked up in Hibiki’s cell  being experimented on so his brains are like scrambled eggs. The night Kanna tries scratching off the seal on her chest and then Kaki then BURSTS into the bathroom and tells her to stop as he hugs her and she baws naked in his arms. He then takes her to his bedroom where he kisses her boobies saying he’s going to kill Hibiki first thing he does. \( ^o^)/ The next day in school one of the commitee MIBs comes to pick her up so she can start choosing the next oni who she will marry & have babies with. Fortunately she calls out to Kaki who I guess stopped having PMS by now and he actually saves her. Anyway this pattern of either bitches or the MIB attacking Kanna continues with Kaki saving her every time. They pretty much sleep together in bed every night like husband & waifu with Kaki being now extremely DERE. One day after school Kanna catches Hibiki talking to Momoko and overhears her pretty much going lol “I’m so sick of being nice to that stupid bitch.”  Sadly Kanna’s not too good at being stealthy so she gets caught and died up by those 2. Not only that but Hibiki tells every guy in the school they can go gang rape her, and he takes her to a special room where her oni-seal GPS won’t work so she can’t call Kaki for help. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) While Kaki’s running around looking for her, Momoko felt guilty for being a stupid backstabber cunt so she went to free Mitsugi from Hibiki’s cell.

When Kaki finally finds Kanna, fortunately before anything can be done to her, Mitsugi shows up to help too. He takes Kanna away while Kaki kicks everyone’s asses and some hours later Kanna wakes up in Kaki’s bed. He even offers to sleep on the couch that night but she’s like “its ok if its you~ please make me your bride for real~” lol.  And so in Kaki’s happy ending, Kanna and Kaki go shopping for wedding rings cause Minaha told Kaki to get his ass moving 😆 In Kaki’s true ending,  he appears to be more DERE and he actually saves her from all the bitches & hoes. Not only that he pretty much stalks her like non stop instead of being MIA half the time. (◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟). One night Kanna has a dream where she recalls that when she was little, she gave her stuffed bunny to Kaki in hopes that he wouldn’t be “lonely” anymore…and he’s had that bunny ever since (which is why he often slept with it in the other route x3.) She goes to the place where he gave her that bunny and says she wanted to see him. He tells her he needs to be there a bit longer so she ends up going home empty handed. Minaha acts like a bro and goes to see Kaki telling him that if he doesn’t treasure his waifu, he’ll take her away. (*´꒳`*) Kaki finally returns back to Kigasato and says he ignored her for 16 years and was a complete asshole because…he’s stupid. ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ He proposes to Kanna and tells the oni council MIBs to f off because now he’s come home and he’s taking Kanna as his waifu. Everything seems to be going well until Hibiki, who really needs a hobby, bursts in through the damn wall of their bedroom and takes Kanna hostage. (ಠ_ಠ)Kaki beats the crap out of him and so they cuddle in bed until morning – when Kaki goes into ultra-dere mode and refuses to get out of bed wanting to cuddle with her all day long |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . And so several years later Kaki & Kanna have a son named Tatsuki. I mean Kaki’s ending was cute, he was like SUPER DERE but when I think about his behavior most of the rest of the game I’m like ふ━━( ´_ゝ`)━( ´_ゝ`)━( ´_ゝ`)━━ん…but yea well consistency, what is that?

Consistency? What is that! A character being a complete asshole in 1 route, doesn’t mean he won’t be a sexy beast deredere kitten in another! The only consistent (and my favorite) character was probably Mitsuaki. Minaha was alright too but his route felt suddenly cut off and was a disappointment. Everyone else pretty much changed their personality on and off depending on whose route it was. Oh wait I know who else was consistent: Shikiko! Oh yes she was a bitch every single time! There was never a time where she was nice, and in fact I wanted her to die a in fire every time she came on screen! 😆 But man, bitches & hoes all around. It’s like what the hell did Kanna do to deserve all this? Nothing clearly since Kaki admits that he ignored her for like no apparent reason! But yea all is forgiven because this stupid game is named after him. Meh honestly…I really wanted to like this game but it couldn’t make up its mind and some stuff just happened without warning. I’d sit there being like “what is going on” and “why is this happening all of a sudden” in most of the routes. The endings were just thrown in your face without any proper leadin. “Oh yes suddenly we’re raburabu and crap even though he tried to kill me for the past 3 hours!” (  ゚,_ゝ゚) Oh and one of the weirdest things was: Kanna has her first period at the age of 16! Wow talk about a late bloomer in addition to “wow Otome games that have menstruation?!” I didn’t think they’d ever get this realistic lol. Perhaps the story makes more sense and has a better flow if you read the novels (which are also actually illustrated by Yone rather than random Otomate impersonators.)  Oh well the good news is, the fandisk comes out this Thursday and it seems to be consistent with its “let’s make everyone dere dere” theme so perhaps it will actually be a pleasant experience. At least I hope anyway…since I’m wary now that all the dumb back stabbing bitches from this game are listed on the character page. (≖_≖)

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  1. I wanna play this game but im trying to get over being squicked about her still being human while the oni husband will stay hot when shes like 80…other than that, Kazama’s twin is my favorite in terms of looks heh. I see you are now play Amnesia later!! so excited to see that review!!

    1. lol yea doesn’t help that she met Kaki when she was a loli 😆 I think they mentioned briefly that when the human brides can no longer have babies they either just live in the house or move out to retire somewhere. kinda sucks yea but the game didn’t really touch on that subject too much cause they were like “don’t think about the details, please go enjoy the hot oni mans instead.” 😆

      I liked Hibiki’s character design at first too but once I did Kuni’s and Kaki’s routes he was just ruined for me. Chikage may have been an asshole but he NEVER hurt Chizuru on purpose like Hibiki did.

      1. lol i guess that would help to just go: ill pretend she becomes an oni too so theyll be living happily ever after. I am glad the heroine is not a complete doormat like everyone kept saying because that made me worried about liking the game. Chizuru made me rage at my psp so much haha.

        1. see with Chizuru it’s different though….she got a chance to train and she had a weapon….but Kanna was locked up in her house for 16 years and if she went outside she was attacked so she has serious mental issues…and considering that fact I think she does a pretty good job standing up for herself because pretty much everyone is out to get her since she’s the bride of the strongest oni there. so like I guess in a sense you can say “lol shes a doormat who does nothing cause she keeps taking people’s shit” but on the other hand “if you were in her shoes what could you do against someone could you snap your neck in a matter of minutes” ?

          1. see, that is so much more understandable compared to chizuru who also had ONI blood in addition to a weapon and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT FOR YEARS despite being surrounded by people capable of training her lol.i would love to see chizuru in Hanaoni though to see how she fares since shes a female rare demon everyone here would definitely try to get in her panties 24/7, plus its modern times so she has no excuse for being weak just coz shes female.

            1. see this is where Hanaoni contradicts Hakuoki. According to Hanaoni there are no female oni. They can only have male oni which is why they need human women to breed with…so yea Chizuru wouldn’t even exist in this world 😆

              1. i know but one can hope! btw i saw your tumblr post about Raito and i have to say He scares the shit out of me i thought Kanato was bad but serious the whole drowning you and threatening to rape you in the shower thing is waay too abusive for me to handle!His deranged laugh was just as bad a Kanato’s demon baby screams! the latest two make Ayato look like a freaking Angel compared to all the abuse my ears took from them….*sigh but ill probably still check out the remaining brothers even though im even more scared(hoping Shuu will be sane?)haha

                1. Shuu will probably just tell you to GTFO until you refuse enough that he then has his way with you to get you to shut up. I can’t imagine what else it could be lol. But yea I’m so disappointed in Raito, I was really looking fwd to his CD but he’s the worst one xD??? I didn’t even listen to Kanato…when Kaji starts screaming in otome games I want to plug my ears

    1. What’s strange to me is why everyone calls her this big doormat? She wasn’t really that different from any other typical otome game heroine and in fact she did all she could to her utmost. What is she gonna do, randomly go fighting the oni guys while she’s a frail human girl? 😆 She knew what she could do so if she was attacked for the most part, she always called for help and she tried to avoid bitches as much as she could. Additionally she didn’t just “accept” her role as a bride and she told Kaki to go fuck himself when he told her she’s nothing but a baby maker. So no I really don’t think she’s a doormat and she actually took a lot of initiative in Kuniichi’s route so… yea not sure where this doormat thing even started in the first place.

      1. Hrm… I think I read a translation of the story teaser somewhere, and the impression it gave was one where the heroine was a complete doormat… maybe everyone read the same translation? XD

  2. I only played 2 routes(Kaki and Hibiki) and considered this game done. Being someone who had read the novel, I can’t imagine dating the trio since they have their respective girls in the novel(not that Hibiki doesn’t have one, but he’s an exception cause he is voiced by Suzumura-sama and is a yandere). And as for Kunichi, I was turned off after they’d changed his hairstyle, i mean, he was more moe in his novel-ver.!

    Thanks for the review, btw. 🙂 Which is to say, are you getting the FD too…or not?

    1. yea I plan to play the FD..it looks really cute. Wow weird that in the novel all the guys have their own chicks but here in the game Kanna can get with whoever…though based on the way they portrayed Kaki, I’d rather steal Mitsuaki from those hoes any day!! 😆

      1. well, the only girl they showed here was that bitch(with the long hair, i can’t remember her name) and the other girl who was hibiki’s bride/kana’s friend(?). :/ The other girls were removed. It would have made things more interesting if they are there though xD

  3. Haha I only read Kaki and Hibiki’s reviews because they’re the only ones I played so far. I’ve actually had the game for a while now and I still have a long way to go. I started on Rei’s recently though haha.

    The only route I probably enjoyed was Hibiki’s route since he’s voiced by Suzu ><

    1. I’m surprised you liked Hibiki after Kaki’s route cause Kaki & Kuni’s routes ruined him for me. As much as I like SuzuKen, Hibiki was a super dickhole lol. Not even SuzuKen’s voice can save him for me ( ´_ゝ`).

  4. Haha I actually played Hibiki’s route first so maybe thats why I liked him the best. I wasn’t really into Kaki as much cuz I thought Kaki was a even more dickhole since he’s supposed to be the husband-to-be and I kinda thought the reason for his action was kinda meh. I just played him because I felt like I should complete the main guy character-ish dude early rather than late. Kaki’s dere scenes were cute but still.. Hibiki was already the bad guy so I kinda already expected the dickhole-ness so he had nothing to lose. But i don’t know I just couldn’t hate his character. Maybe thats because I saw his dere ending before anyone else’s lols But still wanted more from Hibiki’s end cuz majority of the time he was busy being a dickhole (I totally agree) so I’m looking forward to the fandisk and probably will play Hibiki’s route first again and maybe Kaki second? since I didn’t play the others but them haha

    I’m looking forward to the fandisk cuz the sample CGs looked cute on the site. Hopefully Kaki and Hibiki’s route will motivate me to finish the other character’s routes since I wanna play those before I see the fandisk routes. I’m actually looking forward to Kuni’s route but I’m planning to play him last so hopefully I’ll get that far hah

    1. Aw you should play Mitsuaki’s route, he was my favorite xDDDD Oh well I just like the cute adorable dork characters….Kuniichi was like that too but he was a victim of…plot. But yea Kaki was definitely an asshole..and for no reason lol. I guess you’re right Hibiki at least had his (stupid) reasons but Kaki was just emofagging for no reason (or at least no good reason given in the game…who knows about the novel.)

      1. Aww I guess I can’t look forward to Kunichi’s route that much anymore (´・д・`) Oh well. I”ll probably play Mitsuaki after Rei since I already started his. I just felt Mitsuaki a little annoying well not like in a real bad way. I just got the impression that he was how do you say…too energetic haha. Nevertheless, he seems fun though. Well, i bet he’ll be better than Kaki obviously ಠ_ಠ Well, probably a lot of impressions of the characters will change when I finish. I probably WILL complete it. it’s just that it might take a while haha.

        Yah I felt like there wasn’t enough information about the plot. I read another review on this game and said that it felt like the game was kinda hard to understand unless you read the novel so maybe thats what made the routes kind of stupid? Even though I like Hibiki I was kinda like huh? and his reason didn’t really speak to me. I was like oh okay…moves on. Basically I guess I just liked his ending haha yup.

        PS: I thought the sample CG for the fandisk for Minaha was kind of (・ェ・)…looks like he’s wearing those Japanese PE jackets to sleep…and didn’t really feel like it fit in the scene. Is it just me? haha

  5. Great review as usual. I kept laughing at it. 8DDD

    I’m playing this right now despite my fail Nihongo, and I’m still struggling. OTL I bought this because I can’t resist tsundere guys, and hopefully, Kaki delivers (or something)

    And I never knew the other guys had their own respective brides! I’m guessing that Reiji’s bride is Moegi (based on the movie anyway), and Hibiki has Momoko (based on the movie, as well as the survey they had on the web novel site). Now I’m wondering who got paired up with Kuniichi, Minaha and Mitsuaki…

    I can’t wait for more reviews from you~

    1. It’s not a long game so I hope you don’t struggle for too long x3 Rin has pretty detailed reviews of each route on her blog (love colored sky) so you can usually follow it along and know what’s going on since mine are more..brief 😆

      I think Reiji & Moegi would have made a cute pair even in the game. Momoko’s stupid biatch lol so maybe she deserves Hibiki. Dunno about the other guys…I’m guessing Shikiko ended up with Kuni?

  6. Mitsuaki’s route = 16 and pregnant? LOL.
    Anyways wow, I think I hate like every female in this game that you’ve described lmao. Why is it always like that `-` sometimes I wish the heroine would just be like “fuck you” and stab a girl back LOL. like come ooonnn not everybody wants to be friends in real life @_@ just stab the bitch for god’s sake! LOL. Oh well haha I actually didn’t have much interest in this game when I saw that it was coming out, mostly because the heroine looked like a bored brick and Kaki looked flipping crazy lmao. But it seems to me some of the routes aren’t half bad, just uh the consistency of the routes seems to be throwing me off xD lol! It’s too bad some of the routes felt cut off too, that would bug me a lot lol but hopefully the fandisc will be better! Otomate seems to do it right with their fandiscs haha

    1. Lol yea except for Moegi everyone’s a cunning abusive bitch so yea 😆 Sadly this heroine’s kinda used to being “used and abused” because of Kaki’s idiocy so I guess it can’t be helped though she did try to avoid & run away from all the bitches she could.

  7. Damn, the game looks pretty nice but the ‘husband staying young when heroine gets old’ thing might squick me out. Was this problem addressed in any route or the fandisk?

    1. nooope. i found that to be odd but I think overall the game plot (and art for that matter) are crap anyway. this series isn’t worth bothering in my opinion ^^;

      1. XDXD Sadly this is true for a lot of otome games that look good and have good seiyuus. Why don’t they they invest a little on hiring some good writers if they have so much money? T__T

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