Otome Game Introduction: MuneKyun! Kare wa Idol

So because I can’t seem to stop myself from trying more mobile games (and because they all have a stupid daily fatigue limit that makes me finish each one really fast) I decided to try a new one lol. I think this just came out for mobage and originally it was for that racist POS Gree. The story is about our heroine (who has no name so you gotta name her)  whose mom decides to remarry to some guy with a porn ‘stache. Turns out his son, and your new step bro just happens to be the lead singer of Japan’s most popular boyband COURAGE. So yea now you get to either mac it with your new oniitan or you can hit on all his band members who think you’re so kawaii desu anyway.

The best part is the heroine has a very witty sense of humor. Anyway as all the other mobile games it has its fatigue limit which is reset daily at 4AM Japan time. If you don’t wanna wait you can spend mobacoins, invite friends or do whatever other crap you need to do to get the story moving. The prologue was annoyingly short so I was pissed when I’d lose 1 fatigue cake after a 5 sentence scene but all the scenarios that follow appear to be pretty decent. While in the prologue  you only really meet Shun, you do have the option of picking the man of your choice and once you get his ending if you feel like replaying it, you can win a “reset” coupon from the gacha. I actually won it but no way in hell am I ever going to use it. I wish I had won some fatigue replenishing items instead. (´・ω・`;)

Anyway again casual mobile game (no voice/no bgm for now) for the free player so you can give it a shot and just do what I do and marathon these games all at the same time to have something to do between fatigue replenishing waits. As always I’ll be posting updates on this in my tumblr.

3 thoughts on “Otome Game Introduction: MuneKyun! Kare wa Idol”

  1. GRAHHH I had a comment then when I tried to post it my internet failed and it disappeared ;_;

    Anyways lol I like this game, the artwork is quite nice imo… except for the father’s face. that porn stache looks so out of place lol like wtf xD and I am a fan of the heroine already lol

    Thanks for all your hard work finding these games :3 ’cause if you didn’t I’d definitely forget to @_@ lol

  2. lol so did you end up trying this game out? XD I like the heroine too. Last night I picked the choice “I took the ikeman taxi” when the friend was like WHOS THAT HOT GUY IN THE CAR WITH YOU??? lmfaooo 😆

    I found a couple more games but I haven’t tried them yet since I’m already juggling 3 games at the same time rofl.

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