Mobile Otome Game Introduction: Koishite Kareshi

Well that hospital game was starting to get on my nerves with all its stupid glitches (I mean seriously if I had paid money for this I’d want a refund!) so I decided to try a different game called Koishite Kareshi. The game is pretty simple: you have 3 guys and you can pick one to be your “boyfriend” and from there on you can do various scenarios and events with him. The game is constantly being updated to reflect seasonal stuff so right now they have a Halloween event going on (although I’m probably going to miss it since I only started this game today ;_;.) I decided to pick Megane-kun cause he has a cool name Ryuugawa Ryuunosuke ww.

The game cuts to the chase. First thing you do when you meet the guy is he asks you to be his girlfriend lol. I dunno how it is with the other 2 but man I think I picked the right choice cause he’s absoluately adorable. He’s all serious and shit but at the end of the day he blushes as he asks you to walk home with him ( ≖‿≖).

Just like the other mobile games I’ve played this game has fatigue limits which can all be cured with various items you can buy with mobacoins. Remember that you can get free mobacoins simply by logging in daily or doing some Mobage site events. Anyway as you have these “talk” sessions with your dude, eventually a scenario will pop up (just like with the hospital game except you don’t have to deal with glitchy mini games..)

Aside from talking, you can also “go out” to various places like park, amusement park, etc. In those places you can meet other users and give them sutekis (like poupee girl lol) or you will run into your dude for more scenario. While the game is unvoiced, there are bonus scenarios you can unlock during events and all 3 guys do have VAs. I forgot who the blondie is but the 2nd guy is voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru and the guy I picked is voiced by Sakurai Takahiro. You can also increase affection with your guy to unlock more scenarios by wearing various avatar items, loggin in daily etc. Just by playing today I managed to get a free gacha coupon which got me an item that raised my girly powers to over 700 lol. So yea dressing up your avatar and looking kawaii desu will make the guy like you more so you can unlock more events/scenarios.

I think this game’s been around for a while as there are a LOT of scenarios I haven’t even touched yet (according to my profile I’ve only completed 2%!) and fortunately no annoying mini games are involved. I’m not sure what the fatigue recovery rules are though as I haven’t had time to look into that yet but I imagine it can’t be any worse than the once every 24 hours thing like with Nijiiro Ouji. I’m not sure if you can switch boyfriends, but I imagine you can. I think if you liked Webkare (now service closed) you will really enjoy this game as it has a similar thing to it but you can do a lot more here and there’s a lot more scenarios to read. Anyway as always its available through the Android Mobage app I mentioned in my previous post so give it a shot!

As always I’ll be posting my updates on tumblr x3

5 thoughts on “Mobile Otome Game Introduction: Koishite Kareshi”

  1. This game looks the most interesting out of all the mobile games you’ve posted so far. Looking forward to more updates on it! c:

  2. yea i have to admit it’s the most “interactive” and “up to date” one rather than just a “set scenario” like with most of the ones Ive tried so far.

  3. Oh I liked Webkare but I got too bored of logging in and just poking him because I could only open scenarios at certain times of the day 😦 but this looks interesting, I would give it a try… if I had an android phone ;n;

    Btw, the Megane’s name can also be read as Takigawa? or did they specifically pronounce it as Ryuugawa?

  4. I have no idea actually what it should be. I haven’t gotten any voice clips so I’ve just assumed they were doing a play on words? XD; the heroine calls him Ryuunosuke-kun so i guess it doesn’t matter either way lol

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