Poor poor Elpintos…(´ε`;)

So after a couple experiences with Elpin the last couple days I’ve come to the conclusion that sadly 2ch is right…Elpin is probably the weakest character next to Nagi, but at least Nagi can heal. I decided to compare my 45 Soma and 46 Elpin’s attacks at Kishidan Ex.

Elpintos has a 40+10 and Soma has a 40+11 weapon. Elpintos physical/magic is about 3900/3700 and Soma is about 4100/4200. Not much of a difference right? Their con/crit is the same and Elpin gets a buff that increases con/crit and a passive buff that increases her attacks by 500. So let’s compare:

JK for Elpin is Refuge where she recovers SP and does damage in the surrounding area. Soma’s JK is just a regular attack where he jumps into the air and crushes the ground doing a circular attack as well. It’s pretty obvious who’s doing more damage. Additionally apparently this skill for Elpin is considered “annoying” by Japanese players because it spreads the enemies apart and doesn’t kill them. Soma’s spreads them apart too but typically the attack is strong enough that it will kill them as well.

Don’t remember the name of Soma’s attack but here we got Elpinto’s judge light if you use Holy Knight. It’s better than cold break because it’s fast and doesn’t throw the enemies everywhere but it also does little damage and unlike Soma’s JL doesn’t push any enemies away from you or has a block in it. So that means she just smacks things around once, and stuff obviously won’t be killed with this so then the enemies she just smacked are gonna mob her and you better have your shield smite available or else you’re screwed. Damage looks to be close but Soma’s at least pushes the enemies away and can cause the electric stun.

Again Soma’s K does more damage. Well let’s be fair, Elpintos’ K does about 4-5 hits at max level but the damage above is with the magic passive buff. This means if you are using Ice Commander, without the buff my K does about 500-600 a hit. Also it’s kind of like a bum rush so it throws Elpin forward into the mob but since it only does direct damage, any surrounding guys are now free to mob her. Again if I didn’t have my JK or L (which is oh so meiwaku) I’d probably be dead. Soma just does 1 hit K which usually does pretty strong damage. I guess the one in this screenshot wasn’t so lucky but I find K one of my most valuable Soma skills.

Elpintos’ shield smite is probably her best skill next to her J.

It’s a life savior most of the time and actually has really decent damage. The highest damage I’ve probably ever seen will always be from Shield Smite above (and as you can see I have the magic up buff on sigh.)

Anyway I’m really depressed. More than the fact that Elpin is just a weak attacker, she can’t even tank. In the past week I’ve had parties where I saw some Elpins just get beat down. In dendou Ex there was an Elpin who tried to get a mob together (I was using Soma at the time) and because she was afraid to use L/JK for being to meiwaku, she either was close to death or would actually die. I tried to save her as much as I could (my Soma equipment’s not up to par just yet) but I can’t keep hitting guys when she’s trying to collect a mob or the mob will never collect right? (´・ω・`;)

Another party I was in today in Piraku, there was an Elpin who also tried to collect a mob and would be near death until I shot some shuriken to try to save her. I then switched Ruko from Shadow to Basic and spammed kawarimi so that the Elpin wouldn’t have to take the mob on to herself. So Elpin can’t do high damage, she can’t really tank and her heal skills have been nerfed. Great. The best support skills she has are the party crit/con buffs and as a commander her ice wave is probably her  best area attack. Everything else? Apparently annoying in parties and isn’t the greatest life savior when soloing. If I didn’t have the movement speed +6 set on, I’d imagine my Elpin would have died a million times already. Pretty sad that I have to run away from enemies in order to survive with this kind of character. My Pinko’s movement speed is 25 and she can tank ’em all! Elpin? Sigh. ┐(‘~`;)┌

I’m disappointed that I spent so much money on her weapons/armor/avatar only to level up and find out that she’s one of the worst characters in the game. I didn’t want to listen to those people bashing her because up until now I didn’t really have trouble using this character. I guess once you level up that’s where it really starts to be obvious that she’s just not gonna cut it. The only Elpins I’ve seen that can tank/do damage are the crazy people with +15 weapons and  +12 armor :/. My weapon isn’t even +12 (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!

I think once I get her to 48 I will just put her on hold and level up my Soma instead. He just needs some dodge stones and he’s good to go but Elpin…I hope the Tartaros staff reads my pleas in the survey to make her stronger. It doesn’t make sense to have such a weak character. They made Shubalman stronger in the last couple updates, maybe there’s hope? I guess this is just a warning to those who never used Elpintos…using her will only give you a tough road ahead.