A challenging experience \( ^o^)/


I finally had a chance to once again do the joukyuu tenkuu and the flying dragon challenge for the first time. I think I lost count of how many times I died. I don’t think I’ve died this much since the first time I attempted to do Tesbell maybe? 😆

It’s actually quite similar to tesbell – you cannot use recovery items. You can however use status cure items such as anti-stun, anti-slow, dodge etc. The first map is annoying because you have to protect this thing from being destroyed by a mob of angry dragons. The best way we found around this is if you get 1 Cromodo spamming ice dust near the top – then a Ruko will run around and attract the dragons to the dust. Sadly this also lags your client like HELL so I ended up just being near the door and KLing dudes away. You just can’t kill them all fast enough unless you have like a +15 weapon or something x_x;;. The other most challenging room is probably the boss room with Miss Pinasu turns into a giant dragon that has one of those shields on that makes all your attacks go 1111. Additionally she does some massive area attack that unless you run like REALLY far away, 1hit kill 😆 Yea I pretty much lost count. I am thankful for the people who were kind enough to try and do this challenge with me. We failed like 4 times but we did succeed once. Eh I’m glad I got it out of my system so that’s good enough for me really XD. The only challenge I haven’t done yet is Treasure Island which I was told is called “Dream Island” because it’s a dream if anything even drops there apparently 😆

Phase system is coming on the 29th along with the Madoka collab (1 month later but better late than never?) Although it’s beyond me why Madoka wasn’t Pinko but Nagi:

Ilishia looks okay to me though! Additionally Ruko will be Sayaka and Mami will be Elpintos. They will reveal those images on the 29th. Anyway enough rambling lol I don’t think anyone even reads my tartaros posts but I felt like posting anyway \( ^q^)/