Pangya World Championship Highlights


Was watching the PWC this evening and chatting in Rich’s channel. The reason?

( ´_ゝ`) this is why we can’t have nice things. I’m really glad there was a Brazil block on our server now cause that’s what our server used to look like before sigh. Anyway I was cheering for Japan and Japan won! XDD

In the first round it was Thai vs Japan and Global (with an American flag 😆 ) vs Korea.  Japan beat Thai 43 to 29 and Korea beat Global 37 to 35 so I guess had Thai gone against Global then GL might have had a chance to get into the final round O_O;.

Japan champions

I also tweeted asking if they could mail order the Pangya goods overseas and….

It showed up on the stream that they put on display xDD Here’s the original tweet:!/babynuko/status/28688997618286592

I’m famous lmfao! ┗(^o^ )┓三 Next up was the staff tournament! Japanese GMs are dunking pros lmao so needless to say who won…

Our very own GM Moshup (left) & GM Nikei (right)

GM Natsumikan & GM Mitsuba both won Ipads

Afterwards I made another embarrassing tweet 夏みかん||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ that made it on to the scoreboard lmfao!/babynuko/status/28698415659491328

Next was singles round 1 at White Wiz:

Global Team
Thai Team
Korean Team
Japan Team

As usual Igari (the one waving) dunked and beat everyone with a -37 😯 Global didn’t even make it into the top 10 ( ´_ゝ`). He also kicked everyones asses on Deep Inferno as expected.

by now the chat switched from Portugese to Thai/Korean
Final Results
All 4 winners
Grand Prize winner Igarisan ♡
Head of Gamepot, Uedasan

Ueda said that there might be a PWC next year so I hope next year we get some real pros. Not the pathetic ones we had this year. Also I heard karti was banned from Pangya Europe for using 0 wind hacks in season 2. Nice we had a former hacker represent us. ( ´_ゝ`) Additionally if that wasn’t embarrassing enough emersons told the Japanese he liked Dragon Ball and Onegai Teacher which made the MCs and all the Japanese on twitter laugh their asses off for an hour. Great. (ಠ_ಠ) How embarrassing. I hope I am not associated with these people. Ever. It was fun watching & chatting with all you guys, you know who you are. Hope we can do this again next year and maybe some of us can go and report live from Akiba Square! 3:47AM I’m going to bed (´-ω-`)…zZ乙


7 thoughts on “Pangya World Championship Highlights”

  1. yuki> 日本やっぱりさっそくイベントでしたね。
    ライブストリーム楽しかった。皆のチャットしててでもそのあとすっごく疲れた( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ

  2. こんちわ^^

  3. yes ueda san was right global players cheats a lot true talent comes within , cannot be obtained by cheating hope they learned a lesson anyway kampai japan wins igari ❤

  4. Yea I was like generally cheering for Japan but when Thai or KR would score I would cheer for them too lol. It was a nice match but then I’d look at global and see them putting.

    I think anyone using Arin was playing like crap and she’s officially the bad luck character!

  5. Nice post!

    And yeah I hope this is handled better on the Global side next time. The preliminaries here were a freaking joke. =_= Oh well, watching the tourney was still way more fun than I expected.

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