Otome Game Review: Starry☆Sky ~After Spring~

Welcome to the never ending chronicles of eyeless…wait! It’s a miracle! Tsukiko has EYES! Thank god, the poor girl was going blind in all 4 games but finally honeybee decided to give her some face surgery. So anyway now I guess would be the time period between when the Spring series ended and the “last” CG of the game when they all got married lol. The game starts in the fall and takes place over about a 2 year period but it goes by really quickly. The first part of the game requires you to do some stupid route with some side characters which then unlocks the “after story” with one of the 3 guys (depending whose name you pick a million times in the first part.) After you finish one of the guys good ends there’s also a mini epilogue. While there are 3 endings for each guy you only need to do 1 of the endings to get all the CGs. The other endings are just extra babbling/scenario by the character and since it’s from his POV it starts to get annoying..FAST. Sigh anyway not gonna be much to write here but enjoy!

Tomoe Yoh – Yoh was surprisingly a lot less annoying in this game than in the first one. I guess some time apart from Tsukiko to focus on his studies calmed down his teenage hormones(ಠ_ಠ). First Yoh comes back to their school for that school festival with all the lights. They smooch (hooray a real kiss CG this time!) under all the lights and then he goes back to America. Once you start his route it’s basically half the time this one CG of her talking on the phone with him over and over. It’s this angsty long distance relationship and in between Yoh visits every now and then. He visits at the most convenient times too! 😆 Also that monitor-smooth CG returned which was big disappointment but I suppose it wouldn’t be starry sky without them? xD So then Yoh gets really busy with his research so he’s unable to call or respond to Tsukiko’s messages. When he comes to visit her in Japan she emos like a little bitch, tells him she wants to break up and then runs away and locks herself in a class room..wtf. So Yoh like runs after her and starts banging on the door like “you stupid bitch I’m leaving to America now wtf are you doing ( ಠ益ಠ )”.

So then Yoh cries and leaves and then she cries as Kanata and Suzuya roll their eyes to the back of their heads. So then she passes out and Yoh emos in America about it while his daddyo Raul comforts him with some manly advice. Then she sees Yoh on TV and realizes “oh yea he was really busy with research after all!” and he says he will go see her. She runs out to the school gate to wait for him but he’s oh so conveniently there! \( ^o^)/ They kiss and make up and she says she will attend university in America that he’s doing his research at. She visits his home in America for Christmas and spends her winter vacation there. Raul keeps hitting on her until Yoh rages at him and until he goes back to being raburabu with Yoh’s mom Imari. She secretly tells Imari that she wants to be Yoh’s waifu while Yoh and Raul are arguing with each other. So then time passes and Suzuya helps her learn English for her trip. They all graduate and she goes overseas with Yoh. In the epilogue they are in Paris at the Eiffel Tower smooching on their honeymoon or whatever.

The last few parts of his route he spent on SO MANY MONOLOGUES I thought I was going to explode. I guess if it was a seiyuu I liked I wouldn’t have minded but I just don’t care for Midorikawa (´・ω・`;) After you do his good end you also unlock his special story omake thing. In this one Tsukiko is emoing that she hasn’t been able to see Kanata and Suzuya and that Yoh’s been too busy with work. So he tells her to go back to Japan and stay with them for a while until his research is finished. He will then come for her. So then she and Kanata and Suzuya go see the cherry blossoms while she tells them about their married life in America. Lol wut? 😕 She calls Yoh who doesn’t pick up the phone so she goes to visit her old high school. She tries calling him again near the cherry trees and he doesn’t answer so she emos and oh look Yoh magically shows up and hugs her from behind ( ´_ゝ`). So then he stays in Japan for a bit and they spend some time together. I guess she gets over herself so they go back to Japan together, but not before getting randy in the hotel bed! Rawr he even had his clothes on the whole time! (´・ω・`) I was hoping there’d be some hidden CG but there wasn’t so unless you just love the character or seiyuu I guess doing this extra is pretty pointless.

Nanami Kanata – As with Yoh, Kanata was a lot less bitchy and whiny in this route since he and Tsukiko were already a couple. This also helped Sugita sound less like a whiny brat and more like his sexy mature man voice that I really want to hear (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ At first Kanata’s all like “SUZUYA WERE LIKE THE 3 MUSKETEERS” and Suzuya’s like “uh I’m not gonna be a 3rd wheel bye ( ´_ゝ`)” so Kanata and Tsukiko walk the star road together. Tsukiko kisses him there because Kazuki told her that if she kissed a guy there they’d be together forever. Kanata’s jealousy sadly isn’t gone just yet and he gets all pissed at her when she works late at night at the student council and falls asleep on the couch there…just waiting for Tsubasa, Hayato and Kazuki to POUNCE on her 😆 When Kanata gets sick she visits him in his room and he tells her that next time they have a fight, they should kiss and make up afterwards. D’aww. (*´ω`*) For Christmas she gives Kanata a scarf and ties it weirdly lol.

We get to meet Kanata’s mom, Mayumi. Kanata’s dad Haruka, died when Kanata was 5 years old from the same illness Kanata is suffering from now. They celebrate Kanata’s birthday and after everyone else leaves she tells Kanata that she will “give herself to him”. Kanata’s like (;゚д゚)ェ… lmao. So then Kanata’s condition worsens and while Tsukiko is doing her archery club activities in the summer, he ends up getting hospitalized. The doctor tells him his condition can be fixed with surgery but the success rate is only 50%. Kanata doesn’t want surgery because he feels like he’ll never see Tsukiko again. They talk it out and he decides he will brave out and go get the surgery but he asks Tsukiko not to visit him while he is hospitalized. He says he wants to come back to her on his own. He also says that if he doesn’t come back, to forget about him. Tsukiko slaps him and cries and then they have an actual kiss CG – yippie no face kissing. (Well there was face kissing but I try to erase that image from my mind 🙄 ) She spends the night with him the day before his surgery they totally screw.

The next day she goes with him to the hospital lobby before saying goodbye. He walks to the surgery area like a hero with his fist up in the air. The surgery is a success (duh) and 10 days later Kanata comes back to the dorms. They have a celebration with Suzuya and then Suzuya acts like the bro he is and leaves them alone to do the mattress mambo in Kanata’s room. So then it’s graduation time and as usual Kanata cries a river. They then go to the island where his father took photos in his photo book. They read the foreword of the book and there his father tells a story about himself and his wife right before he died. Mayumi originally intended to abort Kanata because Haruka was so ill but Haruka asked her to have the baby so she could be happy. So then time passes and now Tsukiko is pregnant \( ^o^)/  (someone spoiled me about this ahead of time you know who you are ( ಠ益ಠ )). They also live in this decked out house lmao. In the special story Kanata gets all jeaous because Tsukiko went out drinking with Ryunosuke, Homare and Azusa. She then goes to Mayumi’s house and Mayumi rages at Kanata to cherish his waifu a bit more lol what else is new. I have to give it to Sugita to make some awesome sound effects during the kiss scenes.  With the first game and with Yoh the kisses sounded like some peck on the cheek but I guess Sugita’s done enough R-18 stuff to be pro at this by now (*´д`*)ハァハァ .

Touzuki Suzuya – Suzuya’s route was just a damn shame. Suzuya is my favorite spring guy but his route was an absolute disaster – and not in a good way either. It was worse than Yoh’s in a sense that absolutely nothing happened. The only thing Suzuya really has going for him game wise is he’s everyone “okan” (mom) and he has a jealous side of him when it comes to Tsukiko. That means anyone who event as much as attempts to hit on her will face his rage. When they go shopping one day and some nanpa guys start hitting on her and grabbing her arms he runs over and beats the living shit out of them. Tsukiko has to hold him back before he smashes their heads into the ground. This right here is an awesome plot device which they completely failed to use the rest of the game. They tried to add drama by having Suzuya “hide” his jealousy even with Kanata but I guess that was all resolved after some making out in the nurse’s office.  For his birthday he says he wants “her” but  yea just more lame kissing.

Most of the high school scenario is boring as fuck. It’s just kissing after kissing (and most of it is the stupid face frontal kissing) and then some petty drama. Even when he kisses her in the library which was a great setup – we get a shitty cop-out CG where their faces barely touch (ಠ_ಠ). So then it’s graduation time and they both attend the same college and live in some apartments near each other. She tells Suzuya she wants to enroll in the archery club at that college where Inukai and Miyaji are there too. Suzuya also then takes a part time job at a cafe. They keep missing each other and in the meantime Suzuya’s harem is growing and one day Tsukiko sees some stupid ho hugging him. She gets all pissed off and avoids him for a while using her friend Makoto as an excuse to be busy. Makoto tells Tsukiko if she doesn’t hang on to her man she’s gonna lose him. In the meantime Suzuya is fucking up at his part time job because he’s really upset that his girlfriend is avoiding him so one day he leaves work early and heads straight to her apartment. They kiss and make up and Tsukiko admits that she was jealous of the random hoes jumping all over him. Suzuya then says that he wants the one thing only she can give him – obviously her virginity 😆 So yea they do it キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━(。A。)━(゚∀゚)━(。A。)━(゚∀゚)━━━!! God it was so terribly frustrating that during the broadcast one of the viewers drew a sketch of them doing it and I’m about to color it after I make this post.

I swear if they didn’t do it I’d flip a fucking table having sat through all that boring ass scenario. So then some time passes and Yoh and Kanata come to visit them and they all have dinner together. A year passes by or something and Suzuya and Tsukiko are married living in yet another luxurious apartment watching the stars together. In the special ending it’s another dragout of how stupid and helpless Tsukiko is after she scrapes her foot or something 🙄 The other special ending that unlocked was the “family” one where Tsukiko isn’t with any of the guys but they all go watch the hanami together with their parents. The moms all tell stories about how Kanata used to wet the bed, Yoh used to chew on french baguettes while he slept and Suzuya used to knit pantsu for Kanata & Tsukiko so their butts would be warm in the winter. 😆 They also then bring up the fact that Tsukiko used to make failcakes for everyone. Why am I not surprised.( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ Still I am very disappointed with how crappy Suzuya’s route was. There was so much potential but it’s as if Honeybee just didn’t give a rat’s ass.

Izumi & Haru – Eh Izumi’s first name is like Takatsugu or something but writing and saying that is a mouthful so Izumi it is. I guess moneybee wanted to make more money so they added Konishi and Hino to the cast list as side chars. Izumi’s a freshman and in the Yakuza family and he hates it. He hates fighting but he admires his older brother. He didn’t wanna be in the way of his older brother’s superior achievements which is why he enrolled in Tsukiko’s school. Haru is the “leader” of the yakuza appointed by Izumi’s dad. Haru’s parents passed away and he joined the group at a young age. He had like no friends and a lot of people were afraid to talk to him but Izumi was like “yo bro let’s be BFFS!” Izumi has a huge crush on Tsukiko because he thinks she’s a superwoman that knows how to juggle her manharem 😆 Izumi also refers to Kanata as shishou so he can teach him fighting (suddenly Sangoku Rensenki flashbacks), Yoh as onigiri because he can’t stop bitching about food and Suzuya as okan as everyone else.

There are 3 endings for these two. First ending Izumi tries to save her from some dudes but instead ends up running away with her cause he’s a weak pansy. He asks her to come watch the stars with him and while he babbles about god knows what Tsukiko falls asleep on his shoulder. The poor sap almost craps his pants and then kisses her forehead and babbles about how embarrassed he is. Lol y so cute Izumi? ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆ He tells her that he will do his best to become an awesome hot man for her to fall in love with before she graduates. In end 2 it has Tsukiko spend some time with Haru talking about random crap and then they get attacked by a mob of nukos (who sound awful because Honeybee couldn’t afford to use cat sound effects or else I’m sure someone would bitch about plagiarizing 😆 ) In the 3rd end Tsukiko and Izumi use their lack of cooking skills to make some nasty curry for Haru’s going away party. He eats it anyway and cries a river that someone gave a crap about him. When he leaves he trolls Izumi and says that he will not give up on Tsukiko either. Tsukiko comments how those two went from childhood friends to rivals. Lol meh whatever. Izumi was cute but I couldn’t find myself giving a crap about Haru.

I guess I’m not a huge fan of the Spring guys so I wasn’t exactly pumped for this game. A few things bugged me. For one was the constant switching of POVs from Tsukiko to the guy was really weird. Then the really lengthy monologues by the guy…yea. I mean as much as I love some of the seiyuu it’s REALLY OBVIOUS they’re just stretching time out – especially by adding those extra ends with no CGs. Raul’s speech was unreadable. Ok I get it he’s the french guy, but he doesn’t need to talk in katakana. I tried to read it at first but it hurt my eyes so everytime he came on screen I would just listen.  The CGs of Tsukiko and the guy as kids wasn’t in the gallery for some idiotic reason so I had to go back to the routes just to cap it. Honestly why would you do this?? (ಠ_ಠ)Instead they put that stupid frontal kiss CG which is like a trace of the first game anyway! Not all of us played/own the PSP game god ( ´_ゝ`). The chibi CGs were really cute and I did enjoy seeing them put into the game but I also feel like it was a sacrifice to maybe a nicer CG for another scene like in the original seasonal games. Honestly the entire game felt like it had a lot of potential and setting they could have used but they just lazied out with it in the end. Rather than adding repeated endings of face frontal kissing/reused CGs they could have put more thought into the ONE ending for each guy. It’s as if they took Jackie Chan, put him on a couch with some popcorn, told him to watch action movies – and made a movie of that. Suzuya coulda been maybe more yandere like in the college arc, there could have been something more interesting with Yoh regarding the long distance. I have no issues with Kanata’s route as it was probably the only one with a solid story. I honestly fail to see the charm of spring. The original spring game was meh and well the fandisk sadly didn’t really do that much to develop the characters either. I mean if you’re a starry sky fan and you liked spring I would recommend this but the overall most of the game just felt like a drag  ┐(‘~`;)┌.

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  1. Kiseki> lmao I’m serious though, if that bugs you, don’t even bother. They have a lot of “Switch to point of view of guy” scenes…a LOT.

    Sophia> Enjoy!

  2. but i think its kinda fun to hear what does the guys have to say, we usually only know about the girl’s side of the story and always hear about the guys’ side from the second person POV

  3. I think the guy monologues are long here because they were popular in Autumn and Winter? I at least liked them when they came up. I also wonder if they added monologues in the PSP version for Spring and Summer…
    I’m sad that you were disappointed in Suzuya’s route cause he’s my favorite Spring guy too (I think he’s everybody’s favorite…seriously LOL) but I’ll try it anyway when I get it.
    I also hate it when they make character “speak” in katakana only too. LOL OMG in Lucian’s Bees one of the side characters that help the heroine speaks in only katakana and if it weren’t for Fukuyama Jun’s voice I don’t how I could have read it. I do like this character though…
    Also, I see that you’re doing Clock Zero. I’ve seen so many raves about that game…and that it’s “perfect” LOL despite it being mostly a VN(?) so…I can’t wait for your review on the game. LOL

  4. Fumiko> I don’t have anything against them as long as they are incorporated within the story. For example in Kanata’s when he told us the story about his father or whatnot it was great! However Yoh’s just felt like some self-emoing and repetition of what we already know (we’re childhood friends, I love her, flashbacks etc.) In other words its okay – but in this game it just felt excessive. Maybe if it was with a character I liked I wouldn’t have minded as much? My favorite starry sky guy is Homare.

    Hazuki> I guess? Like I said above – I don’t mind them but only when they are not in excess. They were fine in Fall/Winter but in this fandisk it was just too much. Yea I mean it becomes unreadable. It was worse because it was then mixed Katana with Kanji so that was really a pain to the eye.

    I’ve heard so many good things about clock zero and I’ve had it for some time but I was waiting for some walkthroughs to pop up before I got started. I seem to have finally found a few complete ones which is why I decided to finally get rolling on it.

  5. WOAH they gave Tsukiko an actual face! Awesome!

    I can’t believe Suzuya’s route is just the same recycled plot device from the first game. They could’ve went into why he’s such an Okan or SOMETHING ANYTHING. Well, there goes any desire I may have had to play this game, thanks for the heads up.

    I would also suggest they make him a yandere or something but the Starry Sky series is too PG for that. 😛

    Like you, I’m not the biggest fan of Spring either (mainly cause Yoh annoyed me from the start).
    Anyway there’s so much kissing in this game! Oh and maybe Honeybee knew you were going to play the game if it was good or bad so they didn’t care. Kidding! Maybe.

  7. Actually in the gallery it does in fact include CGs of her without the eyes as well. It’s quite jarring 😆

    They know we’ll play these games regardless cause we’re desperate for more disappointment or something (ಠ_ಠ)

  8. lol havin read ur starry sky in spring review, i’d have thought that u were a huge fan of the game but obviously not anymore eh?
    totally agree that starry sky in spring sucked balls (i think the entire series is pretty meh) – SCREWED UP SUZUYA who’s totally ma fave cuz he’d be crazy yandere if onli honeybees actually bothered to do shit T.T

    awesome review btw lmao matress mambo XD

  9. I’m a huge fan of SUMMER cause I love Homare 😆
    I was never really a huge fan of spring. I mean I like Sugita and Ono but Spring was probably the worst of all the SS seasons for me. I’d almost rather take Iku’s raepist routes than the drag I had to sit through with Suzuya and yoh =_=;;; Too bad we can’t see more of yandere Suzuyan /compensates with ero fanart 😆

  10. Did anybody called Makoto Haruna show up? I went on the honeybee site and saw that he/she (I can’t really tell…argh….too many pretty boys screw up my ability to recognize genders) was supposed to appear in the after spring game. ((and he/she is voiced by Mitsuki Saiga…hnnnngh)).

  11. OHSNAP! She has a face finally~! HOORAYYY~! :DD
    Hm. Kanata’s route seems the most interesting out of the three. o3o Which is good since I thought his route in Spring was… err.. not great. xD
    I’m guessing that since you’re a Summer fan, you’re excited for After Summer? xD

  12. I liked this Game, since it was at least more interesting than “in Spring”. xD
    Out of all Starry Sky-Seasons, Suzuya is my favorite guy. I just love “gentle” guys, even if they are “slightly” possessive. __> Well to sum my thoughts about this game up: Kanata’s route was the best and Suzuya’s the worst. x_x I’m just afraid how Tsukiko will turn out in “After Autumn” (Iku’s route).

  13. Well as long as Starry Sky continues to be all ages I don’t think Iku will pose much of a threat – but yea if this was R-18 he’d be the #1 rapist.

  14. Hmm despite your slightly bad review I think I may like the game~ I like the idea of a more mature relationship between the heroine and guy sorta thing~ although I’m disappointed to hear about Suzuya D: The idea of Suzuya getting angry and beating guys who touch Tsukiko makes me spazz though *^*

  15. I guess all I can say is “you had to be there” during the broadcast to understand all of our pain 😆 I want to like In Spring I really do but I really felt it was one of the weakest seasons of the whole series. I am expecting greater things from the summer fandisk

  16. No way! Starry Sky After-Spring? I just finished playing Starry Sky in Spring and I’m literally screaming right now when I read your review. The summary of After-Spring sure sound lot more interesting than In-Spring xD So *pupy eyes* Where did you get it? *jealous* I looked it up on Google and no results at all. Went to honeybee website and it seem that this After-Spring thing was just released in 12/2010, ahh T______T I bet at this rate, no download for me T_______T Ahhhhhh you’re one damn lucky person!

  17. @.M. Maybe if you would search more thoroughly you would find it =P

    Specially in chinese forums.. keke

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