Otome Game Review: Happy☆Magic!

I don’t think Pony Canyon should ever make Otome Games but they did and I was unfortunate enough to play it. Actually I didn’t really do any background research on this (like I never do honestly) but it feels to me like they just got a bunch of famous seiyuus just to do some drama CDs and then made the otome game as a side thing? Kinda like with Starry Sky. Of course unlike with this game, HoneyBee actually had a decent artist and programmer do the game. Anyway the story is very simple. Your teacher tells you to snag a man before Christmas or something and then you will get a special “jewel” depending on which man you snag. So now with your annoying tsukkomi cat Nyaa (voiced appropriately by ishida akira) our heroine Temari, who is also studying to be a witch, is ready to catch some pokemans bishies!

Minazuki Hakuya – Well the game is VERY VERY short. I mean shorter than Starry Sky even so it didn’t really take that long for Hakuya to be blushing and crap all around Temari. I guess it also helps that he’s the stereotypical childhood friend who’s had a crush on you his entire life and how dare you not notice his feelings! So then to add some stupid drama he starts avoiding Temari at the end because apparently he was afraid he’d just fall more in love with her! How dramatic! 😆 So he reads up on some book that if you go confess your love in front of this hydrangea you two will be together forever. So then they do that and a magical diamond thing forms and Hakuya turns it into a little necklace. The end CG was a crappy hug CG (all we saw was heads). Actually in none of Hakuya’s CGs we saw Temari’s face…this was probably intentional. I don’t know what’s worse that, or no-eye Tsukiko 🙄

Niijima Gaku – Gaku is probably my favorite because it’s the best combo of Suzumura Kenichi & a tsundere character (male). I was like (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァing all over the place rofl. At first Gaku basically tries to tell Temari off by making fun of her and saying her boobs are too small. He says she’ll never make him fall for her and he calls her a masochist because she gets off at him making fun of her. 😆 He uses his devil tsukaima to bring him Italian food because it’s his favorite so for lunch he has huge pizzas and paellas lol. He also practices guitar and he turns abandoned tsukaimas into hydrangeas at the hydrangea garden. He has really powerful magic skills and during the contest he summoned the statue of liberty from NYC (*ノ∀^)ノ゛))アヒャヒャ Eventually Gaku falls for Temari but they cannot be because he made a contract with the devil that the devil will take the one thing most precious to him. In this case it would be Temari and if he admitted to liking her then her life would be in danger. Temari hears about this and says she doesn’t care and he admits it.

The rest of the guys do some research and say that he can give up his “feelings” for Temari instead and her life would be saved. She says that no matter what she will try to make him fall for her again. So anyway his feelings for her are reset, and he keeps telling her to leave him alone etc. Then one day he remembers everything because I guess the magical hydrangea (aka: deus ex machina) preserved his feelings for her and then turned it into a ruby. He then takes the ruby and makes it into a choker for Temari and then babbles for like 5 minutes his feelings to her. I was about to rage cause I thought this was the end but fortunately there was a little epilogue. Epilogue was the two of them going on a Christmas date to a concert. Oh well again, no kissing, I have a feeling this game will not have any kissing. What a bummer. Oh well I really did like Gaku’s route but I’m just going to thank Suzumura for saving it for me 😆

Miyama Hachie – What kind of stupid name is this anyway? 🙄 This guy’s routes were really funny because his happy end was actually pointless and dumb and ended up me missing 2 Cgs. I was like oh screw it so I skipped through most of the game to do the “good end” to see if I could at least get SOME kind of an ending CG. Lo and behold the GOOD end felt more like a TRUE end to me than anything. It actually showed a lot more about his conflict of being honest and showing his “true self” to others. There was some misunderstanding between him and Temari but then he passed a message on to her through Nanase that he’s going to America to help his family but tells her to leave her window open. He comes into it at night (uh oh bed intruder? :lol:) and tells her that he loves her and that he’ll try to be more honest. He also says that when she graduates he will come for her. So yea time passes, she graduates and he comes in a fancy suit to pick her up XD. In my eyes, this is the true end! The other end was so crappy and there was like no plot what so ever! I think you have to do the other route to get some missing CGs so I guess maybe do what I did and just skip through most of the 2nd route until you get to the scene of her running into him and some lady.

Hyuuga Kon – Voiced by Hirakawa sadly Kon sounded too much like Makoto from School Days and as much as I wanted to I just couldn’t take him seriously. Kon is the geek boy who spends all his time doing alchemy and he’s like the perfect student that all colleges want to recruit. He’s even “killed his feelings” so he could concentrate on being the perfect human. Even during the contest thing while all the other guys in the routes did magic tricks, he just….read every single number of pi until the judge let him win just so he’d shut up lol. Unfortunately all his cunning plans go to waste when Temari comes into the picture and he starts to grow feelings of love~ ♡. So then sensei tells Temari that she’s causing Kon to do bad on his experiments/exams so she agrees to not see him. This puts him into an even bigger slump and she wants to go see if he’s okay and he hugs her and cries his feelings out lol. Oh well I guess since he’s the kouhai characters crying is to be expected. So afterward he transfers out so he can concentrate on his studies but he visits her and gives her back her brooch that he re-created. So basically this route was the de-nerding of a nerd. Well it was kinda cute I guess xD.

Nanase Shiyou – This was like the most cop-out route in the game. Also this is the 2nd game ever I played where Yusa Kouji wasn’t some crazy rapist. Shio is in the archery club (starry sky flashbacks lol) and he’s also adopted. He’s in a family of onmoyujis so that’s his talent during the magic show. He goes to eat parfaits for the first time (crazy rabbits flashbacks… lol) with Temari and that becomes his thing. Hey at least the parfaits in this game were drawn well. So then like it seemed like everything was going well, he confessed to her gave her his jewel etc. But then there was this weird epilogue where he was fighting some spirits or some crap and suddenly the screen goes black. Then Nyaa shows up and he’s like “wow what a cop out ending.” See, even the stupid cat hates this game. 🙄 Also I noticed Shio’s born on Valentine’s day lol.

Shirosaki Suiu – Suiu is the teacher who seems to only teach about things witches do. The first thing he does is save idiotic Temari from being hit by a car. He spends like 4 days talking about what witches in Japan should ride on, that they should wear showy panties and they should be able to draw perfect magic circles. 😆 He’s also pretty sloppy and his office is a mess. It’s so bad that when she comes in there to eat his mass of bread (I don’t know why) she ends up sitting on a stack of books lol. He also has strange hobbies like writing romance novels and giving advice to students via his net-idol persona Shisui. He’s made a CG girl and for radio shows he uses some voice changer (but it makes him sound gay rather than feminine lol.) For the magic show he eats somen and he’s really happy that Temari gives him a birthday gift. But yea you know Student x Teacher relationship drama so even after Temari confesses to him he has to be all angsty about it until he invites her over for Christmas and then confesses as well 😆 Well anyway I really did like sensei, and Okiayu-san did a great job with the kansai ben lol. He was definitely more interesting but OH MY GOD THE LAST CG….it looked like Temari’s head was cut in half orz. Great ending ruined by terrible CG. I don’t think the artist realizes the fact that no matter how many sparkles & dodges you add to your image, IT WILL NOT HELP THE AWFUL PROPORTIONS. I realized this sad truth a long time ago (´;ω;`).

So either this game was programmed by a noob or just a complete ignoramus of what a typical game should be programmed right. Even Ren’Py’s default settings are set up better and it’s a freaking open source VN maker. The text was unreadable during event CGs because they got rid of the hideous pink backdrop and since the text was WHITE it blended in with anything WHITE in the CG. The auto mode and skip options were only in config. That means that you go tell it to run automode – then you get to a choice – you pick choice, automode is turned off – you have to go BACK to the config to turn it on. After a while I just gave up and spacebared my way through the game. Aside from the fact that the art was generally hideous (looks like something I drew lol), they were REALLY cheap with the “crowd” images. In scenes where we were supposed to see a crowd I guess, they just took all the characters silhouettes and made them rainbow & transparent. Most games don’t “show” a crowd. They just have random voices there so the reader assumes there’s a crowd. By adding rainbow silhouettes it just made it too obvious of how cheap this game is!

Also back to the auto mode thing, if you picked the text in automode to be faster than the game can think, the game would go mute and skip EVERY VOICE. So after finding out this fun fact I decided to never use automode again, which pissed me off since I had to actually move my wrist every few seconds instead of just sit back and read like I usually do ( ´_ゝ`). At the end of each route you HAD to watch the stupid credits. There was nothing different about them but nothing I did would allow me to skip through them. (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻ Plot was generic & pointless like I said in the intro, art was terrible, programming was terrible. I guess if you’re so inclined to hear your favorite seiyuus just play the route of whatever seiyuu that you like…or better yet skip that and just listen to the drama CD? I don’t know but I hope Pony Canon never makes another otome game again :;:;:;:;ガ―{´_`゜|||}─ン;:;:;:; Also apparently to get the harem ending you have to buy all 6 of the stupid drama CDs. It should be obvious by now exactly what this entire franchise was made for. 🙄

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  1. I went ahead to just reading it all and LMFAO WTF IS WITH THOSE CGs. God they really are just ripping off of Honeybee’s idea.

    \o/ I’ve only heard some of their drama CDs by Ponycanyon – and they’re okay…but I think I’m not ever going to really play this game unless it’s for the lulz.

  2. This might be the first time that I’m glad that we don’t see the girl’s face in the game. LOL Because when I saw for the first time at the official site…I cringed. I thought the guys looked…average. LOL So reading your review has made me have 2nd thoughts about playing it…

  3. The cat is so scary omg. LOOK AT ITS FACE O.O It’s so.. Bloated and scary and twisted and aghhh T0T wthh

    Wait what so Shio dies at the very end??? WUT LOL

  4. Keo> Yea it’s freaking terrible. It feels like a Starry Sky ripoff with the whole good seiyuu bit but then it’s like they didn’t even TRY to put effort into the art or the game programming (or the plot but that’s another story lol.) I wouldn’t waste your time if I were you since there are much better games coming out in the next few months XD

    Hazuki> Oh yea I recall her face on the site was hideous!! Maybe it was a good thing after all e_e;;; Yea…I don’t really recommend at all lol.

    hairband> I don’t know if Shiyou died or what happened it made no sense. The CG of the cat is when he was a kitten I guess? But even when he grows up he still looks weird but I think Ishida Akira did a good job being a sarcastic ass for the voice. XD

  5. I’m so glad you do reviews on these games so I know which ones to play and which ones to avoid. I feel like nowadays games are all about who can draw the prettiest bishounen face and less about the bodies attached to those faces. Actually, I can’t complain too much about this one because the bodies here look decent compared to what I’ve seen from recent otome games *cough*tiaramode*cough*.

    Face on a heroine? That’s overrated XD

  6. lol tiaramode…I think everything was equally disproportional in this game, be it face or body lol.

    honestly this and starry sky are the only games I’ve played where the heroine didn’t have a face 😯

  7. Unfortunately, I played this game too as well…. Though to make a review of it but my laptop died on me because it couldn’t take the sexiness in that game before get to do so. Anyway, I only have played half of it so it doesn’t matter.
    It’s indeed feels like a ripoff of Starry Sky from most of the CG but it was really the worst and horribly done. I doubt and had a though for a second that of “if Starry Sky was like this”. Starry Sky wouldn’t be as famous as now…

  8. lol like I said the budget was all for the voice actors, and then they hired some noob to do the artwork and storyline 😆

    I’m sorry your laptop died because of this terrible game @_@;

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