Otome Game Review: Memories

The story is about Yumi, whose parents have gone overseas to work. She was supposed to go with them but she ended up staying in Japan and transferring to a school that her parents thought was appropriate. It’s the standard school life romance otome game. I’ve never heard of this publisher so this may be a new game for them (?) and the way they did the story I guess I can definitely see that 😆 Spoilers after the jump.

Tozu MichinariThe spoon! He’s the cold strict student council president and he sports the glasses! He also has 3 younger sisters that he has to take care of.  He often asks her to help him with stuff even though Yumi is a total dumbass who doesn’t know how to use a computer like it’s 1992. At one point her bff Yukari tells her that she’s liked Michinari for like ever! Oh noes what will Yumi do? 🙄 Oh wait I know, she gets dragged by Michinari to the student council office where she has sex with him rofl. I mean from one point of view it’s like oh no he’s raping her, but on the other hand she’s like “oh no we shouldn’t because Yukari will get hurt” rather than “we shouldn’t because this is rape.” 🙄 Honestly I don’t know. Then Yukari gets all bitchy when Michinari tells Yumi that he likes her and he cannot lie to his feelings, in front of her. Yukari then tells Yumi she’s a traitor and spreads some rumors about her and then Yumi gets all emo and has to have another 20 questions session with sensei. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

So then Kamijou forces Yukari and Yumi to make up and be bffs again and Yukari says she will give up on Michinari. So then Michinari and Yumi do it again in the student council room (seriously this is not a love hotel stop it!) So then they begin dating and doing all sorts of rabu rabu things. In his 2nd good end, she took him for the first time to a fast food restaurant to try a burger 😆 He rages about how unhealthy it is and how it’s full of oil but then he eats it anyway. So then this scene dragged on and when I thought I could skip…it wouldn’t let me because apparently it was new material but it felt like it was just a rewritten version of what I already played. So then before I almost fell asleep suddenly they were making out in the student council office again followed again by them doing it. エェ━━━━(´Д`υ)━━━━・・・And basically it continues with them being uh an extremely “active” couple… ( *´艸`)フフフ

Asagi Itsuki – Itsuki is the first year student so he’s younger than yumi and he’s the token shota character. He’s also voiced by Yonaga Tsubasa (Giou in Asaki, Yumemishi and the blue haired shota in Pretty Witch Academy.) He’s BFF with Yoshitaka and him and Riko (Yoshitaka’s sister) often take care of Itsuki because of his health problems. He has some hereditary incurable brain disease(tm)  and this causes him to first push Yumi away from him lying that he doesn’t like her. She doesn’t want to give up on him so he eventually admits it was all a lie. He tells her he’s going to die soon and so they hump one last time before his death. Soon after he dies. Well that’s just fucking great. How’s this a true end huh?? ( ಠ益ಠ ) So then he appears in ghost form in the green house telling Yumi that the plants want to go to heaven with him so they bloomed early and wilt when he disappears. Soon after she is able to hear the flowers talk and as time passes she becomes some kind of great scientist for his favorite flower. She visits his grave to let him know this and says she will never forget about him. There was a 2nd (and apparently 3rd) good end where they just did it on a park bench and then got all raburabu and said they’d be together forever. I think I liked this end better since he doesn’t fucking DIE.( ಠ益ಠ ) I don’t know what the point of the 3rd end was it was practically identical to the 2nd. During his ero scenes I thought he was going to die or something. 😯

Saishouji Yoshitaka – Yoshitaka is voiced by Abe Atsushi so I kept wondering why the hell it sounded familiar since I’m watching Kaicho wa Maid sama recently. He spits out Engrish words in every other sentence. Yumi runs into him first when he hits on her in the music store.  Afterwards he keeps on hitting on her and I guess instead of telling him to go DIAF she actually accepts his date invitation. He takes her on a date on his nice yacht and later on they go on a picnic date. I guess he can’t hold his dong in his pants any longer and the magic stripper pants fly off him and they do it on the bench in the green house. So afterwards she thinks they’re all raburabu until she catches him eating lunch surrounded by a bunch of hoes. She gets all upset and cries and so Itsuki then goes and rages at Yoshitaka for making her cry (which then sadly looks like some BL game CG :lol:) So then Riko, his sister, gives her this bitchy advice about how Yoshitaka has to take over the family business and he has a lot of pressure on him so he has to watch his relationships, even with hoes.

Yumi still emos about it, has some tea with sensei 🙄 and then Yoshitaka has a chat with her in the park about everything.  He tells her how he studied abroad in England but he was this huge hikki and then his room mate told him to stop emoing around and be more social. So that’s why he became this annoying nanpa Engrish babbling idiot. So then they go window shopping for the 20th time and do it in some hotel where his magic pants fly off again. So afterwords she decides to become his fiance and so she has to undergo this bridal wife training so she can be appropriate lady-like for the rich heir. After her training he takes her to a fancy shmancy party where he introduces her as his fiance. The ending was so dragged out I almost fell asleep. I think Yoshitaka was funny when he was babbling Engrish but when he got all serious it was such a drag. His sister Riko was annoying and well his hair bugged me out more than Itsuki’s to be honest 😆 I also expected him at any moment to yell out YAMADA!!

Kamijou Hayato – I misunderstood thinking Hayato was her childhood friend when she ran into him saying she met him before. Turns out she ran into him when he was handing out flyers/tickets for his band’s concert when she first moved to this town. From that point forward Hayato fell in love at first sight with her and acted as if she was hitting on him, and gave her cute pet names like “monkey” 😆  He plays the guitar and sings really well so he wrote a love song just to express his feelings for her. He brings her to his studio one day and sings the song for her and suddenly GROPING. See this is weird. He gropes, her clothes come off….suddenly they are kissing and she’s completely clothed again. What the hell 😆  CONSISTENCY. They almost get caught by the other band members coming in for practice but I guess they don’t notice the mountain of spooge on the couch and they go out to have dinner instead. (´・ω・`;A)So then just as this game’s keikaku, Hayato randomly ignores her. I mean with other guys at least there’s some sort of a reason to ignore her but no with him, it’s completely and utterly random.

He babbles about how he doesn’t want her calling him by his first name because it’s soo embarrassing for him. Then he proceeds to avoid her like the plague and she gets all sad and eats lunch alone. So then Michinari joins her babbling about how his sister got dumped by a guy with a similar personality and goes on to say how the two of them should just break up. Yumi gets more depressed and for once Yukari actually comforts her instead of being the stupid skanky whore that she is ヽ(`Д´#)ノ She even tells Michinari to STFU lol.  So then Yumi decides to just chase him around until she can literally hold him down and talk. This continues for a while and eventually she catches up to him and babbles about some bs that she loves him and wants the world to know. And he’s all like YOURE SUCH A GREAT WOMAN AND I WAS JEALOUS (what.) and I guess his magic pants fly off again and they do it in the class room. 🙄 At the end he performs at a live concert (with a very unexcited audience 😆 ) and sings the song he wrote for Yumi.

Onose Atsushi – He is the long haired bishie principal who loves to drive in circles in the parking lot(tm) and drink tea with Yumi. 😆 He showed in other guys’ routes to give Yumi advice and shove tea down her throat but other than that nothing was revealed about him…despite her asking him 20 questions in every route =_=; Even in his own route you have to start doing it as if you were doing Hayato’s path. Then one of his random drives somehow gets her to confess her undying love for him (what) and of course he rejects her due to the whole you’re a student, I’m an adult thing. So then one night he drives her home and kisses her in the car and she’s like OH NO IM SCARED. And suddenly he’s like oh shi’ what am I doing! So he stops and tells her to see him once she graduates 😆 So…then time passes and she graduates and his graduation present to her is the key to his hotel room….where they obviously have celebratory sex cause I guess it’s legal now? 😆 He looked so grotesque in his nude scene though, like some creature from Lord of the Rings ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ In the epilogue she moves in with sensei and everyone in the game comes to help her lol. The game ends with them getting married.


Some CGs made it looked like a BL game.

I have a huge problem with this game that instead of creating more scenes or scenes that are interesting, they would take the same scene and just make it REALLY REALLY LONG. So long to the point that I began to zone out and forget what the hell was being talked about. Half the choices were asking the sensei 20 questions. I know it seems like a joke but when I’m doing Michinari’s route, I really DGAF about what sensei thinks of school lunches okay Щ(・`ω´・Щ)? It also bothered me how they would have sex in the exact same place each time just so that they could re-use the same kissing CG 🙄 In some parts the text would go OFF the text window because it wasn’t properly programmed. In each guy’s route the “dilemma” in between was incredibly stupid except maybe Itsuki’s since his was actually reasonable lol. In the CG gallery instead of showing all the instances of 1 CG in the same “box” they would have like 5-6 boxes with each CG instance just to waste space. All the endings were dragged out way longer than they should and it got to the point of boredom just to be able to finish a single route. I though the art was decent (save for some weirdass ero poses) so it’s kind of a shame the story and planning was so poor for this game.  Hopefully they can replace their writers for whatever their next project will be.

So unless you like Toriumi Kousuke I wouldn’t really recommend playing this game. The heroine is completely brainless and stupid and the plot was pulled out of someone’s butt. Also I noticed I missed a bunch of CGs for not doing the bad ends for Yoshitaka & Hayato but they probably involved rape like Crazy Rapists did so I’m not going to find out.


17 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Memories

  1. O god, Yoshitaka. Every sentence with him was “何とか何とかWHUT”

    …and Michinari complained about that burger for way too long.

  2. This was hard to follow because of the lack of protag voice (although I guess it’s a good thing during the ero scenes LOL) I can’t wait to watch the next one! I hope I make it for the shota part XD

  3. You are on a row with the otome games Hinano! Never actually heard of either this game or the company, so they must be new.
    Wow Atsushi actually waited till she graduated? You mean he actually had some responsibility and knew it was better to wait? That is so rare in visual novels. Usually it’s all like “I know it’s wrong/illegal but let’s do it anyways and hope we’re not caught”. Still not playing this game though, I’m tired of games about high school!

  4. Cheryl> Well I’m most likely doing Sugita’s character first (the one in the banner) so I’m not sure when I’ll get to the shota. Yea I guess lack of voice made it hard to pay attention but yea definitely was better during the ero 😕

    Gothicat> Yea I decided to fly through my backlog (and because I quit tartaros/don’t play Pangya often I have a lot of time.) The game isn’t really worth playing as none of the stories are interesting but at least they didn’t have raep or pedobears 😆

  5. Hee. I was following the 2ch thread on this game and that was enough to drive me off playing it, what with the awful, awful abuse of commas in the trial (seriously, every, two words, there was, a comma, just like, this) and that part in one of the eroscenes where reportedly the characters stop humping to discuss where the guys buys his cosmetics.

    And despite the overall shit quality (some CGs were apparently drawn by ghost artists), they still somehow had the cash to advertise on a huge banner in the middle of Akiba. Class.

  6. Haha whattt xD I didn’t notice the coma thing at all 😕
    I don’t remember them discussing cosmetics, but I coulda just zoned out and surfed the web when they did because it was such a drag. Also ghost artists?? Pretty impressive since the CG consistency was pretty good. Also any idea when that akiba banner was there? I was in Japan in March and I Don’t remember seeing it then!

  7. oh man, the magic pants, the one thing i’ll remember from this game. That was freaking awesome. Also, tea raep. I’ll never look at earl gray the same way again.

    The seiyuu all sounded bored outta their minds (i can hardly blame them) so everything fell dull. the pastel palette did not help matters.

    Also, too many hoes. HOE SYSTEM OVERLOAD.

  8. Great review as always but is it just me or are you speeding through these games pretty fast? not that its a bad thing

  9. Once again, the otome world ruins my hopes of a potentially okay megane character.


    But your reviews are hilarious, everytime I read a new one I nearly spit drink out of my nose. :DDDDDD

  10. yohlovergirl> thanks for sticking around and making the boring game more amusing at least! 😆 Yes I agree too many hoes ( ´_ゝ`)

    Fumiko> Yes! I am trying to clear out my PC game backlog in time for new releases as well as try my luck with some PSP/PS2 emulators so I can play some better non pornographic otome games!

    MP> Whoa be careful not to eat or drink when reading my blog! or you end up like this: ∵ゞ(´ε`●) ブハッ!!

  11. Looks like the art is the only good point (did Oda Suzuka do the chara design?).
    XD Love your hilarious take on these games. Never played an R-18 one, and it looks like I never will. XD

  12. nanashi> I have no idea honestly, I never checked the credits (and if I did I probably wouldn’t be able to read the kanji OTL). You’re not missing out on R-18 games honestly. Most have a pretty terrible plot. All the best games I’ve ever played were the ones that were rated all ages (´・ω・`;A)

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