Otome Game Review: Crazy Rabbits ~Wakaresaseya no Usagiri Jimusho~

So I totally had plans to play the rest of Tiramisu Villa’s games but those bastards made it so that people with good computers and using Windows 7 apparently can’t play them! So yea both Purelover Flavor and Pretty Flap refused to open (would just crash instantly) so I started the next best thing: Crazy Rapists! The game is about a girl named Aoi who I guess is desperate for money (and a place to live) so she joins this agency that breaks couples up…with rape! 😆 Anyway spoilers ahead. Also the OP theme seems ODDLY FAMILIAR.

Unoya Kyosuke – Uh well this game had 4 missions. In each mission Kyosuke would woo some ho and then Aoi and Takumi would provide back up. The stupidest part is we got Cgs of Kyosuke wooing multiple women but it wasn’t until the VERY END that we got any CGs of Kyosuke and Haruka. Even when they had cute scenes together, it would be cut-out only and no CG ( ಠ益ಠ ) It was so stupid honestly and then when we FINALLY get to them being rabu rabu its all of a sudden like…. “I LOVE YOU!” “LETS DO IT!” Suddenly….I’m having twins ending! Oh wait we’re not married. Eventually we’ll get married yea! What. 😕 The route was such a drag that me and people in the chat began calling Kyosuke Samba-man and his sidekick parfait boy Takumi because Takumi likes Parfaits and Kyosuke’s BGM was this weird samba music lol. I mean I liked Kyosuke as a character, but his lack of interaction with Aoi just made the game a drag. Then Aoi’s adventures with the random clients was just stupid. Sorry but some rapist confessing his fake love to her isn’t going to exactly move me here 🙄 I didn’t bother playing the bad end because I heard they were full of rape anyway and I didn’t want to rage quit the game before I finished anybody else’s route -_-;

Inaba Takumi – Takumi also known as Parfait Boy also then takes Samba-man’s spotlight here because during all those scenes Aoi gets captured, Takumi is the one who saves her stupid ass. He loves ice cream as well and he often cooks for everyone at the agency. The two of them get closer when he catches a cold and Aoi nurses him back to health. She then contracts his cold and he nurses her and holds her hand all night. Aww ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆ Takumi’s tragic past is his mother comitted murder suicide on his entire family,( father & sister ) but he somehow survived it. After that he stopped feeling pain. However after he saves Aoi from rapist #1451251 he gets stabbed and then in the hospital he falls in love with Aoi (what?) There he gives her a thorough massage (if you get my drift) and suddenly he can feel pain again! Yippie! In the eroscene all you could see was part of his half naked torso…so I was able to broadcast the whole thing! In the epilogue he moves into an apartment with Aoi, who has now taken up a job at a bakery. Unoya sends them a box of ice cream as a move-in gift 😆 Since I was able to skip most of the b/s in the game at this point, I guess the route felt extremely short but at least any new scenes were only with Takumi so at least it felt like I was pursuing the right character 😕

Inukai Makoto – Inukai is the kichiku megane lawyer. Or so I thought anyway. I guess when you do his good end he isn’t an evil rapist, so that was probably left only for his (multiple) bad ends. Aoi does some secretarial work for him so of course that automatically gets him involved in Crazy Rabbits’ missions. I mean he was so SHOVED into the whole thing it was like seeing 3 circles and a triangle and wondering “what doesn’t fit here.” Additionally because Aoi is a lush, he started going to Blue Moon bar almost daily just to see her, instead of like being in his office working 24/7.  In the 4th mission when she’s babbling about how Shiranui is a nice guy he gets mad but instead of raping her into submission he just smooches her. 😆 After the mission’s over suddenly they are in his bedroom and doing it and suddenly I LOVE YOU. What 😕 At least in the eroscene they were actually naked and I could tell what’s going on. For all I know Inukai was a professional masseur in his 😆 Afterwards she quits her job at Crazy Rabbits because Inukai thinks its too dangerous. The two of them begin dating and then he proposes to her and it ends with a wedding. Honestly I have to admit Inukai’s blushing and stuff was actually kinda cute xD; If you expect him to be a rapist or whatever just play his bad ends, but for a surprising change of pace the good end was alright. It’s just a shame he was practically shoved into the entire story like a 3rd wheel.

Karasuma Reiji – I thought Reiji would be the best character. He’s sweet,  gentle, has a soft voice and works in a bar so he’s a gartender. He speaks English because he apparently studied abroad at NYU (lol). He has a pet bunny named Hana (that makes Inukai rage about health concerns) and he’s the son of the big wig Karasuma group. He even technically owns the Usagiri Jimusho. This makes him pretty awesome right? Or…not. He’s really whimpy and whenever Aoi is captured, she’s saved by either Samba-man & Co. or at the end she’s saved by Kiriko and Ginji. What role did Reiji play in this route? He served her a shit ton of alcohol 🙄 And at the end he’s all like “i’ll comfort you…with my penis.” So they end up at his penthouse (lol?) and do it…and not even in a romantic way! He pushes her against the freaking glass for the whole world to see sigh. God damnit Tiaramode. He also has like 2 bad ends so I have no doubt he becomes an evil twisted rapist in those too sigh. In this route also because he’s such a whimp she almost got raped by Shiranui.  In his end all she does is just end up working at Blue Moon instead of Usagiri. God whatever screw this game 🙄


It’s a trap!

There’s nothing else to say about this game except it sucks. Everyone said it sucks, I can say it sucks without even playing the stupid bad ends. The music is mostly elevator music that made me fall asleep when I was playing while being sick. The only BGM I liked was the one during the ero scene 😆 The guys only have 1 good end and a bunch of bad ends so even if I actually liked a character and wanted to spend more time with them, I’d have to just get raped I guess! No thanks. 🙄  The CGs were an improvement on Tiaramode’s other games, but the lack of romantic scenes didn’t help. I couldn’t care less about a CG of some old hag being wooed by Unoya. I couldn’t care less about the same CG being used over & over every mission and then having them shove Inukai into it during his route. The story was so identical after doing Unoya, I was able to skip through 80% of the game for all the other guys. Do not recommend, very much do not recommend.

….Unless you have rape fantasies. ( ´_ゝ`)

Also I think I would have rather gotten with Erina, than any other guy in this game. I bet that would have been an awesome route. 😆


14 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Crazy Rabbits ~Wakaresaseya no Usagiri Jimusho~

  1. Too bad I missed your other streams, sigh I had school.

    The only thing this game has is nice BGs (then again anyone who can draw BGs is automatically better than me so ;A; ), an otome game protagonist that has a design and voice I like, and Takumi.

    Otherwise everything else was WEEEEEAAAAAAK.

  2. But they all rape you in bad ends right? Because that was my guess for this game. Odd that Inukai and Karasuma didn’t even try to molest her though. They had all the signs of being Tiaramode’s raping jerks, and it’s not like Tiaramode has qualms about characters raping you in their good ends. But meh, no surprises in this game. I did kinda want to play it just to get Inaba’s CGs (I have a fetish for albino guys), but since he has few, then whatever.

    Erina doens’t have a route? Awww, when I saw that CG on the site, I had the slimmest of hopes that she would be a secret character or something. Tiaramode is so dumb they don’t even take advantage of good opportunities like that.

  3. Also, I had the same problem you had with Purelover Flavor and Pretty Flap, only with Crazy Rabbits, which is a recent game so I don’t know what was going on. Maybe my computer was just trying to protect me from playing this garbage.

  4. Mai> You didn’t miss out much since like I said we skipped through like 80% of the game and suddenly the guys liek I LOVE YOU, LETS DO IT \(^q^)/ The entire game was weak so yea good thing you were doing your HW instead of suffering through it like I was lol.

    Gothicat> Yep they rape you in the bad ends – which I didn’t play. Heard it from friends/broadcast viewers. Why should they molest her in the good ends though? They have like 2-3 bad ends to do this! Regarding the startup issue, CR needed a NoDVD patch to run otherwise it would give you errors. For Pretty Flap/Purelover I think it was just a general compatibility issue.

  5. I did use the NoDVD patch, but I still had problems with it, so I just gave up. Not that I even tried to make it work, I really wasn’t all that interested.

    It’s not like characters won’t rape just because you’re on the good route. Remember mirai games (mostly in Sumiro, which you didn’t play, but man, was that one bad)? Sena in UDM? So yeah, I was expecting one of them to rape her regardless of good or bad endings.

  6. Janette> Haha thanks, it’s a lot more active than my anime blog anyway XD

    Gothicat> None of the guys in CR raped you in the good ends. This is a fact lol.

  7. If you’re interested, the fan translation of Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side for the DS has just recently finished. It might still have typos and bugs, but it should now be playable.

    Unfortunately, I’m generally uninterested in untranslated games, especially ones which have more than a few lines of story-relevant text. So in between waiting for a few fan translations, most of what I’m enjoying these days are originally-in-English visual novels. If you’re willing to give them a try, and if you like otome games, then start with freeware like Frozen Essence or RE: Alistair.

  8. I plan to try some English ones eventually since I know the artist of RE Alistair but I’m trying to get through my japanese otoge backlog first. I prefer Japanese games because believe it or not I’ve learned a lot of kanji through them 😆

  9. Crazy Rabbits was a bit of a mixed bag… I sort of enjoyed it since I didn’t have to use any brain cell to understand the story, but at the same time, it lacked romance and relationship build-up…

    I played through the bad ends, and it ruined one chara for me, while being tragic for the rest of the charas. …tragic in the sense of “ho-shit they’re really doing this to character X?”

    And I found it most amusing that in the regular story path (where you don’t end up with anyone), there’s no H-scene to be seen…

  10. Well I figured bad ends would ruin anybody for me regardless. Even if the character himself wasn’t raping her, the idea of rape really bugs me out and makes me rage so I decided to pass. I didn’t bother with the normal route because the romance is all I wanted from this game to begin with and the actual stories really didn’t interest me all that much 😐

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