Otome Game Review: Dessert Love ~Kare to no Hajimari~

There is no opening movie so have some sexy flowers xD

So I decided to marathon all 3 of Tiramisu Villa’s game. I tried playing one of their games a long time ago but I gave up on it. When I revisited their site I realized like half my favorite seiyuu are in their games so it’s time for revenge! So anyway starting with their old game Dessert Love which was released in 2004! The storyline is you’re some 24 year old lady named Haruka working in an office for a company that produces pastries for convenience stores, shops etc. I guess you come up with all the plans/ideas for making the pastries (most of which are pretty nasty like chocolate caviar and maple syrup pizza 😕 ) While working of course, there’s BOUND to be relationships be it with your boss or perhaps that shota you found sitting near the convenience store 😆 Spoilers ahead as usual.

Ichijou Hideyuki – Sugita Tomokazu   キタタタタタタタタタ━(゚(゚ω(゚ω゚(☆ω☆)゚ω゚)ω゚)゚)タタタタタタタタタ━!!!! Needless to say that’s why I did his route first lol. Hideyuki is Haruka’s boss, who sports an ugly all-back hair style which fortunately goes away during private time or ero-time. Additionally hes #2 of the OL “best guys to have sex with” list. (#1 is the erojiji boss *puke*) He’s very hardworking but also very gentle and supportive of Haruka even though she’s not that great of a worker. He supports her because he said she tries her best. There’s not much plotline to this except the fact that Hideyuki’s ex suddenly comes to work at the office. Obviously to her their relationship is far from over and she will do anything to get him, even if it means insulting and putting down Haruka. She knows that Hideyuki’s got the hots for Haruka so she even goes as far as spreading rumors about them in the company. Well her efforts go to waste because both Hideyuki and Haruka are great workers so they are not only fired but they are promoted and make their relationship public anyway. The story ends with them getting married and working side by side as usual. The ero-scenes made me laugh. They had CGs of like Haruka’s feet, or a CG of like…a desk with some papers flying around. OH MAN THAT LAPTOP, SO HOT (*´д`*)ハァハァ Most of the proportions were off but eh not like I can do better so I give them at least some points for the effort! XD

Takashima Yuutaro – Yuutaro is Haruka’s ex-boyfriend. He was childish and immature in the past so they broke up, however they remained friends. Unfortunately Just Be Friends just doesn’t work for Yuutaro and he’s been in love with Haruka ever since. Yuutaro is voiced by Toriumi Kosuke (the spoon!) so he sounds very adorable most of the time in this role. Yuutaro’s also a kindergarten teacher so he’s very good with kids and so of course at the end of the story we get the baby end. There’s a lot of affections between these two that involve alcohol and it seems unless it’s present they can’t be honest with their feelings lol. Sigh alcohol as a plotline. Anyway other than fluff and cuteness there wasn’t really much else to Yuutaro but it was still an enjoyable route. In the ero scenes we got sexy bed sheets and chairs. Oh man I’m telling you that chair and window 😆

Nakazawa Touya – Touya is the shota. Well he’s not really a shota but yea he’s younger than Haruka and the youngest guy in the game. She always meets (stalks?) him at the convenience store. I mean I guess that explains why he’s always annoyed some random lady is telling what to do and what not to do. He’s pretty tsun at first but I guess after Haruka drags him around a lot eventually he gets dere towards her. So his little plotline is he’s Haruka’s brother Ryousuke’s BFF and he’s run away from home.  He stayed with the guy whose apprentice he was for making the accessories…and that guy always brought over lovers so Touya would leave and come back later. So needless  to say that’s why he rolled around the conbini like 24/7 lol. Touya’s dream is to be a silver accessory maker because when he was younger he saw his father give his mother a bracelet and it made her really happy. He wanted to make things that would make people this happy as well. So anyway eventually he confesses to Haruka, we see some hot bed corner scenes and at the end he comes back home and tells his dad about his dreams and stuff. He also stops ignoring Ryousuke and tells him that he’s hos over bros and that Ryosuke should go get a girlfriend 😆 In the epilogue Touya tells Haruka that she took his virginity to which she says she better be his first and last one ( ´^,_」^)ぷ♪

Sakaki Seiji – It’s erojiji time! I know I often make jokes about otome game guys who look kinda old etc but I mean it this time. This guy is 47. He is twice the girl’s age, who’s 24. Come on now Tiramisu really? We needed her to get with the 47 year old guy? Pardon me while I  BARF. ( ´_ゝ`) His story was attempting to create the whole “oh no you’re too young I’m too old” bit. Then there was this whole thing about where she thought he had a wife who was currently separated from him. I just assumed he was divorced. I don’t know why she didn’t assume this either. What. 😐 Needless to say somehow he ended up accepting her after I guess she was soaking wet in the rain being all emo. The ending was bland of them just continuing their relationship secretly at work. Blah whatever. I flew through the ero scene (thank god it was only 1) as fast as I possibly could. Seriously, this character is completely unnecessary. I don’t mind him as like a side char since he is the department boss, but him getting with her was nasty…especially since the game is R-18 yuck!

Ogata Yoshihiko – Ogata is a hipster writer who writes porn novels for a living. He’s also a horrible troll and Ichijou’s BFF from college, so of course Ichijou gets to add some rivalry drama to this story. He hits on Haruka a lot and well frankly I found him more annoying than charming. Also he has this car driving CG that shows up at least 5 times so it makes it seem like they spend half the route driving in donut circles around the parking lot 😆 He  has weird fetishes like collecting women’s lingere and then making Haruka wear it. He says he needs it for “inspiration” so needless to say when she changes into it of course he has sex with her sigh. Haruka is absolutely awful in this route. Also most of Ogata’s CGs are just close up shots of his face so the game makers definitely cheapened out on him 😆 Ogata’s voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki but he has a light sarcastic voice vs his current deeper voice. In the end he asks her to marry him but instead of having this nice wedding ceremony he just shoves a ring on her finger and says they’re married. She quits her job and becomes his manager since he continues his writing work. Honestly it was such a bland route. I couldn’t stop laughing half way through at the stupidity and well during the ero scenes it looked like her boob was dis-attached from the rest of her body 😯 It’s a shame, I think his voice actor is decent but the character was just an ass (´・ω・`;)

Yuuki Kazuomi – Well apparently if you have the normal version of this game you can’t play his route but thankfully I had the special version so I was able to. Yuuki is the fortune teller  at the flower shop who always tells Haruka what guy’s path she’s on but honestly I just wanted to play his route! He’s very funny and adorable, voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue, the role was very good for him. I didn’t like him in some other games I played but I think he did a great job for Yuuki-san. Eventually Yuuki drags Haruka to some work party for another secret job he does (which we never did find out what it was…) and there is where he finally has to set her straight on the fact that he likes her. He’s pretty much put the moves on her from the start but he’d always joke about it so she didn’t take him seriously. At the end he admits that he fell in love at first sight with her when he saw her stopping by his store and looking at the flowers in the window. He was hoping she’d come in one day so when she did that’s where it all started 😆 Yuuki’s a joker most of the time but he’s so sexay during his ero scene (*´д`*)ハァハァ  Too bad in one of the CGs it looked like he had 3 hands rofl. At the end of the game he suggests she move into the apartment with him above the flower shop and calls her MY HONEY XD; He’s probably my favorite character in this game, so I’m glad I saved him for last.



Final Thoughts: What can I say, cheap cheap cheap. Some CGs were reused way past their expiration date. A scene of Yuuki and Haruka getting ready to go to the ball thing, and then coming back and then a 3rd guy talking to them….all the same CG of Yuuki kissing her hand. Wtf? Repeated driving CGs with Ogata, and the random CGs of like flowers, chairs, beds, robes during the ero scenes. Like come on, this is an R-18 game I think we can handle some porn?? 😆 Also some Cgs were a vast improvement on the cutouts (like Yuuki and Touya) but some characters (Sakaki) just could not be saved 😆 Well it’s the company’s first game, it’s 6 years old, I guess I have to forgive them but some of the ero scenes were so poorly drawn I would have almost preferred them to just take them out. I think the kiss scenes on their own would have been fine enough! Oh well if anything, the game is worth playing for the voices especially Yuuki, Yuutaro and Ichijou (oゝω・o)


8 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Dessert Love ~Kare to no Hajimari~

  1. I think the best moment in the stream chat was “BUCHOU ME BUCHOU” (thanks to your husband XD)

    At least Ogata and Yuuki were the most interesting characters in my opinion and I loved Yuuki’s low voice. ;w; Sugita Tomokazu for the win.

  2. Hahaha, yea, Yuuki was one of my favourite routes… along with Ogata. For some reason I found Ogata’s route hilarious XD just the whole thing about him being a playful pervert I guess…?

  3. The only characters I remember from this game are Touya and Yuutaro…and her little brother. I remember just loving her little brother for some reason. I though Yuutaro’s ending was so cute, him yelling “Papa? I’m going to be a papa?” or something like that. Otherwise this game was mostly boring, but like I said before, at least it didn’t fill me with rage. I don’t think I’ve ever played the other Tiramisu Villa’s games. Nor crazy rabbits, so I’ll look forward to your next reviews.

  4. Gothicat> yea I really liked Yuutaro he was really cute xDDD I Don’t think you have anything to look fwd to in Crazy Rapists though..

    sharakael> Ogata was such a troll I was like raging at him most of the time xD

    Mai> LOL yea sadly I have no privacy when I Play these games xDD

  5. Well, if crazy rapist does indeed suck, then I can pat myself in the back because I made a good choice in skipping it. And if someone tries to talk to me about it, I can use the information on your review as a basis. I can talk about in at least a semi intelligent way without having to suffer actually playing it. So I do have a lot to look forward to.

    Plus I wanna see if I guessed right which characters would be rapists. I’m trying to recognize them just by appearance and facial expressions.

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