Eternal Dungeon is a Wall Game.

I got as far as floor 19 in Eternal Dungeon today with a 2 Cromodo/2 Ruko party. Floors 1-10 are alright but I honestly would rather not bother with 11-20 anymore…but everyone does 11-20 anyway.  11-20 just ends up being let’s hit stuff against the wall. It’s not impossible, but in the end its so exhausting because I’m doing barely any damage and I’m at a point where I’m like “god how much more JK must I hit…”  It’s just no fun. I’m glad for the skill point books but because of the death penalty I don’t even feel like leveling my sub characters. Additionally I found out if Tartaros reaches 1,600,000 kb of used ram on your PC, expect a crash. A fresh reboot and 1 run of ED got me to 1,100,000. That’s pathetic MK. Fix your freaking game.

Now that I basically got the ED novelty out of my system, I don’t think I’ll be bothering anymore. I hope the new maps/content is fun because at this point I’m kinda bored with the game again…