This week in tartaros

Sorry another phone post. Double exp for 4 hours on Friday from 6-10 pm Japan time (5-9am est).

New npc avatars. Soma and Pinko look great as usual. Cromodo looks way better as mill than as izan. Karuko and nagola look cute too. Shubalman as landas is hilarious but now ilishia looks like Cecilia lol.

New avatar hiding system. You can still wear your avatar for the stats but hide it for whatever reason. This is great since I really like my Pinko and Ruko outfits more than their avatars right now.

MK is attempting to fix the crashing by asking people to submit their error dump files. Sorry but I’m not gonna destroy my new pc for your sake. m9(^Д^) as an apology they are giving everyone 3 lv 60 and below fatigue erasing pots. They only remove 20% which is kinda lame but whatever.

Not much to do this week I guess since the level cap is still the same. I’ll probably focus on the pangya login event and start on my new otome game.

2 thoughts on “This week in tartaros

  1. It is the experience twice as nice event.
    But the time difference, right?
    I am suffering from time difference I get in pangya USA.
    Because there is an event at midnight.
    Too sleepy(○`ε´○)プンプン!!
    I do my best pangya login event.
    Please do its best new otome games.

  2. 確かに朝早くて起きなきゃllllll(-ω-;)llllllガーン…

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