Man RO2…I am disappointed lol

All screenshot credits to Project Revolution.

Male character. Okay. I’m down with this. He looks kinda cute, we can roll with it.

Female…no. Just No. Breasts. Face looks hideous. Those eyes…they STARE INTO MY SOUL 😯 Oh well, since my main character on Tartaros is a guy, I suppose its the new era of xdressing in MMOs for me 😆 Pangya is probably the only game I’ll play as the correct gender because most of the pangya guys are badly modeled and get no items anyway 😆

7 thoughts on “Man RO2…I am disappointed lol”

  1. Ooookay ? The girl may have nice breasts but they probably thought super big eyes would make her cute but I just she looks creepy…Fail.

    however the rest of the game looks pretty nice…

  2. I have a feeling maybe the guy who like “picked” the face style has no taste at all lol. There’s no way that the girl faces are all that ugly!! At least I hope not…or it’s xdress for me!

  3. male char: looks like it came out from a cooking shoujo manga hahah

    female char: hahah strange face… yamamba make up?
    the neck seems to be a bit off too @_@
    hmm also its true enough that female chars determine the success of the game..
    so if all female characters look like that. orz

  4. LOL from the comments on that RO blog a lot of people really like the look

    I think the problem is you can change the skin color of the face, but not the body thats why the female looks so weird. also those eyes creep me out.

    regarding the chef outfit, I think that’s like some new class or something they are messing around with XD

  5. Heh…is it just me or the skin on the girl’s head does not match the rest of her body? Or is the rest supposed to be a blouse or something. No since I can see her cleavage, so the skin doesn’t really match.

    And the eyes…they either aren’t finished, or its the “soulless” or “hypnotized” anime eyes some people find attractive for some reason. Also, everything on her seems poorly textured.

    The boy really is cute though, so if I do give it a try I’ll play as a boy too. Red hair and purple eyes, what a cute combo. Way to hook me in RO2.

  6. “I think the problem is you can change the skin color of the face, but not the body thats why the female looks so weird”
    But the boy seems to have the same skin colour as the skin on her head, so if anything, it seems you cannot change the skin on the head but you can change the body skin. Also the eye colour seems to be almost the same as her skin, so that may add to the weirdness.

    PS: Sorry for double post.

  7. I saw some of the other screenshots of the girls, they had less “dead” looking eyes so I’m guessing that’s just the “default” set. Maybe if you can customize it more, I’d definitely play as a girl but if it’s as hideous as the above lol guy it is for me XD

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