Couple notes from 4gamer about Eternal Dungeon

  • Minimum level requirement is 52 so I guess we don’t have to rush to 54 – but if I don’t play this week I’ll miss the remaining chances for me to get the stupid sunflower seeds blah.
  • You will be able to access Eternal dungeon via Westy (Challenge lady) but from the screenshots it looked like people were completing quests there?? Not sure on this one.
  • Once you do floors 1-10, you will receive a ticket that will give you access to floors 11-20. Every single person must have this ticket in your party to be able to go to the next floors. I think in the update we’re only going to get floors 1-10 implemented. 11-20 are probably coming later.
  • I am seeing armor, weapons, new shoes & new belts in the drop box. Nice.

In other news, I filled out the stupid MK survey. Told them I wanted Vocaloid outfits, wedding dresses & tuxedos (and yukatas.) Also told them I want the death penalty back to the way it was, I want them to get rid of the idiotic fatigue system and told them to never do whore events again. Also said I want voice macros for stuff like yoroshiku or otsukare cause saying otsukare after every run, 7 times per character can get annoying. Also suggested they implement some kiss emoticons and a wedding system (lol yea right but I can dream!)

In other news, crashing has not been fixed. I’m 30% away from 54 though so I figured I’ll run the last home stretch Saturday, Sunday & Monday while the sunflower event is going on and then maybe finish it off with Ruko/Pinko on Tuesday & Wednesday. The crashing I think is fatal to your computer. Another Japanese Tartaros blogger  I follow said his computer crashed & would not boot up either so he had to get a new one. Somehow I don’t think this is a coincidence. 😐


Pangya x Durarara Ending Parody

Omg it’s late and I have to get up for tripple exp in like 5 hours what am  I doing /(^q^)\