A slap in the face by MK Style.

I woke up this morning and checked the Tartaros site for updates  from my phone (since my computer’s dead until I build a new one 😆 ) I saw some weird event and I clicked on the announcement. Since my phone can now play niconico I played the video….only to see a bunch of fucking whores spreading their legs and taking their tops off and showing their (lack of) tits.

WHAT THE FUCK!? Needless to say a few hours later the movie was removed because a lot of players have raged in multiple threads on the Tartaros forums. MK doesn’t seem to realize most Tartaros players are girls and girls don’t wanna see fucking AV porn sluts geez. Anyway just for the hell of it I decided to translate some comments from the forums. Translations below the jump.

I think this will make some people quit the game.

I think I’m going to quit.

I can’t believe this. I really hope they stop this event.

I have no idea where Tartaros is going anymore. As a female player, I want to throw up.

This has nothing to do with the game image so I want them to stop this.

This is sickening, please stop this right away.

I’ve played 3 different kinds of MMO games and this is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this..

Is this some kind of a porn movie…

What the fuck is this shit. The movie ends with some girl taking off her school uniform in front of a leering old man? What the fuck is this shit. This game has female players too you know!

This makes both men and women sickened I think. Actually I enjoyed this game with my child, but now it’s been ruined. I don’t think I can login normally tomorrow. I’m completely bewildered.

This is horrible, I wish I never watched that video..

The maintenance was extended because of that stupid video? I don’t care about extensions but please remove it.

Theres like a bunch of threads now with multiple replies. They did erase the movie but it feel like a slap in the face. I have no desire to spend anymore money on this game. Whoever made this update should be fucking fired. I guess maybe it’s a good thing I can’t really play until I get a computer running since I’m so sickened I don’t really want to play anyway. I think a lot of people quit because hardly anyone buys anything anymore and there’s hardly anything for sale. Instead of giving us a preview of new content they give us fucking whores. I hate to say it but maybe Tartaros is really coming to an end. It was such a fun game but apparently the staff both in Japan and Korea doesn’t seem to want to progress with it.

I watched a movie on Nico the other day of the new level 52 challenge. All that and the only drop (with 4 people) was a C stone. A C stone? Really? 😐 Pretty pathetic. I had though of spending money but after this disaster I’m glad I didn’t. This is absolutely unbelievable.

16 thoughts on “A slap in the face by MK Style.”

  1. They need to apologize, I think a compensation package of free games and 500 points will do.

  2. I thought it was a bug but it was actually an event to promote the game or something…?

  3. the event page is still there but they removed the pornographic video. I don’t understand the event at all. it has nothing to do with the game, it shows a bunch of porn idols and it pretty much pissed off every single female player on the server

  4. Wow, whem I first heard about it I thought the site had gotten hacked or something. <_< This is absolutely shameful, Mk-style I am disappoint.

  5. yea I’m so disappointed that even news of season 5 of pangya excites me – even though I won’t be dealing with Japan’s blocking b/s anymore and Pangya BR is eternally screwed to bother with anyway

  6. @ham – 500 points is not nearly enough to quiet the rage, lol. I was thinking more like $50 worth, not $5!

  7. long time no see XD
    dead pc and game pr0n, must suck @_@

    too bad these games only seem to become harder to install(more video, more ram, bigger to download, etc) and feels like they never think about the whole stuff. they’re not like rag, which was quite long btw.

    on the bright side, at least starcraft2 is out now =D
    and also, project diva 2nd, which is quite fun, but a bit more hard T___T

    ah, about the new parts: just remember to remove static before touching anything, take pics to remember cable positions if you need. (thats how i opened up my laptop heh. besides that, the only thing you need to worry is the cpu, since you gotta change the thermal paste.

    good luck with your new parts =D

  8. Well I guess all the complaints worked because MK stopped the event and issued an apology. So much for 500 game points 😛

    Berz> Newegg is sending me a free anti-static cable actually! It was part of some promotion. I doubt it would be an issue though mainly because its so fking hot and humid here static is the last thing that happens lol

  9. 500 points, really? But where are the free games?

    It would be nice if gamepot could do the same.

  10. So what the hell where they actually planning to offer with the event? Would you have to pay to have your characters have a “take clothes off” option? Nude skins? Whore outfits? A sex themed dungeon? What??

    But besides my curiosity, it is pretty bad. Yeah I know Japan is riddled with perverted stuff, but in games like this it usually is just a few whore outfits and the abundance of lolis for no reason. Because you may want some eye candy, but if players really want sexual content, they play a visual novel, or Illusion games. I’ll admit to playing most of Illusion games (eh not so much anymore, because their newer games have no customization) when I’m feeling frisky and have nothing to do. I think most people either do that or watch porn, so I’m not ashamed. However I do not want that in every single game I play. This was an MMMO, not a 3D hentai game.

    Did the video at least also sexualize the males? Or did it just show females being whores? Because at least the first option would show that they’re not trying to sexualize only women. If not, then I can understand female players feeling harassed with this, because it was clearly made for male players with no regards to their female customers.

  11. Why does this make me more sad than angry?

    It’s like they don’t stop to consider players feelings, period.

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