Massive upgrade system update.

Wow okay so let me explain wtf they did to the new upgrade system. It’s good and bad at the same time. More updates after the jump =v=;

First are the joukyuu safeties (the yellow thing.) Previously when you used a safety if it failed and broke, your weapon would go back to level 5. With these new safeties, it will only go down between 0-2 levels. So for example you upgrade a weapon say from 10-11. It fails. Instead of going back to level 5, it will only go back to level 9 at the most. In my eyes – good improvement. Now for the bad. From what nyasu tells me, upgrading from 1-5 is now 100% since it won’t break if it fails anyway and this way you won’t waste stones going from 1-5. Going from 6-10 appears to have been unchanged so it’s still 60%. With the new stones you can get it up to 80% which will be a higher success rate. However now going from 10-15(?) its only 30%. Using a level 3 stone though you can make it 50% so I guess it’s not so bad.

So basically you can craft these new blessing treasure stones (shukufuku no takara ishi) by being in a guild. You can get blessing dust from the guild lady (Nyasu tells me our guild has to only be level 1 which it is so this is possible.) 10 of these will make 1 blessing ruins stone. 15 of these blessing ruins stones will then make 1 blessing treasure stone level 1 which increases upgrade chances by 8%. 5 of these will make a level 2 stone which increases upgrade by 14%. Then 3 level 2 stones will make a level 3 stone which will ultimately increase each upgrade by 20%. You can bypass crafting the first 2 things and just buy the level 1 stones from the cash shop if you’re too lazy though. For each C upgrade you will need 3 of the level 1 stones – not sure if you need less if you use a higher level stone. Sigh this is complicated 😐

There’s a new cash item in the wild. It will change the stats on an existing weapon/armor etc.  So in the image above this person wanted to change their plain ol’ boring magic attack +50 weapon to something else – it changed to physical attack +42 and attack speed +1. The stats it changes to are completely random. I have a feeling this also means it could change it for the worse – you could instead then get stupid crap like physical attack for a character like Nagi or Aerlot. Not really worth it in my eyes, I’d rather just buy an item with the right stats e_e;

The new lottery item is just taht stupid tiger mask and tail set but it’s now a permanent thing instead of a rental. Wearing this set gives you dodge +10 and movement speed +3. If you don’t have that previous lottery belt that gives dodge +5, this is actually a pretty decent set. Also in this box are permanent version of the school weapon avatars (basically like cromodo’s microphone, Ruko’s ruler, etc) that will give a random stat like attack speed +3 or con +3. I don’t know, in my eyes the bathing suit avatars had better stats so…passing on this crap.

Some new cash shop items include
1. Some item to help you win in vs mode (whatevers)
2. An item that gets rid of all status ailments – I hope that includes stun lol. Man that would be useful!
3. An anti-knock back resistance potion for the whole party
4. The cost of the level 1 blessing stones in the shop will be 50 yen each or 11 for 500 yen (save some money in bulk.)

As usual new challenge = time race. The party (?) I guess that does it the fastest will get permanent avatars as a prize. Needless to say, the party with people who have level 15+ weapons will probably win again. Sigh.

There are some new guild items Nyasu screencapped for me.

The new guild shop items erase status ailments based on the property they are from. For example if you are bleeding you get the korosuki potion. If you are frozen you get the anti-freeze. Now most status ailments you can live through but the worst ones are the earth ones – bind, and stun. Hopefully the earth potion clears this – I haven’t tested it yet but if this works this would be like a godsend  for any golem map or Kaizoku M map. All items are guild level 1 and require only 10 guild points. Hopefully this will motivate everyone to grind more, submit more points and get the items 😀

Next is the watermelon  search event. I think it’s similar to the black dragon event where you gotta find it in a certain box on the map and kill it. It will look like this:

When you kill the melons you will receive a treasure box. The treasure box will give you a random item like Cp books wing portals the usual crap. However if you’re extremely lucky, you will get either an eye mask, a head melon or a back fan. The headmelon and the back fan combined will give you movement speed +2 and all attacks +100. The back fan will give you dodge +5 😯 and one of the eyemasks also gives dodge +5 😯 Holy cow dude. My dodge on Ruko would skyrocket if I got that 😯 The other masks give either con +5 or critical +5. I’m sticking with the ice bar for Cromodo but I could definitely use that Crit +5 or con +5 mask on my Pinko! So yea this is the one event you don’t wanna miss. Once I find out what maps the watermelon shows up on I will make a separate post for it.

There are new cash rental items which are pretty good if you’re into that but there are some new level 52 items. The most prominent one is the level 52 tail that looks like a fish net. It gives crit +5 and all attacks +100. With this tail who the hell needs the shit from the sheep challenge! It sure as hell would beat the POS crit +3 thing my Cromodo is wearing now anyway >__>

I’ve not tried the new map but it seems to be a “protect” type map but you’re protecting your ship crew instead of some stupid sheep lol. I guess Nagis are gonna have the pressure on them to protect both the party and the NPCs!! Anyway massive update, and here I thought I’d make more progress on my otome game….!!

4 thoughts on “Massive upgrade system update.”

  1. Nyasu just told me the prices and stuff…
    you need to spend like 3 million per upgrade to have an 80% chance from 5-10.
    Then on top of that you need to spend 200k (+the money to make level 1 stones) just to make the Super safeties. Also you need the regular safety on top of it.

    It’s so ridiculous, I’m not even going to bother. I think they made it so complicated, that now nobody is even gonna spend money,.

  2. Just curious – is Tartaros really strict on speaking english? >.> I remember the old Ragnarok days where if I spoke english on the korean channel the koreans would flip and screenshot me for report. XD I can read a little korean, but can’t speak it at all hahahah.

    I lost two accounts (some of my good guildmates reported me ><) that way and finally gave up when my proxy server got cockblocked by my firewall indefinetly. XD

    (I also just got into poupee girl because of your posts! It's very fun.)

  3. basically what you said there is what will happen if you speak it in public. there’s no point of speaking english in public because 1. you will be ignored 2. they will make fun of you in japanese 3. someone will report you.

    any english friends i had join the game immediately join the guild and talk in guild chat so we all understand each other and help each other. i mean otherwise there is no point of speaking english in public anyway. i never play on korean servers because I don’t know korean, i can’t read korean so it’s just a waste of time to me

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