Oh look another loli.

Gamepot Staff01: So, we’re losing a lot of players lately. People aren’t blowing as much money on our recolored gacha….nobody seems to care about Cecilia’s birthday event…what should we do?
Gamepot Staff02: How about releasing Max Lucia’s motion item?
Gamepot Staff01: Hmm…we released it but people only bought the pang one so we’re not really making money here..!
Gamepot Staff 02: Uh…how about we release a new character?
Gamepot Staff 03: Alright time for a shota to pair up with Kooh!
Gamepot Staff 01: BAKAMONO! Don’t you realize most of our profit comes from the female characters? We need another female!
Gamepot Staff 02: How about another loli instead!
Gamepot Staff 01: I like your thinking! Let’s do this!! (`・ω・´)キリッ
Gamepot Staff 03: (I hope it’s a trap…)

And so, Nell was created.

Why add Open Tournament? Super Shuffle Mode? New course? LOL. Let’s just take Kooh’s model, change the default hair and give her a pet cat mascot and a seifuku for extra fetish! Oh and I’m sure she will be flashing her panties twice the number of times as Lucia.

Also I really don’t know what the excitement is over the illustration. If you didn’t already notice illustrations of Pangya characters by Easycrew GREATLY DIFFER from the actual character models. Blah whatever, I haven’t logged into Pangya since March and I couldn’t care less at this point. I was hoping eventually I’d come back someday if there was like a major game rehaul, but as I had expected the only “rehauls” are just adding more shit to make money off pedophiles poor suckers.

12 thoughts on “Oh look another loli.

  1. If it’s a loli, I wouldn’t worry too much for Kooh, but if it has a p0n0s, then it is an entirely different story.

  2. I do agree with the dialogue lol…I bought the pang one and that’s it xD Made me laugh

    I have to say I’m still kinda excited since well…that’s a new caracter after two years so … yay ? But it’s indeed true that they made a loli for money and I’m disapointed on that point.

  3. Shin> I doubt they’d make it a trap. It looks too much like a loli to be a trap anyway >_>

    Main> yea I’m like excited just to see new updates – but not excited enough to come back lol.

  4. This is is just a final statement by PangyaJP – it’s not about players, it’s all about money -_-‘.

  5. Yeah but it was never THAT obvious, this new chara is like a big banner on PangyaJP main site that says “Gimme all teh money you bunch of lolicon faggots!!”

  6. Hahaha I guess it felt more obvious to me since I read a lot of Japanese blogs. I mean during the Pangya Japan cup tournaments last fall, one of the questions was “why are all the female characters panties so elaborate” and the staff answer was “its my dream” 😆

  7. Hmm, I don’t get it, if they already have a loli, why bother making another one? I know it’s for money, but if that fetish is already filled why go for another. For example, if it were me I would make a cat girl since it’s one of the hottest fetishes in Japan, and lots of Americans like it too. Making another character that has the same role seems like a waste, I can’t see them making that much money out of this. But then again I do have the tendency to underestimate people’s idiocy so I will most likely be proven wrong.

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