How to achieve perfect dodge.

I just read on a Japanese blog that perfect dodge in Tartaros is achieved at 70. Currently my Ruko is at 50. I’ve come up with a sure fire way to get 70 – unfortunately it’s costly and something I’m not going to do on a game with a lack of a foreseeable future.

So Ruko starts with 26 dodge by default.
+4 = Level 28 tops often have 4 dodge in them.
+4 = Level 28 pants often have 4 dodeg in them too.
+6 = Cash umbrella, 600yen a month(About $6.85)
+8 = Pirate set. The hat & eyepatch are 600yen/month each (bagpack is permanent). That makes it $13.70/month.
+5 = Tail belt from the recent lottery boxes (I have one.) It’s permanent fortunately =_=;
+17 = 1 level 5 dodge stone, 2 level 6 dodge stones (yea good luck getting/making those…)
Total Dodge = 70
Total Monthly Cost = $20.55

Wut. 😐

No thanks lol. Getting the level 6 dodge stones alone is a pain in the ass as it is but paying that much a month? LOL plz.

3 thoughts on “How to achieve perfect dodge.”

  1. This just makes me appreciate SOOOOOOOO MUCH that I don’t have an MMO to play in my life anymore. XD

    20.55 a month that’s like my internet bill XD

  2. i mean I don’t pay that much. in fact I’m now trying to spend less money on the game because the content updates have grinded to a halt at this point.

    you’re not REQUIRED to spend that much but some people wanna be superman with their characters so they will spend whatever it takes. Honestly when I play with friends I don’t even care about such things. It seems like the pressure of playing with public parties makes one feel that they need to have the top equipment or else they “hold everyone back”.

  3. Right! It takes all the fun out of playing with complete strangers.

    Back in the day I joined a bigtime PvP guild and one of the requirements was a 10$ item, that discouraged me a whole bunch from pvping
    (plus I get nervous/scared when I pvp XD and start shaking hahaha)

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