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Sorry I just gotta rant something out about the game lately…

I am hoping what’s happening with Megaten will not happen with Tartaros but it feels very inevitable. There’s been no new scenario added for 2 weeks going on to 3. I am somewhat close to level 51 and at this rate I’ll be 52 before they even add the new scenario. During the last “cap” I was busy leveling up Pinko & Ruko so I had something to do but now Ruko and Pinko are both 49 and they will probably hit the cap a week or 2 after Cromodo does.

Now what? 😐

I check the Korean site once a week to see if there’s any new content and they don’t even have an update with the swimsuits? Is it like Pangya now where Japan has control of the content? Tartaros Taiwan seems to be caught up with Japan but what is happening in Korea? I got hope from that 4-gamer interview thinking new stuff is coming but I guess if I think about it – after Berto is only Berto part 2 and after that there’s nothing…

The game is becoming very frustrating but I put about $325 into it and I don’t want to quit now 😦 Here’s what’s making me not want to play though:

  • I broke 11 level 48 Pinko weapons trying to get them (without safeties) to level 10. I got 2 to level 9 before breaking. Maybe about 3-4 I got to level 8. 2 I got to level 7 and all others broke from 5 to 6. If I had just saved money, I could probably just buy a level 48+10 Pinko weapon from the freaking auction house -_-; I blow at least a million every time I try to upgrade to +10 just making C stones! Anyway I’m done gambling weapons now, I’ll use my 40+10 forever if I freaking have to.
  • I’m going to update my leveling guide up to 52 since I’m reaching it but basically I’ve been doing the same 2 maps (Kishidan Ex, Dendou Ex) for the last 5 levels for all my characters. I joined a few parties to do Master maps in Berto but in the end, Kishidan has the easier/same exp maps. There’s just no reason to play in Berto except to finish your 1 time quests because at this point even .1% of exp makes a difference. Due to this I’m afraid people are just gonna quit. I can barely get JP to play with me anymore so I have a feeling some of our lower level members will probably ragequit somewhere after level 44.
  • Because it’s  so hard to level up and the maps are so hard, it’s incredibly frustrating when you join a party with a Nagi who doesn’t heal. Seriously if you’re a Nagi and you don’t heal GFTO the party. I don’t need your pixie circles, and I don’t need your fking sheep. I need your true healing and if you can’t true heal my Cromodo, he will die and if he dies his fatigue builds up REALLY FAST. So yea needless to say the moment I join a party with an idiot Nagi, I leave after 1 run.
  • Lack of updates isn’t motivating either. Where’s the Berto scenario? I know it exists, why do you release a new town without a scenario? Lack of good drops from the level 48 challenges makes me not want to do them. I have a million CP scrolls sitting in my inventory and I’m not using them because I couldn’t care less about doing a stupid challenge where craft pieces drop. That’s great I’ll go craft shit and it will give me physical attack for a Cromodo top. They totally nerfed crafting so now anything you craft will turn into shit anyway.

This game is still new. I realize this. But now that I think about it, Megaten was pretty new too and it failed pretty early on as well. It got to the point where people in the JP servers wouldn’t party with you unless you had the most recent gacha items on because the dungeons would be so hard that without them you’d just be a waste of space. Tartaros is still playable even if you don’t have a level 10 weapon but in challenges people get all pissed if you don’t apparently 🙄 I prefer to party with the guild but it’s hard to catch everyone on at the same time sometimes and I have multiple characters so I’d have to join strangers regardless

Additionally in case you didn’t know, a lot of stuff on the Japan server that’s lottery is still rental in Korea. Why? Because they know Japanese love to gamble their wallets away and they probably made enough money to send the entire company to Hawaii with the swimsuit lottery box. (Hell they made $30 on me alone…) The lottery is now like a monthly thing. The lottery items are progressively getting better. NPC & school outfits are crap in comparison to the stats you get from the swimsuit items.

And finally…the hacking issue still is unresolved. Every Monday MK posts that they’ve banned 100+ people for RMTing and “other miscellaneous issues”.  A recent report someone said that they got hacked even though they frequently changed their password and renewed their security card… There’s also no confirmation saying that MK has given them all their stuff back. This tells me that MK doesn’t even keep backups of accounts.  I honestly don’t know what to think anymore. If this happened to me I’d quit and never play any of MK’s games again.

Anyway stuff like this really saddens me. Online games aren’t supposed to “come to an end” but I feel like it’s happening too frequently with the games I’ve been playing. Yea technically the games I quit are still running but it’s more of like “running on anyone still left trying to get value out of the time and money they put into the game.” I hope they add new content soon. Having an event where they constantly give the same stupid Ilishia avatar (for 7 days wtf) isn’t going to make me want to play. Having an event where the reward is CP books when the challenges hardly drop any rares doesn’t motivate me either. Come on MK get it together! 😦

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  1. I don’t know, I wouldn’t use the Korean Tartaros website to judge what’s happening with Tartaros Japan, since the KR site really isn’t as kept up with as Japan’s, from my perspective.

    And about the hacking issue, I’m thinking that screenshotting all of your chars and inventory like once a month might be a good idea, just in case you are hacked and can complain to MK-Style and have proof of what was on your account. I also change my password like every 3 weeks or so, so to STILL get hacked after going through the security measures is really frigging disheartening to hear. =___=

  2. Wow, I knew this would happen to you sooner or later, but so soon? But then again, like I mentioned before, it’s the eternal MMO curse, it either becomes a frustrating grind fest or the service becomes crap. Seems that Tartaros is becoming, a shame you spent so much money on it already.

    I never ever spent money on MMOs even if they give me a huge advantage because I know it will be waste when it succumbs to the curse. And a free to play game that forces to buy weapons with real money to even be able to play in later levels is just a shitty game, kind of like those games with pay DLC that give you huge advantage over others. With the money you invested you could have bought some console games that you could be playing right now. If you do become frustrated is there even any other MMO that you’re interested in besides RO2?

  3. I mean this game doesn’t force you to spend money. But yea spending money gets you some things faster. Problem is console games bore me. I have a wii that’s sitting in its box and I haven’t taken it out since we moved because I’m like “what am I going to play here…”

    Its true console games are a better value, but in my eyes, mmos are more fun because of the factor of making friends and playing with those friends. Playing games alone on a console is a lot less fun for me so I don’t see it as a waste of money or anything.

    I do feel Pangya was a waste since nothing you spend money on in that game will significantly improve your game. It’s all about math and calculation crap so spending money is just to “look pretty” or whatever the hell their latest lottery is. (and the chances are awful so its a lot worse than tartaros.)

    Tartaros is still new but I thought about it – its okay that it lacks content. This gives me a chance to catch up on otome games/anime etc. The updates have been so frequent the last 7 months that I’ve gone completely behind on all my other activities 😆

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