Recent events game diary etc..

It’s been a while I guess so here’s a game diary post xD; Backtracking a bit back to May 30th..

Elpintos get!

Me and Nyasu got Elpintos yay! Except I made mine have white hair now haha. Currently Elpintos is level 20. As much as I want to level her my priority is Ruko and Pinko right now! You’ll have to wait a bit Elpin-chan!

Cromodo's grandiose plans to hit on Nagi were interrupted by certain slowpoke.

We spammed the level 14 (?) challenge to get some Elpintos outfits at least 6-7 times with no success e_e;

How hideous

I got Cromodo’s level 17 outfit instead >_> lol. That went into the NPC obviously lol.

Tried my luck with Ramia challenge for the first time in a random party. It’s actually pretty easy to do but the rewards are pretty much a mass of crafting pieces. Well I suppose that’s one way of gathering them if you want to make something – rather than trying to spam master of a regular mission map ^^; The exp book is pretty nice too for leveling up your sub characters.

Mimi step!

Picked up nice weapons/armor for Pinko and Ruko and now they are pretty much my 2nd hand (wo)men. They’re both around the same level now and I actually prefer using Ruko in the Robodonjan and Yggdrasil tree challenge because so many things interrupt your attack in those that it’s much easier to maneuver. I still prefer using Cromodo for the ice dragon because he has high magic defense.

Moe Michel as usual

Tesbell has become a lot easier now with everyone being over level 44. I still prefer Cromodo simply because he kills the ice wall in room 3 in like 2 hits 😆

Sad boys (and loli) in Kaver shard

Spamming Nintai M in Kaver shard continued until both Ruko and Pinko hit level 42. I picked up level 40 stuff for both Ruko and Pinko since the prices dropped.

Grinding up my pupils!

So yea basically I was tanking everyone on the last map of Rotrua on Master. Ice dust is so helpful when gathering a large mob and then frying them all at once! 😆

World Cup is starting this weekend so I picked up the Japan uniforms for Pinko and Ruko. Not that I have some Japan pride but DO NOT WANT Brazil, and well I didn’t really like the colors of the Argentina flag on Pinko so I picked up these instead. I’m thinking of Italian uniform for Cromodo though because I like the light blue. I’m holding off for now because I feel like it’s a waste buying a uniform for a character I don’t use except for in challenges. The stats on the uniforms are pretty nice and it beats the stupid lottery box…

…which btw I won a stupid spirit attack +106 stone (if anyone wants me to try to slot that into their weapon for free let me know cause I sure as hell don’t need it.)

Obviously shimapan lol

Not that I’m surprised they added this for Pinko lol. It’s like every time we defeat a boss I get this angle lol. Normally my pinko wears shorts but ya… 😆 Ruko wears a pair of shorts so I guess her “fanservice” would just be her boobs.

Perias Expert is alright. It’s pretty doable with chars 41~45(?). (41 only if you have a level 10+ weapon) The only issue is the freaking boss and the falling columns. If you don’t get away in time they hurt. If you are Pinko it’s really hard to get away. I died all morning but with Ruko it wasn’t so bad. Anyway I gotta get packing for my move next week so I may not be on as much this week but we’ll see!

2 thoughts on “Recent events game diary etc..

  1. pupil grindan for ze ween.
    Your Ruko is so cute xD
    I was GONNA play more tonight but stupid maintenance. 😦

  2. yea I logged on for about 2 hours until maintenance time ^^; its no biggie. i don’t know why they can’t fix everything in one maintenance but I guess its better that they at least fix things and not leave them screwed up like certain other companies 😡

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