Uninstalled Pangya this evening.

The only thing that would have gotten me to come back from a long hiatus at this point is the lyrical voice clubset. This evening I tried the stupid gacha 13 times and won nothing. What makes me rage the most though is I got the rare motion twice (rare motion being when the ball actually goes into the cup) and instead of winning a rare, I got a bunch of fucking aztecs. You know what Gamepot and Ntreev why don’t you go fuck yourselves. All your updates are just cash guzzling shit, your events suck fucking ass and you don’t even give a fuck about your players either in America or in Japan. The Pangya forum thread has people who spent 30-100 tickets and won nothing. Fortunately I can control myself and my limit was 11 regardless of win or lose. However I did tell myself: If I don’t win, I quit.

And so I quit. Had enough of this crap, I haven’t even touched the game in a month because other games are a lot more interesting than the same mindless golf grind. Sorry if this offends those who like this game but I’ve pretty much had it. I think Pangya itself as a game on say the wii or PSP is probably a lot of fun. I had a great time on the wii game because I wasn’t busy thinking about how much money I’d spend. I’d just play some golf and unlock the outfits I wanted. Here it’s like the only way to continue enjoying the fking game is to spend more and more money because the game content is lacking and/or sucks balls. Oh gee where have I heard this story before.

12 thoughts on “Uninstalled Pangya this evening.

  1. I’ve been thinking about uninstalling it too, but I have a feeling that as soon as I do, someone is going to ask me to log on. orz. If I’m ever low on HD space I know what to get rid of though, haha. I was almost tempted buy those lollipop clubs on the US server (sweets, my one weakness) but then I was like why freaking bother, I haven’t even logged on in a month or something. It’s a shame cuz I still love the characters and everything, but yeah, cash stuff and grind events can only go so far before you get bored. And yeah I agree, at this point I’d be happier if they just made another Wii or PSP game.

  2. Just tell your friends sorry I quit bye. They had the lollipop clubs on Japan too but I just rolled my eyes. The voices would have been the only thing to get me to come back and since gamepot gave me a big fuck you, I’m giving them a fuck you back.

  3. So after so many years, you’re leaving? Must be at least a little sad for you. I’ll admit I never played pangya online, but I do love the psp game. The reason why I never played online? Simply because I had read your blog before and I knew I would end up wanting a bunch of pay stuff I wouldn’t be willing to purchase (I never pay for anything in an online game). The gacha system just sound ridiculous to me. Pay real money for a chance of winning an item? No way, I’m not into those lottery deals.

    Shame Megatenonline failed, the megami tensei series is one of my favourite series, and my favourite in RPGs.

  4. Megatenonline was more epic fail than pangya. I mean you had to like pay real money just to access a new map wtf? 😆 I think I liked Pangya as itself on the wii but the online game sucks. I mean if I like the game enough, I’m willing to pay since hey the publisher is doing a good job in making me want to spend money. However Pangya is at a point where all publishers sucks and it’s obviously a dying game that ONLY chugs money from the users.

  5. Well then I’m glad I never played megatenonline, it would have made me really sad to see a game in a series I lover so much suck so bad.

    How much does one gacha cost anyway? I’m curious to know how much those people who bought 100 tickets for nothing spent.

  6. Holy shit, if my conversions are correct, people who bought 100 tickets lost about 144 euros! Add 50 more euros and you can buy a new Wii bundled with a game in my country. Why would people waste so much money for a chance of winning an item? I can understand wasting that kind of money on real life lottery for a chance of a big cash payoff, but not for a chance of winning a virtual object. I could buy 4 full price PS3 games with that kind of money. What a waste…

  7. haha you think that’s bad. the odds on the US server are far far worse. People winning 1/50 tries minimum or so. I think some people are just gambling addicts or something ^^; They go until they win lol.

    I usually give a budget to myself “if i don’t win, I give up” kinda deal. But yea this was basically it for me…some people I know won in 5 or 2 tries but yea 13 tries and nothing screw that lol

  8. yeah I still love the pangya characters to death but playing online now is like “ehhh” :/ every update makes me wanna gag b/c of the demand for real money (I know that they need to find ways for getting money but still ugh). I didn’t spend any money at all on pangya but doing those offers are so time consuming. I could be doing like… my schoolwork or something.

    I-I’ll stick to my psp.;;;

  9. haha if you have pangya PSP no reason to even bother with the online version. I don’t have a PSP but I still have the wii version if I ever feel nostalgic ^^

  10. Oh God…Shop problems on the USBR Server again crap i can’t believe i came back *Deletes the Game* i should have stayed in Grand Chase Philippines which is 10 times better than PangYa i can’t wait till i get a DS then i’ll buy either HG/SS..:D

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