Finally after I don’t even know how long, my one winged shota gets his 2nd wing. That’s right tonight we completed successfully the level 29 challenge mission! (*ノ゚Д゚)八(*゚Д゚*)八(゚Д゚*)ノィェーィ!

Lol the little guy thinks he can take on the demon lord xD

After finally defeating the stupid bug queen and miraculously getting all the Toryumons into the exit portal we were faced with the 2 bosses. The demon guy above and the angel ho:

I don’t think she was too happy that we beat around her boyfriend in Poison Forest last time so she kept chasing our Nagi around since clearly she’s the only woman who is a threat! Obviously the lolis and the 28 year old tsundere mage didn’t concern her 😆 The laser killed me once, and then the 2nd time she did some crazy ground magic spell which affected those that were in range of her…basically me “OTL Thanks to our 2 pinkos the bitch went down! And she dropped a piece of a wing…THE ONE PIECE I NEEDED TO MAKE MY SET! ☆-(ノ。・ω・)八(。・ω・。)八(・ω・。)ノ イエーイ

Maybe next time we can defeat her man for some goodies:

I’ll get you eventually you sexy beast. (and your little angel harem of whores too! 👿 )

Joking aside challenge missions are hella fun especially when they are this challenging. I mean the level 17 one is just so easy at this point it’s almost annoying to do because it feels no different from regular grinding except you don’t really get any exp. But here it’s like wow there’s actually effort involved! Additionally I accidentally picked the wrong level mission so we ended up completing the level 23 mission twice ;D We’re getting pro at it. 本当に今日はありがとうございました。とっても楽しかったよ!(*^▽^*)

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  1. I’ll probably xp faster when I’ll be done with this fucking stupid sheep village. This zone just makes me want to quit the game LOL.

  2. 今日はレベル7や12もやったよw 亀はちょ遅いだ!!ww

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