Kaver Shard Update & Events

You think it was over didn’t you bwahaha!

  • Level cap now raised from 35 to 40
  • Ruko event: If you get Ruko and get her to certain levels you will receive quests in the mail. When you complete those quests you’ll receive a bunch of fashion items especially for her. This event ends on 2/25. Uhh…My main character is still 32 and I can’t get past the level 32 scenario…somehow I don’t forsee me being able to do this >_>
  • Upgrade campaign: They want you to upgrade your weapons/armor as high as possible. Anyone who upgrades a piece of equipment to +10 will receive 1 million riru. Wtf. 😯  The top 3 highest upgraders will win a pair of cat ears that give you speed +3 (whatever my snowman ears give me speed +2 lol) and attack +2 or something.
  • Challenge Mode campaign: When you play challenge mode there’s a timer to complete the challenge. The top 3 teams with the lowest time will win some fashion wings. I don’t know..at level 25 I couldn’t even make it through the stupid level 7 challenge mission. I think something’s screwed up with it or I’m just doing it wrong lol.

That’s about it. I don’t know if I’ll bother with any of this…Pangya is having valentine’s day event and there’s no way I’m gonna get to level 38 AND get Ruko to level 35 in such a short time. I took me 3.5 weeks just to get Soma to level 32…how am I supposed to get a new character to level 35? Even if I upgrade her or whatnot it still takes a while so blah. I’m still trying to level up my other characters so I can even make it through the stupid beetle king scenario without getting pummeled to death by a million insects.