1 Year Anniversary!(ノ´▽`)ノ

Well technically I think I started this blog back in Sept. or Oct. 2008 but because of the stupid DDOS attack to our previous host, the blog was reborn on December 3rd.  A lot has happened in the past year. Playing Pangya Wii, A18 closing, NtreevBR reopening, leaving & coming back to Pangya Japan. Playing other mmos like Megaten, Bright Shadow, and Prius Online. Starting new dressup games like TinierMe and continuing old ones like Poupee. Reviving my interest in otome games was a big change as well. I scanlated a bunch of pangya 4komas which is something I’ve also wanted to do for some time as well.

It’s a shame a lot of the things that had originally been the foundation of this blog have to come to an end. Stuff happens, morons appear and ruin it for everyone. My focus for the next year is mostly just on otome games at this point. I can’t deal with American company incompetence anymore so I don’t really see myself blogging about any US MMOs in the future. Any Japanese MMOs I blog about will be in Japanese, elsewhere, since usually Japanese games give you rewards/incentives for blogging about their games anyway – and it’ll keep the idiots at bay.

Thank you all for being through it with me for all this time. I always love reading everyone’s comments and reactions to updates. Thank you to those for reading but not commenting – your lurking is still appreciated 😉 Plus I talked to most of you on twitter or in game anyway. Here’s to another year! (人´∀`)ァリガトネ♪


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  1. A late congrats Hinano on your anniversary!!!! Yeah I follow this as a semi-lurker on Google reader, but I have always found your anime/drama/gaming posts interesting to read. ^_^

    Yes to showing more bishie pictures on games that is always eye candy to view..

  2. Grats Hinano on the entertaining first year, and on the 200k hit ^^ There’s not many blogs writing about otome games, so I hope you keep up with them.

    @Bluntasaur: A bunch of us got accounts before they restricted access.

  3. I was making a joke about Ben “Yatshee” Croshaw, host of the popular internet game review show, Zero Punctuation. And if you’ve never seen it, all you need to know is that Yatshee makes you look like fricking Mother Teresa.

  4. teiyo> You can still read my bitching in my otome game posts. I promise not to disappoint, since most of them have raep which causes me to rage in all sorts of ways.

    Bluntasaur> If you think I actually care or remember what happened on the Ntreev forums, you are surely mistaken. Most of the time I visited the forums, I was bored at work and had nothing else to do. All I can recall posting is troll posts, so if you took them seriously YHBT is all I can tell you.

    It’s good you are enjoying other mmos, and since you don’t know Japanese it’s probably better that you stick to English ones. I’m sorry I cannot share anything about Pangya Japan on this blog.

    You can invade my blog all you want but I doubt you will find it interesting as I probably won’t be making any posts anymore except on otome games which I don’t think are up your alley. Also I have no idea who Mrs. Yatshee Croshaw is.

    Everyone else> Thanks guys and thanks for sticking with me all this time ^^

  5. Congratulations on this first year, and here’s hoping for many more hilarious, funny post filled years to come! 😀

  6. I suggest you grab some coffee, because this is gonna be LOOOOOOOOONG……..

    I never, in a MILLION YEARS, thought I’d be commenting on THIS blog, of all places.

    I know we haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. (And TBH, I’m still miffed at you for some of the stuff you threw my way on the Pangya forums) But I’m willing to give you a chance, for the following reasons.

    1. Aquiles has a high opinion of your personality, and I trust his judgement.

    2. You response to my first comment on your blog was actually civil.

    3. You can actually be entertaining, when you’re not acting like Mrs. Yatshee Croshaw.

    I still retain my disgustingly optimistic views on PangyaUSA, and still believe that the server will redeem itself sooner or later. However, I’ve made the decision to take an extended leave from the game itself, due to the fact that the constant abuse I’ve taken from numerous people has finally driven me batshit crazy. Call me stupid if you want, but those are my feelings, and I’m sticking with them. However, that hasn’t stopped me from staying on the forums to fight the good fight to save the server.

    In the meantime, I’ve been checking out numerous other F2P MMOs in an attempt to fill the void. Bright Shadow, I mentioned earlier. However, I’ve also tried Grand Fantasia and Luna Online, both of which seem like they MIGHT be good. I’m also thinking of jumping back into MegaTen, if for nothing else, to check out the whole motorcycle deal.

    On the side, I’m also re-playing Grandia 2, and working my way through Persona 3 FES.

    I was thinking of starting a blog here to link to yours, but I already have a LiveJournal that I haven’t touched in ages. I don’t need TWO blogs to keep track of.

    So, I hope you won’t mind if I invade your blog with my radical POV. Maybe we can finally understand each other.

    P.S.; How’d you get an account on PangyaJP, and how the HELL did you manage to buy cookies? I’d like to try PangyaJP JUST for the Code Geass outfits!

  7. I’m going to miss your professional bitching LOL Like I said, I love reading your rants (even though you probably don’t like writing haet). I do hope you continue to post about eng MMO’s (especially Pangya lol… they’re always my favourite), but if not I’ll still miss your posts~

    Congrats on your anni~~!! hope to see this blog for years to come!

  8. This is a happy and at the same time sad anniversary, I still lurk here from time to time but other that that… At least we still have twitter and Pangya chat ^^

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