Otome Game Review: Lover’s Collection

This game was originally made by Ribbon Magic but I think the company has since dissolved and the game was then taken over by  Tiara Mode! Sadly this might be one of Tiara Mode’s better games since it was not made by Tiara Mode’s usual staff 🙄 The story is about Hinako whose dream is to be working in fashion. She lands a job working in the ladies section of a department store. A few months after working there she finds out that she has to get transferred to the men’s department because of some lady getting preggo and quitting her job. She’s hesitant at first but her childhood friend Satoru (who happens to be the store manager) gives her words of encouragement and so begins her new position in men’s clothing. She also has a part time assistant Yuuna, who I like to call Tit-chan since her boobs are like the size of her head and she acts like she looks: a dumb blonde. Hinako’s also got this sad sob story that her entire family got into a car accident and her mother, father & sister all died..and she was the sole survivor. She ended up being raised by her grandparents whom she still lives with through the game.

Murata Toshiya – I was gonna do the childhood friend first but the game’s routes are really fucked up. It was hard enough to find a guide for this game as it is and the only one I found didn’t seem to go 100% with the way the game did. I gave up and started Toshiya since he’s voiced by Kishio Daisuke <3. Toshiya is the store manager of another men’s clothing store at the mall called “Blue Moon” and he is Satoru’s high school senpai. At first he seems snotty and Hinako mistakens him for a homo. Later on though he ends up helping piss drunk Hinako get home from the bar. This girl drinks like a pig to the point where she can’t even control herself. She’s kind of annoying as a character and well you can’t really relate to her (then again when can you relate to an otome game heroine but anyway.) One of Toshiya’s habits is pulling her hair like a tsundere shota, which he is (minus the shota part.)

For Valentine’s Day, Hinako gives him some home made chocolates as a thanks for the drunken thing, but he mistakens it for a love confession. She doesn’t get a chance to tell him that it wasn’t but thinks it’s not so bad for them to start going out. Eventually she gets promoted to store manager while Satoru gets promoted to CEO or something. One day after work Satoru tells Hinako that she shouldn’t go out with Toshiya….BECAUSE HE’S LOVED HER ALL THIS TIME OH NO! Sigh. Too bad, your route was fucked up so you lost your chance Sato-CHAN. Anyway I rejected the long face-kun, and instead went over to Toshiya’s messy apartment where they almost did it but she was all like “oh no I don’t think I’m ready cause I’m a virgin!” so they stopped. Then they went to the movies and she asked him for a kiss and he’s like “I can’t kiss you in front of everyone”. I was getting really annoyed by this point. Finally like they get into some fight and end up at a love hotel where they finally do it…but all we get is 1 CG where it looks like her nipples are red and infected Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ

Uhh okay….let’s talk more about Toshiya’s dream. Toshiya’s dream is to actually sell accessories but he loves Blue Moon too much to quit his job there. However Blue Moon opens a men’s accessories section and they allow Toshiya to be in charge of it…provided that he goes to study abroad about accessories. Something magical must be “abroad” if you have to leave Japan completely just to learn about men’s belts or something 😆 Anyway yea he and Hinako do it one more time (btw this game has man nipples, I was thrown off cause normally you know it’s just some flat washboard chest) and then he leaves for a year. When he comes back, he gives her a ring that he made abroad. (What does carving jewelry have to do with men’s accessories wtf?) He gives her the ring but he doesn’t ask her to marry him wtf?? Geez what a letdown. Additionally, the guide I followed said that you can get additional CGs if you do the route twice. After fumbling around twice and doing all the annoying coordination, I ended up with no new CGs. Fack that crap lol only doing the other guys once from now on!! 👿

Yuzuki Hayato – Hayato is a pimpin host at the Illius host club. He’s totally the rico suave of the game so I found him downright annoying. However, what I found even more irritating is the fact that Hinako pretty much fell for ALL HIS MOVES ON HER. Every freaking time he spoke all smooth to her her thoughts would be like “Kyaa~ that’s so embarrassinng~~~~~” *pukes* He knew Satoru from college apparently (geez Satoru knows everyone) and he was really popular with the girls – to the point where all the guys hated him. Soo Hayato decided to make use of his women pimpin’ skills and make a living out of it. He also enjoys growing plants and chomping on girls’ faces when he kisses them 😆 Anyway so let’s get to his sob story.One day when he was a shota and he came home from school only to find his mom bonking…HIS FATHER’S BEST FRIEND. He got enraged even further because apparently his dad knew about the affair but he loved both his best friend and his wife so he let them bonk. WTFFF 😡

At one point there’s an event where he gets sick and asks Hinako to nurse him back to health. This of course inevitably leads to them screwing. There was some drama about this other guy Kai who idolized Hayato but Hayato got all angsty about how he doesn’t wanna be a host anymore because he’s found a girl that he loves. Also Hinako finds a stray baby nuko and takes it home. She can’t keep it in her grandparents’ house so Hayato adopts it and names it Mina. Eventually Hinako becomes store manager and Hayato quits the host club. Three months later, they are living in his apartment together and are engaged. Hinako proudly proclaims that even if she gets married, she has no intentions of quitting her job and she thinks that those who feel that way are thinking old fashionely! Yeaa nothing exciting there. This route was extremely long, it made it seem like Toshiya’s route was meaningless and insignificant. I felt the bond between these two was a lot stronger, which is sad since I have no idea who the seiyuu for this guy was and I woulda rather spent more time with Kishio 😦

Watanabe Takafumi – Watanabe is a divorced salary man who has a young daughter named Rimi. His ex-wife divorced him to pursue her dream career in America. Hinako ends up helping find his lost daughter and afterwards she teaches Watanabe to be a more caring father instead of constantly yelling at her. He’s also strict and prefers his tea at a certain temperature and yells at Rimi if she talks during dinner. Eventually he and Hinako fall in love or something (blah he’s like 10 years older than her =_=;) and suddenly Watanabe’s wife comes back from America. She demands that Rimi come back to America with her and the two of them have a raging fight. In the end suddenly he comes back to Hinako and says that both he and Rimi need Hinako, not his ex-wife. So yea, 2 years later, Hinako quits her career and becomes a stay at home mom for Rimi. Great, what a co-out ending. The sad part is, in the eroscene is the only time Watanabe didn’t have that fucking stupid all-back hair style. What a shame he looked ugly the rest of the game. Not much else I can say about this route except that it was a big fat drag – well there was that one scene where Satoru punched him in the face, that probably gave Satoru some bonus points lol.

Sugimoto Kotaro – I really wanted to like Kotaro because he was the 19 year old shota of the game, he was fun and young and not like the old fart I played above. Unfortunately the game makers didn’t feel the same way and gave him an annoying voice, turned him into an arrogant brat and made most of his CGs look awful. 😐 His deal is that he wants to be a professional actor, preferably a comedian since that’s what he’s good at. The first time he runs into Hinako he like lands on her boobs. They start going out after she gives him stuff for Valentine’s day and it was all really cute up until then. Once they start going out though…ugh. She goes to visit his acting group’s practice to watch him but he’s often yelled at by the coordinator because he can’t do a serious role properly. He gets all emo about it and when Hinako tries to comfort him and tell him to do his best, he pushes her like a wife beater in training ==; Not only that but his brother always calls him and tells him to stop screwing around and come home to the good ‘ol inaka.One day after work Hinako sees one of the acting group heads giving money to the yakuza. Turns out the money is the money that the acting group collected from ticket sales for an upcoming show as well as money to pay rent for their studio. Some of the money was even donated by the group members doing part time jobs.

Hinako is enraged that this guy is using the money to pay off his personal debt but he babbles on that she doesn’t understand the feelings of a rejected actor. She tells him it’s not the group’s fault that he fucking sucks and he strangles her out of rage. Fortunately she had called Kotaro before then and he comes and almost beats the guy to death when he finds out what happened. Once the group finds out too they get all sad but Hinako somehow loans them $3,000 (wtf who has that kind of money to loan people?!) and they’re able to at least do their last performance for the show that they sold tickets for. The other group leader even lets Kotaro act as a last minute comedic insert role. After the show they’re all so happy Hinako suddenly wants to do it with him and ugh geezus the worst ero scene I’ve seen so far in this game. 😯 I mean it looked like his wang was coming out of his ribs and her breasts had suddenly gone from like a C cup in Toshiya’s route to an A cup. I mean damn if I didn’t know any better I’d think I was watching a yaoi scene. I don’t know what’s worse this, or big boobed lolis like in Under the Moon 😆 Aaanyway Kotaro asks his brother to give him 3 years so that he can build up his acting career and uh he & Hinako live happily ever after or something. Meh, what a disappointment, I had hopes for this guy too.

Kitamura Naoki – Wow so if I didn’t know any better I’d say the main dude of the game is in fact Naoki! He’s his sort of mysterious bishie and he’s pretty laid back. The way they meet is he helps her stop a shop lifter that runs away from the store. He looks Japanese supposedly but he has naturally blondish hair. Because of this he often had a hard time in elementary, middle and high school. He invites her over at one point and kisses her telling her that he likes her. Anyway after they begin officially going out, weird things begin happening like random foreign yakuzas start circling around the mall where Hinako works. Also there’s periods of time when she receives no phone calls from Naoki at all and begins to worry. She then one day catches him talking to Hirayama buchou but he never goes to visit her. Worried and upset she sends him an email demanding he tell her what he is doing. He tells her as much as he can without it causing trouble to what he is doing which doesn’t really explain much. All she finds out is there’s something going on with the president of the company who’s about to retire but doesn’t have children apparently to succeed him.

Anyway upset and hurt, Satoru tells Hinako to go home for the day since she can’t really work in front of customers with a poofy face anyway. Hinako agrees and goes home..unfortunately before she can make it home, the yakuza abduct her and bring her to a love hotel where they rape her (I think. Dunno if any ponoses were stuck into her but did we really fucking need that rape CG? What a waste of CGs 🙄 ) Anyway Naoki finds out where they are with the help of Hayato and comes and beats them all up, along with bringing the police. They go to the sea and go to some hotel nearby. He then tells her the truth. (And feel free to correct me cause I didn’t understand half this shit lol) Apparently his mom was like a loose ho and slept with the president of the company or something. However because he was born with like blonde hair, and the president was like 30 years or something older than his mom (ew) no one thought that he was the president’s real son and he coulda been the son of some random gaijin. So then I think his mother died in a car accident on the same day that Hinako’s parents and sister died in the car accident as well.He was really upset but even though Hinako’s family had died too, loli Hinako came to him and comforted him at the hospital 17 years ago. Ever since then Naoki went and lived abroad but he could never find someone he loved and trusted as much as Hinako.

Then he got involved in like being a spy regarding the yakuza or something taking over the company since his “father” was going to retire. Because of this Hinako got involved since I guess they saw her with him and used her as bait. She’s still shaken up from the sexual assault but he tells her that he cannot live without her and he wants to be with her forever. They end up doing it and she says she’s not scared because it’s him and not those random yakuza dudes. She had refused to go to the hospital because she said it reminded her of the tragedy 17 years prior. Anyway afterwards, Naoki ends up taking over the clothing company Hinako worked for and the two of them get married abroad. She still wants to continue her job but since she can’t really work at a store front as the president’s wife, she ends up working for the clothing maker which I guess doesn’t have to deal with customers. Her dream came true in the end after all? Man what a deep route. I mean she’s got like multiple PTSD’s now with the whole family dying and the rape now blah. I really wish they didn’t include that stupid rape CG, coulda included and extra CG of like them kissing or even screwing. Naoki actually had a lot of CGs, it felt like more CGs than the other guys lol. I really think in actuality, he’s the main dude now XD.

Kobayashi Satoru – Satoru is the endearing childhood friend of Hinako’s. He’s always there for her, he helps take her home when she becomes drunk like a pig and he visits her when she’s sick. Additionally he’s also the store manager at work where she works so while they do act like boss and employee at work, during their offtime they call each other by their first names (instead of tencho.) OR SO IT SEEMS. In actuality, as I had predicted, he’s a crazy obsessive freak who’s been in love with Hinako ever since he met her. When he finally told her his feelings on valentine’s day he forced her to go out with him telling her that “eventually” she will like him. Ok…she began getting really conscious of him and couldn’t stop thinking about him to the point where she messed up big time at work like forgetting a customer’s order. Thinking this is going to hurt her job, she told Satoru that she wants to just go back to being childhood friends with him. This doesn’t fly so well with him. IN fact it has the OPPOSITE effect and he drags her home one night, rapes her and tells her that it’s her fault he had to do this, otherwise there was no other way to make her “his”.

If that wasn’t bad enough, even during work, he’ll drag her into the back and molest her. When Yuuna asks her what’s wrong, Hinako just tells herself “oh gee I can’t tell anyone I was raped.” Right because this is Japan and if you tell anyone you are raped, they will not only blame the victim, but they will shame you to the point where the only thing left to do is jump off a roof. But since this is an otome game and I’m trying to achieve a good end, suddenly Hinako realizes that omigad I think I actually like Satoru and I’ve liked him all this time and I was just confused about my feelings!!11one. So then she comes to his room one day (wry) and when she’s about to tell him her feelings he apologizes for being a rapist and says he’ll try to forget his feelings for her from now on. She’s like NOO BUT ITS OKAY CAUSE I LIKE YOU TOO and then he’s like “Shit really, let’s fuck! /” So then they do it. What. I dunno by this point, I wanted Satoru to die in a fire so nothing he said or did made any difference to me. I ended up flying through the rest of the dialogue. At the end there’s some scene of all the dudes from the game and Hinako watching the cherry blossoms at night and they all tell me “FULL COMPLETE OMEDETOU.” Uh no I still have like 10 missing CGs, but I don’t really care anymore to bother to try to get them. I’ve had it with this game, 2 routes with rape in a row pretty much left a bad aftertaste for me.


I had a lot of gripes with this game. First of all in some of he backgrounds the way they painted the perspective made it look like there was a tiny man in front of you standing on a giant table. So like yea here I am dating Mr. Smurf. Additionally some of the background music sounded like that elevator music that you’d listen to on a CD to help you fall asleep at night. This made the game as exciting as watching paint dry. Because the game was dry I wanted to sorta let it run in the background while I surfed the web but NO. If you don’t have the game running in the foreground, it refuses to auto-run. Since there was no skip new dialogue button this meant I also had to sit through the horrible ero scenes. The only way to make the game go faster was to just speed up the text so that it would instantly appear on screen (instead of a few letters at a time) and I just began to skim some stuff and quickly press space to move on to the next dialogue. The constant “coordinate clothes for character X” was starting to get on my nerves so even when I was at a new scene with clothes coordination I would just fly through.

And last but not least, the rape was fucking annoying. I didn’t think this game would have rape until the last 2 routes complete surprised me. At least in Naoki’s route it was some yakuza members that we didn’t see but it was fucking irritating to turn the childhood friend into a crazy psychopath stalker rapist. OH hmm, gee where have I seen THAT premise before? 🙄 Anyway I don’t really recommend this game. If you really like Kishio Daisuke you can play his route even though his route was stupid. Naoki’s route was probably the best one in the game (stupid yakuza gang rape aside) and everyone else pretty much sucked in one way or another. Now I don’t wonder why the company who made this game went out of business lol. Then again, the fact that it was picked up by TiaraMode doesn’t say much either.


16 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Lover’s Collection

  1. Didn’t read this all since xD in case I pick it up? Aww man I was hoping this wouldn’t have rape since it’s older and it didn’t look like it would but…guess it did =__=

    Actually this was RibbonMagic’s like xD debut game and then after that their other game (It’s like total 360 from Lover’s Collection…but I don’t recommend you playing LOL it’s all ages at least but it’s a :/ total deceiving game. It had an interesting story, great music, and stuff though) and they were going to have a pretty interesting game called KRAM also all ages…

    but that project got canceled and they got picked up by Tiaramode like a few months back. xD;; who knows what they’ll make that branch do though now

    You should totally try some all ages games though ;A; really good and no…stupid rapists loitering around

  2. I basically download what otome no dolci has available really. unfortunately most of their all ages games I’ve already played and only the R-18 ones are left sigh. Once I finish with whatever backlog I have left, I’ll tinker around with that PS2 emulator and see if I can get those games working. I’m so sick of this rape shit god.

    P.S. I really don’t recommend this game at all lol.

  3. I got turned off from the art.I don’t care if the cgs looks good if the sprites are ugly.Deleted this game lol.

  4. by sprites you mean the cut-out dolls? I think the worst one was probably Satoru and Yuuna. Oh well he was a dislikeable character anyway. You’re not really missing out on much =p

  5. Hi, just wanted to stop by and say I love reading your reviews of otome games XD They’re very hilarious and I’m glad you give a harsh opinion on them because most of them sound like they have plots of bad shoujo manga ;w; Seeing your reviews at least gives me an idea of what NOT to put in an otome game (I’m working on an doujin visual novel called Stained One. Slow progress, but that’s what happens when you’re the only one working on it for fun :P)

  6. Tiaramode has a new game crazy rabbits, and just by looking at the CGs in the website I already know that one guy’s route is nothing but rape (I think he’ll be similar to Asou in Jingi Naki Otome) and another guy will probably like the blond guy in their brothers game. So even though the game has an albino guy and I’m very weak to them, I’ll just skip that game. I assume you will too since you seem to have skipped on their royals game (also sucked). Well there’s still Princess nightmare, I also have the pc version, I was going to upload it to otome no dolci like I did the ps2 version but I haven’t found the cd it’s in. If you need a ps2 emulator, I use pcsx2, just google a torrent for 0.9.6 version and you’re set.

  7. I actually downloaded Crazy Rapists, I’ll maybe play 1 route for shits & giggles and then probably ragequit the thing lol

    I still have 3-4 PC games left on my computer so once I get through those, I’ll fiddle with the PS2 emulator

  8. I downloaded crazy rabbits too, but avg had a problem with the game, it thought the exe was a virus (and wouldn’t let me use the crack either). But I didn’t bother going through the process of disabling avg temporally just to play the game, like I did with Clover no Kuni. I just have the feeling it wouldn’t be worth it. My anti virus may just have known the game was shitty and prevented me from playing it. I still would like to hear your thoughts on it, even if you play just one route, to see if my instinct was right.The other 18+ recent games, like the sumiro one also sucked, so I may just quit 18+ games and dedicate myself to all ages games.

  9. Have you tried Pure Lover Flavor?It is 18+ but the sex scenes is kinda vanilla and mild.The game made me drink more coffee though

  10. I want to play this game so badly >.< but I don't know where to buy, download or whatever
    I guess it's just too old *sob*

    1. yea it might even be out of print by now?? though I think you MIGHT be able to buy it from one of those Japanese ‘download and purchase’ sites? Not sure if they take foreign credit cards though!

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