TinierMe adds OldMaid (ババ抜き)

Ah it’s a cute game I guess. It’s certainly better than the stupid fishing. You can exchange for items as usual if you win enough medals. On my first game I came in 2nd so that’s not too bad I guess xD. I don’t particularly want any of the current items that are available so I probably won’t be playing too much of this. I don’t really do much on tinier me these days. I used to login, comment on peoples diaries, write my own entries but now…meh…lol.

4 thoughts on “TinierMe adds OldMaid (ババ抜き)

  1. TM actually did fulfill some users request at the poll of adding a game (They asked on the poll what other things should be in TM and the most votes go to a new game), so they ended up with this!

    It’s an addicting game, but there’s some bugs to it. :/

  2. I just log in every day +5
    Klick the Townbutton +105
    and write a diary +5

    That are 115 coins per day.
    Right now im close to 3900 ^^

    Im waitin 4 better updates :D~

  3. After 6 months ;]~
    And i think they will release great updates after the beta-period.^^
    (and i bet ill spend these 4k-coins in the next 6 months lol) (probably on the next gacha..)

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