MMO Game & Company Report Cards!

Need to chanel your rage at an MMO game or company somewhere? Well /gg FTW! has opened up a game and company ratings section on their site. That’s right, now you can take all that rage away from the company’s forums (where it will be deleted and you will be banned anyway) and instead out to the public eye!

I’ve already made an account and I’m making my way flaming shit left & right =DD. /gg ftw indeed!

17 thoughts on “MMO Game & Company Report Cards!

  1. lol, I saw this yesterday! Yesterday, NtreevUSA had an F+. Today, they have an F-, lol. I’m glad NtreevUS has an F-, but I’m also glad that the game Pangya has a B+.

  2. i mean pangya itself is awesome.
    i totally understand your want for the arin wedding dress – i wanted it badly too. so then I got pangya wii and I got everyone’s wedding dresses. now the wedding dress thing is out of my system so I’m a happy camper.

    in the end maybe its better to just get the wii or the PSP pangya xD

  3. Don’t have a PSP. (But I *did* buy Pangya PSP.) Don’t have a Wii either. Maybe this Christmas…

  4. just think of it this way – the money you blew on ntreevBR could have bought you that PSP. therefore stop blowing money on them and boom PSP getto daze~ lol

  5. a A for alaplaya ? Wtf ?
    I don’t think they deserve a A along with Ankama and Blizzard imo ._.

    gpotato deserve their F too…

  6. blew my money on a PSP already =p
    no regrets at all /o/
    … ops theres one problem: the freaking analog stick ergonomy

  7. 1. To support my love for the game.
    2. I had foolishly hoped, by some miracle, at the last minute Ntreev would allow people who purchased the game to get all the PSP outfits for every character for free, like they did with Japan and Korea. I wanted Arin’s and Kooh’s, but not enough to spend 17 dollars each on. Those 2 outfits would pretty much equal the cost of the entire game including the tax, lol.

  8. Unfortunately, Noe is a power tool that really doesn’t know anything about the gaming industry and regularly spreads fear and disinformation about the companies that keep his community of hackers, thieves and dicks alive.

    Anyone happy with the service they receive from game companies won’t be posting there, because they’re happy.

  9. True or not. Noe is a tool. I wouldn’t have anything to do with his website, or link people to it. But this ain’t my blog.

    I used to hang around the My Trickster crowd before it became GGFTW. The people in that community encourage charge backs, exploiting, breaking the rules and much worse. I wouldn’t put half a cent to anything they say.

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