Party Time (´・ω・`)人(´・ω・`)

hinanobdayJust in time this year I picked up cake hats for all my Pangya characters 😀 Thanks everyone who already wished me a happy bday on twitter. Going to see Katori Shingo from SMAP performing in NYC today. (o・ω・o)ノ

18 thoughts on “Party Time (´・ω・`)人(´・ω・`)

  1. Judging by ur post and the comments I take it that it`s your `b day today…


    Lol, mine is in 11 days (the 25th of November) , our birthdays are actually quite close to each other 🙂

  2. It’s your birthday? Umm… happy birthday! ^_^ Luckily I checked your blog today to look for new updates on your funny otome game reviews. 😛

    So once again happy birthday, thanks for those awesome reviews, and have a wonderful birthday weekend! 😀

  3. i was not at home most of the time today, so i’m kinda late already with this message.

    happy birthday Hinano

    i hope you’ve had a very nice birthday over there.

  4. asu> nah you still made it, its not midnight here yet XD thanks!

    Snowy> haha yea thanks 😀

    izumi> yep XD yea i guess we are kinda close!

  5. Lol, kawaii~

    I want one…

    Things like this actually make me glad to be a ronery roricon :p

    (I don`t consider being a ronery roricon a bad thing in the first place, but still… ケー好き:$)

  6. Well I`m not exactly proud of it, but I don`t regret or hide it either…

    `Sides, I`m only into 2D loli, don`t care too much about their 3D counterparts.

    Speaking of which, I just bought a Azunyan dakimakura btw xD (nekomimi ftw!) Though, unlike most Japanese otaku, I actually use my dakimakura like regular holding pillows (as in

    It`s actually pretty good for your back to sleep like that, my back used to be bent, now it`s kinda straight again. I bet alot of otaku want to have my head for treating “their waifu” like that xD

    C`mon, its just a pillow cover lolz…

    But I can recommend them for people with back problems, if you don`t want an anime cover you can get `em with plain white covers n stuff too.

  7. I just noticed, but for people clicking my link above: remove the bracket at the end of the URL or you will get a 404 error lol

    (sorry for spamming ur blog like this Hinano, it`s just that there`s no edit option…)

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