Haha what else is new.

ahuahuahuahuThat was basically overnight. All the spam pretty much hit this post, why am I not surprised. Oh well eat shit Brazil 😀 Your spamming isn’t gonna work on wordpress! ahuahuahuehaueaheuaheua. Why don’t you go back to hacking cookie items on NtreevBR kthxbye.



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  1. this is more like ‘hey lets see who acts stupid first’
    if brazil`s playerbase is so wrong, instead of making a fuss and only creating more haters act together and make lets say… ntreev ban brazil.

    and sorry because i almost wrote down a rly LONG post just because i got pissed at a few comments. this could go wrong is so many ways that i erased the rest of my post a few times before giving up on the idea.

  2. Well i’ll admit that my Choice of words were wrong
    So lemme say it again with a Better Choice of words

    I Think that The BAD Brazilians should learn how to behave themselves better and stop ruining the game for her

  3. I just realized that the Brazilian blackout actaully happened at the same time as the Jakarta blackout (although I live in Jakarta, I wasn’t affected by it, but ALL of my friends had blackouts) – probably why there weren’t any hackers whatsoever at PangYa last night – probably less bugs or server crashes too. 😀

    If Ntreev actually saw this why wouldn’t they take action somehow? Wouldn’t this solve some of their problems? And I think most brazilians won’t pay for items in the game anyways. No offense to good brazilians out there like akaelle because I know not all brazilians are hackers – but most hackers came from Brazil. 😛

    Then again I hate average Indonesians as much as average Brazilians too so I’m not in the position to judge people. Interesting link, KunojiLym – I’ll have to read it later on since I’m currently at school. And Hinano, please don’t block IP addresses from Indonesia – I still love reading your blog. And yeah, that spams was intentional. 😦

  4. Oh, i forgot.

    @ Blazegreg:

    PangYa18 actually sucks.
    The database is ridiculous, and the playerbase is annoying.

    Of course, i wouldn’t expect more from a game made by fans. (Would you?)

    Like if you pay 10$, you get a V.I.P. account with 400 exp, 400k PP and 1k CP (CP is based almost like OGP Astros).

    And do you actually think that acting like human being is make a server to hack and ruin it?
    It would be way better if they (we) learned how to behave on the NA server, rather than ruin any other.
    But you seem to disagree.
    I expected more from you, really.
    Mind, i’m not intending to offend you, and if i did so, i’m sorry. But you could’ve made a better choice of words there.

    I know my english sucks, but i’m trying to be polite nevertheless. Sorry if i failed at doing so. =D

  5. Interesting link, Hinano.

    Yep, that blackout was really disgusting.

    Our main powerplant was down for some few hours.
    It affected even some part (or the whole, i’m not sure) of Paraguay.

    On my city (Rio de Janeiro), it lasted from 22:15 ’til 3~4am.

    And whilst there’s so MANY BR hackers, it seems to enrage the community more than the bugs that dc everyone and close the game client.

    Maybe it’s because i’m Brazilian, but my main concern is not the hackers (at least not the ones who won’t change anything on my game), but rather those small bugs like MSN crashing.
    Of course, people who get rares out of thin air deserve punishment asap, but Ntreev doesn’t seem to be concerned about that. :S
    And seems like banning spammers aren’t their priority either.

    I wish i was able to see how was the servers last nite. It would give me a better perspective on the server issues.

    But then again, even if i was able to connect, i’d get the ProjectG error like always, so i’m not very unhappy either way.

    I already lost the passion, i’m not addicted anymore. So i can proudly say that i don’t care anymore about PangYa’s future. =D

    Good luck for those who stay.

    Oh, and even knowing that it isn’t directed to me, sometimes it saddens me to read some comments, so that’s my last comment on your blog, Hinano. =D

    Keep up the good work. ;P

  6. www I totally lol`ed at the link under “P.S. LOL” Seems Pangya BR actually became PangyaUS for a night xD shame I missed it though…

  7. i have a better idea
    why dont all the brazilians learn how to act like human beings and get their OWN server to hack and ruin!
    Oh wait they already have that (Pangya18)

  8. hmmm, the Brazilians really do hate you. what will they try next to take you down? can’t you just ban every ip from Brazil and Indonesia to stop 75% of those retarded idiots in their tracks?

  9. i actually never usually get spam on here. usually once in a while its like 1-2 spams but seeing 55 spams overnight on the same post – cant help but think it was intentional targetting =p

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