Otome Game Review: Yume wa Mou Ichido (+ Koufuku no Kaze)

“Dream One More Time” is a boring game about Hitomi, boring carier woman and her boring life at the office where the most exciting thing is some bitchy co-worker or a drunk boss. Additionally she’s not been in love for a long time so until she suddenly gets the hots for the guys at her company (and around her house) so it’s a really weird transition. There’s obviously only 1 guy in this game who she’s had feelings for since her high school days making the rest of the cast pretty meaningless. Additionally there’s a guy in this game who’s 4 endings are all BAD ENDS and I didn’t wanna find out what those were (raep anyone?) so I decided to just skip him altogether. 😆  After playing 2 guys routes my friend told me that the fandisk was actually a “supplement” to the game rather than a separate thing (like with Under the Moon and Jingi Naki Otome) so I decided to install that and finish playing the game that way. This means this post will contain fandisk spoilers as well.

izumi01Izumi Tomoaki – I played Tomoaki first because he was the 2nd guy on the list and I decided to save the main guy for last since if I played him first, it would make the rest of the game completely pointless. Tomoaki graduated from college in Japan and then went to get his MBA in America. He apparently did this to get revenge on Hitomi’s company because of something they did to cause his father to kill himself. He even pretended to date some rich biatch Kawamura just to be able to succeed. Unfortunately his plans were foiled when he fell in love with Hitomi (and sniffed her butt during the ero scene – wut). He later found out it was all a misunderstanding and then decided he’d go back to America to become a proper man for Hitomi and then propose to her. He comes back 2 years later and she is waiting for him. Tomoaki was also voiced by this guy and I kept having Princess Tutu flashbacks 😆

nakataNakata – Nakata is Hitomi’s coworker who’s had a major crush on her for a long time. During Tomoaki’s route he proposes to her and asks her to marry him but she tells him it’s too sudden and he doesn’t even know her. He tells her he will wait for her. I actually tried to do Nakata’s route by first branching off the save point in Tomoaki’s and it ended up in a bad end with her just going abroad to work in England. I tried to do it again using a different site’s guide but would keep getting the same end. I’m not really sure how the hell to get Nakata’s end but seeing as how he’s not really an interesting character I pretty much gave up. My friend later told me that I had to install the fandisk to get his end so I did and turns out she ends up doing it a 2nd time with Tomoaki but not in a “romantic” way since she doesn’t accept his feelings. Nakata is fucking annoying though, he was like a creepy stalker and kept shoving his marriage proposals on Hitomi even though she told him she had no feelings for him. He ends up like giving her roofies or something and then taking her to a hotel and raping her. He claims that she “likes him and always looks at him and that it’s her fault”. Uhh okay, great bad end rape just what I wanted 🙄

naoki01Kuga Naoki – Naoki was voiced by this guy so I kept expecting School Rumble flashbacks but the voice was a little lighter than Harima’s so it wasn’t that obvious. Since this game came out right before Jingi Naki Otome, I kept thinking Naoki was the prototype for Ryu because they have a lot in common personality wise 😆 Naoki is 20 years old and Hitomi meets him at a gokon that she’s dragged to by Kyouko.  When all the couples split up, she asks that they do things other than fuck and so they go have some fun at Karaoke. Of course a lot of alcohol later they end up oraling each other in the karaoke booth. I mean they woulda gone all the way had the Karaoke person not called and been like “uh you guys got 10 min lol.”  Hitomi is constantly told by Kyouko that he’s just a hot young stud and just a boy toy so she shouldn’t get serious about him. Hitomi unfortunately begins to get serious about him.

naoki02Apparently he knows the master at the bar she always goes to so he’s got some cocktail making skills. He makes her one called the “orgasm” rofl rofl and then they have a drinking contest which leads them to a love hotel where they finally do it lol. One day she saw him walking with another girl so she decides not to see him anymore and thinks that it was just a game after all. However he shows up beat up at her apartment one day and she finds out that he got beatup by a bunch of lackeys that the girl he was with hired. Apparently that girl was Naoki’s stalker and when he wanted to get serious with Hitomi, he flat out rejected her and told her to stop stalking him.  He ended up getting kicked out of his apartment so Hitomi let him stay at her place. When he tells her how his mother always preferred his brother over him she tells him that he should talk to his mother. He gets all emo and all “NUOOO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND MAH PAIINNNN” and then rapes her. She’s like “hi I’m more than willing to sexor you but not when you’re being an emo manchild hello..”Anyway the next day he leaves and stops responding to her emails. One day he gets an email to meet with her at a club. She goes to see him but instead runs into the crazy stalker bitch and her lackeys. She of course is a jealous little shit so she tells the lackeys to beat her up and threaten her with knives.

naoki03They take her to the basement of the club room or something and I Don’t even know what they do with her there. (Rape? Beating her? I couldn’t tell.) Naoki finds the crazy stalker bitch and threatens to turn her face into shit if she doesn’t tell him where Hitomi is. She spits out the info and Naoki races down there and beats them all up while getting badly beat himself since it was like 3 vs 1. He gets thrown in jail until his innocence is proven and then he is released. His mother comes to visit him and she cries and says how sorry she is. Later Naoki visits his mom and appologizes for not being a good son. Naoki’s mom thinks that because of Hitomi he has changed. Naoki then thanks Hitomi for putting him back on his goal in life which is to be a photographer. He also tells her that he will only ever look at her  and that she’s not just his oneesan but also his lover. Eh, Naoki was cute, the ending was adorable but seriously coulda done without the shitty rape scene really. 😐 In Naoki’s after story route he wins a photographer contest for taking a “natural” shot. Hitomi and him celebrate by doing it in the bathtub of some love hotel. The eroscene looks nearly identical to the one between with Ryu on the Jingi Naki fandisk. I REALLY think he was the prototype for Ryu lolol. Afterwards Naoki asks her to be his photo model and she agrees. It was short and sweet so worth playing through.

Sad boys in snow.

Yoshino Aogu – Aogu has a weird name and also blue eyes and silver hair. They never really go into why the hell he looks so oddball and he says it’s because all the people back in his inaka look like that. That still doesn’t explain anything…but it doesn’t matter because he’s voiced by FUKUYAMA JUN FUCK YEA 😈 I’m not sure how old Aogu is supposed to be but he does say at some point that he’s underage so he can’t drink alcohol and Hitomi mentions he’s like 10 years younger than her so I’d say he’s 18 or 19 years old. Hitomi finds him playing guitar out near the train station trying to get people to listen to his songs. When he’s on the verge of giving up (after only 3 days lol) she encourages him to continue playing that eventually people will listen.  She later finds out that he has no place to live so she suggests that he stay at her apartment while he pursues his dream since he has no job or no money anyway. Of course being an innocent shota and all just even seeing Hitomi’s blouse partially unbuttoned sends him in a fit of embarrassment and he ends up curling into a ball on the couch 😆

aogu02Eventually Aogu gets some fangirls in the park. Hitomi gets extremely jealous “how dare they touch his hair like that!” When they get home that night she yells at him and says he just wants young girls to like him and that he should just leave and go back to his inaka. She realizes how much she hurt him and cries in her room.  When she gets home from work the next day she decides she will appologize to him but he’s not there. She notices that it begins to snow outside and she’s really worried so she goes to look for him. She finds him sitting on a bench with his guitar covered in snow. She hugs and appologizes to him saying she didn’t mean any of those things and that she wants him to come home. When they get home she initiates him into manhood 😈 bwahaha fukuyamajun ero scene 😈 !!! He later tells her that he wants to find a job that he can be around a lot of people becuase he wants to find his long lost inaka friend. While doing these jobs he gets scouted by a music company and he accepts it.

aogu03In the “good end” he leaves her  and becomes a famous singer. She sees him on TV and his song makes it on to the music program’s ending theme. One time she sees him on TV doing a music interview where he talks about a new song. The “new song” happens to be the original song that he sang for Hitomi. He says that the song reminds him of a special person and he will never forget the time he spent with that person. Hitomi sees it at the office and cries. In the best end, they kiss in the amusement park ferris wheel and when they get home after the planetarium, Aogu asks if “its okay to do it”. LOL how cute he’s asking permission 😆 SO RAPEABLE 😈 So yea they do it a 2nd time and the same stuff happens in this route, he becomes a singer. However Hitomi becomes very lonely and when she tries to visit him at his agency she gets refused. A year goes by and then he shows up at her work one day saying he quit his job becuase he loves her so much and he wanted to be with her. Hitomi cries and says she’s been lonely without him as well and they embrace. Ahh Aogu is so cutee clearly my favorite route. Totally beats out Naoki cause there’s no emo rape scenes in this one. It was so cute and romantic and FUKUYAMA JUN HELL YEA BITCHAZZZ. (*´∀`*)

aogu04If the normal game wasn’t awesome, Aogu clearly had the best “After story” on the fandisk. Basically it took place sometime as he was living with Hitomi. One night Hitomi spots him hanging around cover clubs. She confronts him about and after a while he finally tells her his story. He was originally raised by his grandparents because his father died early and his mother’s whereabouts were unknown (prolly some gaijin.) His grandmother died soon too and his grandpa followed sometime before he went to middle school. Because of this Aogu was sent to a foster home for children without parents. Because of his appearance Aogu was often bullied but there was one girl, Saya “oneechan” who always stood up and protected him. There were no jobs in the inaka so she went off to Tokyo to find work. He first kept in touch with her a lot and she told him she found a lover but apparently it was a bad guy. Eventually he lost contact with her. He then once saw her on TV working for a cover club so he was determined to find her which is why he came to Tokyo. He played his guitar so he could earn money to go to the club to find her. One day he finally meets her and she asks him for money. He thinks she really needs it so he does a lot of work to give her the money. However, Hitomi spots her one day with a brand name bag and giving Aogu’s hard earned money to some guy. She confronts her and tells her what a horrible bitch she is and when she tries telling Aogu how bad Saya is, Aogu yells at her says she doesn’t understand them at all. Hitomi gets upset and tells him that she just wanted to support his music career and then tells him to get out. Aogu feels bad so he leaves and then he finds out that Saya was just using him so he tells her he won’t be giving her anymore money and that he’d go back to his hometown. Hitomi later finds out from Saya that she was “rejected” by Aogu a long time ago because he only sees her as his “sister” and he only loves Hitomi. Hitomi takes a day off work to go to Aogu’s hometown to find him, and after an entire day she finally meets him by his old house under the cherry trees. They hug and Aogu tells her that he loves her and wants to be with her forever. So cuteeee!!! (ノ∀`●)⊃

ichikiIchiki Buchou – Meh this route was really boring. The only drama was how he’s really into his work and he’s all serious and goes to operas and art museums. He also fucking loves his alcohol so in most of the route Hitomi spends it drinking margaritas or whaever else with him. Seriously she was like a crazy alcoholic in this route >_> Then out of nowhere he’s like “I had someone I loved but because I was too into my work she killed herself, AND I NEVER WANT THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN!” And then suddenly they like screw in his office. Wut? Then he’s like “just forget this ever happened.” In his good end Hitomi and him get some kind of matching pair bracelets and then she goes off to her new job overseas in England. Bleh it wasn’t really romantic and it was really boring most of the time. Additionally he also got into arguments with Yukimura over Hitomi quite often so that means I had to see the vampire doctor more than I wanted to. ==;

futa01Kongo Fuuta – Fuuta is the younger Kongo twin. He’s about 18 years old and from my understanding he still attends university. I personally found his good end to be much better than his “best end”. Apparently the guide I was following considers the best end as the end with the ero-scene. I suppose if thats your aim then yea that’s the best end. In the “good” end Fuuta invites Hitomi to visit his inaka (hometown). There she runs into a girl who is crying about how she lost her childhood friend in a car accident. She also finds out that Fuuta once filmed a romance indiy film but never finished it. The reason for the crying girl and unfinished film – his twin brother Raita was the one who died in the car accident. Basically the day they were gonna complete the movie they were riding bikes to school. Fuuta wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see the incoming truck. Raita ran into his bike and pushed him away from the road so he fell on to the grass while Raita was the one to get hit and killed.

futa02Turns out Raita’s been this dead ghost (ala Kanon) all along and only those who do not know that he is dead can see him. That’s why his parents weren’t able to see him but Hitomi was. Additionally Fuuta knows he’s dead but can see him anytime regardless. During the bon festival day Raita appears one more time and says his goodbyes. It was like really sad and emotional but then like the next week back at work…Raita’s alive and kicking wut? The ending was Hitomi chasing Raita around in rage for tricking them like that. Wait what? What’s the trick? The fact that his ghost can live forever or the fact that the entire thing was a really well acted out joke?? I dunno the ending just made no fucking sense so I decided to do the best end hoping that it would get resolved then.Sadly not. In the “best end” there’s just some drama about Fuuta’s mistake at work and then him confessing to Hitomi, followed by an immediate doing it scene where she initiates him into manhood. Afterwords he attends college while living with Hitomi. Bleh what a disappointment. There was 1 more bad end and 1 more “good end” but I figured there’s no point in bothering at this rate.

raita01Kongo Raita – Well Raita’s route wasn’t too much different from Fuuta’s. It’s kinda dumb because the two of them looked so much alike. The only way you could tell them apart was the way they had their hands in their cutouts. Additionally Raita was the mischevous shota while Fuuta was the demure innocent one. One night after a movie Hitomi got really drunk and had to be carried home by Raita. In a drunken passion she totally raeped Raita (although later on he took over lololol.) He told her that if she wanted to “take away the innocence of a male virgin” it wouldn’t be with him because he was no longer one www. 😆 Later Raita avoids her and tells her she’s annoying because he knows that his brother likes her. As usual Fuuta tells her that he’s given up on her because he can tell that she likes his brother instead. So yea Raita and Hitomi then admit their feelings to each other blah blah and go on a date at the amusement park where Raita works part time as a stuffed bunny. In the “good end” for Raita both brothers just end up fighting over who gets to spend time with her first. Kinda bleh for this one too. I was really hoping for more stuff with the twins but I guess the creepy vampire doctor is more important or something 🙄

Aihara Kiichi – I don’t know who this guy was but turns out he was the guy from the rival company of Hitomi’s. I thought he may have like some random good end but instead his ending sucked and his only 2 CGs were from the eroscenes so I can’t even post them here lol. He like probably put drugs into Hitomi’s drink and she got really drunk and horny and so they ended up fucking in his car somewhere in the woods. Not too soon after she quit her company and lost her career and was forced to become his wife I guess or something. What a stupid route, completely worthless lol.

shun01Tsuzuki Shun – FFFF okay this route like ruins the game. It’s basically like Yume wa Mouichido -After Story-. Yea I know he’s the main character but unless you want the entire game ruined for you, don’t even play this route. There is nothing in this route worth playing for except 1 liter of tears. 😥 I will spoil it for the curious anyway. Shun is Hitomi’s childhood sweetheart and he became a famous actor and she hasn’t been in contact with him for 10 years. Before he left to become an actor though he told her he loved her and he would one day come back for her. She gets nostalgic and sad when she sees a movie that he stars in she goes to visit their old hometown. Coincidentally she runs into him while he’s on break from a movie shooting, at their old high school. They embrace and he explains that he’s missed her a lot but he was bound to strict terms from his manager so he was unable to see her.

shun02It turns out that his father left his family in debt and his mother got really ill so in order to pay for the hospital costs, Shun was offered a job as an actor. However the condition was that he had to do EVERYTHING his director said. This included not seeing Hitomi and being forced to marry his bitchy daughter (and famous actress) Ayaka. She’s a crazy stalker bitch so when she finds out that Shun is seeing his old sweetheart she uses her power of fame & fortune to make Hitomi’s life miserable. Even Shun’s mom tells Hitomi to forget about Shun because they need the money to pay off their debt. Hitomi tries to get over it and when the opportunity arises, she goes abroad to London for 2 years. When she comes back she finds out that Shun’s mother has died and he’s been ill with something and is in the hospital. She visits him there but the crazy bitch Ayaka shows up.

shun03She then says that if she cannot have Shun she will kill herself…and so she jumps off the hospital roof. Somehow she survives after massive surgery though. Afterwards though Shun feels guilty and says maybe they are just not meant to be together. He says he cannot just leave her so the two of them embrace and part. About 6 months later Ayaka comes to see Hitomi and tells her she plans on breaking up with Shun because she realizes that she cannot make him love her. NO SHIT YOU CRAZY PSYCHO BITCH. She tells Hitomi to be happy with him. After Shun’s film career goes well he asks Hitomi to marry him. The next day they do it in some hotel and then 3 months later Hitomi is pregnant. Soon as Shun finds out they get married immediately (before the baby bump shows through) in a church. They have a son named Yuuta. A couple years pass and Shun gets sick again, to the point where he passes out at work and is taken to the hospital.

Look it’s Ushio Yuuta!

It turns out Shun has stomach cancer, and he’s known about it before he had passed out. During a family trip Shun tells Hitomi that he knew about it before she did but he didn’t want the family to be sad and worried. During Christmas Yuuta makes a wish for Santa to bring medicine for Shun so that he gets better. Shun ends up getting worse and Yuuta gets upset and refuses to eat and cries. In the meantime Shun writes letters for Yuuta to give to him on each of his birthdays full of advice and words of encouragement – in case something happens to him. A few weeks later Shun falls asleep and never wakes up. Time passes and Hitomi is back at work trying her best to live through it alone with Yuuta. They go visit the cherry trees where Hitomi and Shun first began dating and there they feel the rays of the sun to represent Shun embracing them from the heavens. WTF SAD MAN T_______T! I tried to hold it back but I ended up crying at the end anyway :sob: Fucking what is this Clannad?! Geezuss why does the main guy have such a fucking sad ending!?!? T___T Unfortunately, unlike with Clannad, you can’t play the game twice and have Shun live. Shun’s after story was stupid too. It just basically is the same as his normal story but just with Ayaka basically taken out and the drama stirring around paparazzi seeing Shun with Hitomi. Blarg.

So final thoughts – forget what I said about Shun being the main char. He can go die, oh wait he did. 🙄 To me, the TRUE main character has go to be Aogu. He had the best story and it had a happy end. Sure he’s like 10 years younger than Hitomi but I don’t care! (ノ=´∀`=)ノ He was absolutely sweet and had the best after story end. Well I admit I didn’t play the other after story ends (except for Shun and Naoki) because well I just don’t care about the other chars. Their normal routes sucked so I imagined their after story ones would be a snooze fest too. I completely skipped over all of Kai’s routes – a guy with only BAD ends can’t be anything good. Probably the entire thing is jam packed with….rape! No thanks. A shame too since I actually like his seiyuu but whatever. I also skipped the fandisk guys Nakata (for the reasons I stated above) and Akimoto because he was just a fucking dick the entire time. It’s like why do you want to see a guy be “nice” to Hitomi or whatever for a few minutes when the ENTIRE GAME you just wanna kick him in the face? Yea screw that.

True End.

The art was a bit funky at times. It felt like they just CGed pencil sketches and didn’t bother doing clean outlines. Often during eroscenes they’d half ass the background with bubbles & sparkles (hey I don’t blame them since I’m guilty as charged in my own game but come on you’re a company!) and they would use medical terms for body parts. Like in other otome games it would be like “he touched down there~” and here its like “my vagina moved” wtf. ==; lol I’m pretty sure I saw “G-spot” mentioned a few times as well rofl. Blah whatever haha some ero scenes felt stupid and pointless anyway. They coulda made this game all ages and it woulda been okay (although I admit I’d miss Fukuyama Jun’s eroscenes 😈 ) Anyway for what it’s worth, Naoki, Aogu and the twins are the best routes to play. Everyone else just plain sucks or is just a drag. I know Mirai’s come a long way since Hoshi no Oujo (which I’m not touching with a 40 foot pole) and hopefully they’ll have less raep and more cute romance like with Aogu and Naoki in their upcoming Tsundere game xD.


12 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Yume wa Mou Ichido (+ Koufuku no Kaze)

  1. Haha, Shun’s route was such a rip-off. =A=; Both in the sense that it was just like Clannad or some other Key game and that I just felt completely ‘ripped-off’ at the ending. Not fair, why did he have to die. T_T

    BTW, I heard in some of Yukimura’s endings Hitomi totally ends up getting killed by his ‘wife’ wtf lololo.

  2. haha yea I felt ripped off too …I mean why have such a sad end for the supposedly “main guy” of the game. after this I don’t even consider him the main guy anymore ==;

    LOOL thats horrible. Glad I didn’t waste my time with that wacko

  3. “and sniffed her butt during the ero scene” Lol, what the hell was that??
    Anyway I skipped over this game because someone told me it was boring, and I’m glad I did. Man, what is it with rape and otome games? Seriously, does every 18+ otome game HAS to have rape or what? Why aren’t there any 18+ pure love games, bishoujo games have a lot of those. And sometimes the rape doesn’t even make sense, you just go WTF? Ijiwaru my master made me feel like that all the time, and if I wasn’t one of those “has to get everything 100%” kind of person, I wouldn’t have gotten past the first route.

    And the main guy has the saddest ending of all? What a sin. I know Mirai was trying to add on to the drama and make it memorable, but they should know the golden rule of visual games by now: the main character always has to have a great ending. Otherwise, what’s the point of doing the main route? To get sad and dissapointed?

    Speaking of 18+ games, I am enjoying pretty witch academy, the art style is really cute for an 18+ game. Though, I’ve just started and I haven’t run into any rape scene yet, so my opinion may change.

  4. Meh… I don’t feel like playing Mirai’s games, except for ‘Hoshi no Oujou 4’; that one isn’t set in modern times and I don’t have to add on the 18+ scenes.

    Aogu looks very sweet. I like that first picture of him. 😀

    I’m currently playing ‘Danzai no Maria’. It’s very interesting. You should try it. 😉

  5. gothicat> pretty witch is in my backlog XD I’ll get to it eventually ^_^

    Shale> that game is also in my backlog so yea I’ll get to that eventually too lol

  6. I’m so glad that you love Aogu the most! XD He was my favorite too! And I was also outraged when I reached the true end. *sigh* If you want to make things dramatic and make fans happy go back with what you did with Hoshi no Oujo 1! I haven’t played a Mirai game since…but I keep thinking about it since others seem to like it so much…

  7. Oi, I wish I had read this before playing this game >< I cried so hard on Shun's ending! At least Aogu's was nice… Oh, and for Nakata. I don't know what I did differently, but that is totally not the ending I got for him.
    In mine, the main char did like him, but turned him down when he asked her to marry him because she knew it would tear his family apart (his father had arranged a marriage for him, or something like that) After that, she gets into a car accident, gets horribly scarred, and runs off to work as a janitor at a place that, surprise surprise, turns out to be Nakata's new work. He never married the other lady and says he still loves her and wants another chance with her. Yeah, I dunno if it's actually worth going back to play it. It still seemed kinda sad to me. At least there was no rape… I'm actually surprised to hear that he is actually capable of it.

  8. I also liked Aogu and the twins the best. It’s been a few years since I last played this but I remember the ‘proper’ Nakata route wasn’t too bad (not the ‘branching off another character’ route). I also didn’t touch Yukimura AT ALL.
    Some people like to win over asshole characters so they like to go for Akimoto. The woman can drug him and rape him in one of the options o_O

    1. lol i haven’t played this in ages either so for a moment I had to go back & look to see who the hell you were talking about lol

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