Reorganization @_@;

Nice bug. :lol:
Nice bug. 😆

It has come to my attention that I’m playing too many games *_*;; Need to reorganize myself a little here. Let’s go down the list of what my current/future plans are for these games (and this blog.)

aisp@ce – Recently they released the water shooting game but I think in order to have any decent shooting power you gotta buy the super expensive nicopoint cosplay. As of October, it’s been 1 year since I began aisp@ce and well it’s pretty much boring. You just buy cash items and chat and that’s about it. The water shooting was supposed to add some spice to the game and I could have sworn they wanted to add a new island but when I logged on the shooting didn’t even work and 1 year later, no new island. I’m thinking around November or so I’ll finally uninstall this thing.

Bright Shadow – the CB is promising but only if the GMs take some serious control of the game. CB is fine & dandy but if you can’t even control teenagers talking about their sexual problems in guild chat, how do you expect to control “BUY FREE GOLD!!111!” and “AHAUEHAUEAHUEHAHUE” and bots? Yeaa…I fear for next week.

Pangya – I love Pangya, that will never change. Will continue playing this lol. 😆 As far as 4koma is concerned I hope to scanlate the final batch of comics over the weekend and schedule the post until the end of the month. From then on it’ll just be pereodical scanlations depending on what gamepot posts.

Party Castle – Open Beta has started but aside from one friend, no one else has really participated much that I invited xD It’s fun at first but other than making new outfits there’s nothing really to do. I’m kind of annoyed that fraps doesn’t work with this and I don’t like the limitations of the video editor. I may as well learn how to use MikuMiku dance instead or something. I’ll keep my eyes on this to see if it develops further.

TinierMe – Yea…it’s fun I guess, starting to get bored too though. Sooner or later they will flood us with cash stuff only and that will be my insta-quit flag. Maybe I can last on it until December or so.

Poupee Girl – I know Kath needs money (lol) for Poupee and I’m fine with that, but the site is now like 80% jewel shit and 20% ribbon. The idea of the site was for people to share their fashion and as a reward get dressups for your poupee etc. Now it’s like cutting corners and is basically going “fack your fashion just go buy jewels”. It’s turning slowly into like all the other Japanese flash dressup games and starting to bore me. I used to look forward to daily dressups but thesedays sometimes I don’t even dress up, I just take a photo and log off. 😐 Hopefully the Halloween and Xmas events will be decent, otherwise I’ll be leaving Poupee as well. It’s a shame as I’ve been on it for almost a year and a half now.

Otome Games – Been playing too many of the above and sorta put these on the backburner. Thanks to the anime season and all these holiday events as well I’ve had absolutely no time to start up on anything new. I had planned to play Kiniro no Corda but with 2 new otome games coming in November (DareUra and Bloody Call *_*) that I wanted to play, I’m not sure I can deal with another game that isn’t just “click choice, raise flag, kiss bishie.”

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  1. yea, the gacha and fishing only last so long….
    ^^; and its not like poupee girl where you get points for dressing up so theres no motivation to even get new clothes or change what you’re currently wearing.

  2. Nooo, don’t leave TinierMe! Well, the JP version of TinierMe have like a lot of games so it’ll be more fun later on? Besides, it’s mainly a JP SNS, so it’s supposed to be a place to talk to your friend in cute avatars and play games together with them (currently only Fishing is on the US version, though). =/
    And 10,000 coins = 1,000 G coins. I don’t think I’m going to actually buy everything in the game and I’m only going to change my clothes after a while (when I get tired of it), so I might be able to play the game without actually spending any money on it. xD
    ai-sp@ce only lasted for about a month for me, lol. I think I heard somewhere before (probably in a Nico Nico Douga BBS) that they won’t be adding any new island soon (if they do I might install and login again, but the patch process always takes a very long time and then it’ll bore me after a while anyways), and besides I only log in for special events nowadays. Nothing really interesting, uninstalled the month after. D=
    About PangYa – yeah, it’s like the best online game out there – I wish I can play the JP version of the game, though. T_T

  3. Haha I feel the same about TinierMe and Poupeegirl :/ ugggh stupid paid stuff. xD I’ve always wanted to eventually pick up Pangya but ahhh I feel like once I’d play I’m sucked in dead in there.

    Haha yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah all of the Koei games xD if you don’t like doing other stuff besides just reading it’s probably not the game for you. That and non of the games ever really have you kiss the guy anyways LOL not until the ps2 one where it’s sooooooooooooorta implied. LOLOL AND ON THE CHEEK, or none at all.

  4. Keo> oh shit really? blargh I may have to just pass on it. I guess I’ll just leave it for last to play instead of next in case I really want an otome game and that’s my ONLY option at the moment ==;;;

  5. yeaaa TinierMe is getting kinda dull for me as well. I just log in to get coins and bother people in town now 😀

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