Otome Game Review: Gin no Kanmuri, Ao no Namida

My husband wouldn’t shut up about this game, so I finally decided to play it. The game is actually about a woman who has to cheat on her husband in order to get a good end with any of the other men. Yes it’s a game about adultery. I’ve never played any other Aromarie games, and well this will probably be my first and last one. The art was just not appealing and the fact that the main guy who you have to cheat on was voiced by some 50 year old jiji, didn’t really help things. The game started out with a flashback to how Aya first met Shinichiro while working at her hotel. She had as much interest in him as I do in banging my head against the wall for an hour. In fact from the start she seemed like she had more interest in the random bishies she met during work and her free time, so it was really a wonder why she went as far as to MARRY this guy. 😯 The catch is, they got married in a private ceremony just the two of them – but never handed in their official wedding papers. This gives Aya technical “leeway” that she’s not actually performing adultery by going with other dudes…cause they’re not actually married!

shin01Shinichiro – So anyway I decided to reluctantly do his route first, mainly to see what the hell the deal with him is. The problem is because he’s such a stale character, Aya then becomes a stale character. In a way they’re both so fucking annoyingly stale they’re meant for each other, but I can’t help but feel that Aya interacted better with the other guys. Perhaps this was the game’s keikaku all along because let’s face it – if Shinichiro was actually a decent guy, why would you want to cheat on him? In that sense making him “undesirable” and having you want to go screw other guys, was pretty well thought out. 😆 When Aya agreed to marry him, it was so fast & sudden that it just made no sense to me. She often felt like he was never “there” for her, and he often had to go away on some long business trips/meetings. After their bootleg marriage, Aya spends most of her time alone because her husband’s always tied up with work (oh Japan.)

shin02At some point she feels like she’s being stalked because she finds her mail opened, some black cars parked for a long time in front of her apartment – when she panics & goes to Shinichiro for help, he just tells her she’s being theatrical.Later on she loses her wedding ring and no matter how she looks for it she can’t find it. When he finds out  that she lost it he thinks that she threw it out on purpose because he’s never around. He leaves on some business trip and she’s back to being alone. All the options you gotta pick are ones where she’s pretty much in denial of her feelings and says she’s fine to everyone around her. Later she goes to the hair salon because they found her wedding ring and as she comes out she runs into Shinichiro. She’s shocked because she thought he was going to be away on business and then he gets hit by a car 😆 (serves him right) Anyway turns out he was doing some kind of fishy business work where the rival company would do nasty things to him which is why Aya had that stalker issue.

shin03It was actually directed towards him. After he wakes up & is released out of the hospital she yells at him and slaps him telling him he doesn’t understand her feelings and that if she knew the reason for his absences she would feel a lot less lonely. She tells him to stop taking it all on himself and to rely on her for once since she is his wife after all. He asks if they can finally hand in their wedding paperwork and she agrees lol. In the prologue she makes him wait 2 months before doing it and then uh they do it again. Geezus this was the 4th eroscene. Once I went and looked at the gallery for him, even though it wasn’t complete, at least 80% of the CGs I got were all from the ero scenes. Honestly it makes him as a character seem nothing but a fuck machine for her because she’s a cock craving milf-to-be or something. 😆 This was further confirmed by the fact that during the eroscenes she’s like “I want more! Do it harder!” rather than the usual “Noo stop~! I’m so dirty~!”

ryo01Ryo – Ryo is a hot young stud that a cougar such as yourself is after. Ok well he’s in college so I’m gonna guess he’s like 21 or 22 and I think she’s 24 so it’s not that big of an age gap. 😆 Anyway he’s had a secret crush on Aya basically ever since he began his part time job at the hotel. He admits it to her and just says to ignore it from now on. Since Shinichiro begins disappearing for work again and Aya starts getting those weird stalkers because of his job (and the mail openers) she begins to get desperate for SOMEONE to hold her. Yea and Ryo just happens to be that someone. Even Ryo’s friend’s pissed off at him because Ryo rejected his friend’s younger sister’s feelings because he’s fallen for Aya. At one point Aya keeps babbling that Ryo will find someone nice for himself and he goes into raep mode and is like CAN’T YOU SEE I ONLY LOVE YOU!?!?! Unfortunately he’s an inexperienced virgin so it’s up to Aya to lead him into manhood. 😈

ryo02So uhh yea because of that they end up doing it like 4 times. x_x; Aya also learns that Ryo can speak Italian because his grandfather is Italian (who married a Japanese lady) and lives in Italy.  One day Ryo tells Aya that he wants her to break up with Shinichiro because he wants to properly date her and have her be only his. Aya is as usual undecisive but just then Shinichiro calls and so they all get together at a restaurant to talk. He explains his job and how he had to “get away from the house” so that he wouldn’t get targetted but instead she got targetted by accident. Ryo is pissed off but then Aya & Shinichiro talk alone and he tells her that Ryo is a good guy and he will take better care of Aya than Shinichiro did. In the prologue 2 years have passed since Ryo and Aya have begun officially dating (not just cheating sex0r). Ryo then asks her to go with him to Italy for vacation to meet his grandparents. In the other ending, Aya can’t decide her feelings on Shinichiro so she ends up continuing her love affair with Ryo.

mako01Makoto – Makoto is the charming delivery boy. He’s a freeter who just graduated from college so he often jumps part time jobs. He’s also dead poor and lives in a shack by the sea without electricity, gas or light 😆 In his spare time he plays some hard core chello and he keeps going to (and failing) orchestra auditions in Japan because he doesn’t have the proper education/experience. As usual Aya gets lonely so in order to get Makoto to come by more often she orders stupid crap online like romance novels and neckties for her husband who’s never there. He tells her he doesn’t mind being her number two and at one point when the usual stalkers come out (because of Shinichiro’s job) Makoto runs to comfort her…with his penis. He tells her to pretend it’s rape so that she doesn’t feel guilty, even though the whole time she’s like “but you can’t rape the willing!” 😆 Makoto tells her it’s okay for him to be her #2. At one point Makoto goes to audition again for his chello and he passes the audition. To celebrate they go into his shack and eat some cake. She finds out his family issue which is – his family has a small family business where all the members are the employees.

mako02His older brother is so jealous of Makoto for always being so carefree and achieving stuff without trying, while his bro works blood sweat & tears to accomplish the same. His jealous got to the point where just seeing Makoto’s face made him throw up so he became a hikki. Makoto didn’t want to cause anymore family issues so he left the house and was able to get a cheap living space in the sea shack. Aya tells him that it’s cruel of his family to treat him this way and she tells him she saw his chello audition. He’s so happy that they immediately “shack it up” (I kill myself with these puns.) When they head back Shinichiro catches them and punches Makoto out of rage. Aya yells at him telling him that Shinichiro always ignores her and is never there for and that she needs Makoto. He tells her he understands and a few days later she moves out, and the two of them tell each other to “be happy” (lol!) She gets a new apartment close to the sea and in the prologue Makoto moves in with her to help save on costs. He will now need the money because while he failed the final chello audition thing, he did get accepted to go study abroad in Europe or something. After he comes back they awkwardly make a promise to get married I guess. Overall I really liked Makoto, he was cute and sweet and really funny. I liked him more than Ryo because he was a little more laid back and less angsty.

asano01Asano – Because I played Shinichiro’s good end first, Asano’s route felt sorta…lacking? First I started basically half way through Shinichiro’s route which basically involved Aya doing nothing and always going directly home. Asano is Shinichiro’s best friend so the entire time he had this whole “I can’t betray my bff!” complex going on even when Aya was like “nooo don’t leave me~~!” We’re supposed to feel sorry for him because he was abandoned by his parents and was raised by his grandparents who then passed away so he spent most of his life alone. I dunno, he was just a really boring character. I would sorta zone out at times and go surf the web while the auto-dialogue went on. I only began to pay attention when Aya was like “I think I’ve fallen in love with you!” Just then Asano tells Aya about Shinichiro’s shady job and then Aya gets a call from him and finds out that he knows that she’s been cheating on him with Asano. He comes over Asano’s house and has a raging argument with him and tells Aya to STFU when she tries to intervene.

asano02They go home together and now Shinichiro gives us his sob story of how he knew his job was going to get really busy and so he married Aya thinking that if they were married, she wouldn’t “throw him away” like she would if they weren’t married. LOL SO MUCH FOR THAT. I guess I kinda pitied the guy (just a little) and Aya was feeling like REALLY guilty for cheating on him now that she knew this. Oh well too bad, she went and ended up with Asano. Then they did it without a condom and Aya said she doesn’t mind starting a family with him. Bleh. All of the Cgs with Asano were pretty awful. Especially in the eroscenes, Aya either had massive disembodied boobs or a HUGE ghetto booty. Also, while all the guys have like 2 pages of CGs Asano barely even had the first page full! I guess they thought because of the orgy route it’s okay to cut him on the CGs. This only added to the disappointment of the route. It was so short and boring I was able to finish it within 3 hours. I’m kinda disappointed because his VA voices Li Ren in Hanasakeru Seishounen which I’m currently watching!

reiji01Reiji – Reiji is basically the guy to play if you really dislike Aya, think she’s a dirty whore and feel she deserves to be treated like the slut that she is. (Hmm wait that may be more the kichiku route that I don’t plan to play but anyway.)  Reiji is the local hair salon owner who often does bonus facials for Aya as well. He’s very narcissistic, and I mean his lastname is literally “God of Hair” 😆 Despite this he used to be on the baseball team in high school but then he quit and realized that he fucking LOVES TO PLAY WITH HAIR so yea he became a hair stylist.  He wanted Aya because she felt like someone he could “easily” take advantage of because she was so “broken”. It’s kinda sadistic and she basically becomes his sex toy. He makes her go home without her panties (because he rips them off) and he also makes her go home with a vibrator up her hoohaa (ugh Jingi Naki Otome flashbacks 🙄 ). She allows him to do whatever he wants as long as there is no kissing or intercourse because she then thinks of her husband.

reiji02So at some point Shinihiro as usual tells her to rip up their unhanded marriage papers and so she feels lonely and calls Reiji for advice. He tells her not to involve her in his life because he’s just a sex-friend for her and nothing more. She’s really upset so she decides to end it all with him and her husband and live on her own. Before that though she finds out that Reiji’s salon is going to be closed because of some issues with the building owner. Asano tells her that Shinichiro can help her stop it and so she asks her EX-HUSBAND to help keep the salon of her EX-SEXFRIEND. Right! ==; Reiji tells her that she shouldn’t have done that and she decides to just get away from them for a while. A month goes by and she one day runs past him and he ignores her. She’s so upset she begins to run away crying but he stops her telling her “Nooo don’t go!” And then they immediately fuck behind some building wall (wtf???) And he’s all like “OH GOD I MISSED YOU” and then babbles about how he loves her and then they go back to his apartment. She finds out there that he had her wedding ring the whole time and didn’t wanna give it back to her because he didn’t want her to leave him. Oh well too late now I guess, and they do it and in the prologue he asks her to marry him. Bleh, kind of a sick and gross route. The end felt really out of character. I mean how the hell do you tell someone they are your sex toy then a month goes by and it’s like HOLY SHIT MAN I LOVE YOU. Uh yyeaaa okay.

One of Reiji’s alternative endings was basically a bad end with him, but instead a reconciliation end with Shinichiro. By this point I hated Reiji so much that I was willing to give Shinichiro a chance so I decided to give it a shot. Basically it involved Aya not being a weak pansy and ignoring all the black letters and open mail crap & not going to Reiji’s house to be his sex toy. So in this ending Reiji’s salon gets shut down becuase of the building issues and he tells her he’ll never see her again. Instead she calls up her husband who tells her his work is over and that they will start fresh all over again. That was pretty much the end, kinda disappointing that there wasn’t at least a hug CG. The best part of Reiji’s route was probably Ryo…and any scenes where he tried to comfort Aya. What a sweetheart. 😦


Mmm Makoto in the shower 8D
Mmm Makoto in the shower 8D

There were some bad ends I skipped and I skipped the kichiku route and the 3P route. I heard the kichiku route was absolutely awful from Keo, and the guide I was following listed the endings as “you can’t run away” and “the death of the two” Uhh great just what I want to play? I guess you gotta “get what you deserve” before you can go fucking 2 dudes at once. Unfortunately since Asano was a snore for me and well I generaly just didn’t like Shinichiro, I decided playing either of these would make me hate the game even further ==;  What can I say other than meh? I liked Makoto and Ryo, and the rest well bleh. I wouldn’t even recommend playing the game for the two of them though. The game itself was pretty bland and I hated how you couldn’t even adjust the volume so often times Shinichiro’s voice blended in with the music and I couldn’t hear anything. Aya felt like a slutty bitch a lot and in the eroscenes her boobs or butt would grow to extended proportions 😆 Also during Shinichiro’s eroscenes he soudned like he was constipated trying to squeeze some poop out of himself.  Since this was my first Aromarie game, it certainly didn’t leave that much of an impression on me. If anything, it only made me want to stay away from any of their other game(s).


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  1. yea that’s what I heard but eh I don’t really like their art style and they seem to focus on dark games which is kind of a turn off for me =/

  2. well its not that he suggested it, I downloaded it out of curiosity but he was like LETS PLAY THIS GAME. I think the concept was more exciting than the execution.

  3. i really liked ryo and makoto too, but i didn’t understand what they liked about the protagonist…she’s really boring ^^;

    in the other game, the protagonist is supposed to have a stronger character…but yeah, that game is supposedly darker too.

    what i liked about this game was the quick skip option, where you can skip right to the next question! lol. they should have that in every game, although it means i will probably forget the plot.

  4. I was tempted to use that option but I felt that if I did that it would be kinda pointless to even play the game haha xD I decided if I’m gonna do that I might as well skip the route. I didn’t think the CGs/eroscenes were really worth the playthrough

  5. Ugh, totally echo your sentiments on this game. I did Shinichiro first because I felt bad immediately cheating on him…and I realized he was just one giant snoozefest.

    I liked the 2 young guys’ routes (Ryo & Makoto) because I felt like they were good characters, but too bad they’re still douchebags who feel like they can go out with a “married” woman. Oh yeah, that whole “leeway” thing can kiss my ass. She’s a dirty cheating whore. Why can’t we all accept this fact?

    AND WHY DIDN’T SHE CALL THE POPOS IF SHE FELT LIKE SHE WAS BEING STALKED!? Waaaah, I need my husband to save the day…jeebus, this game was a disaster.

  6. yea she was kind of a whore, but I wanted to at least have SOMETHING about the game I liked….otherwise the entire game is garbage lol

  7. Nooooo you’re making a big mistake!

    …apparently, Aromarie’s first otome title was pretty decent, as I’ve seen from a few blogs. What was it called again? Something with Moon’s light and the Sun’s shadow…or was it the reverse? But yes, apparently it’s a good one. 😀

  8. Holy cow this review sure helped alot (and make me lol a whole alot).I dont know japanese and i played this game on ATLAS.Thanks for the review.

  9. Great review, I’m glad I read it, but I really think you meant “In the ~EPILOGUE~ they had tons of sex, the end”. The prologue comes in the ~beginning~.
    Just had to say it, it was bugging the crap out of me 😛

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