Pangya 4koma #64

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I wish they brought back the HG outfits in Japan. I’d totally make JP buy one 😆

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  1. Look closely at my Funny Pangya Moments, of course I saw it. 🙂 I’m just saying that HG set fits Max perfectly. XD

  2. lol, they never brought the suit to A18, just the cap and shades. 😛

    Is it okay to follow you on Twitter? If you see a friend request from “nyaasu,” that’s me. ^^;;

  3. cause in the comic before this one #63 (which I skipped) she asked him to wear a puppy nose and ears because she wanted him to be her “dog” 😆

  4. omg the HG event was the best XD whenever the HG’s balls bounce they said “HEY~” in HG’s voice, it was hilarious…I know that sounds wrong 😡

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