Otome Game Review: Jingi Naki Otome – KoiKoi Zanmai

This is the fandisk for Jingi Naki Otome. The premise is that Asou and Ryu get in a fight (what else is new.) Ryu tells Asou that Kougumi doesn’t need him so Asou said “oh yea? let’s see how you can do without me then!” At the same time Asou also passes out from overwork and ends up in the hospital and now Kougumi has to find a way to pay all their bills as well as food. The idea they come up with is to run a butler cafe and use English names for themselves (Like Steven and Jonathan xD). Each guy had a couple endings and the fandisk brought the addition of Yasu as an obtainable man yeaaa 😈 !! Oh yea once again stuff under the cut contains some 18+ scenarios etc. x3

ryu01Ryu – In Ryu’s first ending, Ryu and Saki got in a fight over some stupid misunderstanding. The two of them being very much alike and stubborn it took them a while to talk to each other. Eventually they both fell into the lake, then took a bath together and had a hot bath eroscene. I mean this is like way better than any of the eroscenes from the first game where they do it in some abandoned warehouse 🙄 Obviously then and there they’re both like “omg I luv u be with me forever so we can see once in a blue moon” or some crap and then they finally go to the amusement park together in the prologue. In Ryu’s 2nd ending, he was planning a secret birthday party for Saki. He kept asking Asou to go with him to the cake store to try different cakes to pick out the best one for her. Instead though, Saki got the impression that the 2 of them had a BL relationship going on (lol yes she said BL XDDD).

ryu02She got so upset that she asked Ryu if she was in love with Asou (and she imagined yaoi scenarios of them) and Ryu was like….what!?!? Then she found out the story about the birthday cake and everything and forgave him with a kiss. No ero in this route. In the epilogue, Ryu told Saki he loves her by having a massive light display outside in the shape of a heart with it saying “Love Saki” XD. The “after” story for Ryu was basically everyone getting annoyed that the two of them were always so raburabu (even though they were married wtf). They made the two of them stay apart from each other for 2 days until the 2 of them couldn’t take it anymore so they ran off to live together in their own apartment. I was surprised there was actually no ero in this route either! Then again there weren’t any choices so it was more of an epilogue than anything else to the original game ending.

keigo01Keigo – In Keigo’s route, he works part time at a cake store. One time the two of them are having some cake in the living room and Saki gives him some cake with brandy in it. Apparently that’s enough to make him drunk and go into rapist-Keigo mode 😆 He almost gets her panties off and then falls asleep. In the midst of it he did tell her that he’s been in love with her all this time though. The next day to my surprise he actually appologizes deeply for what he has done. He then asks Saki to come to the roof with him where he sincerely tells her that he loves her and that he will never drink alcoholic drinks again. xD She tells him she loves him too and then they get all raburabu. In the ero scene it was weird because they were all like “it’s my first time ^///^” wtf lol. It’s like totally the opposite of all the eroscenes in the first game so it was a little weird but at least it was more romantic and less buttsecks rape. In the end Keigo proposes to her and asks her to marry him, giving her a temporary flower ring that he made. Overall it was actually really sweet and cute and scary ugly face rapist Keigo didn’t show up except in one scene so overall one of Keigo’s best routes! 😆

keigo02In Keigo’s 2nd route he decided he wasn’t going to be the sweet shota but be this sexy bad boy. Well he still had his cake job but then he got scouted to be a model. Saki said he’d be kinda cool if he did that so he decided to do it. Everything was going well until one day Saki came to watch one of his photo shoots. In one of the photos he had to stand there with some slutty female model in a bikini. Saki got really jealous and then avoided him. He got pissed off and was like “wtf woman” and she’s like “I don’t like it when you are close to other sluts!” so he’s like “whatever I only want you baby *grab”. Actually there was no eroscene. He did have his rapist face on a few times but at least he didn’t act out on it. He was just “sexy” in this route haha thankfully. In Keigo’s “after” route basically he and Saki keep fucking and then they talk about how they will have 3 kids and what names to give them. Then they get in a fight because he didn’t tell her that he’s been going to refuse girls’ confessions to him in school. Saki gets pissed and goes back to the yakuza house and everyone then thinks that she’s preggo with Keigo’s baby ?_? Then Keigo comes, beats them all up and takes Saki back home rofl. It was kinda weird but cute I guess XD?

asou01Asou – I was gonna save him for last but then I decided eh might as well whatever…turns out it wasn’t such a bad choice after all. So as the story goes, Asou overworked himself and ended up in the hospital. However the hospital’s shitty machinery diagnosed him with cancer saying he only has 3 months to live. He decided that he’d be nice to everyone on his last few months of his life and decided he’d work as much as possible to finish things before he dies. Saki overheard this and she got really upset. She visited him every day and eventually yelled at him that he overworks himself and that he will shorten his lifespan. She says she always wants to be by his side and then he tells her that he loves her (hm that was random.) Also later when they are in the hospital park area they see a kid and Asou says he wishes he would be able to have a child of his own. Saki is like “I’LL HAVE YOUR BABIES” and then they attempt to have the babies but get cockblocked by the doctor – who explains that the machinery was broken and Asou doesn’t actually have cancer lol. Erm so Asou goes back to being a kichiku megane but still is nice and sweet to Saki. In the epilogue they do it on the kitchen sink (wtf) and then they go to the amusement park where he proposes to her on a ferris wheel (after she makes him ride the white horse on the merrygoround rofl.)

asou02In Asou’s 2nd route, he was being his asshole self as usual. There was no cancer or anything and he was let out of the hospital pretty quickly. When visiting him however, Saki was mistakened by the nurses as his sister. She got really jealous that all these young nurses flirted with him and wanted to make him jealous too. She tried to get all close to Keigo and Ryu to make him jealous but it didn’t seem to work. Later on though Asou invited her to go to the cake store and because she ignored him the tickets expired. She felt really bad so the 2nd time he invited her, she accepted. At the cake store one of the nurses ran into them and he told the nurse that Saki wasn’t his sister, but his lover. Later on Saki asked him to go to a movie with her and he agreed, using his “I can’t right now…but I can tomorrow.” LOL he was like being a dickhead but he obviously liked her. Instead of saying “I like you” he was like “I don’t go to movies and cake restaurants with someone who I’m not in love with.” What a shitlord lol.

asou03In his after story route Asou takes a day off to go on a date with Saki. They get followed by a bunch of paparazzi so Asou decides it’s a good idea to change into casual clothing instead of his usual suit. They run into Mutou sensei and Asoua asks to switch clothing with him. I don’t know why they didn’t just buy him new clothes but when they switched I burst out laughing cause they both looked so ridiculous 😆 Asou got so embarrassed they went to buy new clothes and Saki helped him pick out new stuff. In addition Asou took off his glasses and got a hair cut so he looked really really hot 😯 They get chased by paparazzi again but they manage to get away. At the end of the day they visit Saki’s father’s grave to get “permission to marry each other”. To avoid this in the future, Asou then directly goes to the paparazzi with Saki and tells everyone that he will be marrying her. Too bad by then he’s back to his old fugly look xD.

mutou01Mutou – Mutou sensei was basically the same stoner in his first route until one day Saki accidentally dropped a ladle on his head. After that he lost his memory and became a changed man: He was actually not a lazy stoner but a competent man. He began to actually take  attendance in class, and would actually wake up on time. Saki kept trying to bring his memory back because she had fallen in love with him. Eventually he kept getting sleepier and would sleep more and more as the days go by. One day he slept for 24 hours and Saki got worried so she decided to kiss him like in sleeping beauty. Well for some reason that worked and he woke up and returned to his normal old lazy self lol. In his 2nd ending, some crazy kid named Kosuke wanted him to teach him how to carve tattoos. Mutou didn’t wanna do this and in fact he got really jealous because Saki kept giving Kosuke attention.

mutou02Unfortunately the only reason she gave him attention was because he kept playing pranks on her (like flashing her panties twice) because he thought that she had “bewitched” his sensei lol. Eventually Mutou got so jealous that he screwed her in an empty classroom (again it’s like rape except she does not resist at ALL and in fact tells him she likes him blah). Afterwards Mutou tells Kosuke to go learn on his own and that he and Saki are uh together or something o_O; In the epilogue Kosuke comes back to cockblock them some more. Meh crappy route in my opinion lol. In his after story route he was  teaching Saki how to draw. She kept trying but she sucked a lot and whenever Ryu would look at her sketchbook she would rage because she didn’t think it was good enough. At the end though she and Mutou would go draw together in the park.

jin01Jin – Jin sensei was kinda…anticlimatic I guess? XD Umm in his first route basically she visits him a lot then finds out that he needs help making stuffed animals for some children at the hospital. Unfortunately Saki has like no talent or skills what so ever so she can’t make a single freaking teddy bear. In addition she eats so many of Jin’s self baked cookies that she ends up gaining 6 lbs and then wastes time going on a diet. She avoids Jin because of this so when he finally sees her he’s shocked to know that she’s avoided him for such idiotic reasons. They go on a date to the mall where she tells him she likes him and he tells her he likes her back, then kisses he in front of the wedding store. In the epilogue he gives her teddy bears he made wearing a wedding dress and a tuxedo. She tells him to keep the “bride bear” until one day she wears a real wedding dress for him while she keeps the “groom bear” for herself lol.

jin02In his 2nd route Saki found a nurse’s uniform in his closet. She thought he had some  nurse uniform fetish but he told her one of his co-workers left it behind or something. She then accidentally admitted that she liked him and they began dating. 2 weeks later Saki was disappointed that she hadn’t gotten laid yet so one day after work she walked into his office wearing that nurse uniform. She told him she would “take care” of him. He pretty much lost it there (confirming that uniform fetish lolol) and they screwed on one of the beds. Good thing there were no patients I guess. Man she was such a slut lol. Usually in the other ero scenes she’d be like “noo its embarrassing” here shes like “I WANT DICK NOWWW” lolol wtf. Okay whatever. Some nurse fetish route or something xD. In the after story for Jin he needed a place to live so he temporary stayed at Saki’s yakuza house. Unfortunately he had to force himself to avoid her because apparently just seeing her made him wanted to do it. Sigh. It’s like these two are on sex drugs or something 🙄 ^^; Eventually he moves into his own apartment and tells Saki when she graduates and becomes an “adult” she can live with him.

kita01Kitagawa – I had as much interest doing as his route as I had watching paint dry to be honest sigh ^^;. I don’t have an old man fetish so this was a real drag. In this route Yasu had a part time job working at Kitagawa’s flower store. Saki comes by a lot to look at flowers and then the two of them go to an amusement park to make up for the “lost time” Kitagawa didn’t get to do in his youth. Later Kitagawa’s friend recommends that he goes to do an omimai to find himself a wife and settle down. Saki is so distraught by this becuase she’s in love with old farts that she runs up to him and confesses her feelings. He thinks she just likes him like her “father” but she goes and kisses him. (ew 😕 ) In the epilogue they walk linking their arms together on a date lol. God he has to be at least 17 years older than her 😯

kita02In the after story, Kitagawa got handcuffed to Saki by Mutou as a prank. They had trouble finding the key but eventually somehow they were able to get out (I wasn’t really paying attention lol.) There actually WAS an option in this route! I was shocked because it wasn’t in any of the guides I was following so I just picked the “check the school” option 😯 It seemed okay since I got a good end. Basically Kitagawa got promoted in his police job and he would have to move away and leave Saki. Saki wanted him to see her graduation but he wouldn’t be able to make it. However on her graduation day she was surprised to see that he was there. He told her he quit his police job and “graduated from his past”. He would insteadcontinue his job as a flower shop keeper.

yasuYasu – Yasu’s route was absolutely adorable. Easily one of my favorite routes in the fandisk. It’s a shame he was never in the original game but I like the story they gave him here. Basically Yasu(nari) is obviously one of the bodyguards for Saki. He works together with her at the flower shop. Eventually the two of them fall in love for each other but Yasu is afraid to admit his feelings because he is criticized by Kitagawa and hounded by Ryu with death threats 😆 He even gets a 2nd part time job in construction work just to buy Saki an expensive brand name necklace for her birthday. One day Yasu’s mom comes to visit and Saki volunteers to pretend to be his “girlfriend” that he lied to his mother he had. She asks that as proof that Saki is REALLY his girlfriend they should kiss. Yasu is hesitant but Saki agrees to do it and the mom tells her to take care of her only son. Yasu’s past is that he was sort of part of this gang but he got beat up by the Ryuurenkai (what else is new) and Saki’s dad saved him and let him work at the Kougumi. Anyway eventually Saki is really hurt that Yasu won’t accept her feelings and everyone by now knows that she likes him – so Ryu tells Yasu that it can’t be helped and that Yasu should tell her his feelings if they are there. Well of course Yasu chases after her and confesses and the two of them come to terms with their feelings. And of course Saki is like immediately horny and is like “omg I wanna do it RIGHT NOW” and she totally dominates the poor guy rofl. xDDD Oh well not like he was complaining. It’s really sad that he looked the best drawn in his ero CGs and cutouts so I didn’t have a good CG to use for this post lol. (no posting ero on my blog むふ。) Anyway at the end Yasu tells Saki that he’ll become a great man for her, and the two of them after work joke about having kids because some granny thought they were a married couple working together at the flower shop.

otherOther Ends – Basically it’s kinda like the continuation of the first game where there’s like yakuza scandals and the Kougumi loses their house. They are forced to live in the apartment that’s technically Saki’s (or rather her mom’s. They never go into Saki’s mom’s past at all so this is all really weird.) They all try to gather money to buy the house back and with Asou’s help they get it back. There’s also this whole thing how everyone likes Saki but she just “can’t decide”. In the end she says she is just happy being with “everyone” meanwhile Asou is dragging her by the hand away from all the other raging eligible bachelors lol. In the 2nd “no guy” end a bunch of the Kougumi get arrested and Keigo is thrown in jail lol. Then everyone is all QQ because they have to break up the yakuza group or something. Apparently I had to do that bad end route to then get the missing Ryu CG (geez wtf). Everyone gets split up again because of some Yakuza drama (I skipped so much dialogue cause I was getting tired of all this xD) From what I did read Ryu was sorta under cover spying on everyone seeing how they are all doing. He would also eventually visit the old house too.  She then somehow ends up catching up to Ryu and asking him to “join everyone back together again” or something. Then a bunch of gunshots fire…and I got the last Ryu CG yay! 😆 Ahh it was the stupid Ryuuren group crap again so I ended up skipping the rest. She then goes around to everyone and asks them to come back to the Kougumi to help her rescue Ryu who I think took a blackmail deal with his dad’s group in order to protect Saki. Then a bunch of shit happens and Keigo ends up helping arrest baldy (I thought he was in jail lol?) with the help of Asou. So then they all decide to live in the apartment together and break up the Kougumi. But then Asou comes back with the deed to the house and in it they open up some kind of pre-school lol. Then some shota told Asou that “tsundere is out” and “yandere is in” rofl. That was it thank god. It’s a shame this game was so freaking long that by the time the “bonus” story came I sorta lost interest ^^;.


Sigh okay so it was a cute fandisk. Some guys had better routes than in the original game (Keigo, Asou). The extra endings were unnecessary in my opinion. It feels like something that should have been part of the original game. In addition based on the banner I’ve been using to link to the game, I was under the impression that everyone in the game would be a butler! However I was disappointed that the butler theme was only a brief thing that they did while trying to gather money to pay their house bills. I was hoping the entire game would be butlers serving the ojou~ but in the end she ended up helping them with their little cafe ^^;. So in that sense it wasn’t as great of a fandisk as I had hoped it would be. That’s not to say that it wasn’t worth playing, but I would definitely play it for Ryu, Asou Keigo and especially Yasu. Mutou just had too many emotions for his own good and Jin turned Saki into a slutty nurse 😆  And that concludes my lovely month with the Jingi Naki Otome series!


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  1. impressive @_@ otome games, pangya, anime..

    right now, i can only play gta for a couple of hours and one or two eps/week. T_T

  2. [I’m talking about the original JO]

    I have to say that Keigo is my favorite out of all the characters. Well, besides the stupid rapist part (ugh, what is up with these masochistic bitches?). I liked when he became badass, but why does badass need to equal rape? Disgusting. Can’t he be badass and not be a rapist?

    My favorite route though, is Ryu’s. Because obviously much cuteness and drama was put into it.

    As for the fandisc, eh. I think it was designed so that people who didn’t play the original can somewhat enjoy it. I find that pointless for a fandisc.

    I see you’re playing Garnet Cradle. I LOVE GARNET CRADLE and I’m sure you will, too. It’s the otome game I was waiting for…sweet, sentimental, beautiful art. My complaint is that I wish the plot and especially the character events were beefed up more.

  3. yea I’m really liking GC xDDD very cute and well drawn. yea you’re right the plot’s a bit weak but I’ll forgive them since there’s some great stuff about the game. it’s their first one anyway, I expect great things from SPICA

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