No more US updates.

A message to Ntreev's "developers"
A message to Ntreev's "developers"

I think most of you probably knew this was coming but I figured I’d make it official. As of today I’m done posting news regarding USPangya’s updates. I had uninstalled the client a few days ago and I was thinking “I bet nothing good will come on Thursday that will make me want to re-install it.” In that sense, Ntreev did not disappoint!

I keep seeing the excuse “developers developers”. Just who ARE these developers? Do they have their heads so far up their ass that they completely ignore and disgreard what the majority of the community wants? (Not including the asskissers of course who never played Albatross18 and think what Ntreev is doing is pure genius.) People wanted re-release of rares so they brought us…feathers. People wanted a change to the lottery items, perhaps a release of the same SET of items…they brought no changes and the same “sets” for different characters. I almost think the mind set was “Okay guys in the past 2 months, whose cash items were bought the most…oh I see Kooh, Arin and Cecilia? Alright those are our next scratch candidates woot!” It seems to make perfect sense. Despite a lot of people saying they don’t like Cecilia, I’ve seen a LOT of people making self designs for her on the forums….that means someone must be using her!

The only positive thing it looks like they did this update was fix the stupid ass downgrade bug. I assume the messenger is still broken, as well as the other multitude of bugs plaguing the server. In addition I love all the bold statements from the GM stating “not all bugs will get fixed.” LOL? A lot of retards don’t seem to realize that Pangya is a BUSINESS. They’re not fucking “doing you a favor” by running the game. They are a business who needs to satisfy its customers in order to stay afloat. It sickens me to see the players be treated like some battered wife who still feels that her wifebeater husband “loves her despite this.” No, you’re still getting beat, and unless you do something, or leave, you’re going to continue to get smacked. These are the same people who had “faith” in OGPlanet and bought tons of astros  despite people saying months earlier that A18 was going to close. Then they all BAWWWWed that OGP did this even though it was really obvious that it WAS COMING.

I’m not saying Ntreev is going to close anytime soon, but unless they do something drastic that is a major game/server rehaul I can’t confirm on what will happen to the server. The hacking has gotten to the point where Brazilians are making 1 minute tourneys, raking up free exp and getting trophies. It makes real honest players level a fucking joke. Instead of fixing problems, they run some Wind Hell tourney and plan for some “approach mode event” and release more cash items for people to blow their money on. Instead of fixing problems, they release things to sway people’s eyes away. It’s like giving some starving African child an X-box when he has no TV to play it on, and all he wants it some fucking food. -_-;

Ah whatever…there’s no point of further ranting. This is my last Ntreev USA rant. I wanted to at least cover the updates for the server even if I don’t play on it, but with so many disappointing things I’m pretty much done. I don’t even know who’s left to cover the US news. Rich only covers Korea pretty much, Main quit blogging, Kana quit blogging and well I don’t really know anyone else who still follows this let alone plays on this server. *shrug* Oh well.

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  1. I totally agree.
    I just love this game, and I have no choice.
    My solution was a simply do not spend even a cent more. At least until the situation changed.
    And while there are people who spend up to 500$ just on the cards – the situation will not change.

  2. I hope this won’t happen for EU version D:
    Pangya US’ reback was like the “Jesus resurrection” at the first but since they talked about season 4 it seems like a bullshit… Maybe they released this season too early (money, money, money~!) to make a good version.

  3. everything ntreev ever does is half assed. events are half assed, everything is “rare and not everyone can obtain it”. GOA is looking a lot nicer now and if GOA releases their season 4 properly without the mass of bugs, Ntreev is sure to lose a lot of its players.

    especially if GOA’s scratch system makes the rares more obtainable.

  4. “if GOA releases their season 4 properly without the mass of bugs, Ntreev is sure to lose a lot of its players.”

    You´re so right, Hinano! I will definitely play a little more at GOA when S4 comes out. (Iam still Rookie A there XD)

    I haven´t played Pangya US since 3 weeks now and I won´t. There is nothing to play for. I dont feel like playing the approach mode.
    Iam happy they released Nuris motionitem outfit. (the green hoody and shorts from the motionitem picture)
    But it´s not worth giving Ntreev US any money and I still don´t get why korea doesn´t care about US.

    But you´re totaly right and I won´t be sad not to see any Pangya US updates on your blog. Iam interested to read anything about Pangya JP.

  5. Btw I don’t think that it’s necessarily Korea anymore. They never said that the “developers” are the ones in Korea. And if they are what the fuck? Why do they release it normally for Koreans but release a clusterfuck mix of scratchies for Americans? As someone said “they are trolling us” while laughing at the fact that the servers hacked to shit.

  6. hahah i`d say i still play pangya US, mostly because i havent rly enjoyed the little money i spent on it, but right now i have to learn a bit of html/css/whatsoever(yeah, i hate cos it bugs all the time T_T)

    its going to feel like im playing a solo game from now on =(

  7. This is why I don’t spend money on stuff like this. I haven’t spent a penny on Pangya because nothing they do is worth it. I was happy to see a shop update only to see that Kaz got some pink lense-less glasses… for only $4.50! You’ve got to be kidding me…

    As much as I’d love (LOVE) to play on JP version, I can’t speak Japanese OTL;;

    😦 I really like reading your Pangya updates. You write such awesome rants ❤

  8. haha yea its like damn the glasses at the pharmacy in real life cost less than that!! XD

    i’m glad you like my rants xD feel free to browse the rant category if you haven’t already, there’s plenty to go around thanks to the way Ntreev’s been running this game!

    p.s. i went to your site and you have awesome art except I couldnt view any of it T_T

  9. I’ve read all your pangya ones. I think the fact that it’s true makes me laugh…;;;;;;;

    Oh god… don’t get me started. My dns is being gheyer than Kaz T___T

    pssst > litefer @ DA
    XD <333

  10. Speaking as someone in the industry, yes developers usually have no idea what players really want.

  11. But what if the us players are telling the developers what they want? Is that a case of just incompetence or ignorance? 😆

  12. Symptom of the industry I’m afraid. Developers are kept far away from the public for a darn good reason. Players rarely know what’s best for themselves, sometimes, if it were up to players we’d all be level capped in two weeks and have the greatest gear in the game the week after.

    Oh, and they’d get ponies.

  13. See World of Warcraft for an excellent example of a game where the players listened to the developers just a wee bit too much.

  14. the thing is – most of what the players want is “why can’t we just have it like the original korean server”. instead of making stupid changes why can’t they leave things the way they were originally? that’s really the biggest problem.

    the other problem is they refuse to do anything about the massive hacking problem and foreign language problem…because as long as money is flowing from those countries they don’t care if the hack. the sad part is they’re probably hacking their cash system lol

  15. I won’t put too much hope on GOA, since the developer is still Ntreev. And I guess… the content update is likely not to be free.

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