Otome Game Review: Jingi Naki Otome

At first I was a little hesitant to play the game because the art style was a bit retro. The game interface was retro as well, and I couldn’t even change the name of the heroine (only to change it to hiragana so I don’t have to read kanji but alas that was not to be lol). However once the game started, I heard familiar seiyuu voices and this instantly made the game much better than my first impression. In addition as I went in further the game got more and more interesting so I decided to continue! (Please be forwarned this game is R-18 so there is uh some stuff that minors shouldn’t read in this post.)

jingi01The story is about a plain ol’ high school girl named Koizumi Saki whose homeroom teacher is a stoned art hipster. She has 2 female friend characters and she gets close to Amane-kun at the beginning when she becomes class president and he becomes the assistant class president. One day while walking home from school she gets stopped by a mysterious blondie with sunglasses. She thinks he’s gonna kidnap her and sell her as a slave to some other asian country 😆 and this seems like the case when they grab and shove her into their car. When they arrive, she’s greeted by a mass of maids and butlers at a giant mansion. It turns out, her father recently passed away (from eating a daifuku apparently lol), and she must now take over his…yakuza business! xD In addition she has a few bishies who are ready to walk her down the isle as well! When she calls her stepmom asking wtf is going on, her mom’s already on her way to a vacation in France, going “oh yea btw everything they told you is true bye!” LOL what a nice family.

ryu01Nayuta Ryu – Voiced by this guy (Clannad flash backs :lol:).  Ryu is a hot blooded yakuza dude, but he’s also Saki’s beloved oniichan. Apparently when she was 8 years old she made a promise to be his waifu so he’s also her childhood crush/friend/whatever. Yea could this get anymore stereotypical? Also “main guy flag” anyone? XD Aanyway the entire time Ryu is basically shy and always gets all flustered when he thinks that she said that she likes him. He also has a rabid fear of peppers lol. Sadly she doesn’t remember anything about her childhood promise until her  Yakuza group gets attacked by a rival yakuza group. The worst part is, the rival group happens to be run by Ryu’s real father and they want Ryu to come back and take over as leader or they will not stop attacking.Ryu tries to teach Saki to use a gun but she cries and says that he promised that she wouldn’t need to and that he would protect her. He tells her that one day she may have to point the gun at him and not hesitate to shoot. She doesn’t want him to leave but he tells her he has to go. She asks him to give her something to remember him by so…uh they do it, and I guess unlike in other otome games, he knocks her up 😯  She doesn’t realize this until he leaves the group, takes over as leader of the rival group and she is forced to marry Asou. In addition to pretend further that he is her enemy, he uses his knife and cuts off her long hair.She meets him in the park one day because he obviously came to see her. Unfortunately he knows he’s being watched so he pretends to hate her and rejects her confession and tells her that childhood promises are stupid.

ryu02She cries and gets upset and attacks continue on her group. Eventually the bald guy kidnaps Saki and one of her bodyguards Yasu, and then Ryu comes to save them. By then baldy knows that Ryu has “betrayed” them because he’s in love with Saki. He tells Ryu that if he dies he’ll let those two go. Ryu agrees and allows himself to get shot. Saki can’t stand to watch this so she goes to protect him and gets shot in the leg. Eventually she can’t take it anymore so she grabs the gun she had hidden on her and with Ryu’s support, she shoots and kills the gunner who was shooting at Ryu. Ryu is hardly breathing or speaking and then passes out. Saki thinks he’s dead and then passes out herself. Turns out they magically survive thanks to Kitagawa and Jin’s help.Ryu admits to Saki that he didn’t fall in love with her when she was 8 because it would have been illegal 😆  I think Ryu is like 10 years older than her so I guess he’d be 28  or so. He does tell her that before she came to their group at the age of 18 (when this game started), he saw her in the mall a few times and fell in love at first sight hehe. He then asks her to marry him and she agrees…by then spilling the beans that she is 4 months pregnant rofl xDDD So umm needless to say a few months later the ending is them getting married. What made absolutely no sense to me though is how the hell she looked so skinny in that wedding dress. Shouldn’t she be like ready to pop that baby out anytime now??

ryu03So I did a couple more good ends. In one good end the story was weird. Asou was giving her some kind of private lessons where he forced her to strip naked if she got less than 80% on his tests. I dunno why she was like super horny or something in this route cause she’d get home after Asou’s molesting and then get molested by Ryu lol. Of course it’s not even considered molesting cause then she’d be like “Please punish me” and “my mind says no but my body says yes!” Wtf. In the end though she chose Ryu and they began a secret relationship from everyone else and that was the ending. It was nice because of the lack of all the yakuza drama, but wtf she was too damn horny in it I think XD. Ryu’s other good end was sorta following Jin’s path but at the end you had to choose between the two and of course you chose Ryu. There was no ero-scene but it unlocked a cute CG anyway.

asou01Asou Yoshiyuki – Asou is a fucking asshole. I mean I really don’t give a shit that for like the last 2 minutes of the ending he’s “nice” and that he “saves her from a fire”. The entire fucking “good end” route was a joke. Most of the game I spent time with Amane and Ryu, so it was like…why the fuck am I even playing Asou’s route? It’s like I might as well have played Ryu’s bad ends since I spent most of the game with them – and didn’t end up with them! Asou has this “tragic past” that his parents got killed in a fire by the rival yakuza group. With this he’s like “cut off his past” and acts all hard boiled and shit and talks about how he’s only marrying Saki for business purposes. He says “emotion and love” are stupid and just get in the way of money and power! Yea okay asshoe-san.Did I mention he’s also a rapist? I mean the only reason his “rape scene” didn’t seem so bad was because Saki wasn’t protesting at all. I’m sorry but going “I don’t feel anything so there!” is so fucking stupid. I mean he’s stanting there eating your hooha, don’t tell me that you can’t just kick him in the face and run away if you don’t like it that much. She obviously wanted it and then at the end, she dominates him and becomes the seme 😆 He was so uke it was almost like seeing some BL game character xDDD Oh Asou is also the Kichiku Megane character type which makes him even further irritating than he already is. Whatever at the end I guess he loves to be dominated cause he pretty much became Saki’s little bitch lol (even tho he tried to act all cool & shit yea fail.) Couldn’t wait to finish his stupid ass route -_-;

asou02Because I had a save from Ryu’s route that would basically let me skip most of the game and get one of Asou’s “good ends” I decided to do it anyway. Big fucking mistake -_-; So it’s the same story as Ryu’s but instead of telling Ryu she likes him, she went back to Asou’s “special lesson.” She obviously came to get a good fuck, and Asou totally knew this, so as a punishment for being a fucking slut he made her walk around with a remote controlled vibrator the entire ride home and inside the house. He kept pressing the stupid vibrator keys and she was like “Ahhh!” god so fucking lame. Then shes like “can I take it out….” and hes like “well maybe if you ask nicely I’ll take it out” so of course he takes out the vibrator and sticks his p0nos in. Sigh. The ending shes like “omg I suddenly like Asou-san!” and then hes like “Why don’t you be my fiance for real.” and then he blushes…what the FUCK. Sigh. That’s it no more Asou ends. I can’t trust this game anymore.

amane01Amane Keigo – Keigo seems like a nice gentle shota classmate who always gets picked on by bullies at school. He seems to take their shit, despite Saki telling him to stand up for  himself and trying to protect him.  He’s sweet and gentle and does things like make bentos for Saki because she can’t cook. He’s often there for her and is very caring as well as smart so he helps her with studies. Unfortunately this was too good to be true in a yakuza game and so it turns out he’s got a massively tragic past like Asou. His family was also killed by the rival Ryu yakuza gang (Ryu’s dad’s gang is responsible for like all the tragedies in this game lol). He was the sole survivor and was picked up and raised by Saki’s father.Saki finds out that he’s been working as a “rate” (?) which is someone who kills bad yakuza guys. Once he found out from Kitagawa who killed his family, he went after the Ryu clan and killed them both. Saki overhears his “other” personality on multiple occasions and confronts him. He denies it at first but when she tells him that she likes him he just CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. WHY MUST SHE GIVE HIM EMOTIONS! So yea obviously he likes her too, and he tries to make her hate him by attempting to rape her (sigh) but shes like “you can’t rape teh willing cause I love you babeh” and so he’s all like “….I LOVE YOU TOO LETS GET IT ON YEAA” so they do it against a tree. (Ouch splinters!)Unfortunately when Keigo shows his “true” persona in front of Saki, his cute shota face cutout goes away and is replaced by this disgusting faced cutout instead.

amane02What a disappointment!Why’d they have to make him ugly and badass? Couldn’t he be  badass and still be cute? Well anyway he decides to go kill Ryu’s father, and by then Ryu had come back to his father’s clan. Needless to say Ryu and Keigo are about to have a shootout and Saki jumps in the middle telling Keigo that he’ll just suffer more if he keeps on killing. Anyway Keigo gives in and Ryu submits his father’s entire clan to the police. (Ryu however only ends up having to do community service xD) After that Asou takes over Saki’s father’s group and Saki goes back homoe to live with her mom, as well as Keigo. Keigo’s a horny little bastard tho so of course he wants to do it in the morning, and obviously the mom overhears it and says how jealous she is 😆 The final CG of Keigo with his “badass look” actually made him look hot. Sigh, if only he looked that hot in all of his cutouts, instead of creepy lol.

amane03I decided to do Keigo’s other ending because he was missing a lot of CGs. The first “good end” I did was fucking terrible. I mean seriously why does Mirai think this is a “good” end? Basically Keigo acted like a pansy and Saki told him to be more manly and stand up for himself against the bullies. One day he gets locked in a shed with Saki and he shows his “true self” (no more cute Keigo-kun) and Saki kisses him so they become a couple. After that though he’s insanely jealous and he threatens Suzuki that if he ever even as talks to Saki, he will kill him lol. He’s so pissed off he takes Saki to the empty classroom after school and sticks it in her pooper. (I wish this was a joke but it’s not 😦 ) Afterwards she like wakes up on a nice boat and he’s like “yea I told everyone at the house that I’m taking you away, and um I think I impregnated you, I hope it’s a cute girl!” Guh, this ending made Asou look good =_=. Keigo had ONE redeeming ending though. It was the ending called “傍にいつも”. IN this ending he basically stayed as the cute innocent shota the entire time. While it was hinted that he had a side job involving cold blood, they never went into it. In fact the thick of the plot was that Saki caught some girl confessing to him and she got hurt and jealous. She thought he was avoiding her because he was seeing the girl, but he’s like “umm what? The one I like is you.” XD Anyway this route unlocked a few really cute CGs and basically this is what I wanted Keigo to be like. Sweet and gentle and stuff. I mean his true end had bad parts but it was also still fairly decent. It’s that piece of shit end in the paragraph above that can go die in a fire. 😐

muto01Mutou Ichirou – Ichirou Sensei is Saki’s homeroom teacher. No matter how I look at it, the man’s always stoned. I mean I don’t know how much pot this guy smokes a day but he’s higher than your dad at Woodstock in 1969. He’s always being taken care of by Asou and Kitagawa and he’s a pretty crappy teacher. I bet Asou like paid the school a ton of money to hire him because the man doesn’t even do so much as take the damn class attendance lol. All he does is sleep all day and once in a while he’ll paint. He’s also got a terrible fashion sense, I mean maroon shirt and puke green pants, yuck lol! Needless to say Saki feels sorry for him and decides to also take care of him by making him some bentos. After all the taking care of him she eventually falls in love with the doofus. Unfortunately he’s got no room in his baked head for love. All that in his mind is that he “killed” his previous sensei in the past and now he doesn’t really care enough to live. This is why he never takes care of his health or eats properly. Apparently his art teacher in the past was so jealous of Ichirou’s artistic talent that he committed suicide. The note he left said that “no matter how hard I try I will never be as good as you.” Ichirou found his teacher in a pool of blood so he’s pretty much been traumatized ever since and blamed it on himself. Saki helps him through it, and after disappearing for a few months, she meets up with him at sensei’s grave and he tells her he wants to always draw her.  The game ends with them kissing….but wait…where’s my eroscene??

muto02I got really confused that there was no eroscene in the true end, I mean after all, in the other guys there were like 2 of them in just the true end! So for the first time I decided to try one of the other “good” ends. I’m glad I did because not only did it have the eroscene, but it also had a better ending in my opinion. Basically the difference began when the class decided to have a maid & butler cafe for their school festival. Ichirou was supposed to be a butler too but he sucked at it and like broke a bunch of dishes so he ran off. Saki went to look for him but at the end the 2 of them ended up screwing up the lighting at the festival so they ran away into a classroom and hid so they couldn’t get in trouble for it. I guess being in a dark classroom alone at night does things to one’s mind cause Ichirou immediately put the moves on her and they did it – almost getting caught by Saki’s friends lol.Later some nerdy otaku asked Saki out and she refused, but the guy was persistant so she punched him. The otaku’s mom then got enraged at the principal and Ichirou told her that to satisfy her, he will quit teaching. He plans to go abroad to France to study art and Saki is crushed since she’s in love with him, and he tells her he loves her as well. On the day of his flight, Asou tells Saki to stop bumming around and to bring him back. Saki runs to the airport and it seems like she’s missed his flight. Turns out he changed his mind because he wanted to be by her side. He tells her he loves her a lot and so they hug and the game ends. I mean….this is so much less of an emo end! It sucks that this isn’t the true end, but this made me go back and play the other guys’ good ends because of the possibilty that they may be more interesting than the true end anyway.

muto03I did Ichirou’s other ending and basically it was like the “horny guy” story lmao. He went to live in Saki’s house because the yakuza gang wanted him to carve tattoos on them – since he was the legendary tattoo artist. However he’s a lazy stoned bum so he just bummed around the house and did nothing…except have sex with Saki 😆  After he did it with her on the coffee table (ouch?) he was all like “MY HEART ACHES FOR YOU” and they did it again in her bedroom that night. The next morning Ryu is like “why are you guys walking out of her room together…” and Ichirou’s like “cause I slept with her.” LOL. Ryu is so distressed he runs away on a “journey” and everyone else gets pissed off at him. A few days later he sets off some fireworks which cauases a fire and Asou rages at him to get out of the house. Saki goes to visit him and he paints a sunflower that he says represents her. He tells her that he loves her and he will quit being a teacher so that he can be with her (and that a teacher’s job is not really for him.) Then they do it like 5 times (thankfully no 5 eroscenes lol) and the story ends. XD So basically this route gives you like 2 extra eroscenes, but it was still amusing none the less.

jin01Haitani Jin – Jin is the school nurse. He’s also a He has this really long ponytail that’s like frozen in the air in his cutouts which makes him look really stupid. I played one of his alternative routes first because it was a save from one of Ryu’s alternative routes. It was a cute route involving Saki getting to know him, and then him confessing that he likes her. It’s kinda weird cause you know…a teacher confessing to a student is a bit scandalous no? (It’s not like how Ichirou’s a facking stoner and doesn’t care about his job.) The two of them also take care of a stray dog named Charmy who then has puppies. Saki then picks him over Ryu and he promises to go on a date to the amusement park with her. It was kinda anticlimatic so I decided to just go ahead and do his true end. The true end was actually weak sauce and by the time I finished I was surprised I had only collected 9 CGs wtf. The story was pretty bland. The whole Ryu going to the Ryuren group thing was repeated. This time though Saki went to Jin for moral support. He also saved her from drowning in a pool. In the end when she almost got stabbed by baldy (see Ryu’s route), the dog came to rescue her and then the dog got stabbed. Thankfully Jin was able to do surgery and the dog survived. At the end Saki asks Jin to tell her he loves her which he does and then they kiss (with no CG lame.) Erm yeaaa that was it.

jin02Jin did have one ending which I liked the most (and not because there was 2 ero scenes in it 😆 ) Actually the 2 ends above had no ero scenes which is why I figured there must be another “big route” I’m missing or something. One of the walkthrough sites listed this as the “best end” and I think I can agree. Basically the end features Saki saying she wanted to be by Jin’s side so she went to Nursing School to become a nurse. A year after entering the school she and Jin got married and then a few years later they opened up a private practice together. Unfortunately knowing what they do in there during after hours, I’d probably never sign up as a patient. 😆 Oh well the ending was cute anyway. I think Jin’s route in general was one of the best ones in the game. He was pretty calm and composed and very gentle and kind to Saki. He didn’t treat her like an object, and didn’t act like a big hornball. Actually it felt like Saki was a big horny slut in this route lol but anyway.

kitaKitagawa Taisei – Kitagawa is a police officer who also works at the flower shop. Saki basically used to work for him as a part time job until she was thrown into her yakuza leader position. His story was pretty boring for me. The “true end” consisted of him wanting to ge revenge on the Ryuuren group (what else is new) because they killed his younger brother and injured his younger brother’s fiance so that she’s been lying unconscious in the hospital for years. Ryu tells Kitagawa that he will “take responsibility” for what his father has done as long as Kitagawa stops his revenge. This doesn’t stop him so Saki runs after him to stop him, and then I think she get hurt in the process. I guess this changes his mind because he goes back to being a plain old shop owner. Also Saki goes back to working part time at the flower shop as the token clumsy maid 😆 Asou ended up taking over the yakuza group in her place. There was no ero scene thankfully. Ah I only did his route just to get Ryu’s best end.

ryufinal01Ryu Best End – I saved this for last because it has some game spoilers from the other routes. After you play everyone else’s “true end” you start from the beginning (rather than a save of the first choice option) to get Ryu’s “best end”. It’s really obvious that Ryu’s the main guy of the game because he’s basically in love with Saki in every guy’s route and it’s obvious how hurt he gets when she choses some other guy over him 😦 At the beginning of the best end route, Ryu, Yasu and Yamaki sit there eyeing high school girls 😆 Ryu then sees Saki and instantly falls in love at first sight. He then asks Keigo to do some research on her and who she is – not knowing at all that  he was Saki’s “oniichan” 10 years prior. XDThe story is basically the same as Ryu’s true end but then Kitagawa goes to the Ryuuren group and shoots Ryu’s dad and some other guy with him. He does it to take revenge on his dead brother. Because of this a major yakuza scandal breaks out and both Ryuuren group and Kou group break up. Saki buys an apartment building and becomes the landlord of it. At the time it’s empty and her mom goes away on a foreign trip again leaving her to live alone. She goes to visit Ryu in prison a few times but he never says anything. Months go by and eventually Yasu, Yamaki and Smith come to live in her apartment house. Later Keigo comes back saying he quit being a killer.

ryufinal02A few weeks later Asou moves in saying he’s bored of the rich lifestyle or something. A few months pass and somehow Mutou sensei makes his way there as well (lol they find him passed out in front of the apartment.)In the meantime, when Saki goes to visit Ryu he tells her to never visit him again. When she tries to visit him again the jail guard tells her that Ryu requested not to be visited by anyone. Saki is so upset that she ends up having sleepless nights and not eating properly. She ends up losing weight and when Mutou sensei sees her he tells her she should really eat and she’s not as healthy as she used to be. She decides it’s time to stop being weak and try again. She asks Jin to give Ryu a letter in which she asks if he will let her see him one last time. When Ryu sees the envelope he has flashbacks to when he was with Saki back in the Kougumi. When Saki goes to visit him he has more flash backs and eventually yells out that he doesn’t want her to leave him. 3 or so years pass and Ryu is released out of prison and reunites with Saki and the rest of the gang. Some more time passes and Saki marries Ryu.


So overall impression: TOO LONG! LOL. I didn’t even do all the endings! (Mainly cause Asou can suck it.) I mean it was an okay game I guess. The ero scenes were mostly disproportionate (lol Saki’s boobs changed size depending on who she was doing it with) and if Saki wasn’t getting raped, she was acting like a big slut lol. The fact that it was “totally okay” for a teacher and student to do it too was kinda weird. Like yea you can fack the school nurse and your homeroom teacher and like it’s totally fine lols.  At least Saki’s seiyuu didn’t SOUND horny 90% of the time like Asche from under the moon. I only really liked Amane’s seiyuu (Daisuke Kishio) and Ryu’s seiyuu as well. Didn’t really know/care about the others. Is this game worth playing? I mean it’s worth a shot. I did like Ryu’s route the most, but often times all the yakuza storyline really bored me I guess. The chibi Cgs in the game were pretty funny so that was definitely one of the plusses. If you’re looking for a short game I’d stay away though lol. I didn’t even do all the endings and it still took me 14 days to make it through it.

Will get started on the fandisk next and make a separate post for that!


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  1. LOLOL yeah if you play any of Mirai’s games they’re like omfg it never ends. But yeah :/ this game had a lot of “OMFG I LOVE YOU” all of a sudden. With no branch or figuring out how the hell Saki started to like the guy.

    xD I could have sworn there were some ‘normalish’ things thrown in there in the other endings, but it’s been over a year for me then again lolol. But seriously it’s not worth finishing them all since it’s like “YOU FINISHED ALL THE ENDINGS. …GOOD JOB.” no bonus CG crap or anything :/

    Uwaa and the fandisc I never got through all of it. xD I only went through Aso’s and Keigo’s. I really like the chibi CGs and the humor from this game though since it was pretty funny xD THAT AND YOU CAN GET YASU in the fandisc. :/ I sorta found his route so-so and short though in the fandisc.

  2. クリアおめ。

  3. ひでぽん> あれは山木さんですw ただヤクザメンバの一人です。

    heartful> Maybe they wanted a new approach. xD

    shale> yea basically

    Aerojohn> 😦

    Keo> I totally saw the fandisk site – yea I was surprised Yasu got a route, on the other hand while playing the original game I was like “why DOESN’T he have a route? XDDD” Yea looking fwd to that lol. I’ll probably finish the fandisk as it looks pretty short.

  4. Hey! In Ryuu’s route where Asou gets her all horny, I’m pretty sure it’s because he always makes her put in vibes and stuff and turns them remotely. Yeah I remember this crap too well (/ω\) ハジュカシィー・・・ but I actually liked this game because it wasn’t as rapey as a lot of ’em.

  5. Yeah I totally didn’t get the love for Asou – he’s a complete asshole in ALL the routes.
    Ryuu was funny though, I actually laughed a few times during his scenes, and I was glad to get Yasu in the fandisk.

    1. Yea Ryuu was one of my favorite. I do recall vaguely in one of Asou’s routes she totally pwned his ass, I think that was the best ending lmfao xD; He was definitely toned down in the fandisk – but thanks to that it took me a few games to get over the scarring of Toriumi’s voice

  6. I’ve just found out I didn’t comment on this game, so strange, because I played this one thanks to your review. And I don’t regret – in my opinion it was awesome! I manage to ger all Ryu’s ends (except the best one T_T) all Muto’s ends and started playing Asou’s route, but got bored, and also I had some problems with understanding because of all this business suff, yep =.= But I have to go through all routes cause I eager to get the best end with Ryu, I just fell in love with him (cause I love blonds, love Nakamura and he reminded me of Tamaki very much xDD). Also I liked Muto-sensei – one of the strangest guys I ever seen, so I had a lot of laught playing his route. His seiyuu was incredible, lol
    I liked Asou at the beginning, cause I love this kind of hate-love relations, and he’s so kuudere, but yet I’m not impressed.
    I didn’t like Amane, hell I know why. He supposed to be interesting chara, but I saw his devil mode and it wasn’t pleasant (cause it was in Ryu’s route and thus he was a bad guy there).
    Haitani was ok, he looks very good and seems to be a kind person and all that jazz.. I wasn’t impressed, but maybe he’s just not my type.
    Hmm, Kitagawa…I really see him like a father..Gonna skip his route just in case to get Ryu’s end xD
    But all in all I love this game, the atmosphere, the plot, the guys… And I was crying a river sometimes…

    1. maybe cause you didn’t understand the mass of rape that went on in Asou’s route that you weren’t as disgusted as I was xD? You don’t have to do every ending to get Ryu’s best end. I think you just have to the “good” end of like each guy or something.

  7. really? good news! and yeah, I haven’t seen yet all rape from Asou…I was disgusted when he appeared in one of Ryu’s route as a really bad guy, who raped her…To say I was shocked is to say nothing. After that I really wanted to go the shower =.=

      1. I’ve got his true end. There was no rape from him, but from HER. O_O She was so…active and it looked so…strange. Just weird. And I could barely go through his route, because… I just couldn’t stand him xDD Even me, with my kuudere loving! He was so hard and cold and so on, I wanted to kill him many times during the game, with my bare hands! “Asou is a fucking asshole.” – now I understand completely what you meant lol

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