Otome Game Review: Under the Moon ~Tsuki iro Ehon~

So if you didn’t have enough of annoying big boob loli, she’s back once more!! Actually this is a prequel to under the moon so if you’ve never played UTM before, I recommend playing this first so you kinda go “in order” of the story.

Anyway since this takes place before the original game, Asche is still the princess in her castle getting forced to do daily dance lessons and other…princessly things. Since she sucks at magic, she gets assigned some body guards to protect her – Leni and Seizh. We got Kyle there as her guardian cat too but that’s the basic “intro” of the story. The other stories don’t include the brothers, and it’s almost as if they don’t exist at all! The only character present in all the stories is Kyle, at least in his cat form as well as Asche’s maid “Baaya”.

hon01Leni – Since I loved Leni from the first game, I decided to play his route first. This game is actually very short so there’s not much plotline involved. Basically once Asche has her sites on Leni they make out during a hide & seek and it’s pretty much Leni from there. At one point Seizh acts like a dickhead that he is (seriously I wish I didn’t have to play his route) saying that Leni goes around sleeping with other women. Asche is all upset cause now she thinks he’s screwing everyone but her but yea as it turns out he just wanted to “take his time” because he actually loved her or whatnot. Yea then they do it in her bedroom and later in the garden since Asche is so horny she can’t contain herself. At the end they get married, despite her dad’s opposition towards it at the beginning. I did Leni’s other end out of curiosity to see if there’d be more CGs but there wasn’t. Actually the bad end funny enough was the end that would “lead you” into the 2nd game – where Asche’s memories were erased and Leni was banished from the demon world on to Earth.

hon02Seizh – Fucking emo bag of angst. The entire time he’s grabbing and making out with Asche going “Don’t fall in love with me, you’re so stupid, you’re mine, I won’t lose to Lenny.” He also shares with us his emo angst about how his brother always beats him at everything and any girl that falls for Seizh will always change her mind last minute and pick Leni. Well maybe if you weren’t eating a bag of dicks every fucking minute girls would like you too. And oh damn Asche falls for him and it takes a slap in the head for him to realize that she likes HIM and not Leni. What enraged me the most is he had a LOT of really well drawn and cute CGs, way more than Leni. Of course that was making up for the fact that the ero CGs were incredibly stupid (where at one point he looked like he was sniffing her butt.) The ending is weird, Leni is like “ok I guess I’m a cockblock so I’m leaving the castle now bye.” Then Seizh becomes the maou. Umm okay…?

hon03Sena – Sena’s route was shorter than the brothers, in a sense that he only had 1 kiss scene and 1 eroscene. His story is pretty much similar to the first game. His mother was used to “spread love” and basically got raped by a bunch of men. This is why Sena doesn’t know who his father is. In addition since his mother passed down the “kiss and be my slave/also get my strength” power to him, a bunch of angels kissed him to also get this power. Unfortunately they didn’t realize that by him leaving them they would all die. He ran away from heaven to get away from them, but was caught up to on Earth, so then he ran away to the demon world and into Asche’s garden. He’s kinda yandere in this game too, but since the game is short, it’s not as bad as the original…at least he doesn’t make her masturbate in a church -_-; Actually his route was kinda cute, except in some CGs he looked like a 10 year old shota 😕 In the end Asche & Sena run away to earth and…go to school (wait why would they be in high school…what… lol)

hon04Zero – Zero’s route was very…strange. Similarly to Sena’s route, Seizh and Leni basically didn’t exist. Apparently Asche and Zero were once lovers but because of him she couldn’t become the demon queen, so her memories were erased. Instead he came back to her and wanted her to become the demon queen, so that he could be her tsukaima (instead of Kyle) and they could be reunited once more. Well his plans prematurely failed when Asche fell in love with him once more. The weirdest part of this route, is they kept showing flashbacks to CGs of the first game. I thought the first game is supposed to come AFTER this game? That’s why nothing made any sense to me at all. The route was really short, there was only 1 ero scene really and overall it felt kinda anticlimatic. Asche just….became the demon queen and they lived happily ever after O_o; Kinda bland if you ask me.

hon05Unan – Unan in this game was a lot better than the Unan in the last game. First he was kind of annoying with his whole “I live to kill you” routine. But that was easily solved when Asche stuck her tongue down his throat. From then on he dropped his killer thing and decided screwing big boobed lolis was a lot more fun. It turns out his father (who is not blood related to him, as Yunan was apparently adopted) is Asche’s uncle (dad’s bro.) It’s the old story of “I’m going to kill my brother so I can take over the demon world” thing. This includes killing Asche since she’s a candidate. However even when Unan tries to stop his father from giving Asche’s father a poisoned wine, Asche’s dad is already aware of it and things pretty much get ironed out from there…well that is until Unan disappears for a month until Asche’s dad brings him back. He wanted to “repent for his sins” and then Asche’s dad is like “I must kill you for your sins!” and then Asche’s like NOOOO and turns out all her dad does is cut Unan’s stupid long hair off. Thank god, he looks much better that way – although now he slightly looks like Sena. xD

hon06Kyle – To get Kyle’s route you gotta do the small dad route which is basically straying off on Seizh’s route and then being “daddy’s little girl”. Blah it was so gross, her dad looked like a cross between Fabio and the yaranaika dude. Anyway Kyle’s route was really sweet, he was just as adorable as in the first game, minus all the weird cat tongue crap and the whole HIIME SAMA HIME SAMA HIME SAMA KYLE KYLE KYLE banter. The story here was that he was never to show his human form to Asche because of a promise he made with her dad. He broke it by accident because he drank some kind of magical water that would turn him into human form. Asche of course immediately falls in love with his human form, more so when she finds out that he is actually her nuko Kyle. She totally wants the cock too but Kyle’s like “no we mustn’t I’m not the man for you” crap. Then some demon vs beast war breaks out and Kyle goes and like stops it lol. He comes back and they immediately do it, and then he convinces Asche’s dad that if he married her, there would be peace between the two races. So Maou-sama allows him to assist him in his human form, and would “consider” letting him marry Asche. (pfft whatever lol) Playing Kyle’s route last was actually kinda nice because it felt the most different out of all the other ones – that and it’s the only one where Asche gave the guy a blow job lol.


So overall the game was really cute. I didn’t do any bad ends except for Leni so there was no raep (thank god.) If only the first game was this cute. Everything was really cute and romantic, except the ero scenes….god those boobs.  They looked like they were not attached to Asche’s body in some scenes, and in others the proportions in general made me go OH GOD LOL. Yea way to kill my mood lmao!! 😆 Overall though I would recommend the game. The music is the same as from the first game, and while some characters look better, and others look worse, at least you can enjoy a sweet route with all of them. No more stupid bad girl raep garbage. 🙄


5 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Under the Moon ~Tsuki iro Ehon~

  1. Guess what? I’m back with my own 2 cent of a comment!
    Really glad you did that review. Currently I am playing Gin no Kanmuri so it’s kinda different but anyways. Moving on.

    Even though I haven’t played any of the UtM game, my fav characters would be Zero, next, Seizh, then Kyle.
    Zero: because of the sweet personality and the seiyuu
    Seizh: because of the psycho personality to a certain extent (I am not so much of a masochist), and the design
    Kyle: Well, strangely enough, because he is cute and he is a tsukaima. Yeah, did i alreaday mention that Butlers was one of my favorite games?

    Anyways, cool review, nice points made, no seriously you are good at this. And PLEASE keep it up with your roasting sense of humour.
    Can’t wait for your next one.
    Ok now I’ll shut up. Work hard and have fun !

  2. haha no problem I’m glad you’re enjoying them. most people read this blog for my Pangya posts anyway xDDD

    Seizh is too psychotic and emo for me. I definitely liked Kyle and Leni the best. Zero is cute but I felt his story in this game was kinda bland.

  3. Actually I don’t think there was any rape in this game, except probably implied Seizh in his bad route. Haha and I’m guessing the one CG you’re missing is Zero’s, I can’t remember but his bad route is actually more so weird then anything.

    T____T and Kyle’s bad route was sad, and Sena’s was umm I think he just left and Ashe was all woooeee and stuff.

    I think thinks would be a bit more clearer on Leni’s ‘bad’ ending that leads to the second game if you hear the Drama CD prologue for this game that came out before the fandisc. xD I think it was before they decided to make a fandisc. As for Love Letters, it’d probably be fine without it.

    orz this summer I’m backlogging or starting and unfinishing so many otome and normal rpg games. ><

  4. keo> omg Zero has a CG in his bad route?? That’s odd. I’m pretty sure the CG I’m missing is one of the “bonus” Cgs at the end though…the one thats after the dad one.

    I’m working my way through my backlog, that I created on purpose since I wanted something to do between Pangya’s craptime.

  5. D: I can’t really remember but maybe? oooo it sounds like you’re missing the bonus CG then though since they did give you well two, I have one of them on my review. but the other bonus one is leni ashe and seizh~

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